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21 July 2018

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rehashed 20080322

Run: 766 Hare: Geok Leng Venue: Bandar Tech SubCons: Abrahim Wong, Rattail Raymond

About 30 members. A run at Bandar Tech is rarely different, so anyone who wants to know how the run went, should read previous Bandar Tech run reports.

The variation at this run was that, instead of breaking the 3rd check on top of the "Whore', the hashers hit the in-trail and followed it home.

On On onsite. (Kiki)

Next Run: No 767 Date: 29/03/2008 Hare: Pengsan Venue: Bukit Idaman Selayang (From KL to Rawang on old road, look out for HLH4 signs at or around the pasar borong and follow the signs to runsite.)

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Interhash 2008

Update 5:00pm 23/03/2008: Kuching Sarawak has won the right to host Interhash 2010 - The Rainforest Hash

Interhash 2008 will be ON ON in Perth Australia from Friday 21/03/2008 to Sunday 23/03/2008. Some 4400 hashers from around the world have registered. The largest group is, of course, from Australia numbering some 1500. Malaysians number about 450, which equal those from the United Kingdom. Indonesia is contributing some 390 hashers while about 370 will be coming from the USA.

A key point of a bi-annual interhash event will be the voting for the next interhash. At the last Interhash at Chiangmai, Thailand, Perth won with 1912 votes. The other bidders were Malaysia (589 votes), Kenya (589 votes), Bali (328 votes), Penang (199 votes) and Singapore (140 votes).

Bali, Kenya (heard they had pulled out and then pushed in but unconfirmed) and Malaysia are trying again for IH 2010. Kuching Sarawak, though Malaysian, are also seeking for the next IH event to be a Rainforest interhash. The Malaysian (effectively Kuala Lumpur) bidders are hoping for a "Hashing in the Clouds" interhash. Kenya, though strong with the next World Cup being staged in their continent, have not indicated any tentative dates.

The bidders for Interhash 2010
Bali Indonesia
27-29 May 2010

Mombasa Kenya
(tentative dates not provided)

Genting Highlands Malaysia
3-5 September 2010

Kuching Sarawak
2-4 July 2010

The previous Interhashes

1978 - Hong Kong, 800 attended.
1980 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 1200 attended.
1982 - Jakarta, Indonesia, 1300 attended.
1984 - Sydney, Australia, 1654 attended.
1986 - Pattaya, Thailand, 2500 attended.
1988 - Bali, Indonesia, 2450 attended.
1990 - Manila, Philippines, 1400 attended.
1992 - Phuket, Thailand, 2500 attended.
1994 - Rotorua, New Zealand, 3650 attended.
1996 - Limassol, Cyprus, 3500 attended.
1998 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 5900 attended
2000 - Hobart, Tasmania, 4000 attended
2002 - Goa, India, 3500 attended
2004 - Cardiff, Wales, 4500 attended
2006 - Chiang Mai, Thailand, 5700 attended

For a long time, only the GMs of clubs were allowed to vote, which meant that nearly everyone attending an interhash wanted the GM's tag. It did not matter if they were the GM of an obscure club that ran only once in a blue moon. This was changed at Cardiff and followed at Chiangmai where everyone present was entitled to a vote.

The Perth DisOrganisers are planning a meeting of representatives of each attending hash chapter to discuss the future direction of the IH. A receeding hareline for interhash could be an item for discussion. Another topic could be on "Nudity and Ice" which was 'banned' at Chiangmai (click On On below for some samples from IH2000).

Whatever the outcome of the meeting at Perth, it boils down to the gist of the Hash House Harriers and that is, There shall be no Rules. Everything is left to convention and the BOX.

Boobs at IH2000 Boobs at IH2000 Boobs at IH2000

On On ...

Rehashed 20080315

Run: 765 Hare: Robert Chin Venue: Broga SubCons: Abrahim Wong, Rattail Raymond

(Run report not available) Update 28/03/2008:

About 20 members came to climb the majestic hill at Broga. It was a straight forward run with about 4 checks. The FRB was out in about 1hr 10 mins. Last out in 1hr 35mins?

On On - Chinese food with curry chicken and herbal "tong gwai" chicken soup. (NoHair)

Some pix courtesy of NoHair.

Emay Conquered the flag A view from the top
Emay, Tsunami, Amelia and Guat Ling on the hill top Snaking through to the other side

Next Run: No 766 Date: 22/03/2008 Hare: Geok Leng Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang (see Google map at sidebar)

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rehashed 20080308

Run: 764 Scheduled Hare: Charlie Chickadee Venue: Sri Haneco SubCons: Kiki, Abrahim

Vote for Hulu Langat H4 It was the day of the country's 12th General Elections. Some members may have volunteered as Polling/Counting Agents, so they could not make it. Some may have just stayed home out of fear. While some may have been having erections, so they too could not make it.The handful waiting for ON ON

So only about 23 members went in for the run at this 'fast becoming popular' runsite. The paper led through the fishing ponds to the trail on the right. Before the hashers could get a good warm-up, the 1st check was reached. After a false call, it was broken up front for a gentle climb. Soon after, along the way, the 2nd check Going in for the run which was also broken quickly.

Then came the tiring climb and reaching a ridge, the papers led right and to the 3rd check. Straight up front was a falsie. Then another OnCall was heard, back up the hill. Going halfway up, it turned out to be another falsie. Coming down for a back check, On On was heard. The check was broken by the back pack who incidently was trying to SCB.
the last descend by KFC, Jessie and Emay

The trail led along the ridge and then up again for a short climb to the 4th check. This was soon broken on the slope down. A last check along the way and back home. Election talk after the run

The FRB caame out within the hour.

On On onsite - Semenyih Catering. Small crowd so members had to pack back some food.

Next Run: 765 Date: 15/03/2008 Hare: Robert Chin Venue: Broga (The runsite will on the left before reaching the town. Look out for HLH4 signs)

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Rehashed 20080301

Run: 763 Scheduled Hare: Guat Ling Venue: Sg Long SubCons: Kiki, Abrahim, Rattail

Vote for Hulu Langat H4 The Heritage House run and a few 12th General Election ceramahs (rallies) affected the attendance at this run. So only about 15-20 went in for the run.

The SubCons laid the trail in some unfamiliar territory. So, with the regular FRBs missing, the small group took some time to break 4 checks, which were all back checks. At the last and 5th check, someone in the pack had to call the subCons for directions to get out.

They were out at around 8.30pm. 69 years old Rocky was out at 9.45pm, fuming and cursing.

The circle was kept short due the small crowd and to allow some to go and pay respects to Pengsan's mum who had passed on.

On On onsite - Hassan Catering (Kiki)

For the next run ...

Next Run on 08/03/2008 Vote for Charlie at Sri Haneco

PS - Do not be mistaken. This chap is NOT standing for Parliament at Batu.

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