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21 July 2018

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Rehashed 20080920

Run: 792 Hare: KFC Venue: Bandar Tech SubCons: Rattail

On-on was called at 6pm by the biggest shot at runsite - On-Cash Silent Dragon, with just a handful and 2 dogs (MLTR's & No Hair's). 'Not many turned up' but a good 20++ members and 5 guests, a group was attending HartamasH4 anniversary do in Genting.

The usual in trail and after going up and down the first hill, a check was laid. It took about 10 minutes to break with back checking up hill, the beginning of 'hare farts'.

The trail led along the usual 'still young' palm oil tree hills behind the factory lots towards the rubber estate hills next to the new highway with a check in between. Rocky and Karu SCBed from here.

The trail led by and through the 'ranch' which gave out its own whiffs of fresh cowdung complemented by a 20-dogs pack chorus singing. A check was laid by passing the 'whore' from behind but the hare farted, that unblocked the brain and laid the break halfway on the 'whore' from 'belakang'. So it was 'belakang mari' on the 'whore'.

Halfway up and cutting through till another 'ranch' grazing ground before leading towards the 'tanah merah' hills behind the in trail's palm oil estate hills. FROP in 1hr 20mins and the last two in 2hrs 15mins.

"ISA" (Ice Siting Act) is "well and alive" here, as enforced by the Hash Whip and 'on-box':

- the hare KFC for 'never the set and run' and "where are the direction signs to run site?"
- KikiLala for getting 'RatTail' to set the run, all alone.
- KikiLala and RatTail for answering "let's go kencing first" to bard's CIRCLE IN SESSION call.
- Bulldozer, Matahari, Ice Cooleng, for 'never the run'.
- Karu for "remember to put me on ice every 3 months" and for answering "no paper" when spotted SCBing.
- Chickadee for last week not wearing hash tee.
- No Hair for "I've checked there already and nothing!" at the first check but where Warrenti found and broke the check.
- Kilat for not accompanying his uncle, a 1st timer guest, all the way.
- Abraham for teaching his friend, a 1st timer also, to SCB.

On-On by KFC with Da Jie Restaurant "snack plate" and "dinner plate" with desserts. (Scribed by No Hair)

Next Run: No 793 Date: 27/09/2008 Hare: Henessy Venue: Broga

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