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21 July 2018

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Rehashed 20070526

Hare: Karu Venue: Beranang

About 30 members turned up. The trail was mainly on flats with good running paths through oil palm, rubber and a potato farm but hampered by missing, wet and torn paper. Apparently the hare, co-hared by a foreigner, laid the trail the previous evening. The showers the day before and earlier in the afternoon caused the poor paper trail.
An interesting point was the sighting of a 'python' half way up the sole 2 minute climb of the run. With all due respect to the 'python', some members made a detour while the others braved the short climb. All were out by 7.20pm.

ON On onsite with the hare's home cooked 'chapati', chicken and mutton.

Run Trail on GE Back pack leaving the potato farm

Next Run: No 724 Date: 02/06/2007 Hare: Roger Gay Venue: Sunway Semenyih

The 'Python' on ...

... the trail

'Python' on the trail'
'Python on the trail'

The head and tail of this 'Python' was not seen. The 'python' also did not move an inch even when Cha Cha poked it with a stick. The 'python' was not petrified but some members certainly were.


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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Eve's Apple

We have seen here and here why Eve was tempted to taste Adam's apple. But ever wondered why Adam was tempted? Could this possibly ...
... be the reason?
Eve's Apple
want more? then click on picture.


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Monday, May 21, 2007

Rehashed 20070519

Hare: Ben 'thebandit' Venue: Gasing Hill

The dark skies that threatened a fierce storm and the Chelsea/MU match could have kept some members away as only about 25 members turned up for this run. The trail led down on some clear paths and then swung left and led to a junction, where the FRBs found the paper going both directions ( it was later heard that Mount Kiara was also running here and had crossed over to this trail). They decided on the trail on the right which led up to the watch tower. From there, the papers took them down the trail to the stream.
A back check midway down and the check just before the stream slowed the FRBs but not enough for the back pack to catch up. Check broken along the stream on the left and led up onto the medal road and headed towards the kampong and another check at the junction to the watertank. This was quickly broken on the road leading to the watertank.
The papers then led into the jungle to what was thought to be the path down to leeches and for another climb up. But instead, the papers looped left and back to the metal road for this short cicular. Soon the papers were reconnected and led up to the watertank and up to the temple and back home. ABC and Munster were out in 50 mins and the rest about 15 mins later.
On ON onsite catered by Thangga.

Next Run: 723 Date: 26/05/2007 Hare: Karu Venue: Beranang ( just at or after Kesuma Lakes, look for HLH4 signs, most probably on the right if coming from Kajang/Semenyih)

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Two-timing Hasher

Cockscrew Chin, a seasoned Kacang HHH (KH3) member, regularly visits his friend Joe Tham to persuade him to go hashing. On one such visit, Cockscrew was greeted by Joe's wife as he was not home yet. The sight of this woman in a sexy outfit turned Cockscrew on.
Joe's wife: "You like what you see"
Cockscrew: "Sure wan"
"will cost you 100 dollar"
"No poplem"
"Ok you come Flyday afternoon when my Lohkong (husband) go site visit"
So Friday afternoon, Cockscrew turned up at Joe's home. He had a good time and managed to leave just before Joe returned home.
Joe to his wife: "Did Cockscrew come by this afternoon"
Wife (surprised): "Eh why, yes, he came"
"Did he give you $100?"
The wife now stunned, hesitated and then thinking that he had found out replied: "Eh yes yes, he did give me 100 dollar"
"Good" says Joe.

... "Cockscrew came by my office this morning and borrowed $100 from me.
He said that he would stop by our house on his way home and pay me back."


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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Rehashed 20070512

Hare: Ramesh Venue: Putrajaya Alamanda

A good one hour run at this long forgotten area. A newbie and some guests thought they were smart by going in late. Luckily they managed to come out by 9 pm.
On On onsite catered by Thangga.

Next Run: No 722 Date: 19/05/2007 Hare: Ben the bandit Venue: Gasing Hill, Petaling Jaya (tower site) found somewhere ...

Gasing Hill GE map

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Lazy Hasher

One Saturday afternoon, the Kacang HHH hasher had just returned home from an appointment with a prospective business client. He was tired and did not feel up to it for hashing that evening.
As he lazed about in the house, the phone rang and the hasher answered the phone.

He just listened and then said "how the heck do I know... I live 40 miles from the ocean!" and he slamed the phone down.

His wife who was sitting nearby asked what that was all about.

And the hasher replied ...

"oh some idiot wants to know if the coast is clear."


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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Rehashed 20070505

Hare: Ricky Chua Venue: Kajang Utama
A very good turnout on this extremely hot afternoon. A good run around lakes and a golf course and with just one short climb. All were out in good time with Song Lau guiding the stragglers out around 8 pm. It was so hot that evening, the PISS allocation was all consumed in no time.
The hare finally agreed to adopt the name 'Ricky Ular (snake)'.
On On onsite catered by Thangga.

Next Run: No 721 Date: 12/05/2007 Hare: Ramesh Venue: Putrajaya Alamanda (go in to Putrajaya by the entrance opposite Hospital Serdang and look for HLH4 signs)

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Rehashed 20070428

Hare: Mr Kilat Thomas Venue: Dengkil
About 30 members managed to find their way to this new runsite in Dengkil. Most got screwed up at a check and had turn back.
On On Onsite.
Next Run: No 720 Date: 05/05/2007 Hare: Ricky Chua Venue: Kajang Utama - can be found somewhere ...

... here

Kajang Utama Google Earth map

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