25th Anniversary Run

21 July 2018

Thank You



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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Resumption of Runs

After the last run on 14/03/2020 set by Charlie Chickadee at Hight Tech 6, Hululangat H4 resumes weekly runs effective Saturday 19/09/2020. 

Some of the SOP in place are as follows.  

Run start at 5pm. 
Set about 1 hr run. 
No icing. 
Short circle. 
Packed food. 
Beer as usual. 
Run site must be away from public places. 
Aproval from committee of the runsite. 
Time being runsites approved - Chicken farm (lou Err), Broga. Bukit Serdang, High Tech 6. 
By 8.30pm must leave the runsite. 
Hand sanitizer and temperature as usual. 
Mask a MUST. 
Physical distancing required

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