25th Anniversary Run

21 July 2018

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Rehashed 20120121 Cha Cha

Run: 966 Hare: Cha Cha Venue: Sri Haneco Cohares: ...

No report or pictures of the circle. (Hash butler must have been too busy giving out double ang pows to take any pictures)

Next Run: No 967 Date: 28/01/2012 Hare: Miaw Miaw Venue: Cheras Bukit Hatamas

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rehashed 20120114 Bandit

Run: 965 Hare: Bandit Venue: Eco Village Hululangat Cohare: Joachim

At sharp six, JM sounded the regular call and about 30 Hashers followed him heading to a different in-trail with a slight detour to the right just after crossing the road and up the hill. We ran along some secondary jungle before the path connected to the road heading towards the houses.

Running along the road, the trail turned right. The first check was up halfway on the left was broken forward by Guitarman, and the trail took us along the stream and after going up a hill, the second check was laid by the entrance of the bungalow. This was a back check. It was uphill all the way and then downhill until the third check which was broken on the left by Sexy Showman. Running along by the fringe of the jungle, the fourth check was at the plantation and was broken by Kenching forward before the stream.

Just when the trail was a smooth downhill (with some thinking of the golden fluid waiting down the road) we saw Charlie (who came in the in-trail) directing us to the trail as there was no paper. Apparently the landlord of a farm had picked up the paper trail. We continued along and the trail was on again to the run home. A good and well thought run by the Hare and Co-hare, which is exactly how a HLH4 run should be.

Scribed by Guitarman.

Next Run: No 966 Date: 21/01/2012Hare: Cha Cha Venue: Sri Haneco

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rehashed 20120107 OnTheWay

Run: 964 Hare: On The Way Venue: Precinct 17 Putrajaya Cohare: CockPain

It was a new runsite somewhere in Presinct 17 in Putrajaya. The hare appeared to be caught up in the Christmas season as he made out the directional signs to the runsite in the season's colors. This made it a real hassle for nearly all members to get to the runsite in time. For it being 'HHL4' instead of  'HLH4', On The Way put the blame on Short Circuit.

The runsite car park was on the road itself at a dead end, so it was quite ample and secluded. The sparse in papers on open ground. though difficult to follow, led up the rocky outcrop towards Kg Limau Manis. Going up the tarred stretch, it soon hit the trees midway the hilltop where a check was soon broken.

Going around, the papers soon went under canopy for climb through thick rubber seedling growth. The climb leveled off for a short distance before going up again. Just before the top. it leveled off again for the walk through bushes and undergrowth on the terrace which went towards the right.

Where the terrace narrowed, the papers led down zig-zagging through the rubber seedlings. Reaching the bottom, the papers led right for the next climb which took the hashers up the same hill and than back down to hit the home trail.

FRB was just after the hour, while the rest came out a while later. There was a turn out of more 40 members at the On On with home cooked food by the hare.

The hare was reminded to collect back all his hash signs, including the one in this picture.

Next Run: No 965 Date: 14/01/2012 Hare: Bandit Venue: Eco Village Hulu Langat

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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Rehashed 20111231 Geok Leng

Run: 963 Hare: Geok Leng Venue: Bandar Tech Kajang Cohares: ...

Bandar Tech run! So just visualize the run.

Circle pictures as in the Collage below. (Click on picture collage to enlarge)

And below, the final cream for the year.

Next Run: No 964 Date: 07/01/2012 Hare: Ramesh On The Way Venue: Putrajaya Precinct 17

(This is a NEW runsite. Head towards the other 'Riverside runsite" but lookout for hash signs near Precinct 17 on the way but BEFORE reaching the other runsite. If for any reason, you are lost, do not call the hare, for he is usually on the way to the runsite. Call Guitartman at 019 317 1962.)

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