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21 July 2018

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Rehashed 20071027

Run: 745 Hare: Khoo Kongsi Venue: Bandar Technology

The previous few runs were in pouring rain. But this evening with the run starting earlier at 5.00pm, it was blazing hot. So the 20 odd members who turned up enjoyed this short, sweet and well set run.

A percularity of this run was the type of trail paper used. Either, the hare worked for many different Ah Loongs (loan sharks) or he had kept these cards for a rainy day. Ah Loong or Loan Shark Cards Or maybe it was to help members who were short of cash, a quick way to get money for the ang pau for Robert Beh's dinner. But how did the hare's son's calling/business card get mixed up in this? The co-hare mentioned that they used about 2400 of these cards.

However helpful the hare was, he certainly was not helpful towards the environment as these Ah Loongs' cards were of the glossy high quality type and therefore not easily bio-degradable. These cards will be there for a long time unless the foreigners working in the factories at Bandar Tech have find a use for them.

A simple two variety 'Dim Sum' prepared onsite by the hare. A short circle before invited members got ready for Robert Beh's function.

Dim Sum being prepared Enjoying the Hare's Dim Sum
1st Run as Ma Recovered OnSex
Caps on at Circle Same Kampong with dinner Host

Some wedding dinner pics ...

On Down for the Father-in-Law No Touch n Go cards in here
Beer for HLH4 HLH4 at the dinner
The Only Obedient Harriet in Uniform HLH4 at the dinner
HLH4 at the dinner HLH4 at the dinner

Next Run: No 746 Date: 03/11/2007 Hare: Rocky Venue: Sri Hanikoh Jalan Kacau

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rehashed 20071020

Run: 744 Hare: Elsi Chok Venue: Bandar Technology

Another rainy day, so a short run and the 'whore' avoided. But it was not enough for some, the FRBs followed the papers laid by the "once a month run" chapter and went half way up the hill.

All were out in good time. On On onsite, spicy food arranged by SongLau. The hare's buddy, our ex-OnSex, came back from Doha specially for this run and shared some cigars.

Next Run: No 745 Date: 27/10/2007 Hare: Khoo Kongsi Time: 5.00pm Venue: Bandar Technology

(Note: Run starts at 5.00pm. Those attending Robert Beh's function later that evening are advised to be in the CNY 2007 uniform.)

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rehashed 20071013

Run: 743 Hare: Nokia Venue: Bandar Technology

It was the 1st day of Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. Then there was the heavy rain that fell on most parts of the Klang Valley. On top of that, some of our hashing guzzlers preferred to have their beer at some far off place across the border this weekend.

Nevertheless, about 30 braved the wet and chilly evening to be at Bandar Tech. Bicycleman had volunteered to be the main-con for this run and he took along the infamous sub-con, the one who frequently screws up to set some long runs, like the last run at Gasing Hills, the same one who was supposed to be celebrating a festival on this day. Noticing this sub-con's car, a few did not want to go in for the run on the excuse that it was raining.

Maybe it was the rain that cooled the infamous sub-con's head, for the trail, though at overrun Bandar Tech, went through a refreshingly different route and avoided the 'Whore' to make it an enjoyable runners' run. The FRBs were out within the hour and the last two, both carrying hash horns, were out 30 mins later.

On On onsite catered by the Bicycleman.

Next Run: 744 Date: 20/10/2007 Hare: Elsi Chok Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang

(Note: The run on 27/10/2007 scheduled for at Gasing Hills, would most probably be run at Bandar Technology to enable invited members to attend Robert Beh's function. Further, HLH4 members who were invited ... and have confirmed attending are requested to be appropriately attired: same attire as the clowns in this picture, that is the Holes in CNY 2007 blue and the Poles in CNY 2007 red, minus the shorts, sarongs and slippers of course.)

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Rehashed 20071006

Run: 742 Hare: Bastian Guitarman Venue: Sri Hanikoh Jalan Kacau

The Hare: Guitarman Bastian

After the lonnnng run last week, there was a reprieve for the 35 or so members and guests who turned up for our OnSex's run. The hills for the runThe trail started with a good warm-up walk/run around the fishing ponds up to the foothills.

From the ponds, the paper led into the jungle for the long long climb up to, probably 400 metres.

At three quarters of the way up, a little sign greeted the climbers. Long Run sign But no one wanted to heed it even if it was placed by Guitarman to slow down the FRBs.

And from the top, the trail led left for a steep, practically slide, climb down. After the short slide, it was a gentle slope down to the base of the hill for a good long home run.

The back pack was out around 7.30pm.

On On onsite, a new caterer delivered by lorry. Some pics (courtesy of JPS)...

UI and Hennesy going up Part of the circle
No box by Hash Bard For having their own party during the circle
King Kong keeping in touch Long Time no see Uncle Chin
Mambau HHH ever the guests Catering by Lorry

Next Run: No 743 Date: 13/10/2007 Hare: Ravi Nokia Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Rehashed 20070929

Run: 741 Hare: Cheryl Venue: Gasing Hill PJ

The Virgin Hare Cheryl

About 55 members and guests turned up for this virgin hare's run. The paper led down the trail from the tower site. Just before reaching the stream, it branched right for the 1st strenuous climb up to the trail that leads from the Hindu temple.

From the water tank, the paper took the runners down the trail on the right. Just before reaching base, the trail swung left for the 2nd challenging climb to the rocky outcrop. Then along the laterite road and down left into the jungle. Half way down, the paper trail went left for a short climb up to the tar road that leads to the water tank. The trail then went down the tar road and cut across into the jungle.

A short pass through this jungle patch and out on the right to another less used tar road. Pass the cemetary, up through the squatter houses and into the jungle again. Up and down the joggers trails and out through the hanging bridge to the bungalows site. The trail then led along the tar road up to the children's playground and turned left into the jungle for the shortcut which also meant another tiring climb up to home.Hare's sister's reward for a 3 hour birthday walk

The FRBs were out in 1 hr 50 mins while the last on paper was out at 8.30pm. About 9 1st timer guests who were guided by Roger were 'rescued' at a quarter past nine. The hare's sister who was in this group will surely remember this 3 hour birthday walk for a long long time.

On On onsite, catered by bicycleman.

1st Timer Guests
The circle

More pics (all courtesy of JPS)...

Cock Hare Abraham with his drum HLH4 members who were also rescued
Mambau HHH GM applying for HLH4 membership Cock Pain

Song Lau with ther Hare's sister A very Sad GM

Next Run: No 742 Date: 06/10/2007 Hare: Bastian Guitarman Venue: Sri Hanikoh, Off Jalan Kacau

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