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21 July 2018

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Rehashed 20100220 Silent Dragon

Run: 866 Hare: Silent Dragon Venue: Mahkota Cheras Cohares: No Hair, ...

The Hare Silent Dragon

I helped set the run comment: we started at 2:30pm with the sun above our head with no clouds seen around the area. A walk on the tarmac for about 15mins before the 1st check that should be broken with a back check going uphill.

The 2nd check was at the top of the first climb, also should be broken with a back check by going up hill. It was climb and climb, we were so much in it that we missed the down path for a easier climb up but we had to really bash through some thick and thorny bushes before we finally reached the top and found not the intended trail through.

Wasted some good time and we were really sweating from head to toe and the sun was waiting for us, we were exhausted!. We finally had to back track and leaving the laid paper as the 3rd check, which should be broken with another back check to the left slope-y walk before reaching the intended track.

We finally reached the 'sand bed' flats and rested with hydrating using golden fluids. We continued after a good short rest and into the jungle canopy for some cool shade. It was downhill all the way till the flat ground orchards and the suspension bridge to set the 4th check, a back check with a falsie should be found.

It was then all the way back towards the run site by going down a small hill and climbing back up a small hill and a longer steep climb before reaching the last hill slope for the walk home by the water tank hill slopes.

Silent Dragon was exhausted as like I've never seen him like that and with Tyson and Ben (both BananaH4 members) also longing for some sitting time.

Starting the run was chaos as the agreed time should be at 5:30 BUT Banana H4 started at 5 and we at the agreed time. Their GM was screwed later by their hare. The FROP Dipstick and Warranti) were 1hr25mins and the last before 8pm (Farah, Blood Donor).

Guitarman - multiple time for his 'non-hash t-shirt';
Reject - complained too much drinking during CNY and resoted to drink 100+;
KikiLala - gave wrong info to ice Farah for wearing her t-shirt correctly;
Guitarman - claiming there was no snake during the run, whereas a bunch of them saw one;
BumbleBee - taking sweet time to clean up after taking sweet time to change from pretty clothes;
ShowTime - just being happy.

How hot was that day? It was so hot that the caterer came late as his car was over heating and later we found it to be empty on water in the whole system! Teaman Catering - food was licin and there were beers......sat till 11:30pm before the rest adjourned to OnOnOn.

(report by No hair)

Next Run: No 867 Date: 27/02/2010 Ocassion: CNY Run Venue: Sg Long

On On ...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rehashed 20100213 Maria

Run: 865 Hare: Maria Venue: Putrajaya Riverside Cohares: Kilat, ...

The Hare Maria

(Run report not in yet)

Next Run: No 866 Date: 20/02/2010 Time: 5.30pm Hare: Silent Dragon Venue: Mahkota Cheras
(Note: The run will start at 5.30pm and will follow the same trail as that of the Banana H4 trail, with the same checks. Circle and On On will be separate.)

On On ...

Monday, February 08, 2010

Rehashed 20100206 Matahari

Run: 864 Hare: Matahari Venue: Dengkil Cohares: ...

The hare Matahari It was heard that it was a good run but slightly messy with much zig-zagging on the front section of the trail. Second half was good as the co-hares avoided going on the tarmac and soon had the runners whizzing home.

Dipstick was not feeling well, as he got some viral infection......feverish...??? Ice cooLeng had a viral infection too, often-ous late-eus come-ous, which had spread around and was caught by Matahari (the hare of the day) No Hair, Email, Gigi Putih and Maria.

Other than these few viral affairs, the long spread - lazi-nuss to come-us for run-nus was so often passed on except for those who were immune to the virus. Current few who were carrying this virus - Bandit, Henny, Abraham, Rat Tail, Aru, AhLong Singh, Water Bai, PJK, U-I, Rocky, Seow Hooi.

There are also some other viruses around - shortus cuttus (Karu - long time infected and recently passed some to Thuksudi No Wings), bluemooning fever (comes once a while BumbleBee, Fong siew, HongKong Singh, KFC, Dr Ballcracker), some were catching these viruses on and off too.

So, alas the FROP was out in 1hr30mins for a shorter than Deepavali Run.

Ular - taking sweet time to clean up;
JPS - "halo? alo? hello?";
Munster - 'don't know how to come to Dengkil';
Juicy - forgot to bring running shoes;
Ular (again) - try to help Juicy by lending her 1 shoe!;
Gary & Ice cooLeng - hoarding seats to put up their legs;
Dipstick - 'director'

OnOn run site with Matahari Curry Chicken Restaurant (with muhtak)...Beers were flowing....

(report by No Hair)

(click on picture collage for larger view)

Next Run: No 865 Date: 13/02/2010 Hare: Maria Venue:Putrajaya Riverside

On On ...

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Rehashed 20100130 Winnie Jenny

Run: 863 Hare: Winnie Jenny Venue: Asbadi Quarry Cohares: Kelam Kabut, ...

The Hare Winnie Jenny (no report in ... yet updated: 17/02/2010)

About 20+ hashers turned out for the run at Asbadi Quarry, Mantin (same runsite at Fong Siew's run).

The run started by the side of the fish pond restaurant going up the hill. The first check was almost 3/4 up the hill and it took some time for the hashiers to break. Thaksudi No Wing broke the check which was on the left side at the bottom of the hill.

The run took the hashers on a small climb toward the quarry. Towards the 2nd check, Dipstick found No Wing lying by the side of a small stream. He told Dipstick that he was tired and from there he took a shortcut back. He was iced for not finishing the run.

The run took the hashers to another stiff climb toward the high tension cable tower at the top of the mountain. From here we could see Gaya Park on the other side of the mountain. It is about 1500 feet high. From the tower, another short climb and it was all the way down to the native settlement.

On the way down, the FROPs met Ballcreaker running up towards them. Apparently, after the first check with the help of his GPS, he ended up at the end of the run and ended doing a reverse run. From the native settlement it was all the way home to the runsite.

(report by Blood Donor)

(click on photo collage for enlarged view)

Next Run: No 864 Date: 06/02/2010 Hare: Sami Matahari Venue: Dengkil (near the hare's house)

On On ...