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21 July 2018

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rehashed 20121020 ChanPanChoon

Run: 1005 Virgin Hare: Chan Pan Choon Venue: Bukit Serdang Cohares: Thomas

No run report as yet

Next Run: No 1006 Date: 27/10/2012 Hare: Gigi Putih Venue: Sg Jelok

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rehashed 20121013 Clip Clip

Run: 1004 Hare: Clip Clip Venue: JPJ Bangi Cohares: JPS, Short Circuit

Due to a close bereavement, Clip Clip could not make it for the run.

Next Run: No 1005 Date: 20/10/2012 Virgin Hare: Chan Pan Choon Venue: Bukit Serdang
(Runsite is said to be near Taman University Indah)

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Rehashed 20121006 Tanki Air

Run: 1003 Hare: Tanki Air Venue: Genting Cohares:

Next Run: No 1004 Date: 13/10/2012 Hare: Clip Clip Venue: JPJ Bangi

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Friday, October 05, 2012

Rehashed 20120929 Joey Kangaroo

Run: 1002 Hare: Baby Kangkaroo Venue: Sri Haneco Cohares: Charlie Chickedee and his 3 'angels'

OnOn was called at about 6:00 pm and Dipstick led the pack along road at the condos to the right. A first check near the football field took some time to be broken. Paper was finally was found to the right, where a small trail led into the rubber.

After a while a second check held up the runners. While checking for the connecting paper to the left, Silent Dragon met the Hare and Cohares on their way out to set the home trail.

Second check was finally broken by Eto (she was so happy, as this was the first time she broke a check!) to the right.

The run continued through the oil palm plantation, the trail was nicely set and no hills at all to be climbed (Bandit didn’t show up, he was worried about the hill to the Broga side).

First runner out was Dipstick in less than an hour, and most of the hashers were out by 7:30 except Karu.

ChaCha turned around immediately and went back in to look out for his buddy. After another 30 minutes, Karu came out the easy way on a motorcycle and ChaCha was back another 30 minutes later.

OnOn onsite with plenty of delicious food

Next Run: No 1003 Date: 06/10/2012 Hare: Tangki Air Venue: Genting

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