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21 July 2018

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Monday, November 30, 2009

The HLH4 20091121

The HLH4 091121

(A freelance production by No Hair)

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rehashed 20091121 Yee Mai

Run: 853 Hare: Yee Mai Venue: Abandoned Factory Lots Jalan Kacau Cohare: No Hair

Hare Yee Mai Runsite at the factory lots that have been long forgotten by HLH4 till now. Many reached the run site by recalling that one of the rotation runs was held at this site years ago. Either the weather was not very kind or the hare was stingy, as it drizzled and rained before, during and after the run.

Close to the start of the run, some late comers drove in on the main road to get a glimpse of what the run would be as the hare and co-hare were laying the home trail paper. Meanwhile, the runsite was filled with chatterings as a guest from Malacca hash, Sleeping Beauty, was around to chat with No Wing, Karu and the others.

The run started with Guitarman leading the pack as Dipstick was not around and he was trying to show off his running skills to Sleeping Beauty. Weaving in and out, going on the slippery slopes had many threading slowly and carefully while some turned back to get their own 'thang'.

The checks: 1st check near the river - a forward; 2nd check downhill on an offtrack - a back check; 3rd check at the hill - an easy peasy forward; 4th check - also another easy peasy forward.

The home trail was muddier than usual on the clearcuts and bulldozed land. Some paper could have been picked up by the 'locals' or eaten by wild boars leaving some trails messed up. This resulted in time wasted searching all over for the papers as complained by Kelam Kabut, KikiLala and ChaCha.

ChaCha came out first with the rest no where to be seen. It was later found out that he did his own bit of the home trail. The 'actual' 1st came back in 1hr15mins and the last, Rocky, or should it be 'mud man'?, was out around 9pm.

The circle started late as there was interference by a trailer 'delivering kueh-teow' right in the middle of the circle. Song Lau took the box to it's glory for the night.

No Hair - 'useless' and not an understanding boyfriend;
Guitarman - no manners, disturbing the box;
King Kong - the actual 'GM' but also a director;
Ular - another loud mouth;
Warranti - itchy depan and belakang;
Bulldozer & Aru - run site 'foggers';
Cha Cha, Song Lau and Micheal - another group of 'foggers'

GM's wise words: always welcome the good guests but kcuf the bad ones, welcomed the guests (Sleeping Beauty from Malacca hash and Swea-Err from Dalian). Mystery Whip Long John Silver was at his element and had the circle in giggles.

InterHashSec CowLin had a few wise words too and praised the HlH4 webmaster for keeping the site 'good looking and sexy'.

OnOn on runsite with Leong's Mobile Char Kueh Teow...

(scribed by No Hair)

Next Run: No 854 Date: 28/11/2009 Hare: UI Venue: Taman Ehsan Kepong

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rehashed 20091114 Warrenti

Run: 852 Hare: Warrenti Venue: Bukit Hatamas Cheras Cohare: Farah

Hare Warrent and Co hare Farah Kajang H3 was celebrating their Run No. 1111 and our usual run turnout were at Bandar Tech as a show of support.

It was a very wet week in the Klang Valley with a heavy downpour earlier in the afternoon. So at about 10 to 6, there were only Silent Dragon, No Wing and Bandit together the beerman at the runsite near the JKR water tank on the right just after the entrance to Bukit Hatamas.

Bandit then said that he will not be completing the run to which Silent Dragon added that he too will not complete as he has to attend a wedding dinner nearby. Hearing this, No Wing said, "I think I have slight fever".

About 3 mins before 6, the 3 of them set off for the run, passing the KAKI Hash who were runsited closeby. The paper led on the right into the jungle and kept right all the way down and cross the stream for the long climb up the first hill.

Coming down the other side brought the three hashers to the first check. Silent Dragon went across the stream and up the 2nd hill while No Wing took the left path to check. Bandit, arriving last, went checking on the right.

Unable to locate the paper trails, both No Wing and Bandit returned to check point and called out for Silent Dragon. Not hearing any reply, Bandit went up the hill across the stream. Not finding paper nor meeting Silent Dragon, he came down 15 mins later.

Sad Warrenti After waiting 10 mins for Silent Dragon, at No Wing's insistance, both returned on the in-trail, arriving home about 7.08pm. A short while later Silent Dragon came out, having met the hare up the hill after the first check.

The sad hare did not go and collect the capati he had ordered and Farah did not bring out the chicken curry she had prepared, which was a good thing for No Wing.

It took a while to consume the one crate of the golden fluid which Hash Cash had allowed. Bumble Bee drove by and noticing none of the guys enticing enough, grabbed a bottle of the golden piss and went off.

No Wing was jubilant as he thought no one had noticed his new boots until he was told that we usually carry forward to the following week any charges and On downs not caried out.

Pictures provided by No Wing who was concerned about our website. History created for HLH4 for the least number of hashers turning up for a run.

beerman, Warrenti, Farah, Bandit

Next Run: No 853 Date: 21/11/2009 Hare: Yee Mai Venue: Abandoned Factory Lots Jalan Kacau

(From Semenyih town, drive along Jalan Sg Lalang which is also known to many as Jalan Kacau. About one km AFTER bypassing the entrance to Sri Haneco, look out for HLH4 signs on the right.)

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Kumar PJK

Kumar PJK

Kumar 'PJK'

Member since October 2009

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Kim No Wing

Kim No Wing

Kim 'Thuksudi No Wing'

Member since October 2009

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rehashed 20091107 Fong Siew

Run: 851 Hare: Fong Siew Venue: Asbadi Quarry Mantin SubCons: ...

It was still a cloudy day even after a heavy down pour. The early birds and those who missed the 'contractors' to set the run were told of a 'dangerous run' as the 'contractors' saw some landslides. However, that were the words that they said before they went off to another batangs' event in Broga.

Left in a lurch with a 'blurry picture', some opted to sit in and some do their own run. Some local 'friendlies' came out with the 'contractors' and that, too, prevented some to even go on trail.

It was not very clear when the Joint Master yelled OnOn like he never did clear his throat or due to some landslide comments that his balls were hidden. The pack started hesitantly with a walk through the newly opened fishing pond and crossed the pond on a make shift flooded bridge.

They climbed on the slopes and came out to some 'flat top' to get stuck in knee deep mud and more puddles of mud awaited ahead. So, it was a wet, muddy and slippery run as the runners went up the usual hill towards the high tension pylons and Labu Hill but landslides in a few areas on the trail prevented the 'contractors' from climbing further.

They then turned left on to a small trail and was headed towards the back side of the hill with a gradient down hill. The trail was not easy to 'negotiate' as it was covered with smaller lanslides with ants' hives everywhere!. A final crossing on a 'washed off' area with some good knee deep mud areas, had the runners hopping from one hard spot to another to get across.

At the edge was a flowing creek for a 'wash up'. It was then a small up hill on the offtracks and down till a Y junction for the one and only check that was broken on the left with 2 stupid runners running down to check and back up to connect the trail.

After passing some small ponds came the start of another killer climb, slippery but minus the knee deep mud. It was a long climb with a downhill and then back up again after reaching the bamboo growths.

Coming out just at the back of the quarry on to the broken tarmac road for a less than a km run, the pack was faced with a 'cliff hanger'. There was no other way so the pack had to scale down the cliff! Not as what was said, it was a soft soil cliff that everyone could step on.

It was another short run back into the palm oil trees behind the fishing pond to reach run site. The 2 runners were back in 1hr10mins, almost the same time as the 'turnbackers' and the last pack was out about 45mins later, safely but dirty!

A good crowd of guests (mostly MambauH4 members suporting their GM and HLH4) and members to enjoy the after run food of some good mutton curry, sambal petai, sweet potato soup, 'yau za kwai' + 'mar ki-ork'.

The hare arrived just before the circle started and it drizzled at the start of the circle so all moved under some canopies which the hare had arranged.

Ular - couldn't keep his mouth shut to intefere the circle;
No Hair - also cannot keep his mouth shut to intefere the box;
Foong Siew - for leaving everything to his contractors and sun-cons whereby he went to 'deliver goods' to 'Grik';
Big John - now a guest, came late and just for 'some fun';

Thuksudi No Wing - insulted the Malaysia's mosquitoes;
Guitarman - 'fully discharged'?;
Beerman - 'fully charged'?;
Chickadee - terming 'fully discharged';

Joachim - new member who could not remember other members' hash names;
ChaCha - trying to use No Wing's list;
Viagra - 'can't remember';
On The Way - 'can't remember 2';

Dipstick - holding 'Big Mike' with the right hand;
Reject - the goodman who paid 2 tolls to get the portabe lights which were less than a km away;
Foong Siew & Long John Silver - accusers and accusee of canopies joint without a gutter that it dripped

'Fcuking Incident' happened when first time guest SS Maniam (a Bintulu hasher) was trying to introduce himself but was soft as the 'Big Mike' was too far. Song Lau, standing beside Guitarman, shouted to ask him to put hold the 'Big Mike' closer when he talked but was met with some gnikcuf comments from Maniam hurling it towards Guitarman. Laughters filled the canopies as the gnikcuf commotion kept on a few more seconds. So, it was concluded that - some rekcuf kcuf a eekcuf that some other people got dekcuf because the 'deaf' rekcuf can't hear and shouted that got the 'blind' eekcuf gnikcuf an innocent dekcuf!

OnOn on site with Star Caterer with the delicious food especially the friend herbed chicken, mutton, tosai..........Beers were kept flowing by the hare as he got his 'fishing pond operator' friend to supply the golden fluid.

(scribed by No Hair)

Next Run: No 852 Date: 14/11/2009 Hare: Warrenti Venue: Bukit Hatamas Cheras (Awana)

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Saturday, November 07, 2009



member since October 2009

Resigned 12/2011

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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Rehashed 20091031 Bulldozer

Run: 850 Hare: Bulldozer Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang SubCons: Abraham, RatTail

 The Hare with his dick hanging out After much change of plans from Plan A and Plan B, Bulldozer finally settled on Plan C which was the usual run site that we have had so often that it was once considered banned. True to his planning of contigencies, what if it rains - materialised when the sky was grew dark in the late afternoon. (pix on right - note "what" has slipped out and hanging)

The run started with some confusion as KikiLala pointed to the other side whereas JPS was sure that the run in-trail was at the usual oil palm estate. OnPaper led the pack through the oil palm estate road opposite the run site but was short lived as the contractors led us back to the factory lots' road and the InTrail was on the far edge of the area towards the highway.

It was running in the oil palm estate again for about a good 10mins before the first check was met. Kelam Kabut went forward, Bruise Lee downhill on the left while Gigi Putih went right and uphill. No Hair was seen vomiting on the check point, must have been drinking before the run.

Soon enough the check was broken on the right uphill with Gigi Putih leaving Farah and YeeMai connecting the paper. It was the usual run around some bushy trails and crossing the creek to end up in the pineapple plantation with the big pack of dogs 'singing encouragements' when we passed by.

It was uphill in the small patch of jungle/bush before we ended up again in the oil palm estate behind the cow shed with a loopy run round the hill to meet the 2nd check. Gigi Putih was being instructed by KikiLala as he was seen confused after hitting a falsie.

It was a good run around the oil palm estate, rubber tree hills and clearings before we reached the junction on the 'bungalow' after the cow shed. Up front were Cat and Winnie Jenny calling checking in front as William and Gigi Putih hit the 3rd. ABC and KiliLala were back checking just as the OnCall was heard for a forward break.

The pack was taken through an orchard and passed some oil palm estate at the back of the 'whore'. The 4th check at the slope next to the dragon fruit farm had Warranti breaking i,t climbing the usual dragon fruit farm's trail. It was at the top of this hill that the trail went left into the rubber tree hills just when the sky got darker.

It was a parallel walk on the slope to reach the off track road downhill till the water tank factory. The trail down was slippery as the track was covered with moss - all were seen running slowly as when they stopped, they would fall.

Imagine the reaction from the hashers upon reaching the water tank factory, as it was well known that everyone will have to soldier on for at least another 2km run on tarmac to back to runsite. FROP was in around 1hr25mins (Kelam Kabut + ABC) and the rest were back before 8pm.

The hare had some thing different about his do and prepared lemang (bamboo cooked rice) on site with mutton rendang, chee cheong fun and stuff.

The recipe for bamboo cooked chicken was well kept and was served the soonest it got cooked. The main OnOn food was served before the circle to let us savour the chicken, rendang and sorts. The circle started just after all had settled down but some had opted to leave early as they 'had other arrangements'.

GM's wise words - get registered in support of KajangH3's 1111th Celebration Run. All were reminded to have good table manners as rubbish, bones, egg shells and sorts had been left on the food serving table.

OnCash and InterHashSec were 'shopping overseas'. Kelam Kabut took the initiative to find out from members about the ApiApi 25th Anniversary do on the 19-20 January 2010 and the tour of Mount Kinabalu and Pulau Tiga - both could be arranged before or after the ApiApi do - a write up would soon be done over the next few days.

Show Time and Bruise Lee - not knowing what the date was for the next run (aiyo-yo....7th November pun susah mau ingat):
ABC - question's answer 'leaker';
Aru - the 'Canadian' who does not litter there but did it in Malaysia as it's easy to 'kow tim' (settled);
Gigi Putih - (with his pinky stuck in the bottle) did not teach, the person that he brought to hash - not to leave things behind;
BumbleBee - wanted to know how the leaves and stuff were put into the bamboo (as explained by Bulldozer);
Bulldozer and Matahari - honouring them for the good Deepavali do last week;
Karu - every once a while;
Bulldozer - for forgetting to give credit to his contractors for the good run set;
KikiLala - was supposed to be one of the contractors but refused to be a 'sub-con'.

Circle ended early for the remaining members to enjoy the beers and the company

(scribed by No Hair)

Sub Cons

Next Run: No 851 Date: 07/11/2009 Hare: Fong Siew Venue: Asbadi Quarry

(From Grand Saga (Cheras/Kajang) Highway, continue on the Kajang/Semenyih bypass. Then continue on the Lekas (Kajang/Seremban) highway. Exit at Mantin (last interchange as road to Seremban not completed yet). Pay toll RM4.00. Turn right at traffic lights and travel about 4-5km towards Seremban. Keep looking out for HLH4 directional signs)

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