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21 July 2018

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Rehashed 20080524

Run: 775 Hare: Peter Fong Venue: Bandar Tech SubCons: Abraham, RatTail

A good turnout with about 21 guests which included some 13 first timers. Many members including the beerman turning up at the regular site were disappointed to learn of the shift in the runsite which was near the golf club / water tank factory.

The run was initially a few small hill climbs at the rubber and dragon fruit sites before the papers led everyone up the 'Whore' for a good cumm for the first timers.

Michael, keeping to his word of not having for dinner the puppy he took home a few weeks ago, brought it along for its first training at hashing. But the reluctant and whinning mutt had to be dragged and/or carried most of the way.

From the 'Whore', the trail led down and out at the highway under construction near the usuall runsite. Most of the back pack were cursing as the home trail was about 4km on tarmac road back to the runsite.

The Front Running Bastard (FRB) was out in 1hr 20mins while the hare's favourite, Henessy, with the back pack, led the grumbling and moaning first timers out at about 8.30pm.

A minute of silence was observed at the circle for a regular guest, Titichoon of Cheras H4, who had gone to the "Happy Hashing Grounds" after an accident a few days earlier.

On On onsite with seafood porridge cooked by Cockpain. Guests and members were entertained by none other than Song Lau and Guitarman. Even the rain did not stop them. (reports by BloodDonor and Nohair)

Next Run: No 776 Date: 31/05/2008 Hare: Tony Tan Venue: Bukit Angkat Sg Chua

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Rehashed 20080517

Run: 774 Hare: Rachel Tsunami Venue: Bukit Besi SubCons: Munster, ...

Runsite About 35 members managed to come up the road leading to the Alam Damai Water tank despite complaints of poor signage and vague directions.

Most knew it was going to be a one hill trail on this very hot afternoon at this 1st time runsite for HLH4. So nearly everyone made it up the Iron Hill leaving just Bumble Bee to worry if her car will slip down the slope.

The 1st climb There wasn't the usuall leisurely walk warm up as the papers led immediately up the rocky outcrop from the runsite. The first check on the top was broken on the right which led around on a loop and then instead of going up to the tower, the trail went down and down.

At the foot of the hill, the papers led left before the cruelling climb right up to the tower. The slope was near 70 degrees at certain sections. The papers then led around the tower fencing to the other side.

Intersting shape on the trail From the tower, the trail then led down and up and down and passed through a shiggy before coming down at the construction site for the ONLY RUN of the run and which was about 100 metres on metal road. From the road it led up and back to the runsite.

FRBs Abrahim and Kiki were out in about 1hr 20 mins. Bandit limped out last with a bleeding knee at about 8pm.

On On onsite - bicycleman stuff.

Our HashFlash was not around, so NoHair sent in these pix.

Next Run: No 775 Date: 24/05/2008 Hare: Peter Fong Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Rehashed 20080510

Run: 773 Hare: Cock Pain Venue: Bukit Angkat Co-hare: ...

It was the weekend of the 7th Nash Hash event up at True Blue Langkawi which robbed this run of some attendance. Nevertheless, about 20 members turned up.

The run was mostly around the factories. One highlight of the run was that nearly all of the hashers on the trail were shouted at and chased away from a nearby housing estate by an angry lady. The hare was also shouted at and accused of laying a trail for robbers to enter the housing area.

And because of this, the trail had to take a longer loop bypassing the housing area near Balakong.

Another hightlight was that the trail paper through the rubber smallholding was picked up by some foreigners who tap there. They too did not want a trail for thieves to enter and steal their rubber. What irony.

As the foreigners were the ones who disconnected the trail, they had to lead the hashers out of the smallholding and onto the trail leading home. The FRB was out at about 8pm and the rest about half an hour later.

On On onsite. Seafood porridge cooked onsite by the hare. (Kiki)

Next Run: No 774 Date: 17/05/2007 Hare: Rachel Tsunami Venue: Bukit Besi Sg Besi (check Google map at sidebar)

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Rehashed 20080503

Run: 772 Hare: JPS Jit Venue: Bandar Tech SubCons: Kiki Lala, Guitarman

Hare JPS going in More than 40 members and guests turned up.

JPS, the scheduled hare, could not go in with the SubCons to lay the trail as he was still nursing a sole injury. But he did go in (pix on left) with the hashers and limped out after the 2nd check.

The papers led through a different route on the right, whereby skipping 'The Whore'. To compensate this, the SubCons made the runners climb another small hill three times.
The 1st hazzard keeping the runners together
The 5 well placed checks kept most runners together whilst the familiar trails allowed the short-cutters to keep up.

The FRB was out in 1 hr 10 mins and the last 30 mins later.

Car sticker - 'I LUV Hashing' freebie by the hare Everyone was given this (pix on left) so that they could tell the whole world what JPS loves.

On On onsite catered by Bulldozer. Pix of the circle uploaded to Picassa (see sidebar).

Next Run: No 773 Date: 10/05/2008 Hare: CockPain Venue: Bukit Angkat Sg Chua (Wikimapia)

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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Condom Lesson

Do not carry it on you ... (click On On below)

... except at a hash

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