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21 July 2018

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Soh Seow Hooi

Soh Seow Hooi

member since April 2009

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

What's New is ...

Something headed like this ...

To be out on April first this year. April Fool ? Nah.

Got to keep watching this space ...

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rehashed 20090321

Run: 818 Hare: Khoo Kongsi Venue: Bukit Gasing Co-hares: ...

The hare Khoo Kongsi Our usual reporter has promoted himself as Editor of (... coming soon ...), therefore no detailed scribe of the run. Nevertheless, it was noted that there were about 5 hash chapters running at Bukit Gasing that evening.

Due to this, HLH4 had to runsite in front of the temple, the area where numerous monkeys come out loooking for food. One of them even attempted to get a sourvenir from Warrenti's car. A picture below shows Warrenti teaching his cousin to read.

And also as a result of the many trails of the 5 chapters, our Jointmattress got cuntfused and followed a trail to the birdpark.

On On was at a restaurant near the birdpark.

A good thing our cameraman is yet to promote himself to director, so we still have pictures. He also took some snap shots of the mankeys, but only one was clear. Click On On below to view (Update 31/03/2009: Scribe report uploaded click On On).

Next Run: No 819 Date: 28/03/2009 Hare: Cowlin Venue: Taman University Sri Kembangan (Jeswinder's last run site Opposite Jusco)

Some icings of the evening
Circle in session The hare having taking 40 winks
Warrenti teaching the monkey to read No Hair on Ice
Some icings of the evening

Updated 31/03/2009

Bukit Gasing never had it that bad. Almost all of Saturday's hash chapters congregated on the same run site that day - Rojak's, Cicakman's, Mafia's and King Kong's (us). Guess who is which chapter...So it was a 'hello, how are you?' gangs the whole late afternoon in Bukit Gasing. Luckily, 2 of the chapter shared the same co-hares and the other 2 had different ideas.

All the other 3 started at 1730hrs and with us started at 1800hrs, avoiding the 'traffic' at certain areas. The run started with the pack going downhill on the road, cutting through a small thick and slippery bush to come out on the road to Faber condos.

It was a cross over the road into some bushes again to go downhill to come to a check and broken further uphill by the same road that the pack crossed. After pasing in front of the condo, an uphill hill climb on the temple's 'back stairs' to the top and downhill towards the water tank to meet with another check. It took a while before it was broken with a back check that took the pack through the 'usual' trails towards the creek.

It was another check at the creek and broken by FROP correctly guessing the trail uphill. It was 'roller coaster' till passing some torn down houses. A straight forward steep uphill climb left some gasping for air and with a checking on top of it had them resting snuggly but was dekcuf when knowing it was a back check that had them climbed it for an extra 'stretching'.

The trail then brought all through the same old trail in Bukit Gasing's treacherous ups and downs till the entrance by the playground. The hare have not had enough just yet and decided to run in just before the exit into some bushes to shortcut home with 'some climb' that many cursed. At the end of the trail in this bushes, it was back on the road to run site but our Jointmistress had other ideas and went 'that-a-way'.

FROP were back a little over an hour and a half while the last one, Jointmistress, was back another half hour later by car.

There were some commotion in the run site - some 'natives' were making some havoc by getting 'itchy'. Monkey's Uncle had his number plate torn out, some nearly lost their undies, a black less-haired gorilla was running around looking for water, a 'where-the-dekcuf-are-you' bird was flying low, 2 bald-headed monkeys (a black and a white) rare species were seen, some noisy 'kah-tang kah tang' orang utans were there too.

Khoo Kongsi - for sharing white running papers instead of those provided by the club;
CowLin - for trying to change Jesminder's salutation ( a Mr to a Miss);
Winnie Jenny - for trying to run another round or is she trying to defect to other chapters (current trend);
Khoo Kongsi & Miaw Miaw - for not inviting the whole club to their 'private party';
Guitarman - for indirectly asking some others to wash his running shorts;
Warranti - successfully provoked some natives to tear down his car number plate;
Pengsan - with a beautiful 'pink banana' T-shirt;
Tsunami - requesting indirectly Pengsan to wash her undies and long pants;
Ricky Ular - for staring and noticing the 'movements' of No Hair's 'Elvis Pelvic';
No Hair - for doing Elvis Pelvic Parsley;
Kelam Kabut - for showing care and concern the 'correct style'.

On-On was in Kam Kee Seafood Restaurant, Petaling Garden Off Jalan Gasing....yum-yum....
(scribed by No Hair)

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What's New ...

So what's news in Hulu Langat?

HLH4 gossip

Some gossip ...?

Watch this space.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rehashed 20090314

Run: 817 Hare: Alice Bumble Bee Venue: Bukit Hatamas SubCon: Munster

Hare Bumble Bee being Ondowned Tsunami on Ice The heavy rain in the Klang Valley coupled with unavoidable traffic jams delayed or prevented some members from turning up while some went to join the Orang Utans. So only about 20 members and guests went to climb the 'Ah Pek' hill at Wangsa Cheras.

The run was up to level six and back. As the usual FRBs were not ON here, Dipstick had the task of breaking and connecting the checks. Due to the heavy rain earlier in the afternoon, it was a wet wet run.

Matahari On downed with new shoes First out at about 7.20pm while the back pack trickled out about 40mins later. Gigi Putih led Henessy and a first time out through the Econsave supermart.

There were about 15 non running members at the circle.

On On onsite.

Next Run: No 818 Date: 21/03/2009 Hare: Khoo Khongsi Venue: Bukit Gasing, (tower site)

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

12th Pan Asia Hash

Some 1600 hashers, mostly from S.E.A. and Australia, registered for the 12th Pan Asia Hash which had just concluded in Angeles City in the Philippines.

For the next (13th) Pan Asia in 2011, there were 3 known bids.

Kelab Aman bid for 13th Pan Asia Hash Kelab Aman Hash House Harriers, Kuala Lumpur

Malacca bid for 13th Pan Asia Hash A consortium of 8 hash chapters in Malacca

Bandung HHH Bandung Hash House Harriers, Indonesia.

And Bandung H3 won the right to host the 13th Pan Asia Hash on 11/11/11.

Click On On below for a pix from the 11th Pan Asia Hash at Medan...

On Down at 11th Pan Asia Hash Medan

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rehashed 20090307

Run: 816 Hare: Elsie Chok Venue: Sg Long SubCons: No Hair, Yee Mai

No scribe of the run available. (It is to be noted that it was also the weekend of the Pan Asia Hash at Angeles City in the Philippines)

However, snapshot of the trail stolen from here is available.

Run Trail at Sg Long
It would appear that this Sub Con laid a 9.4km trail and then went to celebrate a Niner elsewhere.

Next Run: No 817 Date: 14/03/2009 Hare: Alice 'Bumble Bee' Venue: Bukit Hatamas Cheras

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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Kehar Singh

Kehar Singh aka Water Bhai

Kehar Singh 'Water Bhai'

Member since January 2009

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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Rehashed 20090228

Run: 815 Hare: Munster Venue: Bukit Hatamas Co-hare: ...

The hare: Munster Run started with On-Sex leading the way which he deemed it as 'a tour of the site', got most of the front starters not on paper. It was with a few loud and clear 'words' that had most laughing fits.

It was the straight assault going up to what was named Level 6, with the fast bayee chasing 2 chinamen in front. While climbing, the weather started to turn and some rain fell. The 'HLH4 Angels' with some 'machos' fearing a heavy rainfall at the top of the first climb, turned back.

It was not long before the front pack got caught with the first check and falsie. Some middle runners broke it leaving the FROPs trailing behind. Just as the front runners took back the lead, a second check had them dekcuf with a foward check.

Again the middle runners broke it with a back check. It was nice for the hare to set such checks that had nearly the whole pack all in a group, leaving only the really slow ones.

an the 3rd and 4th checks, it was like running towards Level 3 to Level 1 that the front runners gained the distance and lead. It was all the way down on some slippery slopes and 'stairs' that saw most slowing down to engage '4WD'.

Not letting up and disgracing his reputation as a good run setter, the hare and his bunny brought the pack running up and down 3 smaller hills before a one kilometer run on tarmac to home. FROP in 1hr5mins and last before 8:30pm, that had the hare's balls shrunk a bit as his guests were not out. So, the last 2 were seen chatting while making their way which sounded like "...bloody hill climbs...., bloody rain made it more slippery....bloody make the beer taste good...hahaha..hehehe"

Circle was kept short as the rain threatened to 'let you have it' but was blown away, and this was repeated a few more times. The circle was carried out with most carrying an umbrella. On-On was HomeMonsterChow Catering with bayee style chicken rice and the superb sting chilli sauce.

Rain was on site again but still many hung around with more carrying umbrellas and some with the towel-over-head Bin Laden style, reluctant to leave. "we haven't seen so many carrying umbrella in a run site before.." said GM.

Guitarman on Ice Guitarman (left) - newly self proclaimed "HLH5" GM for leading pack astray;

JPS - leaving his usual beer mug for others to wash for him at his last run;

Munster on Ice Munster (left) - "when he sits on ice, it won't rain";

Black-Ass - guest from CH4, welcome beer on ice;

GM King Kong - started run like a headless chicken.

(scribed by No Hair)

Next Run: No 816 Date: 07/03/2009 Hare: Elsie Chok Venue: Bandar Sg Long

Those who chickened out The hare and Co-hare
Part of the circle with Farah and Ye mai in forefront Guests On Down

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