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21 July 2018

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Monday, December 31, 2007

Yee Mai

Yee Mai

Yee Mai

joined: December 2007

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Billy Kok

Billy Kok

Billy Kok "No Hair"

joined: December 2007

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Rehashed 20071222

Run: 753 Hare: Munster Venue: Cheras Awana (Wangsa)

Santa Themed HLH4 Logo About 30 hashers managed to find their way in for the run despite most of the HLH4 signs being placed down side up. Some members had to make a few rounds around the housing area before reaching the runsite.

The runsite was located beside Sunway Cheras. The weather was fine despite the heavy showers in the Klang Valley earlier in the afternoon. The run started through a construction site and then all the way up a high mountain. The track was slippery and the trail took the runners/walkers up through five hills. The home trail was out through the parking site near the restaurant frequented by the trekkers going up into the jungle.

The first FRB was out at about 7.20 pm. Hennessy, Miaw Miaw and Rocky had to be taken out in Pengsan's truck at about 9.15 pm. There were some screams and shrieks from some of those who some blood flowing down their ankles/foot.

On On onsite with chapati and a big packet of nasi lemak.

Next Run: No 754 Date: 29/12/2007 Hare: Amelia Ng Venue: Sg Long

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Rehashed 20071215

Run: 752 Occassion: Christmas Run Venue: Sri Hanikoh

Santa Themed HLH4 Logo More than 40 members turned up to celebrate the festive season Hulu Langat Hash style.

The run from the fishing ponds was a long tiring climb up the one hill and a quick run down coming out on the other side of the fishing ponds. The FRB was out in 50 mins.

On On onsite and booze was free flow till the wee hours of the morning. New boot Billy came with a bottle of single malt of which he had to take a shot on ice.

Former hash whip, Andy Ang turned up for the run and was given the opportunity to impart some hash rules to the newbies and to ondown those who turned up but did not run. In turn, he was ondowned for breaking a basic rule of not signing out.

Next Run: No 753 Date: 22/12/2007 Hare: Munster Venue: Cheras Awana
(Note: The runsite is NOT at the usual place. Look out for HLH4 signs just after the Police/army depot where you may have to make a right turn)

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Rehashed 20071208

Run: 751 Hare: Abraham Wong Venue: Bandar Tech Co-hares: Rattail Raymond, Big John Lee

The hare Abraham on ice

About 35 members. The trail was a reverse of the Deepavali run right up to the foothill of the 'Whore'. A check was laid here, teasing and inviting the FRBs to climb to break.

This check was broken on the flats on the left, but the trail was not connected which led to the middle back spending some 15 mins to break it again. From there on, the papers led on a different route.

Tsunami nearly lost a shoe when she jumped over the shiggy and Peter Fong will remember jumping right into waist deep murky water. Night had fallen and it was dark but some good quality paper kept the back pack on the proper trail.

Civilisation was reached at the factories site where Big John Lee had runsited his last run. The home trail was a 3km long dusty road where the runners had the heavy traffic for company. The back pack was out at around 8.30pm. The hare rewarded everyone with this forehead sweatband.
Forehead Sweatband freebie by the hare

On On onsite - pre packed santan rice with sambal and chicken. Membership application by Billy Kok and Emay approved.

Next Run: No 752 Date: 15/12/2007 Occasion: Christmas Run Venue: Sri Hanikoh Off Jalan Kacau

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

World HHH Directory

HLH4 page on World Hash House Harriers Directory

HLH4 Logo and current information upated in the directory of the World Hash House Harriers.

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Monday, December 03, 2007

Rehashed 20071201

Run: 750 Hare: Alice 'Bumble Bee' Chua Venue: Sg Long Sub-cons: Abraham and Roger

Our Harriets going in

Only about 20-25 members turned up for this run at Sg Long, a place which seem to be competing for popularity with Bandar Tech.

The trail took the usual path on the right through the rubber reaching the 1st check rather quickly. This was broken way up the hill on the left. Climbing for some ten minutes brought the back pack to a clearing on the hilltop and the 2nd check. But where's the connecting trail? Not connected!!! Waranti and Farah went further up looking for paper while Charlie tried connecting the trail which was finally found on the right.

Another short climb and then looped down. The trail just played around this hill ending at the new housing construction site for a long dusty road home trail. The FRBs were out within the hour and the pack back led by Charlie out at around 7.30pm, somewhat at the same time as those who chickened out and had backtracked.

On On onsite with food prepared by the hare.

Next Run: No 751 Date: 08/12/2007 Hare: Abraham Wong Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang

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