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21 July 2018

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Rehashed 20081227

Run: 806 Hare: William KelamKabut Venue: Commonwealth Park Rawang Co-hares: ...

Hare Kelam Kabut Ondown 19 members and 3 guests turned up for the run, with what expected to be a low turn out became better as most are caught in traffic congestions. Also, some 'natives' (monkeys) showed up trying to 'grab some freebies' as Shopping Queen later revealed to salute the hare.

Run started by usual 'biggest shot', OnCash Silent Dragon at 6 with Cat jumping all about requesting to pay guest fees later after the run to check out if the run's worth in terms of discount.

All were on the trail that took the first hill climb on the right that was a little slippery and concerns of the little sucking buggers. From the top, the paper trail led downhill with some 'slip and slide' fun followed by a steep climb that changed the fun mood into growls, the hare had some good laughs on this.

It was after this climb that had everyone on some flat trails for a timely 'rest' before ascending to some rubber estate followed by a short climb with a checking laid on top for all to view the nice scenery of Rawang town. Having finished with the ultra short rest, the front runners broke the check with what seemed to be a home trail but was 'hello-d' by a few lorry mechanics upon reaching their 'work yard' and passing through to find another climb to a small hill followed by another climb to a bigger hill and finally on the downhill home traill.

It was no easy downhill as the trail have not been used for some time and slippery cement steps had everyone on a cautious mode with '4X4' engaged. At the bottom, reaching the well kept garden/river/camp site area, all were on the tarmac road for about 1.5km to run site. Front runner home in 55mins and last in/out in about 2hrs.

Circle was kept short for it was a 'long way from home' but with some fun with the ice:

William 'Kelam Kabut' - can't answer why there were traffic congestions; Ricky 'Ular' - by chance found the restaurant for On-On even before the run starts, over shot the turn in to run site due to small signage, a bit hungry as well;
Viagra and Siau - taking sweet time to shower;
Cat - demanding guest fee discount again;
Shopping Queen - non-starter;
Tsunami and Gigi Putih - asking HashBard to move the box so that she could sit nicely in place behind beau's 4X4;
and ... (Blackout - still celebrating Christmas.)

On-On was in a restaurant further up run site : W&W Restaurant, Jalan Rawang; hare was 'on-downed' for a good run and good food. (scribed by No Hair)

Next Run: No 807 Date: 03/01/2007 Occassion: Committee Run Venue: Km 2.7 Jalan Hulu Langat (About 2.7km from Pekan 9 Police station along Jalan Hulu Langat,look out for HLH4 directional signs on your right.)

Kelam Kabut on Ice Kelam Kabut and Ricky Ular on Ice
Viagra and Ah Siaw on Ice Circle, Ice Cooling in foreground
Cat on Ice Hash Whip Minster in action
Tsunami and Gigi Putuh on Ice Guest with Santa cap on Ice

On On ...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Rehashed 20081220

Run: 805 Occasion: Christmas Run Venue: Sri Haneco SubCons: Guitarman, KikiLala
Santa Themed HLH4 Logo More then 40 members and guests turned up to celebrate Christmas the Hulu Langat H4 way.

The run was the usual trail past the fishing ponds. Then a slow walk up the hill. The 2nd check pulled the FROPs to the top before it was broken lower down on the left. Another short climb before the descend through the rubber.

It was down all the way and out through the usual home trail. The FRBs were out before the hour. A couple of members felt it was way too short for them, so they did another round on the same trail.

Freebie - beach towel.

On On onsite with kichap koli (chicken), mutton pretal, achar (pickles) and sponsored steamed chicken.

Next Run: No 806 Date: 27/12/2008 Hare: William KelamKabut Venue: Commonwealth Park (head towards Rawang town along Jalan Ipoh. After Selanyang, near Templer's Park, you will pass a Shell petrol station on your right. Drive towards Rawang and about 2.2km, from Shell station, look out of HLH4 signs on your left)

Click On On to view 2 YouTube video clips of the evening.

On On ...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rehashed 20081213

Run: 804 Hare: Miaw Miaw Venue: Bandar Tech SubCons: Pengsan, KelamKabut

Hare - Miaw Miaw Run started with the usual run in trail and towards the left side of the hill to palm oil replanting area. Crossing through the 'usual out trail' and downhill a check was laid but was broken easily by Munster which he made the sense of it by running west ward.

A small up hill and down brought the front runners into rubber estate with a check and some 'kena' a falsie straight down hill and up before it was broken by KikiLala on the right small trail with a little climb where guest Kaher Singh said ' .....a good workout going up and down, definitely a crowd pleaser!'.

It was that this trail leads to the cows' grazing area with the 'cowboy gates' and 'doing the whore from the back'. It was all the way uphill - the hare had used the 'whore' as a circular check, from the top down but turned towards the hill's in trail that had 'front runners cursing with a smile' as most back runners went up the hill as well.

It was broken to the right side of the 'whore' on a trail leading uphill and then down towards a construction site with 'lari ikut sana, bang!' gang pointing towards the palm oil estate hill. It was a very short climb and a long gradual down hill reaching some flats in Taman Harmoni with a short run on the road that leads towards the palm oil plantation hill opposite run site.

It was not finished yet as the hare took all for one last hill before a brief run on home trail. FROP in 1hr 15mins and last in was less than 2hrs. Some light food and some kiddy chews were provided - meehoon, eggs, 'Mamee', 'PoPo' muruku....

Alice 'Bumble Bee' - saying '...no beer already, ah?' when circle started, when there's lots;
Pengsan (co-hare) - some confusing paper;
Charlie 'Chickadee' - few handphone calls;
JPS Jit - 'BeeSingh'
Susie 'Shopping Queen' - not singing on-downs;
Alice 'Bumble Bee' - <>;
JPS + American Sam - 'BeeSingh';
Monster - barking;
Pengsan - left shoes behind;
Randy Andy - long time no see;

Announcement by: 'Bill Collector' (Hash Cash) - '..pay up your subs before instructions go out for 'splashing red paint' or 'lost tyres'...' ; Christmas Run OC announced the do next week.

On-On in Zhuan Kee or 'Monkey' Restaurant - all commended the food, 'seal of approval' good food, 2 thumbs up for a 'hash-sit-down-dinner'. (scribed by No Hair)

Next Run: 805 Date: 20/12/2008 Occassion: Christmas Run Venue: Sri Haneco (off Jalan Sungei Lallang, Semenyih)

Circle Hare and Co-Hares On Down
Icings of the evening Circle

On On ...

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Rehashed 20081206

Run: 803 Hare: Cha Cha Venue: Taman Tasik Semenyih Co-hares: ...

There could have been an unannounced celebration somewhere with or without a run OR maybe the word 'Broga' was too daunting for some. So only about 23 members had to guess, curse and figure out the location of the runsite. The hare had used a couple of the HLH4 trail papers instead of directional signs.

Silent Dragon, the Senior and being senior most on site, called On On a little past six at the insistence of some. The papers led along the road past veggie farms and oil palm and right up to the foot of the hill that is usually attacked from the Sri Haneco side. A short hop and skip brought the FROPs to the first check. 

While NoHair gathered the papers to connect, Kelam Kabut and Pengsan went checking up the hill. The others went straight on along the road where trail papers were found. As these papers were just 5 metres from the check, OnOn was not sounded. 

The OnOn was finally called at the veggie farm just after the goat shed. The trail then snaked along the lower slopes for some distance before the swinging right for the climb. The papers led up on a "not so taxing" climb. The 2nd check was on hilltop which was broken on the left.

From the top, it was a slightly slippery trail down all the way to the flats for the home trail through the housing on metal road. The back pack was out by 7.30pm.

On On at a restaurant in Semenyih.

PS. As the weather was cool before the run, some had the opportunity to warm-up like ... (click On On below

... this.

Next Run: No 804 Date: 13/12/2008 Hare: Miaw Miaw Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang

On On ...

Monday, December 01, 2008

Rehashed 20081129

Run: 802 Hare: Ramesh 'On the Way' Venue: Putrajaya Co-hares: ...

the Hare - On the Way (Scribe report Cumms sooner than later)

Quite a number of our 'Batangs' got pulled to Broga for the celebration run by Kajang Batang H3. The usual 'quick to jump' for celebration runs 'lubangs' being 'Unmentionables' at any batang do had to just sulk. So only about 20 including some 4 guests turned up at the runsite at Putrajaya.

The weather was fine. The run started by crossing the bridge to the other side of the river and all the way going up a hill and down to a rocky open area. Before reaching the bottom a left turn took the hashiers to another hill. From the hill down to some kampong houses, crossed the river and back to the run site.

A few hashers lost their way, ending up in Alamanda & IOI and had to take a detour before turning back.

On on onsite and thanks to the hare for the T-shirt freebie. (scribed by Blood Donor)

... and some pix courtesy of JPS.

Next Run: No 803 Date: 06/12/2008 Hare: Cha Cha Venue: Taman Tasik Semenyih (along the road to Broga)

On On ...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Rehashed 20081122

Run: 801 Hare: Raymond RatTail Venue: Shooting Range Sg Jelok Co-hares: ...

A good crowd showed up in support of the hare with 32 members and 7 guests. The run started on time and was towards 'the usual HLH4 in trail' by the highway.

It was a 10mins walk up the first hill before ascending a little then up again before coming to a check on top of the hill. It was broken on the trail on top of the hill with a good running distance with a gradual down slope till reaching the durian orchard.

A cross over the small creek and then a short steep climb on the right of the 'house' and followed with another run that was a big circular check coming back to the 'house' and a trail that was known to be a home trail but it was still early.

It was this that had all the FROPs looking for the 'scent' towards the hills forward but in vain. It was then that some hashers decided to take the known trail that they broke the check. It was a 10mins run to run site and FROP in 53mins.

Rat Tail - an experienced and senior hasher for setting a short run;
B Chai - smoking during the run in;
Dipstick (multiple icings) - not singing the on-down song, Medan and fun 'incidents';
Guitarman - holding tool-of-office in right hand, announcing run#801 to be in Bdr Tek;
Elsie - 'room' fussy incident in Medan;
Ricky Ular - '2-5' not valid with a misled charge;
Richard - not introducing a guest that he brought;
Viagra - 'contracting' a run contractor that set a f***ed up run last week;
Henny So - for 'stealing' a banana to be used as tool-of-office in Betong;
Doug - hearing On-Box calling Dipstick 'No Sing' instead of not singing.

First time guest: Angel - was quite impressed with HLH4 tool-of-office

Announcement: Christmas Run OC said that pledges from members for the run have started and those who would like to, can look up JPS or Guitarman.

On-On on site by Fat Cat Catering Services and lots to drink. (scribed by NoHair)

Next Run: No 802 Date: 29/11/2008 Hare: "On the Way" Ramesh Venue: Putrajaya (same site as the this hare's last run. Look out HLH4 signs after Serdang Hospital)

On On ...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Rehashed 20081115

Run: 800 Hare: Ah Wai 'Viagra' Venue: Bukit Angkat (and at Betong) SubCon: Cock Pain

The Hare Viagra The hare enlisted Cock Pain as SubCon to set the run locally at Bukit Angkat for an expected turn up of 10 while he led a group to Betong for a viagra enhanced cross border run. Another group of HLH4 members went to Medan for the HORAS do. Despite these two events outstation, some 15 members and guests turned up.

It was a 'live hare' challenge as taunted by Cock Pain who went in to lay the trial some 20mins before the start. Jointmistress Winnie Jenny had the pleasure of calling ON ON to start the chase. The usual HLH4 FROPs were really hot on the trail.

It was a quick run in but was caught with a check and falsie which was broken by Gary on the road in the double storey houses. From here it led to another check under the power lines. Surprisingly the earlier checks were easily broken but the check just after the flats by the rubbish dump took a bit longer to break.

Cat went uphill next to the flats and yelled it a falsie yelled. This caused some FRBs to run up and down searching for the 'smell'. Soon the On On call was heard to connect to the trail that Cat found to be a falsie. ...curses...

The trail then led to a clearing with some deep ground crevices that had hashers jumping like rabbits before going in to some thick bushes on trail towards the 'summit'. Going down from this 'summit', led to another check which was a back check broken by Munster who kept yelling for some good 5 mins even though the pack was hot just behind him.

From the bottom, the trail then led up to a very bushy hill where another check was laid. It was a whole hill for HLH4, with everyone running all over the hill to find the 'smell' but failed. Having failed to break this check, the hashers regrouped at the check point where a decision was made to turn back on paper. All were out to the runsite by 7:20pm. Only ABC was 'home' by doing his own run.

Iced: Cock Pain for setting a run where nobody finished;
Warrenti for siting like a director;
Cock Pain for laying the 5th check with connecting paper too far off;
Jesminder for not teaching his guest to mark out;
Cock Pain (again) for no reason, just to ice him for the run;
Warrenti again for 2nd oscar director;
KikiLala for not showing up to lend Cock Pain 'a leg';
Pengsan for being like an assistant director;
Cat for asking for guest fee refund;
Winnie Jenny and Kelam Kabut for 'uniform' as a pair;
Silent Dragon for 'nothing to announce' but off box asking to pay subs;
No Hair (by Winnie Jenny) for scribing last week's guest Sam Kok Poon as from MambauH4 when in fact he was from SepangH4; (Carried forward icing of Abraham for the try of giving a joke.

This week's comics/jokes were mostly from Cock Pain.

On-On onsite with Cock Pain's seafood noodle soup. (report by No hair)

Next Run: No 801 Date: 22/11/208 Hare: Raymond RatTail Venue: Shooting Range Sg Jelok

Live hare Iced circle
Iced Cock Pain Circle
Cooled Cat Iced Jeswinder
Iced Kiki Iced Boria couple - in uniform

And for the Viagra induced run at Betong ... only in pictures ...

On On ...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rehashed 20081108

Run: 799 Occassion: Deepavali Run Venue: Bandar Tech Sub-Cons: Abraham, RatTail, Mr Kilat

The runsite was moved to the site near the factories as PJ Animales had runsited their Triangular Run at our usual parking near the shoplots.

Run started at 6pm amidst all the Deepavali celebrants busily preparing the 'tis and tat'. Crowd swelled up to a sizable number which prompted Long John to comment that this looked like a joint run celebration.

A short walk through the neighbourhood terrace houses before going up for a short climb through the rubber with some members still yaking away about the later on food and chikungunya issues.

There was some confusion with On On calls at the checks due to the On On calls by the Animales. Some trails overlapped each other but with each chapter going in opposite directions. This allowed many hashers to exchange salutations and for the Animales goggle at our 'Unmentionables'.

Cumming at 'the whore' from the back caught some offguard, specially Matahari's guests, who were gasping for air. Even our back pack darlings overtook them. Around here too some of our usual FROPs, who got screwed at the first check, could do some overtaking. Cumming down from 'the whore' had some front runners doing the circular before clashing with the Animales again.

The HLH4 On On call up the palm oil hill just before the cow shed seduced some Animales to follow the HLH4 scent. The hares laid an interesting trail down hill, thereafter to the palm oil estate furthest to Bandar Tech, an area which had been skipped for quite some time. Front runners were caught in a check going to the left up a small rubber hill. No Hair broke this check on the right side on top of palm oil hill.

A run down hill through another rubber estate before coming to the palm oil estate roads and hills. Then another up hill on the dragon fruit farm and from the top cutting into the rubber and home trail.

As light faded earlier, it was heartening to go downhill in the dark before hitting the road at the back of the water tank factory. A short walk led back to the runsite.

Three of Matahari's guests and 2 from Sunday Hash were not out even though the slow wanking back pack was out. The 2 Sunday fellas ended up at the Animales' run site, drinking and enjoying some roast lamb before realising something amiss when they were missing some 'ladies'. So they sneaked out and walked all the way to HLH4 runsite, some 3km away. The last 3 'came home' a few mins before 8pm.

New tool-of-office (TOO) was presented - 'thicker' and 'better looking' and 'much real'. Hash Bard and Hash Butler were presented with new aprons, which looked good on them.

On-Downed: OC Matahari for the good do, sub-cons Abraham, Rat Tail and Mr Kilat for setting the good run.

On-Ice: Peter for mis'english' for the song 'why was he born so beautiful';
Big John, Bulldozer & Kau Lin for banyak bising and KPC;
B-Chai wearing given freebie his style (back to front);
Cock Pain for wronged another 2-5; Sam Kok Pun (mambauH4) for misintepreting;
Sang Wat for requesting Song Lau to speak in tamil when On-Box;
No Hair for punishing Peter instead of teaching him;
Guest Malai Chai for calling On-On but did not wait till the next hasher arrive; Guest Sampu for sitting cross-legged like a director in front of Song Lau;

Long John Silver entertained all with jokes during the Icings.

On On onsite: Deepavali caterer as arranged by Matahari with curries, dhal, chutney, idli, toshai and deepavali goodies. Lots of beers and more thosais. Food was 'sapu habis' and 'kering'.

Songs by Guitarman and Song Lau with MambauH4, MantinH4 and guests singing along the night away till near 12mn. (reports by No Hair)

Next Run: No 800 Date: 15/11/2008 Hare: Ah Wai 'Viagra' Venue: Betong (for those who registered AND Paid) and Bukit Angkat Sg Chua (for those who did not register and or pay)

On On ...


Colin 'Cowlin'

Member since October 2008

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Member since June 2008

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Rehashed 20081101

Run: 798 Hare: Karu Venue: Beranang Industrial Estate Co-hares: ...

About 30 members turned up for the run.

The run started at the usual in trail near the road next to the factory. Someone commented that this run looked like an anniversary of the hare's last run here which could mean the same trail.

True enough the trial took us through some residential areas and into the oil palm estate. The trial then went up a small hill and out to the sweet potato farm. From there, a long road run in the industrial area back to the run site.

A difference from the last run in this area was the absence of any talk of seeing a "python" on the trail.

On on onsite with Karu's home cooked food of Putumayan, chapati, curry chicken and wild boar.

As both on-sec and GM were not around, our 1st adviser Song Lau took the box with a new tool of office which was flown in from the Philippines by our GM. This new tool though shorter than the usual one which was carved by Samerican, was very much bigger in size.

After the circle, members had the opportunity to view some pix of the 11th Philippines Nash Hash courtesy of Tsunami with her notebook. As the weekly beer ration ran out fast, a triple on was called to Ah Wai shop. (scribed by Blood donor)

Next Run: No 799 Date: 08/11/2008 Occassion: Deepavali Run Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang (the usual runsite by shop lots)

On On ...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rehashed 20081025

Run: 797 Hare: Bandit Venue: Bukit Gasing Co-hare: Samerican

The hare Bandit Run started on time even though there were a few who just arrived and were putting on their shoes. There were 7 guests who showed up in support of the hare and 'runsite near where i live' hashers.

It was usual that Cock Pain led the pack through the Hindu temple on top of the hill and down hill at the back. The papers led down and then turned left uphill where the 1st check was laid. This was a backcheck and broken way down.

The trail led on flats along the fringe of the jungle/rubber and to the 2nd check. The papers leading straight on led to a falsie. It was finally broken, a back check that led to some confusion and unheard ON ON calls. The back pack was about to turn back but somehow managed to connect to the true trail which led to a long and almost steep climb that ended at the top of the hill.

The 3rd check was laid on the right and which was broken on the left along the connecting ridge before going down a medium steep slope. It was later realised that everyone had to do a short steep climb leading to the 4th check just before the tarred road.

Rather suprisingly, JPS managed to get to be in front of the back pack.

It was then a paperless run downhill till the junction. where Warrenti and Randy Andy were taken for a 'ride' on a falsie to the right. Experienced Blood Donor, with the back pack tagging along, took the wiser option of turning left at the junction.

There were no papers on trail till quite some distance until No Hair found them and the trail turned right and into the jungle. It then led downhill to meet up with the stream. From then on it was a slow walk uphill to the run site, with some cursing and gasping for fresh air.

All were out in good time with the FRBs finishing in about 1hr 10mins. However, none of these FRBs, Gary, ABC, Cock Pain, Kelam Kabut and Warrenti, owned up to be the 1st out on paper.

Circle was a bit 'pasar malam' as the box was looking for the culprit who did not connect paper correctly which caused the 5 FRBs having a 'verbal push about' among themselves.

The hare was iced for not laying HLH4 papers all the way and using a triangular cut 'HLH5' paper. Song Lau was iced for 'not correctly teaching his student bard' Peter.

Guitarman was iced for asking the run number of the Deepavali run when he knew the following run, Viagra's, was #800 and was a week later [800-1=799, also dunno]. No Hair for not making a charge sternly as taught by Randy Andy the mystery whip.

Song Lau announced that the Broga temple committee has banned hashers from parking/running in that area. This, as a result of some undisciplined and irresponsible members of some hash chapters running there who walk around/shower naked or wearing just underwear only. Littering and leaving behind beer bottles\cans, food containers after the On On was also a cause. Hashers who damage fruit trees of the many orchards found in that area are a bane to the farmers.
A large banner targeting the hashers have been put up. It was also heard that the Broga temple/residents have enlisted the help of the police to enforce the ban.
This is the second area in recent times, after Sunway Semenyih, where the hashers have been banned from.

On-On onsite: catered by 'Bandit and Sam Curry House' (scribed by NoHair)

Next Run: No 798 Date: 01/11/2008 Hare: Karu Venue: Beranang Industrial Estate. (Drive to Semenyih town. From traffic lights near police station, drive towards Mantin/Seremban and count trafiic lights. At 5th traffic lights, turn right and drive about 1.5km. Look out HLH4 signs)

Circle Circle
Mystery Hash Whip Randy Andy Punishing No Hair
The Pissing Ular (Snake) Iced babies

On On ...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rehashed 20081018

Run: 796 Hare: Farah Venue: Bukit Hatamas Cheras Co-hare: Warrenti

First there was the 11th Philippines Nash Hash on and these few made it there to down down the San Miguel and maybe to check out the Nash Hash sponsors. Who would resist joints with names like Tender Touch, Lollipop, AngelWitch etc.

Then there was Batu Pahat H3 celebrating their 30th Any Versary. Those in the pix below went down south for this run.

So only about 15 members turned up to climb the 'Ah Pek' hill at Wangsa Cheras. Only a few finished the run on paper as the 'In' and 'Out' trails were too close to each other for comfort.

Dipstick came out on the 'In' trail papers whereas Silent Dragon and Munster were out on the correct 'Out' trail.

On On onsite - Farah's Famous Curry. (conveyed by NoHair as reported by Abraham)

Next Run: No 797 Date: 25/10/208 Hare: Bandit Venue: Bukit Gasing (Tower site)

HLH4 members at the Batu Pahat H3 30th bash.

HLH4 members at BP H3 30th Any Run HLH4 members at BP H3 30th Any Run

On On ...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Bukit Kiara - Chikungunya

There have been a few reports of some hashers coming down with Chikungunya after running in Bukit Kiara.

The reports were mostly by members of Mother Hash who ran in that area with the KL Harriets recently.

Our member, Bandit, who planned to set his run at Bukit Kiara also came down with an unexplained illness 4 days after he did a recce in that area. Only after hearing of reports by Mother hash, did he realise that the symptoms of his illness were similar to that of chikungunya.

Bandit is recovering, but the poor soul appears to be religiously following one doctor's advise to him to stop drinking beer, apparently on a diagnosis of "too much water retention". Is it not a sin to ask a hasher to stop drinking beer?

Due to this Chikungunya scare, Bandit, also being a victim, has agreed to move the runsite for his run on 25/10/2008 from Bukit Kiara to Bukit Gasing.

There should be a general advisory that Klang Valley hash chapters avoid Bukit Kiara for some time. Those joggers from Taman Tun should also be advised to note and take precautions.

On On ...

Rehashed 20081011

Run: 795 Hare: Thomas Mr Kilat Venue: Bandar Tech Co-hares: JPS, RatTail

Hare Mr Kilat A good turn out with about 40 members and guests.

On-On was called on time by Long John Silver but all the members headed towards the usual in trail to find no paper there. The in trail was laid just opposite the run site.

A good few did not use the laid in trail and ran in till they hit the paper whcih went up a small hill to a circular check before going 'skin deep' in Taman Harmoni flats. Going up a small hill turning towards the palm oil/orchard side the check was laid to the west side further down the other side of Taman Harmoni.

A check a laid up a hill where, intending to SCB, 'Song' Lau broke the check on road leading to durian orchard. The 'Bandar Tech Whore' was attacked from behind but was not 'satisfied' as the papers led only half way up. It then cut cross in the middle to end up downhill towards the cow shed and another check.

Cock Pain found paper but kept quiet, to 'confirm' the trail by running uphill before calling out. Upon reaching the top, the home trail on palm oil estate was longer than usual which provided some runners a good 'stretch out'.

Jessie, the Ass-On-Cash gave a scare as she went in late and all alone. She was 'lost' on paper in Taman Harmoni. Refusing to hop on the bike after asking some direction from 'a few Indonesians', she took the long way home via the factory lots in Taman Mega.

The hare Mr Kilat handed out freebies, a T-shirt, to all and prayed a lot for the drizzle to a stop just before the circle.

New Boot Collin 'ISA' : YeeMai - for refusing to let No Hair check in trail paper when driving to run site; Rocky for being accused of calling 'On-On' when not paper; Song Lau for finding paper while SCBing; guest Dorai for leaving smelly T-shirt somewhere; No Hair for another no brainer, forgetting to announce the next run before handing box to advisor; Cock Pain for not calling when finding paper; Long John Silver for calling On-On at the start of run but did not know where paper trail was.

Welcomed new boot Colin 'KauLin' - a hashman who found HLH4 comfortable to be his new home. (scribed by NoHair)

Next Run: No 796 Date: 18/10/2008 Hare: Farah Venue: Bukit Hatamas Cheras (Awana)

Circle Circle
Rocky protesting on Ice Guest On Down
New Boot Welcome OnDown Icings of the evening

On On ...