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21 July 2018

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rehashed 20100424 Vaisakhi Run

Run: 875 Occassion: Vaisakhi Venue: Emville Resort SubCons: ...

"Usual day with me Mrs ready! We reached the run site a little early and she saw no other than herself, the only lady around! We were on the start of the run that we saw some other ladies in MPV driving in.

Monster was searching around the clubhouse for the paper as he couldn’t find any on the downhill road but was finally pointed out to him the paper was just by the side. The pack ran out from the clubhouse and out towards the tunnels.

The 1st check was waiting and was broken just when the middle pack arrived at the check. Running in the OP hills for a short while before the front runners hit the 2nd check just by the highway and the middle pack broke it running towards the lakes.

There was a bet going on during the run as Monster and Nokia were out running each other, losing would mean lots of bottles of premium whisky!. The 3rd check was just after the lakes on a rubber hill, as some were searching on the opposite trail, Nokia hit the OnPaper and blazed the trail.

The pack was led into some Sahara-like landscape with small hilly trails. The 4th check was just half way on the barren hill. Abraham went down what seemed like a path, Kelam Kabut went round the back of the hill and Dipstick went straight up. Abraham didn’t find any paper and bashed straight through to meet the runners later.

Dipstick hit paper in the ‘mid-rift’ and called. Kelam Kabut hit the OnPaper at the back of the hill while Song Lau was joining paper on the shortest route. The pack was on top of the hill with the USIM fencing that demarcate their land and with that, the pack followed the fence downhill with the lalang cutting and poking the arms and legs.

The paper then led the pack through more lalang hills leaving the middle pack panting on the climbs. The runners was half way up the last lalang hill when Khoo and Moon was down on the in trail yelling, Kelam Kabut was kind enough to go down on the other side to lead the 2 towards the out trail.

After passing the USIM water reservoir tank, the pack was led back into some bushy rubber hills with a little zig-zag trails to end up to some cleared construction land. Further ahead were some swampy crossings before reaching the main sub station and on the OP estate roads to cross back the tunnels and back to run site.

FROP 1hr30mins, middle pack with YM – 20mins later, while the last was Short Circuit who went in late came out close to 8:15pm."

(We had no choice BUT to steal this narration from our usual web contributor who could be sulking due to short Payment)

Update 30/04/2010

No, he was not sulking, he just "busy with Email", he sent us the following:

"Hi. Sorry for letting you pick up the scribe from my blog."
KikiLala - supposed to be the lead-hare and only putting up the hash signs at 6:30
Viagra - the pack complained of not enough paper and so does Viagra (boxes of run papers stocked at his shop!)
Dipstick - not paying attention and commented a repeated comment from the box
Email - left her goalkeeper gloves lying around
Long John Silver - gnikcuf those who just come for the drink
Gigi Putih - 'tarak tau'
No Hair - missing in action
Maria - tarak mali
Monster & Nokia - betting who finish the run on paper first
??Walace? - no hash t-shirt
Khoo - complaining a borrowed t-shirt that he got from Song Lau
OnTheWay - branded T-shirt is much better to wear than a hash tee.

New members:
Kwang Eng Seong - totally new
Henny So - rejoined after her shortest resignation period, 3 weeks! "
(By No Hair)

Next Run: No 878 Date: 01/05/2010 Hare: Ricky Ular Venue: Sri Haneco

On On ...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rehashed 20100417 Viagra

Run: 874 Hare: Ah Wai Viagra Venue: Bukit Angkat Cohares: JPS, Cock Pain

The heavy rain that started before the run delayed many members while deterring some to come and run. Fallen down HLH4 directional signs caused some to turn up at the factories' site.

Blown away signs were the least of the problems faced by the hashers on this wet evening. Getting on to and staying on the correct trail was a most daunting task, no thanks to washed away hash trail papers.

There were basically two groups of hashers, the first who went in at around 6pm and the other, the late cummers, who went in around 6.30pm. The first group came out around 7.25pm knowing that it was a small running area at Bukit Angkat.

The 2nd group, that is the back runners, also knowing there is not much running area here, came out around 8.30pm. Well they had to break the last two checks which the Front Runners "On Paper" missed completely.

The back group had luck on their side in the form of the better half of the co-hare who being worried on the lateness of his wife called to inform that the last check was a back check.

When the FROPs reached home, there were already more 40 hashers enjoying the golden piss.

The hare gave all members a T-shirt, similar in style as the one he gave out at his last run at Betong. This T was to signify the return from Betong, however, Viagra left an "A" back in Betong.

On On at Ah Wai cafe.

Next Run: No 875 Date: 24/04/2010 Occasion: Vaisakhi Run Venue: Emville Resort

On On ...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rehashed 20100410 Aru

Run: 873 Virgin Hare: Aru Venue: Kesuma Lakes Cohares: Song Lau, JPS, Viagra

The hare Aru

About 25 members turned up on this lovely day for this hare's virgin run at memorable Kesuma Lakes, the home base of Song Lau.

The trails were all through and under oil palm with about 5 checks thrown in to hold back the FROPs. The "air-field" running areas enabled Micheal to break the 1st check and allowed even Karu to complete the run.

Lester ABC was FRB in 1hr 25mins.

It is hoped there will be no complaints from the papaya smallholder.

On On onsite with the Aru specialty.

 Aru's run collage

Next Run: No 874 Date: 17/04/2010 Hare: Viagra Venue: Bukit Angkat Sg Chua

(Please get to Bukit Angkat and look out HLH4 signs for the runsite, as it be either at the factories' site or near Cock Pain's place.)

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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Annapurna - The Sherpa Guide

Amelia and Guat Ling made it up to the Annapurna Base Camp and, rightly, they were honored with an On Down.
All trekkers and climbers to the Himalayan range seek the services of a Sherpa guide who, most often, also double up as a porter. Many write about these brave men and have pictures taken with them.

Amelia says that their guide was a very quiet and shy person who was reluctant to be photographed. Nevertheless, they managed to secretly photograph their Sherpa guide while he was taking a breather up at the base camp.

But we were not given permission to display the Sherpa guide's picture here. However, Guat Ling said, "We didn't say you cannot hide it here".

So click on On On below for a peek at the shy Sherpa guide's picture. But remember, as this picture is highly sensitive, no copying or downloading.

The Sherpa guide for Amelia and Guat Ling's trek to Annapurna base camp

On On

On On ...

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Rehashed 20100403 Geok Leng

Run: 872 Hare: Geok Leng Venue: Sg Jelok Cohares: Lester ABC, Bruise Low

The Hare Geok Leng Going pass the horrendous dumpsite into shooting range gives you the stinky feeling that we Kajangers are a dirty lot. But the site was still one of our best location in terms of privacy and hash ambience. With all trotting in at about 5.45pm the usual week long drag on their weary face suddenly brightens up as we are going to let off steam and savour the fresh air in the run.

As we hit up the trail into the rubber, Iqbal and Kiki we rummaging into a heap of expired Lipton tea bags trying to convince our On Cash Silent Dragon into stocking up for our future runs without beers! We were heading uphill into the first check before kelam kabut broke the check and on call put us to a zig zagging hunt till next check down the ravine into a stream. A call out for On On was made, catching FROP lkie Pengsan and yours truly when we were searching along the stream. Even our hash dog had a tough time getting the scent back cos the stream would have put off his trail.

Hitting back into the out trail, Dipstick managed to find the last check before Gary shouted On On to the unsuspecting Munster who hit the home run coming out for a bronze medal.

Some packed meehoon and Shandong kacang served as snacks compliment from Blood Donor.

GM started circle with the hare, Ice Cooling and co hares Lester ABC and Bruise Low taking the On down.
Amelia and Guat Ling got their honour for climbing Mt.Annapura base camp....hey you what, they are no more novice climbers but trained to go for Mt. Everest leh!

Dipstick had his share as hash whip getting late comers on ice and Cowlin the Interhash Sex,for simply holding on as Hulu Langat H4 flag bearer while in Jogya Malioboro Run and Bali Run recently....... putting aside his chicken business!

Interhash news on Mt. Kiara on September 11 drew a slacking response and if we want reciprocal registration for our 888 Run we need to do something.....what say you OC Dipstick! Touching also on Pan Indo Lombok collection is on going now with respective group leaders easing my job....that is the power of delegation!

Good homecooked Chinese food "Chap Farn" was served with golden fluid.

Late comers...Song Lau,Seow, Amelia, Guat Ling..all diehards fan of Hulu Langat H4
Missing overseas in action...Cowlin
Resignation and pay as guest fee...Henny

(scribed by Cowlin)

Next Run: No 873 Date: 10/04/2010 Virgin Hare: Aru Venue: Kesuma Lakes

On On ...

Sunday, April 04, 2010


Amelia: "A few pictures taken at Annapurna Base Camp at 4130m, the trip was not easy but we managed to reach the peak.

We were so happy but very tired when we reach there.

Amelia and Guat Ling at Annapurna base camp
Amelia and Guat Ling at Annapurna base camp
Amelia and Guat Ling at Annapurna base camp
Amelia and Guat Ling at Annapurna base camp
Amelia and Guat Ling at Annapurna base camp
Amelia and Guat Ling at Annapurna base camp

OnOn Amelia and Guat Ling for your achievement on 20/03/2010.

( Pssst, .... no picures of your guide? )

On On ...