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21 July 2018

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Rehashed 20110618 Song Lau

Run: 935 Hare: Song Lau Venue: Kesuma Lakes Cohares: Bulldozer, Guitarman

The show of support for the hare, Song Lau, was good – his birthday run! There were plenty of cars parked at the end of the road with the beer wagon loaded with the ‘good stuff’!

The run started a few minutes late as everyone was engrossed with chit-chats. A check was misleading after running towards the water tank but was broken by the back pack. After that it was so familiar in the OP! All the OP trees were the same height, same size with the terraces looking like almost the same!

There were few hills that we went up and down, there were checks that were difficult as they were long; some confusions over the hill checks as the runners were everywhere and calls were ‘clashing’ due to true trail calls and falsies.

It was the calm middle pack and the wise back pack that all were back to the run site in good time with none got lost! A run and chase that ended in about an hour that got everyone sweat by the tons!

(scribed by No Hair)

Next Run: No 936 Date: 25/06/2011 Hare: Dipstick Venue: Nippon Factory Mantin

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rehashed 20110611 CharlieChen

Run: 934 Hare: Charlie Chen Venue: Raub Cohares:...

The Hare Charlie Chen

Next Run: No 935 Date: 18/06/2011 Hare: Song Lau Venue: Kesuma Lakes

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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Rehashed 20110604 Yee Mai

Run: 933 Hare: Yee Mai Venue: Taman Bukit Mantin Cohares: No Hair...

Next Run: No 934 Date:11/06/2011 Hare: Charlie Chen Venue: Valley Resort Raub

(Head towards Raub town in Pahang. After Bentong, look out fort Valley Resort. Just before reaching the town, look out and follow HLH4 signs)

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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Rehashed 20110528 Cock Pain

Run: 932 Hare: Cock Pain Venue: Sunway Semenyih Cohares: ...

The Hare Cock Pain

We parked by the laterite road outside the Chinese temple; the run started with JPS leading towards the wrong way while Gigi Putih got on paper and led to another way while off paper! We finally got on paper and it led towards the main road and towards the flats. We get on the usual rocky road downhill into the OP and climbed the long offtrack uphill towards the back of the quarry.

A check on top was broken on the left side heading downhill till the quarry road that we turned right for a slight uphill to reach the kongsi; we trudded on to the left from the hill towards a waiting steep climb on the opposite hill; we didn’t get to the top as the trail veered right again to a steep and dangerous downhill.

We got almost halfway down that the paper led towards the highly heaped earth mound between the 2 hills; it was a long bushy climb that we got in the quarry at the top of the hill; a short downhill and another right turn had us climbing the steep side of the highest hill for a loop round the hilltop for a circular check.

It was an easy forward run towards the other hill on the ridges towards the clearcut hilltop but we were treated a falsie that was easily ran through with a small back check uphill; we got on the long downhill trail till we reached the OP for the zig-zagging running trails.

It seemed that the hare and co-hare had other ideas when reaching the orchard, instead of a right turn, they took a left that led the whole pack on a long trail home in the dark!; it was a long up and down hill run in the OP crossing underneath the high tension cables twice before the final stretch on a laterite track that we got back with Email limping on a slight sprained ankle from half way at 8:35pm!

We heard the FROP was in at 7:55pm!

(scribed by No Hair)

Next Run: No 933 Date: 04/06/2011 Hare: Yee Mai Venue: Taman Bukit Mantin

(Get on to LEKAS highway. Exit at Mantin. Turn left after toll. Travel 1.4km turn right and look for and follow HLH4 signs)

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