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21 July 2018

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Rehashed 20090627

Run: 832 Virgin Hare: Siva Venue: Putrajaya SubCons: JPS, Guitarman, Mr Kilat

The Hare Siva A good number of our members had gone to celebrate KL Dalmatians' 5th Any Run at Damansara Perdana. So at On On there were only 15 members going in.

From the runsite beside the river, the papers led across the bridge and led left along the river for a good warm-up. The right turn into the canopy led to the first climb to the top and down the other side through the bamboo. It was quite tricky coming down the slope on dried bamboo leaves.

Crossing the ravine and going up again brought the FROP to the first check. This was quickly broken with the papers leading up to the top and down the other side. The trail then led across a short shiggy and another short climb to the lateratic bald top.

Going across the bald patch on top and down all the way. The couple of checks along the way were also quickly broken for the long home run along the river back to runsite.

The Front Running Bastards (FRB) were out in 45mins while Bandit swept himself out last about half an hour later.

On On onsite.

OnSec Guitarman took the box to OnDown the hare and the sub-cons after which Advisor Song Lau took over.

The hare Siva was baptised 'Short Circuit'.

Our German friend, Joachim, who decided to enrol with HLH4 was welcomed as new boot effective July 2009.


Guitarman - No Tool of Office
On The Way - Had been on the way for two and a half hours.
Lester ABC - Does not know how to look for runsite
Winnie Jenny - No understand Hakka

Next Run: No 833 Date: 04/07/2009 Occassion: 8th Anal Rotation Run Hosts HLH4 Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang Time: 5.30pm

The Hare and Sub Cons Circle
Circle Circle
Winnie Jenny being questioned 1st Timer Guests

On On ...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rehashed 20090620

Run: 831 Virgin Hare: Aftar Singh Venue: Bukit Hatamas Cohares: Munster, Nokia

Hare Aftar Singh A drizzle few hours before the run and the runsite situated just in front of the water tank, had a cooling and breezy feel to it, otherwise a hot sunny day.

It looked like a low turn out, again it was the otherwise. Opposites rule!

The virgin hare is known for his politeness and the gentleman like manner to a perfect note (at least to us) and was generous enough to provide us with the good long run. It started with a slow walk as the downhill was a big rock and a 'difficult to get down situation' between a crack.

Another short walk to get everyone under the tree canopies for a cooling change and headed towards Ah-Pak-San (south side) with a short downhill. A slow climb uphill brought some front runners scattering about to find missing papers here and there and met with the confusing checking papers that could have been the first or second check?

The group level -7 As guessed, there could be someone who usually messed with the run papers as many other chapters who ran here faced the same problem. A short back check broken by the late comers, brought the pack climbing further uphill till a small path to meet with the, could be, second check.

A scatter among the front runners took some good time to break, leaving some first time guests a good rest with one (named Win) lying on a bed of leaves looking like a corpse. Farther reaching, ABC broke the check towards the 'tourist spot' with a good running trail with an uphill twist. From here on, a few more checks, a few more killer climbs (that had a few hashers [JPS & Bandit] moaning and groaning like making love).

There was also what looked like an endless climb just before the endless downhill as home trail. Luckily - first time guest, Win, turned back with Song Lau (who temporarily relieved the HLH5 GM of his duties). Another first timer (Jack) had to go on all fours to crawl home saying "...this is big time! compared to the weekly gym sessions that I go to, that look like babies!".

The usual back pack was in the dark and had to wait for another 'beckenders' pack (with Warranti & Farah!) who had torchlights to 'shine' the way home. FROP 1hr35mins with the 'beckenders' in 2hrs30mins safely. The comment, "a good run but a little short!" which is usually heard after a run was twisted to be "a good run but a bit too long!". Well, you cannot be catering to everyone's fancy.

The circle started late due to the 'last one home' and the 'last one to finish bathing'. Like any good mini skirt, the circle was kept as short a possible but just enough to cover everything.

Some were 'made fun of' :
Some Icings
Nokia - co-hare who made it half way, should have continued to 'cause' a shorter run;
KikiLala - BeeSingh;
Long John Silver - taking grand old time to bathe;
Ricky Ular - kept interrupting the Box.

HLH4 'Synagogue of Baptism' High Priest Master Ustad Brother Song Lau baptised Cantonese speaking Aftar Singh as HongKong Singh and the sweet miscalled name Jessie Tey as Juicy.

OnOn in run site with MienTien North Indian Catering. 'The bar' was open all night long with some extras (good old w-h-i-s-k-e-y).
(scribed by No hair)

Next Run: No 832 Date: 27/06/2009 Virgin Hare: Siva Venue: Putrajaya (From Kajang head towards Putrajaya. Take the LEFT turning into Putrajaya AFTER the Serdang Hospital which is on your right. From this left turning, go straight following directions to PICC and KEEP LOOKING out for HLH4 signs)

Hare and CoHare On down 1st time guests Ondown
Circle Nokia nad guests
Hash Named Hong Kong Singh Hash Named Juicy
Kiki called up Jessie is now JUICY

On On ...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Low Yat Foo

Bruise Low Yat Foo

Low Yat Foo 'Bruise'

Member since

Rejoined May 2009

On On ...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mount Kinabalu

The 2nd HLH4 group to make it to the top. On On

(L-R) Blood Donor, Winnie Jenny, Kelam Kabut, Shopping Queen, Lester ABC

On On ...

Rehashed 20090613

Run: 830 Hare: Michael Chin Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang SubCons: Abraham, RatTail

A small group went to get 'High' and show of our logo on top the highest peak in South East Asia, the Mount Kinabalu in Sabah.

A larger group went up north to recce a forth coming run, but more importantly the side attractions of a cross border run.

Then an unknown group probably just stayed home to avoid the haze which had enveloped the Klang valley the past week and which reached unhealthy levels in certain areas.

The small group going in So only about 30 members turned up at the usuall runsite near the shophouses. Another hash chapter, Kajang H3, was also runsited closeby, just further up near the factory lots. The rain earlier in the afternoon helped to clear the skies considerably to the pleasure of the hashers.

By the time, we hit the in-trail, KH3 being closer, had already disappeared along the trail. Meandering through the oil palm on the same trail with KH3, and just past the low cost flats, HLH4 came to a stop for the 1st check. This took a good 20 mins for the FROP to break. However, for those who went for a back check, it took a further 15 mins to follow through as there were no HLH4 connecting papers.

It was only realised then that the trail was the same with KH3. The papers then took both chapter hashers for short cum on the 'Whore's younger cousin. This was just a quickie and not enough. So as soon as the trail led down, it up again for another quickie. Still not satisfied, the papers circled this small hill to allow the hashers to lick up the spilled over cum.

Coming down and out from this double quickie, the 'Whore' waited for the more satisfying cum for the FRBs. From then on, it was the usual out trail with the FRB hitting home in 1hr 15mins while the back pack was out around 8pm.

Michael paying the cab fare On home, it was realised that the scheduled hare and Chu Lai, our beerman who has taken to running with us, were not out. They were last seen just before the 'Whore'.

At about 8.30pm, a taxi drove up and out stepped the hare and the beerman. Both of them ended up at Sg Tangkas to smell out an ex member, Sunder who now drives a cab, to drive them home.

On On onsite.

Next Run: No 831 Date: 20/06/2009 Hare: Aftar Singh Venue: Bukit Hatamas, Cheras

Waiting at 1st check Chit chat
Sub Cons Dishing out

On On ...

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Rehashed 20090606

Run: 829 Hare: Chong Kok Man Venue: Sg Jelok SubCons: Abraham, RatTail

It was hot sunny day with temperatures reaching 39 degC. Most members did not reach the run site early to escape the heat but on time just enough to get prepared and start the run.

The in trail was on the road in to run site (following Mother Hash papers that was recently laid) but just before the tunnel veered right on the laterite road towards some fish farming ponds. An uphill on the left took the pack to the first check, half way up the hill.

A short stop and the check was broken further uphill. The trail brought all to the top and turned right into the rubber tree shades to meet the second check. Due to the day's heat, not many runners wanted to run for checks. Guest Cat found some paper, with Kelam Kabut close behind her, that led to a falsie downhill.

Silent Dragon, a Mother Hasher, took JPS and Long John Silver on the trail that Mother ran and broke the check further up another hill. Soon enough the pack was on the third check and Silent Dragon believing it would follow the Mother Hash papers, went forward to check for quite some time. The pack was left waiting on the check and Guitarman caught some scent and went downhill near the check to have a look.

At the bottom, they found the trail papers and the pack smiled with glee though the sun was still shining the best. With the sun and no tree shades, most were panting and huffing. A short walk that led uphill and further uphill on these bulldozed hills to reach a small valley to find the fourth check. It was broken to the right side of the hill slope with a climb up that hill.

Near reaching the back side of that hill some papers were bulldozed but with CowLin and Kelam Kabut connecting the trail, the pack continued on the trail down hill before being led to another steep uphill, which had some cursing because on a hot sunny day.

The fifth check was waiting for the pack almost on top of this hill with some guessing the home trail was at the foothill as they could see an off-track road. Miaw Miaw and Tsunami were connecting the papers when the check was broken, which led the pack into some bushy rubber tree hills. With a big hairpin turn on the hill slopes brought the pack up a small hill befor going all the way down to some orchards and on the 'usual-when-run here' home trail.

FROP in 1hr25mins, the same time that took the 'U-turners'. Dr Ballcracker with his GPS and 'his troupe' with urges from Jessie followed the GPS direction home without going back uphill to the fifth check on the paper home. Just in front of them, a 'all-wet-to-the balls and pants' JPS and CowLin were doing their usual thing - SCBed. All were back just before 8pm.

The hare was absent due to some business commitments and was not in the country, but his 'cousins' were around to handle what was to be done and put in 4 crates for the club.


Guitarman - forgot the current run site and ended up at next week's run site;
Bulldozer - sound alike for bulldozing the run papers after the 4th check;
Warranti - coaxing the others not to follow Cat on the falsie;
Henny So - not marking her attendance;
Dr Ballcracker & Jessie - one GPS provider being sweet talked to SCB, & sweet talker;
Ricky Ular - not 'phet-phet' calling for circle;
Gigi Putih - for 'chickening out' after observing from hilltop the running terrain;

OnOn on run site by GanesanCateringServices with authentic indian food (mom's cooking).

(scribed by No Hair)

Next Run: No 830 Date: 13/06/2009 Hare: Micheal Chin Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang

Guest Cat Some Icings of the evening

On On ...

Saturday, June 06, 2009

"Hey Do you have a ...?"

One morning, after Cockscrew Chin had left his house, there was a loud knock on his door.

Cockscrew's wife who was alone looked through the peephole. Noticing that it was their neighbour from a few doors away looking very angry, she did not respond.

The man knocked again and then asked; "Hoi, lu ada 'chee bye' tak?" (Hey, do you have a cunt?)

She did not respond and the man went off.

The next morning, again there was the loud knock and the man asking "Saya tanya, awak ada chee bye atau tak?" (I'm asking if you have a cunt or not)

Once again Cockscrew's wife did not answer. That evening when Cockscrew heard about it from his wife, he was very angry.

So he told his wife "Tomorrow morning, I'll hide behind the door and if the man asks again, you reply 'Yes you have' and we'll see what he wants to do".

The next morning, Cockscrew hid behind the door with a baseball bat.

Again there was this banging on the door followed by the man's voice asking "Hoi, lu ada chee bye tak?"

At Cockscrew's prompt, the wife opened the door and answered "Ya saya ada, apa lagi" (yes I have, so what). Cockscrew held up the bat ready to swing.

Without entering the house, the man replied "Kalau lu ada, ...

"... apa pasal lu punya lokong cari chee bye bini saya?" (If you have, then why is your husband coming for my wife's cunt?)

On On ...

Monday, June 01, 2009

Rehashed 20090530

Run: 828 Hare: Long John Silver Venue: Sg Tangkas Cohare: Guitarman

 The Long John All were anxious for this hare's run, hoping to get good run out of the evening. There were guests and members on the run site early as well, the hare and his 'cousin' was back on site and was asked about the length of his 'lan' (run).

The run started with Jointmaster yelling from the top of his lungs but the crowd seemed to be 'reluctant' as from the opposite mood just before the run. The pack was led to a laterite road just on the opposite side and was horrified with the amount of rubbish dumped there. It was a torturing 5-7mins pass the rubbish and burnings. The front pack met a few cows to ask for direction as the trail papers were hidden by the rubbish strewn all over the place.

At last, the pack was on the palm oil estate laterite road for a second or two to come to the first check. Dipstick found a falsie and back pack broke the check without realising they were on paper after the FRBs ticked them off for not calling out, it was later found that they tried to shortcut.

The hashers could now breathe more easily and freely as the air in the area was fresh and clean again. This lifted the spirit of the runners - anticipating all checks and breaking them easily. What seemed like taking the 'whore' by the 'ass' just before on home trail did not materialise.

The front runners were discussing the possible trail even before reaching the checks while running and most guesses were correct thus the first was out in 45mins (late starters were surprised to see the front runners, "huh? finished already?"). Some who did not have enough sweat to wet their balls, visited the 'whore' before getting back on paper. Who could resist? Passing by the 'whore's beautiful ass' without giving it a try? Some sure did and got wet. (Come to HLH4 if you wanted to 'get fresh' with the 'whore' when running in Bandar Teknologi Kajang and Sungai Tangkas)

The hare was ridiculed by the middle pack and the usual back pack upon reaching home.

"Ingat tarak bawak anjing boleh lari kuat kuat! Tengok! Habis lari pun tarak peluh banyak!"
"What lah! Old man like me also had it easy finishing today..."
"Not my standard! Not my standard! Not my standard!"
"Good run lah, bai....but a little too short!"
"Co-hare, co-hare....siapa?" "eh, your 'lan' is longer than your run...."
"hey....see, see....HLH5 guys also finished the run and still running out!!"

So too, it was that the hare welcomed the sarcastic remarks and with a big sneaky grin and thought "...this is my revenge." With the jokes and ridicules going on, the hare gave out good 'after run food' with his famous sardine sandwiches, wild boar curry and sorts. Nonetheless, the hare and the pack was in good jolly mood with him as the butt of the jokes.

Rani of KL Dalmatians In the circle:

Deep gratitude message from American Sam (recovering from 2nd stroke) for the well wishes and contributions from HLH4 members.

KL Dalmatians H4 (Jointmistress (pix on left) was happy holding the 'Big Mike') reminded HLH4 of their 5th anniversary run on 27th June in Damansara Perdana.

Iced in the circle were:

Long John Silver - put the pack on the rubbish road;
Guitarman - as co-hare denied seeing any rubbish or sampah but confirmed got a lot of 'lap sip' (hakka dialect);
Small Aru - wanted to know what the ice was for and got the answer;
Shopping Queen - not paying attention;
Gary - a front runner guest in HLH5;
JPS - just for fun;
No Hair - 'two five' a wrong person;
Bulldozer - nice to see some 'black moons';
BumbleBee - 'Owaga' comfort chair.

OnOn was on site by LJS Caterer with no frills (no coconut milk) but plenty of thrills (spicy), tasty makan. Beers were ordered to be free flowed as the hare was praised to have everybody completed the run! On further 'ticklings' by the pack, the hare announced OnOnOn in the usual 'member's place'. (scribed by No Hair)

Next Run: No 829 Date: 06/06/2009 Hare: Chong Kok Meng Venue: Shooting Range Sg Jelok

Hare and co-Hare On Down

KL Dalmatians inviting HLH4 Jokes by Long John
SCB Gary

On On ...