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21 July 2018

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Friday, December 27, 2013

Rehashed 20131221 IceCooLeng

Run: 1066 Hare: Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang Cohares:

(No report as yet)

Next Run: No 1067 Date: 28/12/2013 Hare: Amelia Big Spender Venue: Sri Haneco

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Rehashed 20131214 Alice

Run: 1065 Hare: Alice SleepWalker Venue: Gasing Hill Cohares: Munster, Setengah Bhai

Small crowd. Heavy rain when the Co-hares were setting the run.

Four climbs altogether. First runner within the hour. Last out - Khoo Kongsi escorted out by Miow Miow.

On On at restaurant near bird park.

Next Run: No 1066 Date: 21/12/2013 Hare: IceCooLeng Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Rehashed 20131207 Michael

Run: 1064 Hare: Michael Venue: Broga Cohares:

Next Run: No 1065 Date: 14/12/2013 Hare: Alice SleepWalker Venue: Gasing Hill

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Rehashed 20131130 SohBond

Run: 1063 Virgin Hare: Soh Bond Venue: Taman Wawasan Puchong Cohares: Small Thing

On the eve of the run, a message was sent "i gonna to set tomorrow run... want long or short run????"
Someone replied "Short"
Then another added "Remember 6.45 dark aledi" to which the first replier gave the thumbs up.

The run at Taman Wawasan started at the usual in-trail for the no warm-up climb and then the trail went left to come out at the water tank in the housing area for a 1 1/2 km long home run on tarmac.

The FRB was out in 45 mins, followed closely by the other usual FRBs.

But the mid and back packs were late in coming out.

But this was, after all, a two checks run. So much so that the hare, Soh Bond, after laying the home trail, went up the hill again.

It was later known that one of the checks was a falsie and after it was correctly broken and connected, someone who figured he knew where the trail would go, called OnOn at the misleading trail and led the back pack to go on a wild goose chase.

The turn out that night was big, nearly 60 in number.

On On was at the restaurant at Batu 14.

Next Run: No 1064 Date: 07/12/2013 Hare: Michael Venue: Broga

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Rehashed 20131123 ElsiePusher

Run: 1062 Hare: Elsie Pusher Venue: Damai Utama Kinrara Cohares:

Next Run: No 1063 Date: 30/11/2013 Virgin Hare: Soh Bond Venue: Taman Wawasan Puchong

On On ...

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Rehashed 20131116 Deepavali Run

Run: 1061 Occasion: Deepavali Run Hare: Venue: Kota Warisan Cohares:

Runsite at Kota Warisan at the hilltop. As expected a good turn up for this special run.

OnOn was called at 6 pm and the paper lead down the hill to the usual in-trail to the OP. Reaching the OP, turning right and up a slope with some turns to the left, almost reaching the housing. From there a sharp turning to a difficult check with some falsie, which took the frontrunners a while to break. Going up the slope and a loop to the right gave the slower hashers the chance to catch up.

A second check was quickly broken and now it was nice and easy running along near the Nilai-KLIA highway.

The paper turned left and up to a hill, where the third check stopped the runners. Spread out over the hill a lot of ‘r-u’ and ‘checkin’ could be heard, but no ‘on-on’.

After about 15 minutes a big group lead by King Kong gave up and knowing the direction decided to sneak back for the beer waiting. Dipstick didn’t want to be left behind, quickly quit checking and followed the crowd.

Some Hashers not giving up, amongst them NoHair, CockPain, Abraham and Lester ABC continued and finally check was broken to the left. Still far it was now easy running along the road for the small group following the paper.

Coming to the usual right turn towards Kota Warisan the last check was broken easily and reaching the housing roads it was another 10 minutes run in the dark back to the runsite.

All in all a nice runner’s run with cool weather in the drizzling rain.

(scribed by Joachim)

Next Run: No 1062 Date: 23/11/2013 Hare: Venue: Damai Utama Kinrar

On On ...

Friday, November 15, 2013

Rehashed 20131109 AbrahamWong

Run: 1060 Hare: Abraham Wong Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang Cohares: Rat Tail, Big John

The runsite was not the usual one but the site on the right near the factories near Taman Harmony. The turnout was small, about 30 members, there was a celebration run somewhere in the Klang Valley.

The trail went up the hill which had been cleared and then down on the right to go under canopy and headed towards the 'Bandar Tech Whore'. But there was no 'cum' this time around. The hare decided that, as our usual FRB poles were at the other celebration run, most of the other usual middle pack might not be able to satisfy 'the Bandar Tech Whore' as how Dipstick, Pengsan, or KenChing could.

The trail just circled 'the Whore' and led towards our usual runsite at the shops. The checks, there were only three, and were a "Small Thing" for Thomas to break.

From the usual runsite, it was a long walk through the dusty main road back to runsite.

FRB was ABC, followed closely by the Small Thing.

As usual, Cock Pain was not satisfied, he could not cum on 'the Bandar Tech Whore' and so as to keep the peace, XL had to accompany him back to runsite instead of hitching the ride as offered by Blood Donor.

Small Thing had a big thing when some did not forget when he was born despite he claiming it was a day early.

On On onsite - vege and our mascot's (chicken) feet.

Next Run: No 1060 Date: 16/11/2013 Occasion: Deepavali Run Hare: Venue: Kota Warisan

On On ...

Friday, November 08, 2013

Rehashed 20131102 ChongKokMan

Run: 1059 Hare: Chong Kok Man Venue: Putrajaya Prescint 20 Cohares:

Next Run: No 1060 Date: 09/11/2013 Hare: Abraham Wong Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang

On On ...

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rehashed 20131026 KumarMums

Run: 1058 Hare: Kumar Muns Venue: DesaParkCity Kepong Cohares: Silent Dragon, Pengsan, Yap

This was the 2nd time HLH4 was running here. Getting to the runsite was fairly easy except for the last turn and signboard which was not visible due to the Night market traders' vehicles. Someone had to stand at the corner and direct HLH4 members to the correct way.

As quite a number of our members, mostly from the Puchong group had gone somewhere else, the turnout was rather small. Though it was a cool evening, it was not so for some members. The run was through the usual (or only) three hills in the area. However, the contractor hare had other thoughts, he laid the trail across the highway.

A small group could not connect to the correct trail and decided to go back through the in-trail. Dipstick came out the same way. Kenching too, decided to follow the MKH4 papers out, leaving his better half to complete the run.

It was getting late and it was getting dark. It was too late to call the front pack, among whom were Eto, XL and guest Sundar, to turn back. A pick-up was sent to bring some of them back from the the road. CockPain, SK, Bulldozer did not accept the ride back. When all were out, the talk began of how, what, where, when and who screwed up the run.

"LOng run", "too dark", "no paper", "not enough papers", "if go across highway sure trouble", "got to search for papers around rocks","papers so far part".

And the leading contractor hare was not around to listen to these comments.

The hare's virgin run cane be remembered by this and the T-shirt freebie.

On On onsite.

Next Run: No 1059 Date: 02/11/2013 Hare: Chong Kok Man Venue: Putrajaya Prescint 20

(directions by OnSex - Exact Run location is at Precinct 20 Putrajaya and you have to use Pintasan Dengkil By Pass and turn into Dengkil from Putrajaya/Puchong. At about 200metres, turn left at cemetery where HLH4 sign will take you to runsite.)

On On ...

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Rehashed 20131019 KhooKongsi

Run: 1057 Hare: Khoo Kongsi Venue: Bukit Gasing Cohares: KenChing, Eto, Ta ada Air

Runsite was Gasing Hill near the Telekom mast with limited parking space. A few cars had to move on request of the corner house’s guard, who was in doubt of the house owner’s driving capability.

Run started at 6 pm, going up and along the temple with allowing a nice view. Paper led down the concrete to the fenced water tank and down the tarmac road. After a while the paper turned to the right into the bushes, which soon was found to be the first check.

Check was broken further down following the tarmac, finally to the picnic area and the second check, which could not be broken so easily. Some hashers checking on the far left, Thomas Woo got bored (or thirsty or tired of the rain) and sneaked out of the run to go back to the runsite for a beer.

It took the hashers quite a while to break this check to the right, leading a small path up the hill. Bandit with his allergy against hills repeatedly tried to turn back. Unfortunately the path was blocked by the following pack, so he had no choice but to move on, puffing and cursing.

Finally reaching the top it was a nice running down the hill, turning left to the main path with another check on the left, leading down to the small stream. Turning left and running a few hundred meters along the stream it was a final climb back to the runsite.

First runner out in about 1 hour.

Rain stopped and circle was held. Some announcements by Intersec and Song Lau. Hashwhip Cock Pain iced some (un-)lucky ones.

OnOn with plenty of good food at the Chinese restaurant nearby.

(scribe Joachim)

Next Run: No 1058 Date: 26/10/2013 Hare: Kumar MumsVenue: DesaParkCity Kepong

On On ...

Friday, October 18, 2013

Rehashed 20131012 Cowlin

Run: 1056 Hare: Cowlin Venue: Jalan Kacau Cohares:

Next Run: No 1057 Date: 19/10/2013 Hare: Khoo Kongsi Venue: Bukit Gasing

On On ...

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Rehashed 20130905 Karu

Run: 1055 Hare: Karu Hacks Venue: Beranang Industrial Estate Cohares:

Next Run: No 1056 Date: 12/10/2013 Hare: Cowlin Venue: Jalan Kacau

On On ...

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Rehashed 20130928 LesterABC

Run: 1054 Hare: Lester ABC Venue: Sunway Semenyih Cohares: Buaya

Live hare run. Main complaint for not being able to chase and catch the Hare - connections to Checks were too far away.

JPS on the box. CockPain mystery whip.

On On Onsite

Next Run: No 1055 Date: 05/10/2013 Hare: Karu Hacks Venue: Beranang Industrial Estate

On On ...

Friday, September 27, 2013

Rehashed 20130921 ThomasWoo

Run: 1053 Hare: Thomas Woo Venue: Taman Wawasan Puchong Cohares:

Next Run: No 1054 Date: 28/09/2013 Hare: Lester ABC Venue: Sg Jeluk

On On ...

Rehashed 20130914 MiowMiow

Run: 1052 Hare: Miow Miow Venue: DesaPark City Kepong Cohares:

Next Run: No 1053 Date: 21/09/2013 Hare: Thomas Woo Venue: Taman Wawasan Puchong

On On ...

Monday, September 09, 2013

Rehashed 20130907 Sagoh

Run: 1051 Hare: Sagoh Venue: Damai Utama Kinrara Cohares: BloodDonor, ThomasWoo

Invitational Celebration Runs elsewhere, once again robbed our own run of a good attendance. Even the Puchong Group (Poachers) did not turn up for this run at Kinrara. The rain could have restrained some from coming for the run but not for the On On.

The hare enlisted Blood Donor as co-hare and they did a four hours recce. On the run day, an SOS was sent to TW who in turn hired a Sifu and together they went in and set a "good, two hill climb run".

Right on time, the few hashers who braved the rain, went in, following the HLH4 papers though there were also fresh papers of at least two other kennels.

At the first check, after some confusion, the runners followed some HLH4 paper which appeared damaged by the rain which led up a steep long climb. On reaching the top and going down on the other side, the FRBs came to a dead end which led them to realize that they on the out-trail.

Daylight was fading rapidly then and this was the Air Hitam Forest Reserve, where our last run here turned out be a "ball-breaker" and when the police and Search & Rescue team came out in full force to "rescue our lost hashers".

So it was decided to follow the out-trail and the FRB came out at 6.50 pm while the back pack came about  half an hour later. It was later learnt that the hare had used the usual HLH4 trail marking papers as the recce papers, but which the hare did not follow, as the 'sifu' took another close by trail. The FRBs had apparently followed the recce papers which caused the screw-up.

Three ex-members made a visit, Guat Ling, Tsunami and RatTail.

On On onsite, Bulldozer catering.

Next Run: No 1052 Date: 14/09/2013 Hare: Miow Miow Venue: Kepong (DesaParkCity)
This is a new runsite access though Jalan Segambut, then Jalan Lang Emas and turn left into Jalan Lang Kuning in Taman Sri Bintang.

View Segambut Dalam Runsite in a larger map

(Off Paper)

Those of you going for Charlie Bicycle's function at Renaissance Hotel on Sunday 16/09/2013, do not look for any hash directional signs. This map, however, may help. Note that cocktails at 6.30pm.

(click on picture to enlarge
Route map to Renaissance Hotel

On On ...

Friday, September 06, 2013

Rehashed 20130831 Munster

Run: 1050 Hare: Munster Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang Cohares: Kiki

5:50 pm and only 4 hashers lingering around the hare’s car…..most of the members obviously joining the Celebration run.

At 6:00 pm OnOn was called, about 9 members went into the run. In-trail was along the highway to avoid the fenced area of the construction site. After passing the worker’s huts the paper led to the right and soon the frontrunners hit the first check. R u was heard everywhere and Silent Dragon backchecked and found connecting paper. The frontrunners turned back and followed paper at the usual trail along the highway, later turning right and passing the liitle stream. After some easy running along nice trails suddenly the paper ended. Further to the cow sheds a check could be found.

Checking again forward, sideways and back. ‘R u?’ and ‘Checking’ could be heard everywhere at the foot of the hill. By now it became clear that we were at the out-trail. After some discussion the hashers decided to continue to do the run reverse.

Bandit, as usual going in late, heard the havoc and smelled trouble. He quickly turned around and ran back the in-trail as fast as he could

The pack decided to stay together as the terrain became more difficult and dark as rain started. 2 more checks had to be broken reverse, until finally the last check (which was actually the first one) was found after the edge of the new housing area.

SK and Cock Pain were out at 7:20, the rest 10 minutes later.

Small circle was held, this time with Carlsberg after last run’s funny beer taste.
Munster was honored on ice and Cock Pain proudly performed the Anthem.

OnOn with plenty of good food at the Chinese restaurant nearby.

(scribed by Joachim)

Next Run: No 1051 Date: 07/09/2013 Hare: Sagoh Venue: Damai Utama Kinrara

Directions: (click to enlarge)

On On ...

Friday, August 30, 2013

Rehashed 20130824 Cha Cha

Run: 1049 Hare: Cha Cha Venue: Sunway Semenyih Cohares:

At six, the newly elected Joint Mistress was asking where is the on paper. Being a newbee, she was directed to the on paper and the ON ON was called. We followed the usual trail with about 30 hashers following the trail and came to a first check at the OP. there was falsie and the check was broken forward right.

Running along the plantation with some slight climb, we arrived at the 2nd check which was broken by the FRB’s and this was a forward check too. Then as we were arriving at the 3rd check, we were all at a T-junction when we saw the FRB’s SK, Cock Pain checking forward. Actually the check was almost 1000 yards away and when they heard the call, they thought it was cutting left and decided to check.

Finally the on trail was further up towards the quarry road and it was a long and hard track home through the quarry, into the factories and from the entrance of the Sunway Semenyih housing estate.

The Joint Mistress requested Guitarman to conduct the circle in the absence of all the new elected office bearers. After the usual rituals, Guitarman explained that he heard the news that the newly elected committee had gone missing overseas and cannot be traced. He asked the members to elect a shadow committee in order for the club to be functioning until the committee is discovered.

All members unanimously agreed and the election was called for the office bearers. Those elected as the pro-tem committee were as follow:

Grand Master         - Karu Hacks
Joint Master           - Cock Pain
Joint Mistress         - Eto
On Sex                  - Iffa Vespa
On Cash                - Yu Ai XL
Inter Hash Sex       - Ken Kenching
Committee             - Fui Key Yap
                             - Joachim
                             - Gigi Putih Peter
                             - Connie
                             - Clip Clip
Hash Advisor         -  Ganesan
                             - Gary Buaya

After the election, GM Karu took the box and thanked all that elected him and iced Gigi Putih for making noise during the election. Cock Pain was the hash whip and iced the FRB SK that fucked up the last check. Guitarman back on the box advised all members that the elected committee will perform the duties on all club matters until the missing overseas members are found.

The circle ended at about 9.30 and the ON ON was at the nearby restaurant. A big hand to the Hare Cha Cha for a wonderful run and a good On On.
(scribed by Guitarman)

Next Run: No 1050 Date: 31/08/2013 Hare: Munster Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang

On On ...

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rehashed 20130817 AGM

Run: 1048 Occasion: 20th AGM Hare: Jack Kee Venue: Taman Tasik Semenyih - Thai Temple Cohares: Cock Pain

A big turnout on top of the hill. The run was a long steep climb followed by a long treacherous descent and then back up to the runsite.

KFC finished the run.

Song Lau conducted the elections to the Mismanagement Committee 2013/2014. There were some changes to key posts. However the results will only be announced after it has been confirmed there were no technical glitches in posting the votes and all eligible members who did not attend, confirm they had notice of the AGM.

Next Run: No 1049 Date: 24/08/2013 Hare: Cha Cha Venue: Sunway Semenyih

On On ...

Rehashed 20130810 On The Way

Run: 1047 Hare: On The Way Venue: Precint 20 Putrajaya Cohares:

A New runsite which took many, a long long way to reach. Some, though on the right track, nearly gave up when no signs were seen despite travelling a long distance. The weather was cool and the air, fresh.

The trail went along the road and then went uphill under canopy and to the bike trails. It appeared we were on a bike hash but minus the two wheelers. There were signs along the way that pointed to either difficult bike trails, through which our papers led, or the not so difficult trails. A group of our hashers decided on the easy trail, though they were going off paper in a new area. But then, the area was such that it would be extremely difficult to get lost in this place.

Within 40 mins, the FRB was out and the rest slowly trickled out. Nearly all who went in were soaked to their skin, as if they had a good sweat from a tough run. But the wet ground would tell that rain fell mid way through the run.

On On onsite with OnTheWay's home cooked food.

Next Run: No 1048 Date: 17/08/2013 Occasion: 20th AGM Venue: Taman Tasik Semenyih - Thai Temple (Iit is on the way to Broga)

On On ...