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21 July 2018

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rehashed 20090725

Run: 836 Hare: Nokia Venue: Sg Jelok SubCons: No Hair, ...

The Hare Nokia Simple run was laid with a big loop back to run site but the start was with a killer climb that took the first 'victim' - the co-hare (long time didn't run and too much drinking) just after the first check. It was to the top on the first hill behind the workers' huts.

At the top, on the ridge another check was laid and some short back check broken with some ease but some packs were lost on paper and led by Gigi Putih to turn home not on paper. A run on wide single file paths at the bottom of the hill to meet the 3rd check which was also broken easily.

It was run, run and run till the 'usual' durian orchard where some had took the path to the right to short cut home (led by Blood Donor) and many did continue forward to some more running before meeting the last check near a hut with 'cili padi' plants. A falsie caught some runners who connected it with paper BUT did not collect back, confusing some back packs who had mobile phone out to locate the trail.

The last pack (led by Chickadee & Warranti) could not find the last trail and turned back to the durian orchard to take the path back. All in before 2000hrs with the front in 1hr15mins (KelamKabut, Dipstick & ABC). A thorny home trail stories with some bleeds on shins and calves.

2 guests were present with Maria, who is going to be a member soon, and Bai Bising (the co-hare that 'punctured'). A good handful members went to reccee in the northern part of the country but the turn up was still good.

Toddy Today The hare, Nokia - multiple times, did not set the run and short cut back, did not prepare and bring food, did not bring extra beers, did not put up the hash signs, did not plan for it either. 'That's what the contractor is for!' Only brought 2 big bottles of 'Ramasamy's product' (pix)
Micheal - 'dog torturer', training Hash but letting him run from the highway to run site.
Gigi Putih - mumbling bard
HongKong Bai - promised to finish this run but failed to do so
KikiLala - training new SCBs
LeeChai - newly trained SCB
Beerman Choo - chickened out on this run knowing No Hair setting run
Ular - KPC
Monster & Nokia - finger pointing as to who left the bar of soap on cunt-plainee's car
(hey! no ladies were on ice again! they have been careful and nice. even BumbleBee did not pluck any cili-padi this time.)

The circle ended with more beers and food to go. OnOn on site by the Brothers' Beers and Caterers (even Joachim liked the extra spicy fish in sambal!) The crowd was on site till about 12 with some beers for 'tah-pow'.

(scribed by No hair)

Next Run: No 837 Date: 01/08/2009 Hare: Ice CooLeng Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rehashed 20090718

Run: 835 Hare: Siew Yoon Choy Venue: Nuclear Agency (JPJ Bangi) Cohares: JPS, Heny, Maria

The Hare 'Reject' Some had gone to sample the 'Banana' and some may have gone to contribute hard earned money to the poor 'Red Devils' who were in town. Nevertheless, about 30 members turned up at this 'long not run' runsite. The last run here was probably set by JPS on 3/9/2005.

The trails were all on clean, wide and open areas with gradual slopes. The few loops allowed the back pack to keep up as and when the FROPs were visible in front.

The return trail was by the fencing of the nuclear center but the hares were very kind, they avoided the full climb along the fence.

FRB was out in 1hr while Short Circuit guided a first time guest out at about 7.40pm.

The hare was hash named "Reject". On On onsite.

Next Run: No 836 Date: 25/07/2009 Hare: Nokia Venue: Shooting Range Sg Jelok

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Rehashed 20090711

Run: 834 Hare: J Player Special Venue: Sri Haneco Cohares: Guitarman, Mr Kilat

The hare JPS A very rare occassion when there were more Holes (15) to Poles when the run started. Some of our members had gone for the Danau Toba Any Run which was a 'Poles Only' event.

Even before one could finish saying 'Guns n Roses', the first check was reached just before the ponds. A back check to the usual out trail which gave all hashers a good warm-up under canopy.

The second check was just before the climb and from then on, the trial kept going up all the way to the top. It was a near 1hr uphill hike for the back pack.

From the top, the trail led all the way down and home with the checks being broken quite fast.

FRB in 1hr 5mins while the back pack was out around 7.35pm.

On On onsite.

Next Run: No 835 Date: 18/07/2009 Hare: Siew Yoon Choy Venue: JPJ Bangi along Jalan Kajang-Dengkil (from Kajang, go along Jalan Reko. Past Sg Tangkas. Past University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). Go straight, just after nuclear/atomic center which is at a sharp corner, turn right at the junction. Go underpass the KL-Seremban Plus Highway and travel about a km and look for HLH4 signs on your right.)

Hare and co-hare On down big hand to the hare
Circle Yummy Yummy
Rocky being On downed 1st time guest Maria
listening to Long John's joke Gigi Putih and Heny 'fighting'

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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Rehashed 20090704

Run: 833 Occassion: 8th Rotation Run hosted by HLH4 Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang SubCons: Long John Silver, No Hair

8th Rotation Run Logo More than 500 hashers turned up for this annual run and gathering of hashers from the Cheras H4, Kajang H3, Mount Kiara H4 and Hulu Langat H4.

A warm up aerobic session led by some Holes preceded the run. About a quarter of hashers decided to skip the run to savour the ice-cold Scoll beer which was free flowing as soon as the run started.

The Hashing trails in over-run Bandar Tech are usually non-descriptive and uneventful but hares Long John and No Hair ensured a good run and, of course, the infamous 'Whore' was not missed.

The FRB on paper, a guest from Mambau Hash, was out in an hour and thirty minutes while the rest trickled out over the next two hours. It was heard about 8.30pm, that there were still more 50 hashers trying their luck with 'The Whore'.

The partying officially closed around 12 midnight but with the beer still flowing, many stayed back for another couple of hours.

Next Run: No 834 Date: 11/07/2009 Hare: JPS Jit Venue: Sri Haneco

Harriets leading the aerobic warm=up session
The Holes leading the aerobic session

Hashers warming up before the run
And the Poles pretending to warm up

Going in to meet the whore
The start of the run

(more pix to be uploaded later)

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Thursday, July 02, 2009

8th Rotation Run

The 8th Annual Rotation Run will be held

Date: Saturday 04/07/2009
Time: 5.30pm
Venue: Bandar Technologi Kajang
Hosts: Hulu Langat H4

While many will be busy with the Malaysian Mega-Sale and the Americans with their holiday, more than 500 hashers from the 4 chapters plus quite a number of guests will be turning up for this mega event hosted by HLH4.

A couple of pix from last year's run ...

The 4 GMs
The GMs of the 4 chapters

Song Lau presenting his number
Song Lau belting out his number

The previous runs were hosted by ...

2002 - Cheras Hash House Harriers & Harriets
2003 - Kajang Hash House Harriers
2004 - Mount Kiara Hash House Harriers & Harriets
2005 - Hulu Langat Hash House Harriers & Harriets at Broga
2006 - Cheras Hash House Harriers & Harriets at Jalan Kacau Semenyih
2007 - Kajang Hash House Harriers at Broga
2008 - Mount Kiara Hash House Harriers & Harriets at Setia Alam, Shah Alam

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