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21 July 2018

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Monday, June 30, 2008

Rehashed 20080628

Run: 780 Hare: Yee Mai Venue: Broga Co-Hares: NoHair, ...

The in-trail led past the fenced-up plantations and played around on the lower foothills. A slight climb brought the runners to a check by the lone mango tree on top of the hill. This was broken further up the hill to give the hashers a straight steep climb.

Halfway up this climb, a check was again laid. A falsie on this check regrouped the FROP and on call was hailed and led to a falsie before the real trail was higher up the hill.

The trail then led up and just before reaching the big rock on top of the hill, the papers took a right turn which led to a check. The FROP had to backtrack to break it on the left for th final climb to the top.

The home trail from the top led on the "highway" down through the 'lalang' hill behind the Broga temple. Coming down on some parts which were slippery due to the heavy rain that fell earlier in the afternoon.

Cock Pain was FRB in 1 hr 30mins with KikiLala trailing 20mins behind. The rest trickled out in intervals of between 20 to 39 mins. Ballcracker and Gary Leong took on the task of sweeping out the backpack which included 2 first timers, who had a near 4 hour run-walk-climb-curse-crawl-curse-slide-curse.

Lightning and thunder that came on warranted a quick and short circle while waiting for the backpack to come out.

As nothing much could be done in the rain while waiting for the backpack, someone went to check on the leeches that were brought out the hashers. The count was about 140 with the co-hares having about 40 between them.

Of course, a favourite of the bloody leeches was none other than Tsunami.

On On onsite with Beranang's nasi lemak.

Forehead sweat band freebie by YeeMai
The hare being a virgin hare, made sure that everyone will remember her as a virgin always. She gave this (pic on right) to everyone. Many must wonder what No Hair was doing all this while. (report by NoHair)

Next Run: No 781 Date: 05/07/2008 Hare: Lim U I Venue: Bukit Angkat, Sg Chua

On On ...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rehashed 20080621

Run: 779 Hare: "Maan" Chong Kok Meng Venue: Hulu Langat Agro Tech Co_Hares: Munster, Guitarman, Jesminder

The Hare being OnDowned About 35 members. Normally, the harriets and the slow runners would take the lead at the ON ON sound before a run. It was no different this time and they got screwed. For, from carpark, the papers led across the road for an immediate climb.

Looking down at the falsie This was a falsie, which one member later termed as "idiotic". So back to the runsite. Somehow or rather, the usual FRBs knew where the correct trail was. The actual trail led through the Agro Tech Garden Shalets.

From there, it was just climb, climb and climb, with some backchecks being laid along the way. From clear road on the top, it led down all the way on the right and home.

All out after the run
While on the top of the hill, the hashers heard a piercing scream. Most though it sounded like someone being raped. So like the calvary, the guys, led by Dipstick, charged to the rescue and to their horror, they found Tsunami bleeding. She was ... (continued after the video, click On On below).

All were out in good time.

On On onsite by Bulldozer Catering.

Long Run Bastards Long John and Kok Pain H5 GM on ice
Molested girl on ice New Boot Jesminder

Next Run: No 780 Date: 28/06/2008 Hare: Yee Mai Venue: Broga

(click On On below for an experimental YouTube video of 'After Run Talk')

(continued from post) ... was 'molested' by a bloody leech.

No Cheers  Just Tears

On On ...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rehashed 20080614

Run: 778 Hare: Warrenti Venue: Sunway Cheras (Wangsa Cheras) Co-Hare: (no co-hare)

The start First, there was the inaugural Joint Malaysia/Indonesia Run at Bukit Tinggi, Padang, Indonesia, for which about 25 members had signed up. Second, a run at Cheras would certainly mean a hill climb. Third, we were into the second week of a 41% petrol hike. And lastly, the hare was Warrenti (who could forget his last few runs).

The hare's note to hashers
Yet about 20 members and some 7 guests managed to find their way to Sunway Cheras. Four of the guests were from KL Dalmations led by their GM. Blackjack, who came in support of the hare. To entice the hashers to go in, the Hare placed a note (pix on right) on his car.

From the runsite, which was a car park at Sunway Cheras, it was a leisurely 1km walk up to the foothills of the Hulu Langat Forest Reserve at Wangsa Cheras. The trail went up all the way to Level 6.

From the top, the papers led down the slope on the left and out at the Cheras Awana side. The trail went along the cut-hill slope and before re-entering the jungle to exit at the in-trail.

Dipstick was FRB in 1hr 5mins while the KL 'dogs' were out at 8.30pm. It seemed they were exchanging old time stories which kept them slow.

On On onsite with capati, chicken curry and vege-fried rice.

Shopping Queen and guests Judy on ice The hare serving food

Next Run: No 779 Date: 21/06/2008 Hare: Chong Kok Meng Venue: Hulu Langat Agro Park (Head towards the 14th mile traffic lights junction along Jalan Hulu langat. Go straight towards Pangsoon. About 1-1.5 km from traffic lights, look for HLH4 signs at left junction. Travell along about 4-5 km and look out for more HLH4 signs.)

On On ...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rehashed 20080607

Run: 777 Hare: Fong Siew Venue: Mantin Town Padang Co-Hare: ...

Hare being ondowned by Onsex Petrol prices had just gone up 41% and the runsite was some distance away at sleepy hollow, Mantin. Yet, the pull a Triple Seven run brought more than 30 members and some 31 guests, mostly from Mambau HHH, to the Mantin town field. Run 777 by a HLH4 virgin hare.

Run started from the wood factory and all the way up the Hill. The last check at the top of the hill was a long back check which managed to keep all the Hashers together.

The home trail was a 3-4 km long road run bach to the runsite. William Kalam Kabut was FRB at 7.20p.m. A black T-shirt was the freebie by the Hare.

During the circle, Cock Pain was given the honour to present certificates to some of our members who conquered Mount Kinabalu last week. However, Cock Pain, though in the same group and who is usually a FROP during our runs, could not make it to peak of Mt Kinabalu.

Enjoying Cock Pain's seafood Porridge On On on site with Cock Pain's famous seafood porridge.

The Rain that fell during the On On also dampened the mood of members to exercise their vocal chords at the Mobile Karaoke that was on site. (report by BloodDonor)

Next Run: No 778 Date: 14/06/2008 Hare: Warrenti Venue: Sunway Cheras (clear directions not available but runsite location could be somewhere here at Wikimapia)

Two of the Guests Circle
circle Hare again
High Peak achievers Run 777 freebie T-shirt

On On ...

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Rehashed 20080531

Run: 776 Hare: Tony Tan Venue: Bukit Angkat Co-Hare: Kiki

Blood Donor, in foreground and American Sam inching down the 1st dangerous slope About 30 members. The run basicaly played around behind the Jade Hills site. Two stretches of the trail, first going past the factory after the 1st check and the other coming down through the rentice, were considered dangerous due to the steep slope and loose pebbles.

The FRB was out in 1hr 10 mins and the back pack at 7.45pm.

The hare was ondowned before the circle as he had leave earlier. Randy Andy, who said he is back for good, took the box as Mistery Whip.

On On at Ah Wai's cafe in Sg Chua.

Next Run: 777 Date: 07/06/2008 Hare: Fong Siew Venue: Mantin Padang (From Semenyih, drive to Mantin. Just after Mantin town, look for HLH4 signs on the left. Map not available.)

Part of the Circle GM. OnSex and CoHare Pow Wow
Guest Sadam Hussien Wildman in our midst
Matahari, Rocky and Long John giving a 'Standing' ovation Wild courting like a tsunami on a motorbike

On On ...