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21 July 2018

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rehashed 20091114 Warrenti

Run: 852 Hare: Warrenti Venue: Bukit Hatamas Cheras Cohare: Farah

Hare Warrent and Co hare Farah Kajang H3 was celebrating their Run No. 1111 and our usual run turnout were at Bandar Tech as a show of support.

It was a very wet week in the Klang Valley with a heavy downpour earlier in the afternoon. So at about 10 to 6, there were only Silent Dragon, No Wing and Bandit together the beerman at the runsite near the JKR water tank on the right just after the entrance to Bukit Hatamas.

Bandit then said that he will not be completing the run to which Silent Dragon added that he too will not complete as he has to attend a wedding dinner nearby. Hearing this, No Wing said, "I think I have slight fever".

About 3 mins before 6, the 3 of them set off for the run, passing the KAKI Hash who were runsited closeby. The paper led on the right into the jungle and kept right all the way down and cross the stream for the long climb up the first hill.

Coming down the other side brought the three hashers to the first check. Silent Dragon went across the stream and up the 2nd hill while No Wing took the left path to check. Bandit, arriving last, went checking on the right.

Unable to locate the paper trails, both No Wing and Bandit returned to check point and called out for Silent Dragon. Not hearing any reply, Bandit went up the hill across the stream. Not finding paper nor meeting Silent Dragon, he came down 15 mins later.

Sad Warrenti After waiting 10 mins for Silent Dragon, at No Wing's insistance, both returned on the in-trail, arriving home about 7.08pm. A short while later Silent Dragon came out, having met the hare up the hill after the first check.

The sad hare did not go and collect the capati he had ordered and Farah did not bring out the chicken curry she had prepared, which was a good thing for No Wing.

It took a while to consume the one crate of the golden fluid which Hash Cash had allowed. Bumble Bee drove by and noticing none of the guys enticing enough, grabbed a bottle of the golden piss and went off.

No Wing was jubilant as he thought no one had noticed his new boots until he was told that we usually carry forward to the following week any charges and On downs not caried out.

Pictures provided by No Wing who was concerned about our website. History created for HLH4 for the least number of hashers turning up for a run.

beerman, Warrenti, Farah, Bandit

Next Run: No 853 Date: 21/11/2009 Hare: Yee Mai Venue: Abandoned Factory Lots Jalan Kacau

(From Semenyih town, drive along Jalan Sg Lalang which is also known to many as Jalan Kacau. About one km AFTER bypassing the entrance to Sri Haneco, look out for HLH4 signs on the right.)

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