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21 July 2018

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rehashed 20090523

Run: 827 Hare: Gary Venue: Mahkota Cheras Cohare: Silent Dragon, No Hair

 The Hare Gary (A detailed scribe of the run not available, however, the following is an indication of the trail as provided by one of the co-hares)

On the road towards the only hill for about 15mins till the water tank and to the left of it to go round the back to go up hill. Just after a short climb, the trail goes downhill till a sand quarry where some could short cut back on road; those going forward will then have to cross a small river and going further, a steep uphill for about 5mins before the downhill.

Crossing some swampy grassy land to meet up with another small gradient hill climb before the long home trial via road through orchards, bungalow lots and the single storey housing estate.

The SCBs aka HLH5 were back in less than an hour while the FROP took about 1hr25mins. The last out at around 2030hrs.

After run food with bananas and nasi lemak.


Water Bai - confessing to plucking some 'limau tebal' (lime) in last week's run, joke by Long John Silver;
Touch N Go - wearing a hash short with 'Stxrbxxk Coffxx' 'hash chapter' Tees;
No Hair - lost and found on trail;
Gigi Putih - didn't ask permission to wear hat during circle;
Bruise Lee (re-joined HLH4) - cakap cakap;
Long John Silver - for fun;
No Hair - took over Dr Ballcracker's involvement with Ballbreaker runs;
Tsunami & Henny - being last week's charge;
Bulldozer - (forgot)

OnOn in Restoran SiFu in Bandar Mahkota Cheras (submitted by No Hair)

Next Run: No 828 Date: 30/05/2009 Hare: Long John Silver Venue: Sg Tangkas

Some Icings of the evening
Hare and coHare onDown

Some Icings of the evening

On On ...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Rehashed 20090516

Run: 826 Hare: Bastian Guitarman Venue: Sri Haneco Cohares: Kiki, Mr Kilat

The Hare Guitarman The beerman called and asked if he got the run site correct as there were no familiar cars on run site except a new Chevy sedan with run papers, that was around 1730hrs.

Upon reaching the run site, many poured in with few car loads of members and guests. Good show up by members and guests, swelling to about 50-60.

Run started on time with the usual walk in and talking as there was a group from MambauH4 who were no strangers and the 'updates' on each other - "hey, macam sudah gemok sikit!", "macam mana mau slim, lari sikit-sikit, makan banyak banyak, minum lagi banyak!", "wah, lari pun mau hisap rokok, kah?", "taraklah, kasi habis dulu nanti buanglah."

The lot was led to the first check to the left after a 5mins walk and was broken by the experienced runners. Some caught sight of a snake while crossing the small creek with shrieks and eeeeeees! The trail then led everyone towards the direction of the abandon factory lots area with a few good climbs to reach the cleared hill for the 3rd check, after the easily broken second check.

It was an uphill on the rubber estate hill terraces one after the other which brought the pack to another slippery steep climb which some opted to shortcut without climbing as they expected the trail to come towards the foothill again.

The front pack was treated to some running terrain for a short 5mins before going uphill again towards the right side of the fishing ponds but turned towards the usual home trail through the palm oil estate.

A good run out for about 10mins or more provided some good sweat for the front runner who finished the run on the hour. The back pack was out about an hour later.

Finger food was served and the famous wild boar curry from Putrajaya by On-the-Way was snapped within minutes!

First time guest - Jeanie from PH3 was 'roasted' by the crowd and welcomed warmly.

Chickadee, Bulldozer & one of the Mambau Angels - smoking on the run;
Ice Cooleng - front runner that didn't want to run forward;
RatTail - hilang;
No Hair - for not passing the TOO for use, when not around;
Koon Siew & CowLin - showing one another how to shortcut;
Gigi Putih - mumbing bard.

Birthday cake Birthday boy and hare for the day given a birthday day cake that was baked on him. His '25th' birthday present from himself, a new car with new 4numbers that struck!

OnOn was on site with yummy food. Beers were like non-stop and topped up by Viagra, the beerman had to go to town to get more ice to chill the beers while the rest of the crowd was in the jolly mood and sang with the birthday boy. (scribed by No Hair)

Next Run: No 827 Date: 23/05/2009 Hare: Gary Leong Venue: Mahkota Cheras (near Sg Long)

The Hash birthday cake.

On On ...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

TheHLH4 20090516

The HLH4 16/05/2009

On On ...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Rehashed 20090509

Run: 825 Virgin Hare: Lee Chai Venue: Sg Jelok Cohares: Kelam Kabut, Winnie Jenny

The Hare Lee Chai Some 30 - 35 members turned up despite the Top Spinners' 10th Any Run.

GuestsIt was a simple run with just a little bit of climbing to the 1st check. Going down, it played around the durian orchards and surrounding areas. As the checks were close to home, the FRB was out in about 45 mins.

A short circle conducted by Long John. As the TOO was not available, Ricky Ular volunteered his grandson's teeny weeny.

On On at Ah Wai cafe - 4 tables affair. (report influenced by Kiki)

Next Run: No 826 Date: 16/05/2009 Hare: Guitarman Venue: Sri Haneco

On On ...

Monday, May 04, 2009

Rehashed 20090502

Run: 824 Hare: Amelia Venue: Opposite Taman Anggerik Perdana SubCons: Kiki Lala, Bulldozer

Hare Amelia More than 45 members turned up. Some were grumbling about the runsite being directly below the High Tension Power Lines with the beerwagon just next to the pylon.

Walking along the rentice The run started with a slow lazily walk along the rentice before hitting the oil palms and the first check. Being quite an 'open' area beneath the tall palms, the hashers were scattered all over the place with only about half the group truely on paper.

The second check led to the underpass to the other side of the Kajang-Semenyih Bypass. The trail was still on clear paths and terraces till the side of the Silk highway.

A short climb through some rubber came next. On going down to the open areas beside the highway brought the FROPS to another check which was broken further up. On reaching an old tarred road, the trail led left. As the back pack reached this road, they heard the OnOn calls on the right. So naturaly, they hit right and caught up with middle pack.

'Highway' lights by IceCooLeng From here the papers led along the fringe of the plantation and up to the quarry site. Another short climb entailed which led to check on the hilltop. This took about 20-30 minutes to break up forward. From then on the trail winded down through the oil palm back through the underpass and back to runsite all on the quarry road.

First out in 1hr 25mins, with Khoo Kongsi and bandit coming out last 20mins later. On On onsite - Hassan catering.IceCooLeng provided a new set of 'highway' lights which he promised to bring for every run. 'Bruise' Low Yat Foo rejoined as member.

Next Run: No 825 Date: 09/05/2009 Hare: Lee Chai Venue: Shooting Range Sg Jelok

Some Icings
Circle Circle
Hare and SubCons On Down 'Bruise' rejoined as member
Some Icings

On On ...