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21 July 2018

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rehashed 20110326 Jacky Suck It

Run: 923 Hare: Suck It Venue: Taman Wawasan Puchong Cohares: Tangki Air, Ta Ada Air, Sexy Showman, Clip Clip, Eto, Ken, ...

The Hare Suck It This was HLH4's second run here. The last time many were late as they went around Puchong looking for the runsite, Bandit too was late arriving at about 7pm that time. This time the hares put up better signatures, Bandit was late still, 6.30pm this time. He agreed to do the scribe but it is still yet to come. So we will just relate what he told us.

When he came, late as usual, he noticed the hare was out and Munster was putting on his shoes. After Bandit putting on his shoes he followed the paper trail, straight up the near cliff, a climb which he thought was tricky and maybe dangerous. It took him about 20 mins to reach the top.

Reached the top, he followed the papers through the shrubs up to the 1st fork. Seeing torn paper, he took the left which led out to the clearing and right into the jungle. He went in a short distance and found the trail going down and as it was getting dark, he decided to turn back to look for other trails. While still on top, he met Cock Pain and U I going in and Cock Pain tried to persuade Bandit to go in together with him and his wife but failed.

While the couple went following the paper, bandit came to the 1st fork and went straight instead of hitting the in-trail. Keeping to the fringe of the jungle and about 10 mins later, he saw fresh papers. Thinking it was the home trail, Bandit decided to go into the jungle hoping to turn back on meeting with the runners coming out.

Free B ShortsHe then met Kongsi, who told him "ta mau pegi, banyak tajam". Bandit still went down, met Munster and then the back pack led by Chickadee. He then followed the group out with everyone thinking it was the home trail. As they were coming, the group saw the papers leading left into the jungle again.

While two guests decided to follow the paper, the back pack with bandit kept right and hit the home trail and came out around 7.20pm after enjoying a beautiful sun set.

FROP, Dipstick at 7.27pm with Kelam Kabut at his heels. The last out was 8.10pm. Cock Pain and U I turned back and came out the in-trail. Gary and Pengsan went back in to assist a boy who followed Gary out and left his parents and a sibling waiting for him inside the jungle.

Freebie, shorts by the hare.

On On onsite with Puchong Poachers's home cooked spread.

Next Run: No 924 Date: 02/04/2011 Hare: No Hair Venue: Emville

(=> Head towards Kajang and get into town to pass the police station on the left, stadium on the right;
=> at that traffic lights, go straight into town to get on Jalan Reko;
=> stay on Jalan Reko to head towards UKM or Bangi;
=> passing straight on all the traffic lights along the way;
=> upon reaching cross junction, UKM on your left, set trip meter to 0, drive straight;
=> heading towards Dengkil, it will be hilly and winding, 2 way carriage road;
=> about 2.6km, go straight on the traffic lights;
=> about 4.6km you see a 'Nuclear Research Centre' on your left;
=> about 5.2km junction, turn right and passing under a highway bridge;
=> about 7.8km, you will see Bukit Unggul Eco-Media City arches (pink) on the left, turn in;
=> take a small road on the left "Selamat Datang Ke Kampung Sungai Buah";
=> travel all the way to reach Emville.)

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rehashed 20110319 Hong Kong Bhai

Run: 922 Hare: Hong Kong Bhai Venue: Bukit Gasing SubCon: Munster (alone)

(Writings in Italic as if in Bandit’s shoes….)

"Oooh, Saturday hash! Where ah? Bukit Gasing mah! Ayaaah, hilly area, no good lah! Hmm…have to think how to escape….Boleh, just drive slowly to be slightly late….as usual!
Damn…, Gasing very near, should be there in a couple of minutes. Better go for some Kopitiam first…hehe"

In the meantime 6:00 pm sharp run started going straight downhill from the Telkom tower. First check at the right side was quickly broken and the trail led all the way down to the stream. The paper followed the stream for a while, just to make sure all the hashers got their feet wet.

After about 100 meters following the stream, the paper led to the left. A steep climb up the hill. Silent Dragon stopped at some point in the middle to enjoy the view (or was it to catch his breath?)

Another check at the right was broken, the trail continued to the left, zigzagging around until a small stream had to be crossed. Another check at the right and another hill had to be climbed. Passing some abandoned houses up some steep steps, down again the trail came to an open space but soon started to go uphill again. Right at the beginning Winnie Jenny knocked herself down at a tree branch, but was back on her feet before being counted out.

Trail went uphill and a circular check confused some runners. Finally some downhill track to the stream before a last steep climb led the runners back to the hilltop at Telkom Tower.

First runner out at 7:05, last runner 30 minutes later.

"Aiiih, even my Volvo coughing when going up the hill, not only me….30 minutes late, ok lah. Check the beerwagon….hmm…not yet broken. 6:45, better put my shoes on (grumble grumble) to pretend I did some running. Oh, 6:55, first runner may come out already, better do some walk-in to the out-trail. Eh…fist runner coming already, need to turn around. Back to beerwagon after 10 minutes “run”. Good sweat, OnOn!"

On On onsite

(scribed by Joachim)

Next Run: No 923 Date: 26/03/2011 Hare: Suck It Venue: Taman Wawasan Puchong

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rehashed 20110312 Pengsan

Run: 921 Hare: Pengsan Venue: Segambut Dalam Cohares: ...

The Hare Pengsan HLH4 first time at this runsite at Segambut Dalam.

The trial started with a climb on laterite road at the construction site. Before hitting the top it goes under canopy and up to the rentice on well trodden paths. Going up the 'steps' to the pylon, the runners were given a view of the KL skyscrapers.

The papers played around before going to the other side of the highway for another play around till the last check. This could not be broken even after half an hour of checking. Finally the runners re-grouped and decided to hit home along the highway reaching runsite around ten to eight.

The blame for last check screw up was placed on the foreigners squatting on prime land for picking the hash trail markers. If not the home trail would have been about 5km.

On On onsite with porridge and claypot chicken rice.

Member Ah Yee will hence forth respond to the hash name "Click Click".

Run 12032011Collage

Next Run: No 922 Date: 19/03/2011 Hare: Hong Kong Bhai Venue:Bukit Gasing

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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Rehashed 20110305 Liew

Run: 920 Hare: Liew "Ta Ada Air" Venue: Damai Utama Kinrara Cohares: Tangki Air, Meow, ...

The Hare Liew Ta Ada Air

We arrived late and went on trail about 10mins later. The usual InTrail, the usual trekking up the hill, the usual hilltop trail but the first check got the whole pack stuck for more than 10mins. It was a back check that spanned more than 600m!

I was stuck at the back after checking forward and ‘here and there’. It was really a long one as we then had to do at least 4 climbs with the slippery conditions and the queue! The co-hare had many ideas and the windings around the jungle and slope sure got many thrown off balance and directions!

It was not till we finally got a view of where we were heading and where the home trail run would be, that we were taken for a big loop round the smaller hills before we finally came out in the dark before 8pm! The last one to show up was slightly after 9pm!

(scribed by No Hair)

Run 03052011 Collage Run 03052011 Collage

Next Run: No 921 Date: 12/03/2011 Hare: Pengsan Venue: Segambut Dalam


=Travel from Kajang on Cheras-Kajang Highway to Cheras
=Head towards KL on Jalan Cheras, Jalan Loke Yew
=Travel straight to Jalan Kuching via Jalan Maharajalela (Jalan Birch)
=Travel on Jalan Kuching past Masjid Negara, DayaBumi, Bank Negara, PWTC.
=slow down a bit after 1.4km after PWTC to take a left fork ramp up, to Jalan Duta round about

=go into round about and exit 3 o'clock onto Jalan Segambut Utara
=about 400m, traffic lights, turn left onto Jalan Segambut
=Travel straight for about 2.7km, past Tan Chong factory, school, railway flyover and into Kampung Melayu Segambut
=lookout for hash signs too

=once in kampung go pass the first traffic lights but turn left at the second traffic lights (opposite high rise condos)
=travel for 1.2km, pass more kampung, till you see the PLUS highway high up on hill
=turn right onto Persiaran Prima Pelangi, go 500m to see garden structures on left, THAT"S THE RUN SITE!

Route to Segambut Dalam Runsite

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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Charlie Chan


Charlie Chan

Member since February 2011

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Rehashed 20110226 Reject

Run: 919 Hare: Ah Siaw Reject Venue: Betong / Villaraya Cohares: (local) No Hair, Yee Mai (foreign) ...

 The Hare Reject

The hare had his run in Betong, Thailand, leaving the rest who could not make the trip. I was assigned to help him set his local run and a small crowd was expected to show up. So, we were late to our own time and after getting ready and finally able to start, we went off at 4:20pm.

We started with the climb headed towards the clearcuts and climbed into the jungle midway for some canopy shade. The climb was slippery till the offtracks and following downhill till the OP. A right turn, we got into more OP and went uphill till the high tension pylon. I then lead them for the steep downhill till the fish farm ponds where a check there had the pack confused.

I went left towards the long gradient uphill trail in between V-shaped foothills. We went up till the end of the trail and made the rocky climb to reach the top trail. At that time, Chickadee called to inform not to set the trail too long as there were only 2 of them at the run site! Well, we had gone too far to make it a short run and could not change anything at that point, so we went on ahead to finish setting the run.

We just followed on through with the trails and cut short at some point to make it shorter but still it was a long run back. We reached the run site around 6:50pm and waited till the first runner came in at 7:45pm, Dipstick! The other 3 were Pengsan, Cha Cha and Long John Silver, while Chickadee, Blood Donor and Gary came back with Dipstick’s rescue car around 8:20pm.

The run was about 8km long with a 5-km home trail run! Long here, short there (Betong)! Circle was very short to adjourn to Zuan Kee Restaurant for good sponsored makan! The party ended when the restaurant closed at midnight!

(scribed by No hair)

At Betong ... just pictures only.

Next Run: No 920 Date: 05/03/2011 Hare: Liew Kwee Wong Venue: Damai Utama Kinrara

(Directions to Taman Damai Utama, Kinrara:
=>>> make your way to Lebuhraya Bukit Jalil (the one in front of ASTRO) after race course
=>> from there, ASTRO on your right, left to Sri Kembangan and at the back the race course's roundabout
=>> set trip meter to "0" in front of ASTRO entrance
=> go straight pass junction to Bukit Jalil Sports Complex & Teknologi Park Malaysia
=> go straight in all the traffic junctions
=> slow down when you see Giant Supermarket sign, lookout for hash signs
=> trip meter Km 6.25, see big golf ball, follow left fork and make a left turn
=> trip meter Km 6.97 traffic lights, go straight
=> trip meter Km 8.21, golf club entrance, go straight
=> trip meter Km 9.35 junction (see big and high sign Taman Damai Utama), TURN RIGHT
=> go straight till end of road (see water reservior/tangki air)

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