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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Rehashed 20080112

Run: 756 Hare: Ganesan Bulldozer Venue: Salak Tinggi Co-hare: Kiki

Run Trail at Salak Tinggi on 12/01/2008 The hare Bulldozer

It was still raining when the 20 odd members arrived at this Virgin runsite. The parking was at a small patch of open space amongst the palm oil trees.

The run started with a slow walk in the rain and then led up the hill to a clearing and led on up to a height of about 180 metres. The 2nd check was placed on the top which was broken on the left slope down.

On reaching the clearing down in the flats, the papers led on a loop on the right and then through oil palm again. Then up to a rentice and then down to tracks in the oil palm which most would have thought was the home trail.

Thumbs up for Fried Fish
But the papers took the few who made it thus far further into the oil palm and back up cut across the rentice again. The trail then led around the hill slope where it then swung sharply to the right for an unwelcomed climb where the trail on the top looked similar to the in-trail but it was not.

It was a wobble coming down the hillslope strewn with loose pebles up to to the home trail. New boot Billy was FRB in 1hr 25mins. 69 years old Rocky was finaly out coming along the road at about 8.40pm.

Fish being deep fried and chee cheong fun awaited the tired hashers. There were about 40 members for the On On on site.

Billy Kok being named 'No Hair' Susie being acknowledged 'Shopping Queen'

Billy Kok (Will Pain) was baptised "No Hair" by Song Lau while Susie, who was too red to knee for the naming, was acknowledged "Shopping Queen".

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Fried Fish getting a touch of Henessy Enjoying the Fried Fish
Circle Frying Charlie
Warranti and Ular - One head or two heads Jessie not signed out
The CNY 2008 Committee Billy Kok Will Pain

Next Run: No 757 Date: 19/01/2008 Hare: IceCooleng Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang

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