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21 July 2018

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rehashed 20080126

Run: 758 Hare: Siew Yoon Choy Venue: Bukit Angkat Subcons: Kiki, Abraham, Raymond Rattail

Hare Ah Siaw onDowned at circle It was blazing hot when about 25 members went in for the run at this previously popular area. The last run here was set by Warrenti on 30/12/2006. The trail was moslty on clear paths under the oil palms.

Two short stretches were through some thick vegetation. The home trail was through the new housing/clubhouse construction and unlike the previous two runs, it rained when the FRBs were on the home stretch. All were out by 7.30pm.

On On was at Ah Wai cafe.

The Icings of the evening

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Circle Part of the circle
Part of the circle Circle
Song Lau reading newspaper article on Good HLH4 members Song Lau reading newspaper article
HLH4 members at the restaurant Hare Ah Siaw being OnDowned at restaurant

Next Run: No 759 Date: 02/02/2008 Hare: Iqbal Long John Venue: Sri Haneco Jalan Sg Lallang
(Coming from Kajang, turn left into Jalan Sg Lallang (Jalan Kacau) at traffic lights near police station in Semenyih town. About 3-4km along Jalan Sg Lallang, look out for HLH4 signs for the right turn into Taman Industrian Sri Haneco. - See Google map at side bar for runsite location)

On On ...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Rehashed 20080119

Run: 757 Hare: IceCooleng Venue: Bandar Tech SubCons: Kiki, Raymond Rattail

Again it was raining when members arrived at this most often used runsite but it stopped soon after ON ON was sounded.

The trail was along familiar much used routes. So much used that fresh papers of the Mantin, Batang Kajang and Danau Toba chapters were noted on most routes. No Hair and Leong Sr coming out of the 'jungle'
Yet the subcons managed to pull the hashers through some less used tracks in thick vegetation where no other chapters' trail papers were seen.

Members generally agreed it was fairly good run, even though OR because the 'whore', the only hill here, was spared.

Ice Cooleng's Run 757 Car Sticker

The hare gave out a car sticker to everyone. (note: anything and everything is possible in hash - even incorrect run number)

On On onsite - bicycleman.

(Update 25/01/2008: pics courtesy of Siew Yoon Choy uploaded to Picasa at sidebar)

Next run: No 758 Date: 26/01/2008 Hare: Siew Yoon Choy Venue: Bukit Angkat Sg Chua (near Paper Products Factory) See sidebar for Google Map of runsite.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Rehashed 20080112

Run: 756 Hare: Ganesan Bulldozer Venue: Salak Tinggi Co-hare: Kiki

Run Trail at Salak Tinggi on 12/01/2008 The hare Bulldozer

It was still raining when the 20 odd members arrived at this Virgin runsite. The parking was at a small patch of open space amongst the palm oil trees.

The run started with a slow walk in the rain and then led up the hill to a clearing and led on up to a height of about 180 metres. The 2nd check was placed on the top which was broken on the left slope down.

On reaching the clearing down in the flats, the papers led on a loop on the right and then through oil palm again. Then up to a rentice and then down to tracks in the oil palm which most would have thought was the home trail.

Thumbs up for Fried Fish
But the papers took the few who made it thus far further into the oil palm and back up cut across the rentice again. The trail then led around the hill slope where it then swung sharply to the right for an unwelcomed climb where the trail on the top looked similar to the in-trail but it was not.

It was a wobble coming down the hillslope strewn with loose pebles up to to the home trail. New boot Billy was FRB in 1hr 25mins. 69 years old Rocky was finaly out coming along the road at about 8.40pm.

Fish being deep fried and chee cheong fun awaited the tired hashers. There were about 40 members for the On On on site.

Billy Kok being named 'No Hair' Susie being acknowledged 'Shopping Queen'

Billy Kok (Will Pain) was baptised "No Hair" by Song Lau while Susie, who was too red to knee for the naming, was acknowledged "Shopping Queen".

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Fried Fish getting a touch of Henessy Enjoying the Fried Fish
Circle Frying Charlie
Warranti and Ular - One head or two heads Jessie not signed out
The CNY 2008 Committee Billy Kok Will Pain

Next Run: No 757 Date: 19/01/2008 Hare: IceCooleng Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Rehashed 20080105

Run: 755 Hare: Gary Leong Venue: Sri Hanikoh

The runsite was near the fishing pond after the Hanikoh shophouses on the left but some members missed the HLH4 sign indicating the turn and ended at another fishing pond.

About 30+ members and guests turned up. The weather was unkind and rained throughout the evening. The run started with the same route as the X'mas run climbing up the hill.

Half-way up the hill a number of the walkers took the easy way and SCBed. Also on the way up the hill, Dr Ballcracker headbutted a fallen tree trunk. Luckily it was not serious with just an added "bungalow" on his head.

After the 1st hill, instead of taking the runners down and back to the run site as the x'mas run, the hare took the hashers to another 2 hills. The trail then detoured to Sg Lallang Industrial area before turning back to the run site.

It was raining through out and only about 10 hashers completed the run.

The circle, called immediately after the last runner "Albert", our last week's guest and the sweeper were out, was conducted in the rain.

On-On at Wai Koh restaurant in Sg. Chua. (RG)

Next Run: No 756 Date: 12/01/2008 Hare: Ganesan Bulldozer Venue: Salak Tinggi
(From UKM, head to the Bangi/Dengkil road which leads towards the Bukit Unggul Golf. From the Bukit Unggul Golf junction, turn into Salak Tinggi. Drive about 5km and look for HLH4 signs on the right.)

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Monday, January 07, 2008

Cockscrew Has Ed Zachary Disease

Cockscrew Chin of the Kacang H3 was very distraught recently at the fact that he had not dated a harriet or had any sex in quite some time.

He was afraid that there might be something wrong with him, so he decided to seek the medical advice of a sex therapist.

His doctor recommended that he go see Dr. Lee Siang, the well known Chinese sex therapist, so he did.

Upon entering the examination room, Dr. Lee Siang said, “OK, take off oar your crose.”

Cockscrew did as he was told.

“Now, get down and craw reery reery fass to udder side of room.”

Again, Cockscrew did as he was instructed.

Dr. Lee Siang then said, “OK, now craw reery reery fass back to me.”

So he did.

Dr. Lee Siang slowly shook his head and said, “Your probrem vewy bad. You haf Ed Zachary Disease, worse case I ever see. Dat why you not haf sex or date.”

Confused, Cockscrew asked, “Oh my God, Dr. Lee, what is Ed Zachary disease?”

Dr. Lee Siang took a deep breath, looked the man in the eyes and replied, ...(click On On below)

Face drawn on Ass

... “Ed Zachary disease is when your face rook Ed Zachary rike your ass.”

Hashpy New Year

On On ...

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Rehashed 20071229

Run: 754 Hare: Amelia Ng Venue: Sg Long Co-hare: Abraham

Santa Themed HLH4 Logo Update 04/01/08: Correspondent had sobbered up.

Only about 20+ hashers turned up for the run as some members preferred to wine, dine and dance with Seremban HHH at their D&D do.

The usual bungalow runsite was "occupied" by Kepong Hash, so we had to camp at the entrance to the construction site just before the usual runsite.

The run started on the tar road to avoid the Kepong hash paper on the right up the hill. There was a falsie for the first check on the left of the tar road, but Kelamkabut, true to his nature, managed to break this check on the trail that led from the 2nd check on the right. The 2nd check was missed altogether. The 3rd check was up the slope of the rubber plantation. Everyone expected it to be broken on the top of the hill but it turned out to be on the left near a stream.

The 4th check was across a shallow river and the track took the runners all the way to the bungalow site opposite the Sg Long Golf Club then all the way on the road pass the quarry and construction site to the runsite. The 1st runner out at about 7.20pm.

Many members complained about the long road run and the hare was iced for that. The sub-contractor "Abrahim" was also put on ice for setting a run without going up any hill, not his usual trade mark.

There was a surprise guest "Albert" who came all the way from Segambut to join us. He called a member indicating his desire to run with us and obtained directions to the runsite.

Dr Ballcracker was appointed the OC for our coming CNY run. (RG)

(Previous Post: It appears our onsite web correspondent is still recovering from the festivities of welcoming of the new year and had not sobbered to write the scribe. So there is no report of the run proper.

However, our HashFlash was around to capture for posterity the ongoings of the circle.

Next Run: No 755 Date: 05/01/2008 Hare: Gary Leong Venue: Sri Hanikoh (Turn into Jalan Kacau at traffic lights near Semenyih Police station. Drive about 3km along Jalan Kacau and lookout for HLH4 signs for the right turn to Sri Hanikoh)

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