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21 July 2018

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Adam's Apple

Adam's apple1

Adam's Apple2

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Monday, October 30, 2006

Rehashed 20061028

Run: 693 Occasion: DeepaRaya Run Venue: Bandar Tech, Kajang circle 20061028 DeepaRaya Celebrants DeepaRaya CelebrantsMambauHash Members MambauHash group Beauties & Beasts King Thorn
Next Run No: 694 Date: 04/11/2006 Hare: JPS Jit Venue: KTM Station Bangi Lama

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Rehashed 20061021

Hare: Cheah 'Pengsan' Chee Kong Venue: Kg Sg Penchala

While most were still celebrating the 'Hindu Festival of Lights', about 14 HLH4 members and 5 guests turned up in support of this run. However, only about 13 completed the "3 hills 4 checks or 4 hills 3 checks" run. Lester ABC was out first in 1hr 33 mins and Ricky Chua guided out a guest with a walking stick at about 8.20pm. Cat said "I have not fallen in so many holes before". Guests from Batu Hash were all praises.
On On on site. A T-shirt freebee by the hare.
T-shirt from PengsanT-shirt Pengsan (back)
Next run: No 693 Date: 28/10/2006 Hare: DeepaRaya Run Venue: Bandar Tech, Kajang

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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Rehashed 20061014

Hare: Stanley Tan Mr World Venue: Gasing Hill
Mr World Dropping Underwear
A run at Gasing Hills, a place frequented by nearby residents for jogging and sometimes courtships, would always be a few ups and a few downs. It was no different this time where the papers took the runners initially through some trekkers' trails and then through some joggers' trails and some tarred roads until somewhere towards the end where some semblance of a true hashers' trail was met. This was a steep and tiring climb and on the way up this scribe met a chap, who we later knew was going up for his daily 'fix,' who stopped to let us pass and said "This is a deep(sic) mountain". On reaching the top we came across a shed where some guys were seated having their evening dose. Reaching down on the other side, the papers took the runners up another true hashers' trail and down to the joggers' trail and finally up the 'in trail' and home. Jenny and Jessie took a wrong turn towards the end and had find their way out reaching home at about 8.45pm. ( scribed by bandit)
On On on site catered by Hassan.

The Down Down - Fire and Ice
circle 20061014 Officially Touch & Go
Touch&Go being inducted

Next Run 692 Date: 21/10/2006 Hare: Pengsan Venue: Kg Penchala

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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Rehashed 20061007

Run 690 Hare: Lee Geok Leng Venue: Sg Long

It was a very hot but haze free afternoon when the 30 odd hashers gathered for this run. On On sounded and it was a slow walk up the metal road and on into the rubber on the right. The trail then led down to the valley to give the walkers a good steep climb up the 1st hill. Reaching the height of 175 metres, the paper took the runners down some 40 metres on the other side to the 1st check. This was quickly broken on the right and into some thick and thorny belukar for a crawl up a gentle slope. From the belukar and out into the clearing, the papers led to the 2nd check. This was also broken on the right and trail meandered to the next hill. Though this slope up was gentle, it was a long climb to the top which was at a height of about 230 metres. From the top, the papers led gently down the motorbike path and to the 3rd check at the stream. On On was called on the left and up on another motorbike track. It was easy running/walking up this concrete path until midway where the trail branched sharply to the left for another steep climb to a height of about 210 metres. From the top, the papers led out to metal road for the home run. All runners coming down this metal road were justly rewarded with a magnificient view of the sunset and lights of the Sg Long township on this clear haze free evening.

On On on site catered by Thangga.


Hare Geok Leng being thanked Bath on the run

Top left: The hare being thanked Top right: Bath on the run but what are they doing with their hands?


Top row left: Bath anywhere anytime Top row center: Cock Pain who tried 2 runs with one guest fee. Top right: Cock pain and kawan

Center row left: Michael on Ice. Center row center: Sami signed up for 10. Center row right: UnMarried Cock Pain with wife

Bottom row left: In serious mood. Bottom row center: Ms Betong. Bottom row right: Thangga restaurant

Next Run: 691 Hare: Mr World Stanley Tan Venue: Gasing Hill

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Rehashed 20060930

Hare Dipstick Bulldozer
Top left: The hare being iced. Top right: Bulldozer shows the type of of underwear to be used after runs.

circle 20060930Top row left: The girl next door
Top row center: The sub-cons who had to be rescued
Top row right: Looking for fallen tits!

Center row left and center: Guests for the night
Center row right: Cock Pain giving interhash news
Bottom row: The attentive circle

Next Run: No 690 Hare: Lee Geok Leng Venue: Sungei Long

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Monday, October 02, 2006

HLH4 Members List

Members List as at 30 November 2007

NoNameHash Name2007/2008Click for
1Abraham WongMemberpicture
2Alice Jasmine ChuaBumbleBeeMemberpicture
3Amelia NgHash Cashpicture
5Ben RethualBanditAuditorpicture
6Billy KokNo Hairpicture
7Cheah Chee KongPengsanMemberpicture
8Chong Kok MengMemberpicture
9Charlie NgMemberpicture
10Dev (Dr)DipstickMemberpicture
11Elsie ChokMemberpicture
13Foong Weng WahKoon SiewMemberpicture
15Gary LeongMemberpicture
16Heny SoHenessyMemberpicture
17IqbalLong John SilverGrandMasterpicture
18Jessie TeyMemberpicture
19JPS JitJit Player SpecialJointmasterpicture
21KhooKhoo KongsiMemberpicture
22KikiKikikalaComm Memberpicture
24Kong King KongKing KongAdvisorpicture
25Kong Swee ChinKFCMemberpicture
26Lee (Dr)BallcrackerComm Memberpicture
27Lee Geok LengJointmistresspicture
28Leng Yuen ForIce CoolengComm Memberpicture
29Lester TanABCMemberpicture
30Leong Peng WaiLeong SeniorMemberpicture
31Lim Yew AiMemberpicture
32Lim Chee WaiViagraMemberpicture
33Michael ChinMemberpicture
34Miow MiowMemberpicture
35MunsterHash Whippicture
36Ng Guat LingMemberpicture
37Peter FongMemberpicture
38Rachel LimTsunamiComm Memberpicture
39Raymond LowRatTailMemberpicture
40RameshOn the wayMemberpicture
41Ricky ChuaUlarHash Bardpicture
42Robert BehMemberpicture
43Robert ChinMemberpicture
45Roger GayBlood DonorComm Memberpicture
46SA GohSagohOn Leavepicture
47Sam NathanAmericanMemberpicture
48Siaw Poh CheongCha ChaMemberpicture
49Siew Yoon ChoyMemberpicture
50Song LauSong LauAdvisorpicture
51Stanley KongShowtimeMemberpicture
52Susie PhangShopping QueenMemberpicture
53Stanley TanMr WorldMemberpicture
55Tan Yew MinKaliMemberpicture
56Then Sook ChengNeighbor's wifeOn Leavepicture
57Tony TanMemberpicture
58ThomasMr KilatMemberpicture
60William ChongKelamkabutOn Leavepicture
61Wong Kok PingCock PainInter-OnSexpicture
62Winnie JennyMemberpicture
63Yau See SingCelup SinghMemberpicture
64Yee MaiMemberpicture
65YennyTouch & GoMemberpicture
66next new memberMemberpicture
67Next new MemberMemberpicture

Members who resigned6


NoNameHash NameDate LeftClick for
1Catherine CheahCatDecember 2006picture
2John DuncanDecember 2006picture
3SundarDecember 2006picture
4YeongJokerFebruary 2007picture
5YusniDecember 2006picture
6Thangga (deceased)30 July 2007picture
7CherylDec 2007picture
8Janice HongMar 2007picture
9Johnny LeeBig JohnMar 2007picture
10Anson LimOct 2007picture
11RaviNokiaDecember 2007picture
4Andy AngRandy AndyOn Leave wef Jan 2007picture

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