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21 July 2018

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rehashed 20100522 On The Way

Run: 879 Hare: On The Way Venue: Putrajaya Riverside Cohares: ...

The hare Ramesh On The Way

We were there just in time and started together with the rest. Me Mrs was nervous as we did not know if the area would have leeches waiting to pounce.

A walk on the concrete bridge by the big water pipes got the pack heading into the rubber tree hills on the laterite road. The first check was heard and soon the OnCall was heard echoing from the left hill by Gigi Putih, only to find it a falsie. Guest SK was asked by JPS to go further on the laterite road and he broke it with ease.

Kelam Kabut was cutting through to get back on the trail while Dipstick was the new ‘pai kiok’ (walked with a limp). The pack was then treated to an uphill climb that got Pengsan nearly fainted, Gigi Putih showing his brimming teeth and Song Lau nearly ‘sang’. No Hair was brainless and seemed lost as Pengsan broke the second check just near the top of the climb.

The pack was treated to a nice view of Putrajaya and the 3rd check awaited for Pengsan to discover. KikiLala and SK were quick to break the check as some scent gave away the hide. Soon as we were at the foothills, we met KFC and U-I ‘doing the bayee way’ and ran back to reach the run site under 45mins.

Kelam Kabut did not have enough of sweat, so he went for another round that brought him back at 7:10pm. JPS was quick to comment when he came back earlier than Dipstick. The rest came back before sun down to witness the beautiful rainbow.

(again had to steal this narration from On Sex's diary)

Run20100522 circle collage

Next Run: No 880 Date: 29/05/2010 Hare: Rat Tail Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang

On On ...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rehashed 20100515 Farah

Run: 878 Hare: Farah Venue: Bukit Hatamas Cohare: Warrenti

Kelam Kabut arrived first, then Munster followed by Bandit a short while later. Then Pengsan & family, Dipstick, Micheal, Khoo Kongsi with his Moon and beerman arrived.

At 6pm, Munster led the way followed by Dipstick, Pengsan, KelamKabut and Bandit. The trail led down and then up the usual steep 1st climb. At the top the papers took the right turn to the check which was broken further up right.

From there, the papers led along well beaten hikers track up to the 1st level, then past the 2nd level to the third level. The trail then went down and up and down and up and out through the in-trail.

When Bandit turned back at the 2nd level, Micheal continued while Khoo Kongsi and Moon had enough and turned back too.

Dipstick was FRB coming out at 7.20pm followed by Pengsan about 5 mins later. Munster and Kelam Kabut came out in a different out-trail about 10 mins later while Micheal came out from the main road at about 8pm.

In the absence of mismanagement committee members, Bandit took the box for the circle.

On On onsite home cooked packed nasi lemak. Warrenti had to go out to top up the food as the turn-out of 20 was more than expected.

Next Run: No 879 Date: 22/05/2010 Hare: Ramesh On The Way Venue: Putrajaya Riverside

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rehashed 20100508 Karu

Run: 877 Hare: Karu Venue: Beranang Industrial Cohare: a non-hashing South Indian expat

It was announced last week that Beranang Industrail estate was the runsite for Karu's run. Karu even said "my usual runsite, traffic light turn right".

Karu had put up a very clear HLH4 sign at the traffic lights and another one at the runsite.

Yet about 7 cars and the beerwagon went to the "they anounced our Committee's Run runsite". Though there were no HLH4 signs directing them there, they parked. Thinking it to be a small turnout, they started the run on hash trail papers they saw.

Meanwhile about 10 cars went further and saw the HLH4 sign for the right turn to the runsite. They too started the run.

The two groups met somewhere along the trail. The hashers from the incorrect runsite doing a somewhat reverse run ended at the correct runsite. But had to grudgingly go back to retrieve their cars not knowing that King Kong was arranging to bring the cars.

Lester ABC from correct runsite came out about 7.05pm. On On onsite with Karu's specialty of mutton and chicken to go spice up the chapati, thosai and spring hoppers.

No Hair has this to report;

"We drove to the run site to find it empty and thought that we were early and not many were coming for the run, furthermore there were no hash signs to the run site! So, there were only about 6 cars around and the 10 of us when we started the run on paper to the usual run in trail.

Just as we were about 5mins on the trail, the paper just stopped and we were looking for papers thinking that the hare didn’t know how to set the run! We finally ‘broke’ it and ran across an open field towards the rubber tree hills.

Mobile phone then rang and we were told that we were on the reverse! We were too far in to turn around and were joined by some ‘late comers’ to continue doing it reverse. The second ‘check’ we had was broken in a jiffy too and further run into the rubber tree hills to meet the front pack on the right trail.

Some confusion of directions was exchanged among some but we didn’t take much notice about it and followed paper. Passing the last pack, we kept running and soon came out to some village road that we ended running on a falsie that they didn’t pick the paper! Back tracking and followed the ‘turnbackers’ we hit the trail back towards the real run site.

From there some had done some car jockey duties while some of us ran all the way back towards the wrong run site to complete the run in reverse and pick up our cars, a little over 7pm.

I had a good reverse run while some had the good run, some just finished ‘A to B’ while some just had fun!"

Next Run: No 878 Date: 15/05/2010 Hare: Farah Venue: Bukit Hatamas Cheras

(More than half of our members and friends who regularly turn up for our runs will be at the Pan Indo 2010 at Lombok. They will, among others, be promoting our forth coming celebration Run 888. So smaller than usual turnout is expected to come and climb the Apek hill, be early)

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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Rehashed 20100501 Ricky Ular

Run: 876 Hare: Ricky Ular Venue: Sri Haneco Cohares: Abraham, Blood Donor

As Bandit drove in, he looked towards the unoccupied shoplots. Not seeing any hashmen's cars there, he drove straight on to the fishing ponds only to be greeted by a "Tiada" hand signal by Gigi Putih coming out.

Gigi Putih then saw the hare and co-hares at the corner restaurant laughing and counting the number of hashers going the wrong way. The runsite was behind the 'previously empty, now some occupied' shoplots and along the 'empty shoplots turned into swiftlets hotel' lane.

At On On call, Bandit was seen going in last but he then turned back before the fishing ponds and headed out to the main road. About 5 mins later he got off from Joachim's car. Apparently our German friend's GPS took him to the abandoned factory lots site.

Both of them then took off on the trail which led past the fishing ponds up to the foothills where torn hash paper indicated the check connection going up the hill. With Bandit gasping and panting, they went up, passing another check at a ridge.

Coming up to the ridge where the left path is usually taken by short-cutters, they could see UI struggling going up with Bruise, who was formerly known as Buford of the 'Walking Tall' fame, keeping her company. Here, Bandit had thoughts of short-cutting too, but when he saw KFC, up higher, his macho instincts must have come to the fore.

Somewhere up the hill, the back pack consisting of KFC, UI, Ah Hooi and her 1st time guest, was also thinking of turning back. But Joachim was not going to allow it, saying that they were "already at the top". His voice must have goaded them on for all decided to complete the run.

With the checks were already broken, the back pack continued up and then down all the way to the home trail coming at around 7.35pm.

On On onsite, T-man stuff.

(by another lazy web contributer)

Run  876 circle photo collage

Next Run: No 877 Date: 08/05/2010 Hare: Karu Venue: Beranang Industrail

(Drive along Jalan Semenyih towards Seremban [old road]. After passing Kesuma Lakes, look out for HLH4 signs for the right turn at traffic lights)

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