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21 July 2018

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Monday, July 30, 2007


1957 - 2007

Thangga joined Hululangat Hash in June 2002 and had been a regular since then. He always wore a joyous face at the runs. No one had ever heard him complaining about a run and no matter how difficult a run was, Thangga always completed it.

He was chap ever ready to help out, whether it was just to bring along a table for the On On or to drive his car upfront so we could tap into his car battery for our lighting. Members will remember the many times he cooked and supplied the delicious food we enjoyed at the ON ON.

Beerman duties which Thangga took over this month, prevented him from going in for past three runs. So when the Rotation Run gave him an opportunity to run, he pushed himself and completed the run in good time.

On Sunday 29/07/2007, there was a cause for Thangga to have a small celebration, but he did not feel up to it. So he bought a round for his friends and went home. He felt uneasy the whole night and could not sleep. Then at about 1.30am the next morning, Thangga collapsed in his home. He passed on while being transported to the hospital.

Thangga leaves behind his wife and three young children.

May He Rest in Peace

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Rehashed 20070728

Occassion: 6th Annual Rotation Run Hosted by Kajang H3 Venue: Broga

It was just a one hill 40 min run and all were out in good time for the food, beer and fun.

Pictures of HLH4 members enjoying can be viewed through You Tube below or can be downloaded from Picasa Web Albums.

Next Run: No 733 Date: 04/08/2007 Hare: Lester ABC Venue: Shooting Range Sg Jelok (Lester ABC has promised to be a live hare.)

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

6th Rotation Run

The 6th Annual Rotation Run will be held

Date: Saturday 28 July 2007
Time: 5.30pm
Venue: Broga, Semenyih
Hosts: Kajang Hash House Harriers

The previous runs were hosted by ...

2002 - Cheras Hash House Harriers & Harriets
2003 - Kajang Hash House Harriers
2004 - Mount Kiara Hash House Harriers & Harriets
2005 - Hulu Langat Hash House Harriers & Harriets
2006 - Cheras Hash House Harriers & Harriets

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Rehashed 20070721

Hare: Susie Phang Venue: Sg Long

Hare at the start The last run here was run in the rain and this time it was expected to be the same as the rain was playing havoc in the Klang valley the whole afternoon. But surprisingly, it stayed fine throughout the run and the ON ON.

The runs at Sg Long are always up down up down, From the road, the paper trail led Going up 1st hillinto the rubber and down to the ravine to give the hashers a good longer warm up climb of the 1st hill. But about 4 FRBs, instead of following the trail down to the ravine, climbed up straight to the 1st check.

From there, the paper took the pack to the right and to the 2nd check. But while the FRBs managed to break this check quite quickly, the trail was not properly connected. This led to the others going on a wild goose chase on a dead trail. Dead end
Apparently the sub-con hares could not bash through the thick undergrowth up the hill and decided to turn back and climb another trail to lay the 3rd check. However, they failed to appropriately disconnect the dead trail.

Nevertheless. all were out in good time to receive a pack of shower gel, courtesy of the scheduled hare.
On On onsite - supposedly bicycleman stuff.
The talk after the run ...

Next Run: Run No 732 Date: 28/07/2007 Occassion: Rotation Run hosted by Kajang H3 Venue: Broga Time: 5.30pm

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Conniving Hasher

Texan Boots

A young couple from Forth Worth Texas while honeymooning in Malaysia went for a run with the Kacang HHH (KH3) for a take of the countryside. Eyeing the pretty woman, Cockscrew Chin accompanied them as they were very slow walking in their boots (pic on right).

Soon they were far behind and Cockscrew told the couple that he will climb up a tree to see how the trail went so they could shortcut. From the top of the tree, Cockscrew yelled to the couple below, "Stop making love down there!"
"What's the matter with you?" the husband asked after Cockscrew came down. "We weren't making love."
"Sorry," said Cockscrew. "From up there, it sure looked like you were."

Every couple of 100 metres after that, Cockscrew would scale a tree and yell the same thing.
Finally, Cockscrew managed to convince the husband to climb up to see for himself. With great difficulty, the Texan made his way to the top and clung on to a branch there.
Meanwhile, his wife and Cockscrew were soon embracing passionately. "That's amazing!" the hasher from Texas mused as he looked down. ...

... "It does look like they're making love!"


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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rehashed 20070714

Hare: Wai Goh 'Viagra' Venue: Sg Tangkas

Looking for trail
About 48 members and 10 guests turned up on this hot afternoon in support of Viagra's virgin run but, as Viagra was nursing an injury, the run was set by the same two who set the previous run at Bandar Tech. These two are on their way to becoming 'Professional' co-hares.
Elsie coming downWaiting for check to be broken

It was a fairly good run with a few moderate climbs and some well placed checks which took some time to break. As this run trail was in the vicinity of the Bandar On Call on the leftTech 'whole', the co-hares pulled the pack up to the top where the last check was laid. On their way up GM and a committee member were stopped for a while (pic below left). GM and Rachel 'stealing' mangosteensThe check was broken way down on the right but with some wankers calling ON ON when they were not on the correct paper caused the trail to be incorrectly connected. This resulted in a longer home run and Rocky fuming when he was out last at around 7.45pm.

On On onsite with dinner waiting for the tired hashers. Sea food porridgePre-ceremony food was
served as supper after the ceremonies. With the non stop flow of the golden piss, the party continued way past 2am. Pictures of the triple On at the site can be viewed at the side bar or here at PicasaWeb .

Hare OnDown


Hare in the circle

Next Run: No 731 Date: 21/07/2007 Hare: Susie Phang Venue: Sg Long

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Butt Slap

It's always OK at a hash ...

... but may not be acceptable in an office

moral: "When a women talks, LISTEN, don't wank"


On On ...

Monday, July 09, 2007

Rehashed 20070707

The Hares, Bast and kiki Occassion: AGM R*n Venue: Bandar Tech

While most were attending weddings and other events marking the once in a century 070707, a good many HLH4 members and guests gathered at Bandar Tech for a good r*n, some good beer, some good food and some more good beer.
At Bandar Tech it is difficult to vary the trail much to sexcite the FRBs and more so when the previous r*n was also held here and even more so when another chapter, KH3, was also r*nning in this area that evening. Nonetheless, the hares (pic above left) did a very fine job (fully paid for with the golden Piss) in setting a good r*n, avoiding the KH3 trail which was laid earlier.
Many would have thought that an AGM r*n would be kept short, but weren't they disappointed. It was a 7 checks r*n and a visit to the 'whore' where most got screwed. The well laid trail kept the pack together despite the many SCBs. First out in 1hr 20 mins.

It was the day of our Annual General Meeting and also the day Announcing election results to elect the arseholes who will further screw up our hashing lives. Our former favorite mistery whip who is on long leave came down to help us with the erections. Some from the old Comm were retained, but a new hole takes over as Jointmistress and one asst pole promoted as Inter OnSex. The New lineup is shown in the sidebar.

The old and new committees were onDowned (somehow or rather the committee members get to drink more beer), ShowerFunTime freebies given to members and then the partying started. Throw in some singing and some nonsense. Add in an erection (caused by an Indon ?). Spiced up by lots of humor and good cheer, the celebrations continued into the wee hours of the morning.
Thangga took over duties as the Beerman.

Outgoing Committee
New Committee
Married 15 years and going 2 B married?
Mambau Guests Song Time

Next R*n: No 730 Date: 14/07/2007 Hare: 'Viagra' Wai Goh Venue: Sg Tangkas

On On

On On ...

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Beer On Tap

07/07/07 is a notable date for HLH4 and EVERYthing concerns BEER.

First - Annual General Meeting - to comply with gomen regulations and an excuse to drink more beer.

Second - some blokes want to be elected/re-elected - so THEY can drink even more beer.

Third - outgoing Dishonorable Committee wants to give away a momento (off course spending OUR money) - something to enjoy drinking more beer with.

Forth - to consider the beerman's proposal to serve beer direct from the barrel. He suggests we get this ...

PISS from the barrel


On On ...

Monday, July 02, 2007

Rehashed 20070630

Hare: 'Rat Tail' Raymond Venue: Bandar Tech

Close to 60 members and guests gathered on this fine evening for the run. The FRBs were made to cumm twice with the Bandar Tech 'whore'. Some had enough of this 'whore' so they just wanked all the way home. All in all a good run on the very hot evening. Gary was out first in 1hr 33 mins followed closely by William 'Kelamkabut' who appeared to be wearing a red bra.
On On onsite catered by a 'bicycleman'. Non-stop flow of the Golden PISS with a little vodka.
Our Hash Flash who is recovering from knee 'surgery' limped up for the down down, so some decent ...

... pictures

Anson & Stanley signing in late hare being thanked

Circle Some of the Guests

Circle Beerman last call

The Punishments of the evening - all in a row
The Punishments

Next Run: No 729 Date: 07/07/2007 Occassion: AGM Run Venue: Bandar Tech


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