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21 July 2018

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rehashed 20100821 Elsi

Run: 892 Hare: Elsie Venue: Sg Long Co-hares: No Hair, Yee Mai

The hare Elsi

The beautiful evening as the hashers gathered for the run was probably a reflection of the hare's warm personality.

The run started with an immediate climb at the quarry site without any warm up. A few more climbs were thrown in before a tricky climb in a shiggy.

The last climb took the hashers close to the out trail just before the last loop for home. But only 3 accepted the invitation to SCB, reaching home around 7.30pm. The FROP hit home in about 1hr 10mins while the back pack inspired by KFC came out just before 8pm.

The hare, Elsie, is known to always encourage the other harriets on the run. She would usually say to the hashers behind the slow harriets "Push her". For this, she was honored with a new name "Pusher", shortened for convenience.

Elsie's generous habit of handing out (though some would prefer to term it 'pushing', as in drugs) cigars, cigarettes and chocs after each of her overseas trips would be just a coincidence. Or is it?

Three new boots were welcomed, one of whom was also hash-named "Suck it". This could be due, probably, to him being 'sakit' while holding the Tool of Office.

An ice cream cake was 'baked' on Interhash OnSec, Cowlin's, head in remembrance of his birth date. And he was in his birthday suit, ... oh almost, thank goodness.

On On onsite, Bulldozer creations.

Run20100821 Collage Run20100821 Collage

Next Run: No 893 Date: 28/08/2010 Hare: Bumble Bee Venue: Bukit Hatamas Cheras

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rehashed 20100814 Lester ABC

Run: 891 Hare: Lester ABC Venue: Shooting Range Sg Jelok Cohares: ...

Lester ABC

As at publishing time, there has been no reports of this run.

The regular web contributors were busy downing beers at Sepang

Next Run: No 892 Date: 21/08/2010 Hare: Elsi Venue: Sg Long

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Sweet 17 cum Run 888 - Video

Some snippets of our HLH4 Sweet 17 cum Run 888 celebrations have been uploaded to YouTube and have been embedded at the side bar on the right.

Here is another done by a Professional. Many thanks and BIG hand to Leonard Hon for a job well done.

Have a run to his Videography site for more info.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rehashed 20100807 Munster

Run: 890 Hare: Munster Venue: Gasing Hills Cohares: (no co-hare)

The hare Munster What a day, rush, rush after settled setting up the launching of a project sales and ‘sneaked away’ when it was about 5pm! Reached home in lightning speed and luckily me Mrs did get the things ready to be loaded into car! After a shocking sight of getting stuck in Federal Highway, I thought, and luckily enough it was just some stupid slow bugger on the fast lane!

Finally reached the run site just about 10mins past 6 with Micheal and Ben starting their run and also Kong and Angel arrived after getting ‘lost’ driving to the run site. Me Mrs was quick to strap on her running ‘gears’ and we set off at 6:20pm.

The trail started with a down hill and she was quick to get till the river and we heard the checking calls on the opposite hill. Crossing the same river a few times while following it we managed to not get our shoes wet. We met MiowMiow as she started her reverse gear and caught up with Bandit while climbing the second hill.

As soon as we were at the top, the trail started to go downhill again and this time a long slippery one. Another small climb waited for us and we met some first time guests on trail, one was totally exhausted and decided to turn back. Further up was Gary with another guest resting while we bashed on.

We came out to some waist length growth and spiky short growths were cutting the ankles and onto to tarmac for the short chase to meet some others at the back pack like 1st time guest Chow-Chow and G2. Just as we started another long climb, Micheal was gasping for air just after a few vertical meters and luckily did not see KFC pee while she was walking out from the bushes with Rambo ‘guarding’ the ‘entrance’.

A few salutations, “Hi! Darling!” and I sped off going up hill while me Mrs was still struggling to get up at the bottom. Almost reaching the top was someone who has been missing for a long time, Shopping Queen. She seemed to have lost some stamina and was complaining of the climb. Passing her and in front was Joachim, surely and steady he climbed the gradual uphill. As soon as he knew I was at the back he ‘signaled to let me through’, how gentleman-ly he is.

It was a long climb too and a check was confusing the runners and I heard them checking. Just after the check was broken, I reached the top while Dipstick came down with the checking paper for me to connect. Khoo and Moon were just struggling uphill with Khoo encouraging her. Running on the downhill ridge was nice and we reached the ‘common highways’ of Gasing Hills.

Running up and down the well trodden paths was no easy and it did generate a lot of sweat. Finally when we knew it was about to exit to the playground, I met HamTan, Alex, Simon and Silent Dragon. We were treated to a last medium uphill climb instead of running on the tarmac by the playground. Finally an exit onto the tarmac just before the run site for the final short sprint home.

Saddam was the first one to come out at 7:10pm with Dipstick and PussyLick challenging for the 2nd spot. While BumbleBee was seen running up and down the small stretch a few laps to stir some teasing the bayees. Me Mrs was just about 10mins away after I reached the run site at 7:15pm. With some amazed looks and encouragements, she was walking with head held low to be humble while blushing. Cock Pain and U-I were late and still went in at 7pm eventhough Monster discouraged them. They came out around 9pm!

BumbleBee - running up and down the tarmac to show off her jeans and tiny blouse;
Gary - not briefing his friend to wear proper hashing shoes;
Gigi Putih & Henny - came for the beers only;
Munster - went in to set the run alone when the co-hare did not turn up;
PussyLick - being somebody's son;
G2 - didn't walk up to be included as 1st time guest;
HamTan - being a visiting GM;
KFC (Batu) - being such a darling;
Saddam - honoured for the free use of his 3-tonner for transporting the gen set for our Sweet 17.

Visiting GM HamTan from Batu H4 came to invite HLH4 for their 21st Anniversary on the 18th December and hoping for a good support from HLH4. This time round Batu H4 will serving some beers to cater to non Stout drinkers.

Ah Long's Warning! - don't pay up don't drink beer.

OnOn on site with Lynda's Catering Service.

(Scribed by No Hair)

(pictures sourced from HamTan and more can be viewed here - On On)

Next Run: No 891 Date: 14/08/2010 Hare: Lester ABC Venue: Shooting Range Sg Jelok

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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Ah Kong

Ah Kong

Ah Kong

Member since July 2010

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Rehashed 20100731 Showtime

Run: 889 Hare: Stanley Showtime Venue: Sg Batangsi Jalan Sg Lallang Cohares: ...

The weather was cloudy with no sun. YM was game enough after the whole day moaning about something. After getting prepared with her special concoction, we went in about last.

A nice warm up walk around the rubber estates, with the 1st check just up on the first hill and was broken as soon as I got to the check. A zig-zag around some thick bushes and around more rubber trees, the 2nd check was another check that was so near yet so far thing that we didn’t see.

It took more than 5mins to break as all of us were searching on the wrong trail. Finally, a few steps to right got us on paper and into the some orchards with a climb. Reaching the top and a short distance into the bushes and we came back out into another rubber estate and the 3rd check was waiting.

While some went left and straight, I went to the right and ventured far. It was broken on the left and by the time I got back on trail, I was the last on the pack!
I went too far searching! Senseless, No Hair = No Brain? Maybe.

So, after giving a chase in the rubber estates, the pack was led into some more zig-zagging in the bushes and came back out into another orchard and with some ‘good friends’ barking and were trying to ‘kiss’ some of us. Khoo was weary, Cock Pain and U-I were doing the ‘back way’.

We ran to the gates and crossing the barb wired fence, nearly getting our balls skewered. Running on the laterite for about a kilometer and back onto the main laterite road. Just nice to see GM accompanying Touch & Go Yenny for a short exercise. Pengsan was near in front and I gave chase and shouted for him to run and not let me catch up!

A good short burst to get more sweat! Kelam Kabut was the first to be out in 58mins while Pengsan was just at the 1hr mark. The group of friends that Touch & Go brought was out just minutes away. Ular, Blood Donor and Chickadee and ‘his’ Angels got earlier than JPS who swept ‘from the back’.

Guest Logan was near exhaustion as he had never ‘do it’ with us before. BumbleBee as a bit smiley as she and some other ate some ‘bulasan’ while Joachim had a whiff of the King of Fruits but could not see any! Micheal and Hash were around but Hash was more stable rather than the usual running up and down.

There are 9 guests with a good turn out by the members. 6-weeker guests Ah Kong and Angel verbally applied to be members and a short ‘council meeting was held’ with a
positive answer. Their pictures were taken for ‘Ah Long’ (OnCash) to collect their ‘arrears’, WELCOME to Ah Kong and Angel!

Guest & Chickadee – bare chested ‘strong men’;
Ah Wing – last week instructed Song Lau to look for his old shoes;
Touch & Go – the ‘Batam Recipe’ toddy that everyone liked during the celebration;
Blood Donor – the coolest man who never vented any temper;
CowLin – the only one who fell into the drain last week;
No Hair – another no brainer, did not announce where this run last week;
Blood Donot & BumbleBee – the bulasan stealers.

First time guests: Logen & Ah Sang.

New Members: Ah Kong and Angel Lau.

Showtime's Mrs' home cooked meal....warmth and hearty meals!

(scribed by No Hair)

Run 889 circleCollage

Next Run: No 890 Date: 07/08/2010 Hare: Munster Venue: Bukit Gasing

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