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21 July 2018

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Rehashed 20130323 Joachim

Run: 1027 Hare: Joachim Venue: Bukit Hatamas Cheras Cohares:

When the hare arrived at the runsite at 3pm to set the run, there were already quite a number of hashmen's cars, so the runsite was moved lightly to the left as MKH4 'conquered' our usual spot.

Knowing that there were a few of our members who will usually skip, shortcut, turn back or do a DIY at the hilly trails around here, the hare needed to strategize, not only to make everyone go in but to also get them to complete the run. Announcing that it will be a short run or that there will only be one or two climbs does not work. So he got Bandit as bait and even got Bandit to park his car, with hash papers and all, right in front of the runsite, so that no one could miss it, and kept his car in background. Everyone coming in will get the impression that Bandit, who abhors hills, was setting the run.

It worked, nearly everyone, with exception of Eto and Bruise Lee, went it. Even KFC fell for the bait and went in but JPS was not fooled, he did his usual DIY.

The papers started in the usual in-trail but kept right and down into the jungle keeping just along the fringe. When it hit the joggers/hikers' path, the trail led along on the path up to a point where the papers went back into the jungle on the right. After a couple of checks along the way, the papers went on the hikers' track for the steep climb to level 3.

The check at level 3 seemed a slight problem as from there the papers followed the same trial as that of the Baby hash and MKH4. Coming down a tricky, slippery and sometimes difficult descent, a check was laid on the trail to the left, broken on the right, the papers led up to hashers' main in / out trail.

The hare must have expected Long John to turn up for the run, so instead of hitting the out-trail, he pulled the front runners across for another climb that ended with an even more difficult descent.

Dipstick and CockPain were out neck to neck in one hour 20 minutes. A quick call to 'sweeper' Charlie Cheekadee got him to turn back and come out through the other hash chapter's laid papers. By 8.30pm, all were out.

On On onsite - CockPain arranged stuff.

Next Run: No 1028 Date: 30/03/2013 Virgin Hare: Ah Fatt Kuachi Venue: Broga

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Rehashed 20130316 Small Fish

Run: 1026 Virgin Hare: Siow Yee Small Fish Venue: Bukit Serdang Cohares:

(no run report as yet)

Next Run: No 1027 Date: 23/03/2013 Hare: Joachim Venue: Bukit Hatamas Cheras

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Rehashed 21030309 Ken Ching

Run: 1025 Hare: Ken Ching Venue: Gasing Hill Cohare: Kelam Kabut

The hare hired a confused mercenary to help set this run, in the form of our ex-member, KelamKabut.

It was the usual in-trail that went down and the papers took the path on the right. Instead of crossing the stream, the trail led right and up to hit the concrete cascading drain. From there the trail went left and up and down near the precarious temple and down to the stream.

Coming down to the stream, the check broken on the right was not connected well which led the mid pack to hit the in-trail. ClipClip misled this group right up to the concrete steps. Realizing their folly, the group came down and found the correct trail.

It was a couple more up and downs right up to the trail that led to the playground but which then took the "short cut" up the last hill and back to home.

Newbies and guests outnumbered the members as quite a number of our regulars had gone to join a "Poles Only" celebration run. Blackjack of the Dalmatians dumped a guest, Nilly Willy. Nilly Willy appeared fascinated with our Tool of Office and also enjoyed the ON ON which was a three table affair at the Thai restaurant at nearby Bird Park.

Next Run: No 1026 Date:16/03/2013 Virgin Hare: Siow Yee Small Fish Venue: Taman Universiti Indah Bukit Serdang

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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Rehashed 20130302 LeeYewBeng

Run: 1024 Hare: Lee Yew Beng Venue: Taman Wawasan Puchong Cohares:

Normal crowd. The run, except for the initial first climb, was on well trod joggers track. FROP was out in an hour but Dipstick feeling the run a bit too long for hi liking, SCBed and came out in forty mins.

On On onsite.

Next Run: No 1025 Date: 09/03/2013 Hare: Ken Ching Venue: Gasing Hill

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Friday, March 01, 2013

Rehashed 20130223 CNY Run

Run: 1023 Occasion: Hare: Venue: Nedayu Cohares:

Next Run: No 1024 Date: 02/03/2013 Hare: Lee Yew Beng Venue: Taman Wawasan Puchong

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