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21 July 2018

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rehashed 201100423 Vaisakhi Run

Run: 927 Occasion: Vaisakhi Run 2011 Venue: Villaraya SubCons: No Hair, Yee Mai ...

We assisted in setting the run for the Vasakhi Run and the guys wanted the one that brought them to trail between the 2 foothills and shorter than the one that they ran here.

We headed towards the hills at 3:40pm, climbing it under the hot sun. Reaching about ¾ of the height, the left off track trail led us to the back of the hill till the high tension pylons. We used the same steep downhill till the ponds and took on the trail between 2 foothills. We got to the end at a small waterfall for the climb up till reaching the trail towards the orang asli house.

Passing that, instead of using the offtrack uphill, and to cut shorter- we used the side rubber estate trail for the long downhill till we reach the young rubber tree nursery. On the downhill towards the ponds behind the OP, we missed the path straight towards the ponds and went into thick bushes and found our way out and ended up on the same pond but on the opposite side.

We got to the OP and followed the OP offtrack till we got to the factories on the other end of Villaraya. We got back to the run site to see the run start.

FROP 1hr20mins after some mis-communicated run calls that wasted some 15mins while the last ones came back around 8:10pm. Blood Donor and Bumble Bee fumbled on some run papers to short cut the run and came back the right way at 7pm.

(by No Hair)

Next Run: No 928 Date: 30/04/2011 Hare: Sexy Showman Lim Venue: Taman Wawasan Puchong

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rehashed 201100416 Guat Ling

Run: 926 Hare: Guat Ling Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang Cohares: Amelia, Long John Silver, Munster, Kiki.

The hare Guat Ling

It has been sometime since HLH4 ran at this site. At start, there were more than 40 members going in. Probably the morning rain in the Klang Valley encouraged a good turn out. Even Bandit was early to the surprise of many - there were not enough hills to keep him delayed slightly.

The in trail took the hashers through the mud at the clearing just after the factories. A short distance under canopy, brought them to the first check which was broken quickly on the right. The papers led right on flats and to the second check which was broken further up front.

With Gigi Putih leading and Song Lau chasing him, they stopped at what appeared to be a falsie. The placing of the correct trail did not suggest it was a falsie. The papers then took the runners close to the cow shed where the right turn meant "the Whore" awaited.

It was short good "cum' with "the Whore' who was partly 'shaved'. Coming down and taking the trail on the right brought the hashers to the clearing and another check. Here it was a true Fall C on the left. The correct trail was on the right, going on which, many would have been puzzled by torn paper leading them on endlessly.

Despite the sparse paper (the hares had run out of paper midway), the FROPS made it out just after the hour and the back pack reaching home about 40 mins later.

New Boot, Lee, the one in blue in the pictures below.

Gary Leong will henceforth respond to being called "Buaya" at hash events.

ON ON at Ah Wai "Viagra" cafe.

Next Run: No 927 Date: 23/04/2011 Occasion: Vaisaikhi Run Venue: Villaraya Jalan Kacau (abandoned factory lots)

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rehashed 20110409 Clip Clip

Run: 925 Hare: Clip Clip Venue: Puchong Btau 14 Cohares: Tangki Air, SuckIt, Showman, Eto, Kent, ...

The Hare Clip Clip Followed the description on HLH4’s website to the new runsite and was there about 5:15 pm with nobody else around than the hare’s car parked by the roadside next to the “little houses”. After a while Michael drove by, had a look, turned around and chased away! Hmm, didn’t he like the area because of the “little houses”? No, he just went back to the pasar malam to buy some banana for the fellow hashers!

In the meantime the cohares came back, with some co-co hares and their friends. The turn-up of the other hashers was rather small, maybe there were more cohares from the “Puchong-gang” than runners.

Run started while beerman was still circling around. Bandit not to be seen yet, still busy with some unnecessary u-turns to show up late as usual.

Front runners Dipstick, Kiki and Ernesto looking at the first check to the right, while NoHair was further to the left trying to find the paper. Check was broken after some time, continuing forward to the second check, which created a lot of confusion. Kelam Kabut, Long John and the other FRB’s checked around the bungalow construction site, but could not find the paper. R u ? was heard everywhere until the pack went back to the in trail.

Just after most of them decided to go back, Guitarman, Cock Pain and me heard Kiki and Nohair somewhere up the hill, coming down from the bungalow site. After some checking we realized the in trail was very near. Kelam Kabut, Nohair, Cock Pain and I decided to continue, even though it was already 6:55.

Long John saw the paper going steep uphill and decided to go back with Michael’s group, as it was seen as “slightly above his standard”. We had to climb up to the bungalow site and further up a tarmac road almost to the water tank. Uphill I was falling behind as usual, but could catch up by shortcutting a tarmac loop by sliding down the slope.

Finally we entered the jungle zigzagging around uphill and downhill as it became quite dark already. Surprisingly we heard some honking! Bandit somehow managed to find his way and was in front of us! Cock Pain and I caught up with U-I and decided to stay as a group as she was struggling a bit. We moved further uphill, Cock Pain pulling and me pushing U-I, trying to keep her on her feet.

Out of the bushes and along the edge of a slope we were on tarmac later, almost missing a sharp left turn at the condo. From there it was another ten minutes back to the runsite. Last runners Cock-Pain, U-I and I back at 8:35.

Circle at the runsite, with some icing for director (Ernesto), not calling on on (JPS), inappropriate behavior at a karaoke place (Showman) etc.

Dinner at restaurant nearby.

(scribed by Joachim)

(scribe and pix (click on collage to enlarge) below by No hair)

It was a new run site with the adjacent ‘new village’ and a pasar malam at the main junction. We saw Michael driving out and away from the run site towards the pasar malam. We finally saw Joachim wondering around the area to ‘check-out’ the surroundings. Kwang drove in with friend, Spiderman while we saw the first few co-hares came back (Sexy Showman, Doggy Kent and Eto). The rest of the troops started to gather just after someone said that the crowd was small. JPS and Dipstick overshot the junction and turned back to find the run site while beerwagon was somewhere in another ‘new village’. So the pack started the run without waiting for him.

RunTrail 20110409 At the front Dipstick, KikiLala and Ernesto were fooling around and chit-chatting, pushing each other to get the other stepping on mud. It was a run round the OP and into the open area for a check that was broken far back with another pack calling ON at the other side of the hill. LJ Silver was screwing the other party as their calls were ‘illegal’ as Kelam Kabut reasoned where the start paper was.

We finally saw the group was Dipstick, Charlie Chan and gang. So, the pack together again and ended up with the 2nd check that took ages to break. This was where some confusion took place with the runners all over the place hunting. Unknowingly to the front pack, the late starters found the check and did not ‘do the overall OnCall’ to lure the rest of the pack into fresher trails.

Kelam Kabut and I were on top of the hill near the back of the bungalows while we heard Guitarman, Cock Pain and Joachim at the bottom in the OP. We had a ‘discussion’ on the whereabouts and decided to continue. We met Michael, Miow2 and Email coming down from the right and they too decided not to go and followed the InTrail which was just meters away.

Guitarman saw the climb and decided not to go further and turned back with Michael’s group. The 4 of us (Kelam Kabut, Cock Pain, Joachim and I) continued to climb the rocky slope to end up at the front part of the bungalows! We were then on the tarmac uphill and then a windy downhill on the laterite road till we reached the layered slope to enter the jungle. We moved in a group to ‘secure’ each other as Joachim was a bit struggling on the slippery uphills and in the semi-dark conditions.

We were led on winding paths, up and down hills and finally heard some honking! So, we caught up with U-I and Spiderman! Surprisingly, the back pack was here with Bandit further up cursing, as usual for the hill climbs. It was on a narrow path downhill by the housing area.

The home trail was on tarmac through the housing and met 3 guests enjoying the run. I was running to nowhere and lost on paper on the tarmac, apparently missed the left turn, to make a 3km loop to get back to the run site. Kwang did the same! I was back at the run site after 8pm for the supposed to be a 7km run!

Next Run: No 926 Date: 16/04/2011 Hare: Guat Ling Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang

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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Rehashed 20110402 No Hair

Run: 924 Hare: Billy No Hair Venue: Emville Cohares: Yee Mai, ...

The Hare No Hair

It was my run after the hula-balu in the company that led to my resignation. I did not change the run site except that we parked in front of the guard house instead.

Email and I started to set the run at 3:25pm under the hot and blaring sun. We started on the offtrack towards the cow sheds and till that junction and up the immediate hill that the 1st check was laid, it was on the right that goes up the cleared hilltop that we could see the highway.

There the 2nd check was headed towards south but another back check downhill to head east into the opposite OP. Cutting through the hill and south-east towards the high tension pylon a 3rd check with falsie towards the east on the edge of OP. We then headed north in to more OP hills, the first gradient climb, zig-zag offtracks, another climb up the hill’s peak to set 4th check and a falsie.

The trail was on the right downhill track till we reached the end of the OP tracks, we used the edge’s hill climb back up towards the back side of that same hill and cutting cross some bushes, we got back to the OP. We came to the multi-junctions and took north to head towards the back of the telco and water tank towers. We took round the OP offtrack and ‘jumped’ track to the next OP that was abandoned and a steep climb towards the towers.

The 5th check was on the left of the hill and we took the right to climb the clearcuts from behind and came to the ridge for the home trail pass the telco towers, orchards and the organic farm. We were back we started at 5:10pm to set the medium run and the ‘troops started to gather’.

Front runners took only 1hr10mins while the last came in before 7:45pm.

(scribe plagiarized from here. More pictures could also be viewed there.)

Next Run: No 925 Date: 09/04/2011 Hare: Ah Yee Clip Clip Venue: Kampung Batu 14 Puchong (No map or GPS info as exact location of runsite not known)


from Kajang using Putrajaya way:
head towards Puchong LDP and pau RM1.60 toll in Puchong South Toll Plaza.
from toll plaza set trip meter to 0, at 0.6km you'll see a the 1st flyover but go straight
at 2.0km you will see the 2nd flyover, keep left to exit and go up that flyover
turn right on traffic lights on the flyover and follow hash signs to run site.

from Bandar Sunway PJ and from Sungai Besi:
get to the front of IOI Mall (on your right), Bandar Pusat Puchong (on the left) and heading towards Putrajaya/Shah Alam
travel past Tesco on your right and keep left heading Putrajaya/Bandar Bukit Puchong
you will need to turn left to head Putrajaya and see Wisma Tractor on your left
you will need to travel about 3km from Wisma Tractor to see flyover and at 3.5km turn left on traffic light
follow hash signs to run site

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Monday, April 04, 2011

Kent Ching

Kent Ching Kent Ching "Kenching"

Joined: March 2011

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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Eto Ong

Eto Eto Ong

Joined March 2011

Eto & KentChing

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