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21 July 2018

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Rehashed 20070324

Hare: Joker Venue: Sunway Semenyih
Joker had to resign due to work commitments but he was still game to come back and set his run which had already been scheduled. Kok Pain volunteered to assist and set this long run. 1st out on paper in 1hr 45 mins.
On On onsite.
Next Run: No 715 Date: 31/03/2007 Hare: Farah Venue: Venice Hill, Cheras

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Hashing Benefits (2)

We had seen here how harriets who continue hashing would look and how those who quit and get married may look. But certainly these models should take up hashing. ...

Skinny models skinny models


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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Rehashed 20070317

Hare: Ballcracker Venue: Pangsoon Hulu Langat
The paper led the runners 1st down along the stream, then onto some thick undergrowth, then onto the road and up the track along the pipeline. The papers led uphill to a height of about 310 metres before it looped back to the in trail which was incorrectly presumed to be also the home trail. It was a 40 min run but where was the hare?
Much to the relief of the beer thirsty hashers, Ballcracker and his 3 co-hares came out at about 7.30pm, looking all wet and exhausted. It seemed the hare could not find the trail near the abandoned building that linked to the Gunong Nuang track. So he had backtracked on the in trail and crossed over to another trail that led past the dam which would have given the runners a scenic homerun. GM commented that he travelled some 32 km to do a 4km run.
All guests were sponsored by the hare. On On onsite catered by Kok Pain.
Next Run: No 714 Date: 24/03/2007 Hare: Yeong Joker Venue: Sunway Semenyih

Charlie and Khoo the last to go in The headless Hasher
Thr Frop on the 'Home trail. The discussion of the short run

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Wat Koh - Remembered

Wat Koh Lai Yoke Lin

Wat Koh joined HLH4 in April 2004. Set his 1st run No 597 on 25/12/2004 at Kesuma Lakes. His 2nd run No 661 was set for 18/03/2006. Wat Koh recced the trail at Kesuma Lakes, ordered the food for the ON ON and printed the T-shirts.
On Thursday 16/03/2006 he met his friends for supper and to finalise everything for his run. But his maker had other plans for him, cos on his way home after the discussion, he was involved in a nasty accident from which he did not pull through.
Knowing Wat Koh, his family and friends felt that Wat Koh would want his run to go on. So after the funeral, HLH4 gathered and ran a good run, wore the T-shirt he had wanted to give and sang him a tearful farewell.

Some pictures of the circle that was in his honor.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Rehashed 20070310

Hare: Winnie Jenny Venue: Galla Park, Seremban
A good turnout on this very very hot evening for Winnie's virgin run, despite the runsite being "out of town". GM LongJohn called On On a dot past six. The paper led past the factory and on into a clearing at the jungle fringe and then led up the 1st hill to a height of about 120 metres. From there it was a short track downhill, across a stream and onto the other side where another hill (so we thought) waited. The paper took the runners along the road uphill and it was hard climbing all the way. Reaching the top was no relief, cos as soon as each climb was completed, another waited. The only difference was that the gradient got steeper and steeper. It took the FROP some 45 mins to reach the 460 metres high summit. The middle pack took about 1 hr 10 mins whereas the back pack would have spent some 100 mins climbing.
From then on it was down all the way to the flats. The 4km long hometrail from the base was distrupted and hampered by missing trail paper. On the hometrail one hasher asked another "Have you run here before?" The other answered "This is my first and last run here"
On On onsite.
Next Run: No 713 Date: 17/03/2007 Hare: Ballcracker Venue: Pangsoon Hulu Langat

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Rehashed 20070303

Occasion: CNY Run Venue: Bandar Tech

A good turnout on a fine day. A simple run, yet the back pack gave the 'Whore' a miss. Some blessings from the sky during the run and all were out in good time for the CNY do.
One could have mistaken this as a MU fan club meeting or even an event sponsored by our "Now everyone can fly" airlines, cos, it was a sea of Red with a sprinkling of Blue at the Circle.
On On a 7 table affair at a restaurant nearby.
Next Run: No 712 Date: 10/03/2007 Hare:Winnie Jenny Venue: Galla Park, Seremban
(from the Plus Highway, turn at the Seremban/Labu exit. Turn left after toll. There is another left turn at a traffic lights junction. Then a right turn along the way which leads over the rail track. Then a left turn towards the Galah Industry Park.) Click map to enlarge.

For some pics of the night ...

Some Guests HLH4 Members

the circle the circle
The Organisers Waiting for food

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