25th Anniversary Run

21 July 2018

Thank You



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Friday, December 31, 2010

Rehashed20101225 Short Circuit

Run: 910 Hare: Short Circuit Venue: Jalan Reko Cohares: ...

It was a cloudy Christmas day with a small group for the run.

The reality was that the run has been ‘instructed’ to be short but it was too short that the runners came in walking after 35mins!

Short Circuit was quick to set up the makan stall with roast ducks, fried noodles, vaddey, curry puffs and watermelon while Chickadee was sponsoring some tasty banana leaf pre-packed nasi lemak.

Circle was conducted short and sweet.

Santa Themed HLH4 Logo

OnOn was held at JPS Jit's house.

(Scribe and pix collage by Nohair)

Next Run: No 911 Date: 01/01/2011 Hare: Fong Siew Venue: Asbadi Quarry Mantin

(Regret Run stie loaitocn cluod not be avedsid in tmie. It is NOT taht the Hrae has not ifnmoerd. It is end of the yaer Mah, no bdoy wkors enhtiustasilcaly. The wembatesr who is wrtiing tihs afetr mnay mnay beres, bievlevs the OnSex has too much of "Eimal" on his mnid.

The Hrae has plneand a spiceal jnoit run wtih the caheptr wehre he is the GM. It is expceetd to be a BIG do. Msot lkiely the rnustie wluod be smorwehee naer Mnaitn twon. Clal the Hrae, or soomene esle wohm you konw is not durnk yet and who wlil gvie you the ceorrct drietcoins.

If you hvae been albe to raed all tihs, tehn you hvae not had enuogh beres, cmoe for Fong Siew's Run and get psised for the strat of the New Yaer

Updated 31/12/10: Directions - Make your way to Kajang and head south as to Semenyih. Take the LEKAS Highway from south of Kajang to head towards Pajam/Mantin/Seremban. Exit Mantin and after toll booths, a set of traffic lights - set trip meter to 0. Turn right and onto the Mantin-Seremban trunk road, at Km 6.5 turn right towards Kampung Raya/Kampung Sungai Raya.

On On ...

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Rehashed 20101218 Lee Hoon Kong

Run: 909 Hare: Lee Hoon Kong Venue: Bandar Technology Cohares: Bulldozer, Angel

The run was at Bandar Tech, how different can it be from other runs in this area. Well, the first three going in hit a different trail and had to do a DIY. Then, a small group including one with a 'troublesome' knee tried a shortcut and came out after the the back pack.

FROPs were out in 1hr 20mins, a few seconds before the DIY trio.

On On at Ah Wai's cafe.

Some scribe in video.

Next Run: No 910Date: 25/12/2010Hare:Short Circuit Venue:Nadayu Jalan Reko

On On ...

Friday, December 17, 2010

Rehashed 20101211 Micheal

Run: 908 Hare: Micheal Venue: Kinrara Cohares: ...

(No run report or pix - Holiday season - lah Saved by No Hair again - better late than never)

The run started with a walk on the yet to complete road and cut through the fences downhill towards the river. The trail was muddy and was greeted with some mumbles. We finally got into some thicker growths and No Hair was walking off paper on a path while the pack complained and Bulldozer was heard calling out “Dei, follow paper lah! Not follow people!”.

Kelam Kabut and guest Diam-Diam were on trail leading up a slippery slope while the rest was waiting in line for their turn. King Kong was about to queue and Diam-Diam was heard calling “Checking!!!”. Warranti was quick and ran back to where No Hair was to break the check. It was a climb that had guests Chap Mai and Ah Soon and Micheal gasping for air.

Upon reaching a clearing, the trail went on right and downhill instead of following the trail straight up. The runners came back up to the trail to meet Blood Donor, JPS and Micheal (SCBs) coming out of the 2nd check. Still continuing on the uphill trail, the check was broken. Finally, at the top junction, the 3rd check was broken easily towards a trail on the left. The remnants of Mother Hash papers got No Hair thinking that it was another grueling run following last 2 weeks’ run in Mother.

The trail brought the pack down, up and down again for a few cycles that almost everyone lost count on the hill climbs and downs but finally after crossing a creek the runners knew it was close but with a last hurdle, high climb to exit into the clearcuts just after the run site.

The hashers came in one after the other except for Angel, Kong and KFC that turned back. Most completed the run which had JPS drenched in sweat and Song Lau singing too. Hare Michael’s comment before the run was, “here? Where got hills?”, came back exhausted with Blood Donor. Tangki Air, Yee, Suck It were back huffing and puffing while Meow and Kwee Wong came in later.

Kiki was back earlier after went on trail late with Kilat and Short Circuit. Kilat was out but Short Circuit was not, so were GM King Kong and a guest, MC Chan. The 3 got back around 9pm!

Good weather FROP 1hr20mins

(scribe & pix collages by No Hair)

Next Run: No 909 Date: 18/12/2010 Hare: Lee Hoon Kong Venue: Bandar Technoloy Kajang

On On ...

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Rehashed 20101204 JPS

Run: 907 Hare: JPS Venue: Jalan Kajang-Dengkil Cohares: Short Circuit

The drizzling stopped just a few hours before the run and everyone was jumping for joy! We were late after getting ready and further waited for another late comer as the InTrail papers were messed by someone.

The run started with a walk uphill into the OP and the first check was connected without picking up paper towards the check on the opposite direction. We were hot on the scent and headed on to get the back pack and finally heard them on the opposite hill doing a check.

We finally caught up with the back pack and I sped on to get the runners. The last check with a back check got me chasing the front with only minutes away and they were hiding their tails, fearing a big bite. We got back on the home trail for a good lengthy run.

Just as we were enjoying the night, it rained throughout the night!

The makan was good - nasi beriyani gam by Black Maria Catering Services, no singing due to the rain but everyone hung around to chat and bullshit till the beers ran out!

(scribe and pix by No Hair)

Next Run: No 908 Date: 11/12/2010 Hare: Micheal Venue: Taman Damai Utama Kinrara
Directions to Taman Damai Utama, Kinrara:
=>>> make your way to Lebuhraya Bukit Jalil (the one in front of ASTRO) after race course
=>> from there, ASTRO on your right, left to Sri Kembangan and at the back the race course's roundabout
=>> set trip meter to "0" in front of ASTRO entrance
=> go straight pass junction to Bukit Jalil Sports Complex & Teknologi Park Malaysia
=> go straight in all the traffic junctions
=> slow down when you see Giant Supermarket sign, lookout for hash signs
=> trip meter Km 6.25, see big golf ball, follow left fork and make a left turn
=> trip meter Km 6.97 traffic lights, go straight
=> trip meter Km 8.21, golf club entrance, go straight
=> trip meter Km 9.35 junction (see big and high sign Taman Damai Utama), TURN RIGHT
=> go straight till end of road (see water reservior/tangki air)

On On ...

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Rehashed20101127 Long John Silver

Run: 906 Hare: Long John Silver Venue: Broga Cohares: Kiki, Cowlin, Sunny

Hare Long John

As the hashers arrived at the runsite, the sky opend up for a heavy downpour. Parking was on the roadside to give way for the trucks going to the chicken farm.Luckily the rain stopped just before OnOn was called. In trail led along the road for about 500m, then turned off to the left following a trail into the rubber plantation where the first check was laid.

Dipstick, NoHair and some hashers went checking in the rubber, but could not find the paper, no thanks to the heavy rain which either washed away the paper or rendered it not visible. Finally OnOn was called at the back going down a slope into a muddy area and again paper could not be found. After some more confusion, Chickadee and Silent Dragon were already planning to find their own way, when finally Kelam Kabut found the paper leading to the right.

The trail then took the runners into the bushes, across a small stream and went up the hill. A check here was quickly broken on the left and from there it was a more or less a steady climb (or should I say crawl) up until the grassy area and then right to the hilltop.

It was almost dark when the trail went up to the second and then the third hill where another check was waiting. Dipstick moved on to the 3rd hill but the check was broken somewhere on the second hill down to the left, into the bushes and soon hit an extremely slippery concrete trail which left many hashers skidding and falling on their way down.

It took some time to descend and get on to the flat trail to the parking area. First runner out in 2:05, last runner out about 20 minutes later was Dipstick, mumbling: “too dark to run…”.

(Scribed by Joachim)

(Webmaster's note: Knowing Bandit's 'fondness' for hills, we asked him to let us have his thoughts of the run and he sent the following. Some words, phrases had to be peeped)

Despite the heavy rain where visibility was reduced to just two cars ahead, managed to get to the runsite just as the last few were going in (some think I purposely come late to avoid a climb). Caught up with the back pack at the 1st check which was still not broken. Tried a back check and found torn paper leading down to the rentice where Kelam Kabut was calling the wayward harriets back to the correct trail.

As the girls came up, one of them asked me "can you sound the horn louder and longer?". Seeing my puzzled face, she continued "Billy No Hair, he did not come yet." (the picture on the right, the harriet calling out for her beau.)

Ganodema As the papers took us under canopy, our 'environmentalist' friend, Kelam Kabut, stopped to admire something and then he called out if I had a camera. So I obliged and took the pix on the left for him. Yeah, that is not something one sees often.

Ok, about the run, the first hill okay, 2nd hill a crawl but 'boleh tahan', 3rd hill, #@$*%&#, 4th hill, grrrrr &*$*@#%$@#, 5th hill neeeah meh #@%&%, 6th hill, 7th hill, nak mampus. When you thought that would have been the end, the 'bukit botak' standing majestically beckoned in the twilight

The descend was equally torturous and slow but managed to reach base camp around 8.30pm.

((Webmaster's note: For Bandit, one climb was equivalent to 3 hills; one hilltop and two foothills.)

Next Run: No 907 Date: 04/12/2010Hare: JPS Jit Venue: JPJ Jalan Kajang-Dengkil

(From Kajang, go along Jalan Reko. Past Sg Tangkas. Past University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). Go straight, just after nuclear/atomic center which is at a sharp corner, turn right at the next junction. Go underpass the KL-Seremban Plus Highway and travel about a km and look for HLH4 signs on your right.)

On On ...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Rehashed20101120 Rocky

Run: 905 Hare: Rocky Venue: Sri Haneco Cohares: Guitarman, ...

Next Run: No 906 Date: 27/11/2010 Hare: Long John Silver Venue: Broga

(Drive along road to Broga. Just after Nothingham U, look for HLH4 signs on your left.)

On On ...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rehashed 20101113 Chong Kok Man

Run: 904 Hare: Chong Kok Man Venue: Bukit Hatamas Cheras Cohares: Abraham,RatTail

On down whisky Arrived early at the runsite following HLH4 signs pointing to the right. Saw Farah, Silent Dragon and Amelia with Guat Ling waiting in the car. OnOn was called at 6:05 after some confusion ON where the in-paper was to be found. Lester finally pointed about 500 meters further down the tarmac road to the left towards the link houses.

The pack strolled towards the in-trail and moved up the hill. It was a steady climb up, only interrupted by a forward check, which was quickly broken by the FROPs. The climb continued all the way up to the top, costing its tribute to some of the hashers. Dr. Ballcracker’s balls were not big enough during the run, he turned back with some of the “no balls”.

After about 45 min, the top was reached, a check to the left was broken and the trail went downhill to the right. Soon it became dark already. There was some confusion at the next check, which took about 15 min to break. Guitarman was cursing “where is the f….ing paper…”. Some hashers used torchlights to look for the paper, while Yee Mai using hers to desperately check herself for leeches (somebody should tell her that there are no leeches in Bukit Hatamas….)

Finally OnOn was called and the pack descended while it was pitch-dark. Song Lau had a fall and could not get up for a while. Dipstick then began complaining that he would have to spent RM100 or so on flower arrangement for his funeral. Luckily Song Lau made it and the pack continued downhill. A last check was broken to the right and from there it was an easy way out to the parking area ……

But what surprise…the beer wagon had moved to the other side where the in-trail was. Monster had his car keys with him and drove over to get the box with the car keys.

First runner Kelam Kabut out in 1:55, the rest who completed the run in 2:05.

Bandit as expected showed up slightly late. When he heard calls” On-up..” he went from the in-trail straight to the out trail and checked the time whether the beer could be broken already.

Long John commented the run as “slightly below his standard” and used the 5oo metre tarmac to the beer wagon to make it up to his standard.

It seems a new standard was introduced for the circle, which was extremely short, no hash-whip to be seen and guests not greeted properly by hashers.

Iced: The hare for a “slightly f…ed up run” and Farah with Warrenti for parking at the wrong site.

(scribed by Joachim)

Circle Collage

Next Run: No 905 Date: 20/11/2010 Hare: Rocky Venue: Sri Haneco

On On ...

Monday, November 08, 2010

Rehashed20101106 Gary

Run: 903 Hare: Gary Leong Venue: Shooting Range Sg Jelok SubCon Hares: Lester ABC, Chong Kok Man

Lester ABC who was roped in to set the run, once again volunteered to be a live hare. Going in together with Chong Kok Man, they had a fifteen minute head start.

At sharp 6, the runners were let loose. The trail took the right at the fork which led to a very early check. It was a back check to slow down the FROPS. Then came the long and arduous first climb. From the top the papers led down the other side, passed the 'Hut' and went up for a short circular which took the back pack for a ride as it was not disconnected.

After that the front pack was 'lost' as they could not be seen or even heard as they continued the chase to catch the hare. The back pack meanwhile kept pace with the slowest walker until just after the U turn where a climb awaited.

As darkness fell, the climb took its toll on our harriet who had rejoined our kennel after undergoing a major op and before having fully recuperated. With BloodDonor and Ah Hooi keeping company and encouraging her, she slowly descended.

As they were coming down, they saw below what looked like a rescue party but on reaching them or rather the rescue party coming up, the rescue party turned out to be a search party instead.

Apparently, two guests had some cow sense to off paper but then found some common sense to call for help. But before help reached, they somehow or rather managed to get back on paper and was descending when the search party reached them

By 8.30pm all were out. The FROP was out in 55 mins, just 5 mins after the hares.

On On at Viagra cafe where the scheduled hare of the day was opening a food stall.

Next Run: No 904 Date: 13/11/2010 Hare: Chong Kok Man Venue: Bukit Hatamas Cheras

On On ...

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rehashed20101030 Deepavali

Run: 902 Occasion: Deepavali Run 2010 Venue: Emville Kg Sg Buah Hares: ...

We arrived with ample time to get prepared but due to chit-chats here and there I got to wear my shoes only at 6pm. Monster was running up and down to look for the paper while Blood Donor was on the other end doing the same thing. Finally, Monster got on to the trail on the tarmac for start.

It was about a kilometer on the road round to get back on track to the tunnels. The pack thought it would be a change from the last but the first check after the tunnels got the middle pack to search for a back check. True enough, Show Time called the pack and off we went towards the OP. Zig-zagging round the first hill and passed it the pack got on to the 2nd check near the highway.

Thinking of a forward, the few runners searched in vain while the middle pack broke it to be tricked into a falsie. Song Lau was quick and ran into the true trail. Kelam Kabut and Cock Pain whizzed pass and an uphill slowed them down, further a slippery down hill had them even slower.

Weird calls of the wild were heard – monkeys, ducks, chickens and birds! Through the bushes and a cross over some shaggy areas, the pack was treated to a slippery uphill. Kelam Kabut ran too fast to spot a sharp turn uphill had Show Time in front blocking them as he was ‘negotiating’ a slippery climb that took him ages to get on!

From the hill top, Rocky was seen walking on a different direction away from the paper and later the front pack knew what he was doing. A check was just by the clearcuts and a back check was called to get on back. A run downhill till a clearing for a scenic view of the run site and it was only to get on the home trail.

The FROP was reported to be back at 7pm, me Mrs told me she was back at 7:10pm while I was around 7:30pm! Cock Pain was heard to have said a good run while Guitarman said the same while alighting his car!

Pre dinner food was served with BBQ chicken and fish that were delights as the queue for seconds was long.

HLH4 Deepavali celebrants for the fantastic do;
All Deepavali celebrants for the additional stuff for the fantastic do;
CowLin - sang the national anthem correctly.

Guitarman - same as last week, did not have the urge to run;
Short Circuit - didn't know where next week's run is and can't make out who Winnie Jenny is;
Bulldozer & Aru - did not wear the freebies that they gave out;
JPS - sat behind the box's line;
No Hair - litter bug;
Patrick - wore his shirt inside out;
Jacko - sang the national anthem wrongly;
On The Way - worked from morning till night, 8 days a week, 362 days a year!
Tai Ma - male director of the night;
KFC - female director of the night.

Birthday Boy - Matahari

First time guests:
Margarita - brought by Patrick, liked Big Mike very much but refused Small Mike when GM introduced them;
Mr X - part of Deepavali celebrants.

Other guests:
Other than the Deepavali celebrants;
Mambau H4 gang of 4;

Food on site by Festive Caterers, thanks to the few that contributed more beers (Vicky, MambauH4, Deepavali celebrants, Carlsberg Mktg), Guitarman was able to have brought some musicals to site!

(scribed by No Hair)

Next Run: No 903 Date: 07/11/2010 Hare: Gary Venue: Shooting Range Sg Jelok

On On ...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rehashed 20101023 KingKong & Charlie

Run: 901 Hare: King Kong & Charlie Venue: Bandar Technology SubCons: No Hair, Yee Mai, Buldozer

Despite the rain in the late afternoon and the heavy drizzle during the run, a good number went in. But they certainly did not bargain for a heavy warm up after the 'sweet kiss'. Their shoes would have weighed at least 6 kilos, no thanks to the clearing.

No Hair puts the blame on one of our members for 'Buldozing' our running area.

The runners cursed a second time, well, the home trail was through the same shit. Again shoes carrying 6 kilos of mud back to runsite.

How was the run? The run was in Bandar Tech. How different could it be from the numerous time we had run here.

We got No Hair back in action - there were no celebration runs elsewhere - to give us what he could recall.

1. One of 2 hare was OnDown-ed ( Chickadee was on hand to hand out the freebies while King Kong was downing 2 bottles of whiskey in another dinner);
2. Chickadee was on ice for not wearing their hand outs.
3. Bulldozer was iced for the muddy trails as he was blamed to have bulldozed the running areas till flat.

4. Deepavali Run OC, Matahari, was OnDown-ed for the enthusiastic showed for the cuming run.
5. Guitarman was running towards the beer wagon after alighting from his car and commented "A good run!" in his slippers!
6. HLH4 would be losing some members for a few months - Elsie 'The Beautiful' Pusher will be to Dubai and Song Lau will be in C-bai.

7. Guitarman was blamed for leaving half bottle of beer unattended while Jo escaped.
8. Elsie Pusher was OnDowned again by OnCash for paying her subs till end of 2011!
9. Miow2 and Matahari was iced a little while as ABC took the ice alone - they were lack in marking in/out.

10. Dr Ballcracker came back to be iced after a dinner in a neatly ironed pair of slacks.
11. Ice Cooleng was iced for commenting about the rain and the hare - stingy?
12. No Hair was iced for asking the crowd to sit nearer for him to peep on cleavages.

13. Bruise Lee left his water carrier last week for the Whip to pick up after him.
14. Song Lau led the ladies to shortcut on trail and stated to the runners not on paper while he coincidently got on paper.
15. Ice Cooleng was iced again for greedily wanting more of the 888 Run stickers.

16. Cha Cha was absent minded and mistakenly stating wrong MantinH4's treasure hunt date and event.
17. Munster was iced as he got a whistled at by Bangla while bathing!
18. The birthday boys (on 22 Oct) were serenaded while another (actual date) was in Sarawak.

OnOn on site with Star Caterer's scrumptious makan.

(scribed by No Hair)
(pix by EM)

Next Run: No 902 Date: 30/10/2010 Occasion: Deepavali Run Venue: Emville Kg Sg Buah

On On ...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rehashed20101016 Amelia

Run: 900 Hare: Amelia Venue: Sri Kembangan SubCon: Munster

The Hare Amelia

No run reports in yet.

OnSex still missing in action celebrating other chapters' celebrations.

Amelia could not go in with a bandaged knee.

Guat Ling who also made it up to view the Mulu Pinnacles could only manage half the run. Oh forgot, she came late but still went in.

Heard about a nice park up the hill. No one wants to describe it.

Heard two new boots. No one is telling.

Still waiting for run report to come in. Aiya, why so slow?

Long John, Lester ABC, Bulldozer, Kilat and Short Circuit had to be cooled down! No one is talking.

What did Chickadee announce on the box? No seems to have heard.

Why does Hash Flash send pictures without captions? Tak mau cakap lebih.

Where was the On On? Amelia could not tell.

Have to publish this now, before next weeks's report comes in.

Next Run: No 901 Date: 23/10/2010 Occasion: Mid Autumn Hare: King Kong, Chickedee Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang

On On ...

Mulu Pinnacles

Amelia and Guat Ling displaying HLH4 logo at the view point of the Mulu Pinnacles

Myself and Guat Ling have achieved the challenge up to the Pinnacles. HLH4 bannner was proudly displayed at the summit. It was tough and very dangerous but very challenging.

Each and every one of our steps must be very firm and had to be very careful where we placed them, could not afford to fall. Climbing up 15 ladders during the last 300m, Crossing over the gap in between the mountains by just a slim iron bar.

It was raining the night before until 3 am, it was wet and slippery, we only spent 1/2 an hour at the summit because the mist came and it started to rain, it rained throughout our way down.

The distance was only 2.4 km and 1750 m high but it took us 4 hours to go up and 6 hours to come down.

Some pictures of our memorable challenge.


On On ...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Run20101009 Guitarman

Run: 899 Hare: Guitarman Venue: Sri Haneco Cohare: Kilat Thomas

 The hare Guitarman About 30 hashers turned up for the run on a cloudy afternoon. OnOn was called at 6 pm sharp. The pack slowly went up towards the fishing ponds to the right, where immediately a first check was set.

It was a backcheck, broken by Kelam Kabut. The trail was laid at the “usual out-trail” at tarmac and later lead up to the right, a steady gentle slope at first. At some fork the trail went left and soon to the second check which also turned out to be a backcheck.

Broken quickly, the trail went further up the hill, a falsie to the right and followed by a steep climb uphill which pulled the pack apart. Charlie showed his gentle attitude extending his hand to pull some harriets up at difficult steep slopes. Even the Pusher was pulled this time.

Reaching almost the top and turning left, the 3rd check created some confusion. Winnie Jenny broke the forward check and moved on, like wise did the second front runner, neither waiting for the following pack nor connecting the trail. So the pack had to go checking again, not realizing the check was already broken.

Abraham and myself went checking far to the right until we finally heard OnOn and run back to the left. Now at the end of the pack, we ran into Kelam Kabut looking out for Winnie Jenny, not knowing that she had broken the check already.

Running further and later uphill at the top, the area opened up for a beautiful view down. The trial led down zigzagging the slope. After passing a small water pond Bandit came up, doing a reverse run. Him, being known for disliking hills, used the foul excuse of arriving slightly late to the runsite as a reason to walk up on the comfortable out-trail.

From there on it was an easy run all the way down trail back to the tarmac at the fishing ponds. First runner Kelam Kabut out at 7:10, last runners out about 7:30.

OnOn was on –site with Nasi Lemak, Chicken and spicy Sotong.

New boot Josephine or Joey as she prefers, was officially welcomed.

(scribed by Joachim)

Next Run: No 900 Date: 16/10/2010 Hare: (No Hash Name) Amelia Venue: Sri Kembangan

(directions to runsite: Get to the Petronas station in Sri Kembangan. Go further up to a traffic lights junction and LOOK out the HLH4 sign to turn right. Then follow all HLH4 signs to runsite)

On On ...

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Rehashed20101002 Kwang

Run: 898 Virgin Hare: Kwang Venue: Mahkota Cheras Cohare: Silent Dragon

The hare and co hare with On sex

Though this would be the third time HLH4 was running here, for this scribe, it was the first. The Google map approximated 18 mins for the 15km journey. I thought, for once I could be early, so left just before half past five. Well I did not bargain for the very slow traffic on Jalan Cheras nor did I expect the jam at the Bandar Tun Hussein Onn interchange to be that bad.

Driving slow while looking out for non existent hash signs, I managed to arrive at about 6.15pm. Some hashers were still hanging around, but by the time I had put on my shoes, they were gone leaving just Farah to mind the cars and keys. The beer wagon had yet to come.

Both the last two runs here were set by Silent Dragon and the reviews were not favorable to me. This run too was to be set by him. But then Farah said "Don't worry, its ok here. I ran here the last time". So I gave her my keys and went in and while still on tarmac, met the hares coming out. Silent Dragon said "Easy run" followed by Kwang saying "For you, 45 mins". Does anyone ever believe the hare?

Getting off tarmac, I caught some hashers in the distance going under canopy, so I headed towards them, ignoring the trail that went left to the 1st check. Was with the back pack now, so far so good. Caught up with the middle pack at the 2nd check. A short 2 min climb through bamboo. That was easy.

Meandering through on flats, came across 'traffic warden' Charlie, guiding the runners to the correct trail before he scooted off backwards. The trial he directed hashers to turned out to be a flooded path. There was no escaping except by way of Charlie's method - turning back and I was tempted to, until I caught sight of KFC up in front, wallowing happily through the 'stream'.

The 3rd check break took us to the foothills. So now the dreaded part. But, surprisingly, it was a gentle slope which was inviting the hashers to come up. This should not be too bad, I thought. Midway through, the 20 degree gentleness grew to a somewhat 40 degree slope.

As I was struggling up, I heard someone calling me. I answered and the person asked, "You got water ahh?". With an affirmative answer, I prodded on up thinking, how nice HLH4 members were, being concerned for me, knowing that I did not like hills. The harriet down below called again and said "wait wait, I want water". Oh, she wants water, so I slowed my pace, allowing me to get some much needed rest.

A while later, KFC, came up. She accepted a swig from my bottle before continuing up. I waited for Heny Soo, who came up a few minutes later and gratefully downed a couple of gulps. Before Heny continued her climb, she said that Angel too did not have water. Angel did not look too good when she came up and accepted some water.

A short while later as we were slowly going up, I heard another call, "Bandit Bandit wait". I was sure, Lester ABC did want some water, anyway I slowed down. Soon three young guests came up and said "Oh itu orang pengsan". Certainly, that could not be our Pengsan down there. He would have competed the run by now. So I asked our guests who were below and they said "tiga orang, satu perumpuan".

Lester ABC was slowly pulling TnG while Suck It was restraining her from falling backwards. From then on it was a painfully slow climb in the darkness. ABC and Suck It took turns to piggyback TnG up some sections till the top.

It was also a slow walk down hill along the loose sandy path by the quarry site. Though we were on clear laterite roads, it was torturous to look for the paper trail, especially at the many junctions. The few more checks thrown in along the way home made it worse. It was difficult to look for white paper on these roads in the darkness.

Towards, the end, No Hair came in a pick-up with refreshments. He had to wait for the last few who made a wrong turn and ended down to a check that was not disconnected, all of whom had to cramp in the pick-up for the short ride to reach home just about nine.

Circle was kept a wee bit shorter as the On On was to be at a restaurant nearby. As soon the circle ended, it poured.

Wildman paid us a visit. Some first time guests refused to hold the TOO at the welcome and for this the other guest who brought them was iced for the inviting under aged.

(scribed by Bandit - a long write up to torture everyone as how he felt tortured by the run)

Next Run: No 899 Date: 09/10/2010 Hare: Guitarman Venue: Sri Haneco

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Friday, October 01, 2010


Josephine Joey

Member since October 2010

On On ...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Rehashed 20100925 Touch N Go

Run: 897 Hare: Yenny Touch & Go Venue: Kesuma Lakes Cohares: Song Lau, JPS, Viagra, Richard

The Hare Touch N Go

The traffic from Cheras to Semenyih was extremely bad today. But managed to escape the bad jam at Jalan Semenyih by using the Lekas highway. Anyway still late to the runsite at Kesuma Lake by 5 minutes. Many of the hashers were late due to the traffic jam.

The run started on the tar road toward the water tank and climbing up into the oil palm plantation, running along the high tention tower. There were no steep hills and most of the time we were running around in the oil palm plantation.

The hashers took some time to break the last check which was on the right. From then on it was a straight home run. The FRB was out in about 55 mins while seasoned Rocky completed the very wet run about 40 mins later.

The hares later said that, as they were laying the 1st check, the skies opened up to let go a torrential downpour. Remembering the last run here, where the trail papers got washed away, they decided to tone down the run.

The generous hare gave away a pair of "What do your call it?" "Tights?" (update 02/10/2010: the webmaster has just been informed that its called 'stockings'. Need to excuse his ignorance, being a bachelor and all.) Whatever, but it was only for the harriets. Maybe she knows that some of our guys do not wear underwear. Our Hash Flash managed to secretly snap a model, must be a guest, wearing the freebie at the circle (see pix below and, No, a tampon was not in the freebie package).

Well, for the guys, she gave a 'sarong', yellow and black or yellow and red. No pictures though, as no one was seen wearing it at the circle.

Josephine came for her second trial, before she decides to join us.

On On onsite

TnG freeB for Harriets

Next Run: No 898 Date: 02/10/2010 Virgin Hare: Kwang Venue: Mahkota Cheras

(PS: Oh by the way, the 'sarong' freebie mentioned above is "Sarong Kaki" NOT any other type of sarong. If the guys were also given the 'tights', imagine the picture if you click On On below)

cycling shorts

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rehashed20100918 Cowlin

Run: 896 Hare: Cowlin Venue: Broga Nott. U Cohares: ...

..... Updated 24/09/2010 .....

The run site at Broga behind a chicken farm was easy to find with good signage (We have not been running at this run site for quite some time since Dip Stick's run some years ago). About 20 over hashers turned up for the run with about half of them being guests. Some of the regular members did not turn up as they were at the wedding dinner of one of our hasher's friend.

The run started straight forward on a track and turned left to a hut for the first check. The pack spent more than 20 minutes checking but was unable to break the check. It needed the co-hare to direct the hashers to break the first check on the left on top of some rubber plantation.

From then it was all the way up to the top of the hill. Some of the hashers did not follow the trail (perhaps did not hear the On Call) and moved straight forward to the top. From there it was down hill toward some durian plantations. Then there were two steep hills infront waitng for the hashiers.

The home run followed the high tention tower towards some rubber trees down hill to a stream. By the time the last pack reached the rubber plantation, it was total darkness and we needed torchlights to guide us through. By the time we reached the home trail open track, the hare was waiting with a pick up truck for the hashers. Some of the hashiers climb onto the truck while two of us followed the track home.

 Freebie Shorts by Cowlin The last pack of 8 hashiers and guests reached the runsite at 8.45 p.m. The first runner was out at 8.00 p.m. At the same time it started to rain. This evening's run more than compensated the short run lst week. KFC commented that she will not run in this runsite again !!!

Circle started later when the rain stopped with Lester ABC on the box(the on-sec was missing). There were 9 first timer guests and the hare give away a pair of stricking shorts ot everyone for the tough run.

It started to rain again when dinner was served. On On was on site with the Hare's popular Ipoh Salted Chicken Rich. Most of the hashers left early due to the rain.

(scribed by Blood Donor)

Next Run: No 897 Date: 25/09/2010 Hare: Touch n Go Venue: Kesuma Lakes

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rehashed 20100911 Khoo Kongsi

Run: 895 Hare: Khoo Kongsi Venue: Bukit Besi Cohares: ..

This week too, no run report. We seem to be slackening.

(Updated 17/09/2010)

It was raining in Kajang but the weather was fine at the runsite - Bukit Besi. About 20 plus hashers and guests turned up for the run. Quite a number of our members were at Mount Kiara Celebration run in Selayang that evening.

The runsite was at the bungalow lots at the top of the hill. The run started on the right and took the hashers straight to the rocky side of the mountain and all the way up to the transmission station at the top of the mountain with the three checks easily broken.

From the top it was all the way down to the runsite. A straight forward run with only one climb. The front runners, Kalam Kabut and Lester ABC were out in about 50 minutes while this Scribe managed a 4th placing.

Feeling unsatisfied with the short run, both of them went in for a second round which just took them 30 minutes to complete. Three harriets did not go in for the run for fear of a strenuous climb, instead did a jog around the new houses on the left. It turned out that they took longer complete than those who went i for the run.

It was nice to see SAGOH back from Dubai for Hari Raya leave joining us for the run but due to short of running at Dubai, he turned back halfway after feeling very tired.

There were four first timer guests without hash T-shirt and the hare was iced for not providing them with hash t-shirts. The circle which was conducted by the ex-assistant ON Sec Lester ABC, finished early at 8.45pm. We then adjourned to a rstaurant at Taman Midah for the On On.

The hare compensated the short run with a sumptuous meal of prawn, snow crab, pomfret and seafoods porridge to name a few. Later on some of the hashers from the celebration run also joined in for some drinks until mid-night.

(scribed by Blood Donor)

Next Run: No 896 Date: 18/9/2010 Hare: Cowlin Venue: Broga Near Nothingham U

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Rehashed20100904 AGM

Run: 894 Occasion: 17th AGM Venue: Kesuma Lakes SubCon hares: Song Lau, Guitarman

Who were elected Local Festivities are joyous occasions which are welcomed by most all, including hashizens of Hashdom but these holidays are frowned upon by some corporations who view the celebrations and holidays as unproductive. These corporations only look at $$$, their bottom line.

Its the same with our website management, however, the webmaster's bottom line is the deadline. Someone had promised to scribe our AGM run, but as at publishing time, the scribe report has not been received.

There were quite a number of guests at our AGM run, most of whom had come in specially to scrutinize our elections. Maybe, for a change, we could invite a guest to write the run report.

No, it cannot be Joline, who checked our website, took a train, called our GM, took a cab and then waited at Kesuma Lakes entrance for a Bulldozer to bring her in to experience and relish The HLH4 hashing fellowship, even though for no make-ups, ... she did not run.

How about SMC, who has been hugging the Kajang H3 OnSex post for some ten years? This is an open invitation to SMC, to write a hashort report of the run. You may email us your scribe and it will be appended here, in this post, unedited.

Meanwhile, while we wait for SMC to get sober and hopefully recall sarcastically/comically our run last week, please note the members of the our Mismanagement Team (they are ones named in the picture above, just in case you did not notice) for the new term who are anxiously waiting to further screw up our hashing lives.

Next Run: No 895 Date: 11/09/2010 Hare: Khoo Kongsi Venue: Bukit Besi

On On ...

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Rehashed 20100828 Bumble Bee

Run: 893 Hare: Alice Bumble Bee Venue: Bukit Hatamas SubCon: Munster

The Hare Bumble Bee

The beerman had still not arrived when the run started. It was heard later that he had gone to Kesuma Lakes, probably to supply beer for our AGM next week. So Dipstick took responsibility for the safe keeping of the hashers' car keys.

Bandit did not hand over his keys saying he will have to come out early to audit the accounts. At this runsite, Bandit will always have an excuse not complete the trail course.

The papers led from the usual carpark into the usual in-trail, where it led down and then up for the 1st climb. The trail went up, taking the right at the 1st fork and continued across the middle path to the 1st check. As Bandit was last, he went on the right and found paper going into the under growth and called On ON a short while later.

He kept following the trail through bushes while sounding the horn right up to the 2nd check. But no one followed. All the fast runners, the middle runners and the walkers took the clean, well trodden path. The front runners even reached the On paper of the 2nd check without reaching the check.

The papers took the path on the right just after the stream. This went up and and up before turning left and down for a circular which enlisted some cursing from the back pack. So climb again and just reaching level 3, the trail swung left and up to another check.

A forward check? A back check? Ahh, a falsie. But no one could break it, so all made their way down, passing the tokong, crossing the stream and back through the in-trail. Farah and Bandit coming out last at around 7.50pm.

On On onsite - Fried Bee/Beehoon with chicken Bumble curry.

Next Run: No 894 Date: 04/09/2010 Ocassion: 17th AGM Venue: Kesuma Lakes

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