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21 July 2018

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

HLH4 Website

Some minor changes in our website.

Current Runs are now listed in the sidebar.

The blue running 'marquee' will show interhash invitational runs.

Common Runsite locations can be found in the sidebar. Clicking on a location will take you to the Google map of that area.

For those who complain they do not understand English. Well just for these arseholes, our website can now be read in Chinese.

But a word of caution in accessing website in chinese. Some words are a direct translation. For example, the short form for number 'No.', may be shown as 没有 (mei yew). Dates may be translated differently. For example 04/10/2008 could be shown as year 2008 month 4 and day 10.

Website can be translated into German or French and even Hindi. The links can be found at top right.

On On ...

Monday, September 29, 2008

Rehashed 20080927

Run: 793 Hare: Henessy Venue: Broga Co-hares: Song Lau, Guitarman, Cheryl

Hare Henessy On-on was again called by the biggest shot at runsite at that time - Silent Dragon, which saw Cock Pain running up and down looking for the lead paper. The in trail was laid in the rubber estate (from road) just before the runsite that is known to have some 'killer steeps'.

The first check just after the barbed wire fence had Cock Pain, again, running forward deep into the bushes but was on'ed' with a back check....hahahah

The second check - it was here that 'Song' Lau called up No Hair and informed that some orchard owners have complained about hashers stealing their fruits or damaging their fruit trees. HLH4 members were asked to 'respect' the owner's land. The co-hares then diverted the trail after apologising and explaining to the owner that HLH4 (while pointing to the trail papers) members do not damage anything and would normally buy their fruits when they could come to runsite.

The trail then led to a whole-lot-of-hill-clearings for re-planting, more fruit trees or what?....but whole lot of trees are gone. Nevertheless, they did not bulldoze and flatten the hills, to enable the hares to lay the trail up and up the hills.

It was a breath taking view at the top as the sun was setting with hues of colours being displayed. The usual home trail after reaching the top where all would be behind the well kept slope of the temple.

soem of the 4 legged co-hares FRBs in 1hr and the BROP in 1hr20min.

Co-hare Guitarman, pointing to some of the four legged friends, thanked them for assisting as co-hares, all six of them.

On-On on site by HennySoo Restaurant delivered by her Dad and Mum. 'Viagra' threw in a crate of the golden piss to keep the singing session going till 12:30am. (Scribed by NoHair)

Next Run: No 794 Date: 04/10/2008 Hare: Ricky Ular Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang (shoplot site)
Circle circle
Circle Long John n Bulldozer
hare and co-hare Ondown Circle
Iced The sleeping Ular

On On ...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Rehashed 20080920

Run: 792 Hare: KFC Venue: Bandar Tech SubCons: Rattail

On-on was called at 6pm by the biggest shot at runsite - On-Cash Silent Dragon, with just a handful and 2 dogs (MLTR's & No Hair's). 'Not many turned up' but a good 20++ members and 5 guests, a group was attending HartamasH4 anniversary do in Genting.

The usual in trail and after going up and down the first hill, a check was laid. It took about 10 minutes to break with back checking up hill, the beginning of 'hare farts'.

The trail led along the usual 'still young' palm oil tree hills behind the factory lots towards the rubber estate hills next to the new highway with a check in between. Rocky and Karu SCBed from here.

The trail led by and through the 'ranch' which gave out its own whiffs of fresh cowdung complemented by a 20-dogs pack chorus singing. A check was laid by passing the 'whore' from behind but the hare farted, that unblocked the brain and laid the break halfway on the 'whore' from 'belakang'. So it was 'belakang mari' on the 'whore'.

Halfway up and cutting through till another 'ranch' grazing ground before leading towards the 'tanah merah' hills behind the in trail's palm oil estate hills. FROP in 1hr 20mins and the last two in 2hrs 15mins.

"ISA" (Ice Siting Act) is "well and alive" here, as enforced by the Hash Whip and 'on-box':

- the hare KFC for 'never the set and run' and "where are the direction signs to run site?"
- KikiLala for getting 'RatTail' to set the run, all alone.
- KikiLala and RatTail for answering "let's go kencing first" to bard's CIRCLE IN SESSION call.
- Bulldozer, Matahari, Ice Cooleng, for 'never the run'.
- Karu for "remember to put me on ice every 3 months" and for answering "no paper" when spotted SCBing.
- Chickadee for last week not wearing hash tee.
- No Hair for "I've checked there already and nothing!" at the first check but where Warrenti found and broke the check.
- Kilat for not accompanying his uncle, a 1st timer guest, all the way.
- Abraham for teaching his friend, a 1st timer also, to SCB.

On-On by KFC with Da Jie Restaurant "snack plate" and "dinner plate" with desserts. (Scribed by No Hair)

Next Run: No 793 Date: 27/09/2008 Hare: Henessy Venue: Broga

On On ...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rehashed 20080913

Run: 791 Hare: Matahari Venue: Bukit Angkat SubCons: ...

Hare - Matahari Direction to run site was not clearly indicated, two signs after the main road and that was it. Anyhow many have been to Cock Pain's factory, so they found their way there.

On-on was called at 1802 and a frenzied crowd was looking for the in trail. It was an adjacent in road by the empty land that led to the foothill where 'usual trail' was flooded and the first check was laid.

Munster was up the hill on the left and ran down when he thought some 'body' yelled On-On and left cursing to check back where he left off. Finally, it was broken with a back check which led towards the housing area and then towards some hilly side to that.

A crossing between a retaining wall and drain which was a bit high had left MLTR chasing 'Hash' round and round to get it on higher ground, it provided some light entertainment to most of us.

On the 'red rock' road another check was laid uphill and was later broken further uphill which brought everyone on the ridges turning a 'C' towards the run site's direction then a check was on top of hill which was the opposite direction to run site. It was finally broken at the bottom of the hill by the 'going to be developed' clearing area. As most middle runners reaching the slope down saw Munster cursing the 'check breaker' not calling out.

A short run before a short climb up the palm oil estate hill with another check on top. It was broken downhill again and had most runners a short breather before crossing the high tesion cable tower clearing towards an industrial lots on top of a small hill and hill clearings 'ready for development'. The most dusty home trail, on the main road to run site, which was about 2km long.

No Hair on the box Circle started with No Hair taking the box for the first time.

Hare for good run which he neither set nor ran;
Bulldozer for 'bee singh' - noisy;
MLTR for leaving soiled T-shirt on someone else's car;
Dipstick also for 'bee singh';
KFC for leaving a chair behind in Sg Batangsi's run;
No Hair for calling the hare's contractor to know where the run site is, whereby he was on the run site when he called.

'Long time no see':
Sagoh back from mid-east, "I did not run for the past 6 months there as those guys they were not very active there. Nothing like HLH4!";
Abraham (still recuperating from broken ribs) "I'm OK now but will need some 3 months before Hashing again";
Thomas 'Mr Kilat' "lebih senang sikit sekarang, business sudah slow sikit.."

'Long time will not see': Winnie Jenny "....some tendon in my knee broke?...or what....painful....." during a hash in seremban/mantin/mambau.

On-on on site by Matahari Restaurant Mother's Home Cooked Nasi Lemak....yum.. (scribed by No Hair)

Next Run: No 792 Date: 20/09/2008 Hare: KFC Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang

Circle Circle
Long John and King Kong Sagoh stopping over from Dubai for a beer
circle Part of the circle
Some Icings of the evening

On On ...

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Rehashed 20080906

Run: 790 Hare: Leong 'Silent Dragon' Venue: Bukit Besi Co-Hares: Gary, Ballcracker, ...

The hare waiting to be OnDowed The runsite was at a construction site near Taman Desa Orkid, but some still ended at the water tank site up the hill.

At On Call, about 20 went in through the muddy construction site to the foothills. At the start of the climb, only 17 went up into the jungle. JPS, Samerican and Bandit decided to do their own run/walk around the area.

Of those who went up on the climb and run, KelamKabut, CockPain, Kiki and Colin, came out on paper at about 7.20pm. Another group came out with the HARE about half an hour later.

Then Keswinder came out saying he was the last to go in and could not catch up. At top of the hill he lost the trail, so he bashed down towards the sound of civilization below.

The Runsite One group led by Long John came out a short while later from the opposite side. The last group was ferried out by Cock Pain in his van. He volunteered for the sake of U I, who was in this last group.

It was later heard that the hare had wanted to pull the hashers down the other side of the hill towards Sg Besi and lay a long home trail. But he could not bash through the thick vegetation.

So plan B was put into operation for co-hare Gary to disconnect the down trail and lay a new home trail back to runsite.

On On onsite.

Next Run: No 791 Date: 13/09/2008 Hare: Matahari Venue: Bukit Angkat Sg Chua

 Two who did not start Kelam Kabut showing his muddy shoes
Circle in the rain Umbrellas UP

On On ...

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Rehashed 20080830

Run: 789 Hare: Winnie Jenny Venue: Sg Batang Sea Co-hares: Kelam Kabut, ...

hare being On downed
On-On was called on time but there was a commotion at the in trail as most had crowded the trail with big 'huh's and 'hah's. The culprit was the river as the trail started with crossing the river.

Ex-member now guest, Cat led and ran through the water while some stopped to take off their shoes. A couple piggy-backed and one 'doggy-front' in crossing the river.

River Crossing River Crossing River Crossing

Gone acrossThe trail led in to rubber estates with a few small climbs until the 3rd check where Cock Pain ran back with some checking papers shouting "back check!" The check was broken by Silent Dragon up on the hill after about 15mins.

The trail then led to a chili farm and an orchard on top of a hill where the scenery was wonderful. The papers then trailed downhill to a clearing before ending on the home trail with some good sceneries of the hills further in.

Emay admiring the view
A falsie was laid on home trail where front runners were caught going deep down hill. It was a 'lollipop' run where the rest of the home trail was on the in trail and to cross the river again before reaching run site.

A mentionable event: Song Lau was looking for his car keys which he suspected was taken by someone else or have dropped somewhere or 'Chu Lai' had lost it/taken it/mis-put it/stashed it/play-play with it...blah,blah,blah.

There were a few who helped by launching a 'massive search party' till darkness set it. Song Lau then called for help by getting the spare keys from his home. But while waiting, he did some final retracing of his 'tracks' and the suggestion by Chickadee to look under and around the beerwagon 'lorry' proved marvelous. Nobody noticed the keys that was just right there on the ground by the lorry.

Charges: Ricky Ular for answering "Song Lau lost car keys" to the question "how was the run?". Piggy back riders Yee Mai and Elsie and 'doggy front' Hash and Micheal. The hare for being caught by back runners. Bulldozer for dirtying the river by bathing in it in the dark. Rattail for smoking during the circle. Cat for "long time no see" and "i love you" by Munster. Henessy and Peter for "never the run". No Hair for the new newsletter format "nice to look at but too small to read".

On On onsite with Bulldozer catering nasi lemak. Ended at around 11pm by finishing last beer. (scribed by NoHair)

Next Run: No 790 Date: 06/09/2008 Hare: Leong 'Silent Dragon' Venue: Bukit Besi (Desa Orkid phase 2. Near Taman Connaught. Tsunami's last run area but do not go up to the water tank. Turn right after JPJ and follow HLH4 signs.)

Piggy backers on ice Circle
Circle with Kali and his Neighbour's wife On Down all in a row
Guests Co hares

On On ...