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21 July 2018

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Rehashed 20090425

Run: 823 Occassion: Vaisakhi Run Venue: Sg Tankgas SubCons: Long John Silver, Kiki Lala

The Vaisakhi Celebraties
A good turn out by members and guests, a good show of support!

The run started with the whole pack reluctant to run and most were busy chatting away, the usual stuff when long time friends be it male/female meet. Never ending stories were heard for almost 15mins into the run and only toned down when the pack started to separate into smaller groups.

The first check was about 20mins later after a short crossing over a newly cleared farming area, on the small palm oil hill. Many didn't follow papers to the check and just made a beeline to the right to hit the OnPapers which led to a small rubbish dumping area along the laterite road.

Passing a small house and through a plantation nursery, most ladies were seen fanning themselves due to the hot and sunny weather. A small ho-hah on crossing a deep drain via a small timber piece which had Elsie screeching to a halt saying , "I don't have any balancing skills, I didn't take ballet lessons!". So, it was that all those crossing the deep drain on the small timber piece had ballet lessons.

Choking with laughs and giggles, the pack climbed a small orchard hill. OnOn was heard and it was known that a check have been laid on top that had the pack crossing a zinc sheet fence to chase the FROP. Again, Elsie had the pack laughing as the fence was a bit higher than she could tip toe and the fence was in between her legs.

Another check in the palm oil estate hills gave the middle pack some rest with some smart alecs going downhill around a corner to search for Onpapers when the actual call was uphill. The run downhill with some good welcoming view for the ladies of an open area brought some relief to the end of the run but was led pass a man made lake and some swampy patch that got Jessie's foot stuck in a hole. Gutsy girl - still giggling while asking for help.

Checking was heard from top of the hill, falsie was yelled and finally OnCall was heard form top of the hill as well. A 'beat around the thick bush' or 'whacking the bushes' for a good 5mins had all on the road to runsite for a good less than 2km run. FROP in 1hr5mins while Ricky Ular with his guests were out another hour later.

The beerman had to leave for a while to get more beers while Chickadee stood in with CowLin busy setting up the liquor 'counter'. The caterers were busy preparing the 'pakora' tasty finger food while the rest were busy drinking and eating. What a way to gain more weight after a run! Fun way, that is!

The circle started late due to the amount of beers and food that was offered after the run where the beers were still flowing. A short circle opening by No Hair and the rest of the night was 'boxed' by Dipstick. A fun around the long time missing from the 'box' with his antics and humour.

With the much support from all in the circle the night was great fun. OnOn on site with Punjabi food, songs by Guitarman, and later joined in by GM King Kong and Song Lau (both of whom were at the KH3 AGM do). So it was another episode of 'wine, song and dance' that night.

Iced for the night's circle:
Guitarman - cuntfused between spelling Sikh and sick;
Beerman (also kena) - represented Carlsberg for sponsoring beers and forgot to bring more;
Viagra - acussing JPS stealing his T-shirt;
Rooster (KH4) - 'too hot to handle' missing an earing while bathing;
Cock Pain - accusing all those finished the run in front of him of short cutting;
Ricky Ular - jealous of what the bayees can get (he also wants a kondek, so that he can get what the bayees get) (scribed by No Hair)

Next Run: No 824 Date: 02/05/2009 Hare: Amelia Ng Venue: Opposite Anggerik Villa Kajang (From Kajang town along Jalan Semenyih, turn left at traffic lights near Quarry/Kajang Polyklinik. Coming from Semenyih or KL via Kajang Bypass, turn right at traffic lights AFTER Bandar Tech. Note this traffic lights junction also leads to Tmn Anggerik Perdana/Janbo Restaurant)

On On ...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

TheHLH4 20090425

On On ...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Rehashed 20090418

Run: 822 Hare: Rocky Venue: Sg Tangkas SubCons: Guitarman, Kiki Lala, MrKilat

The Hare - Rocky Rocky's 70th birthday party run! So it was and the turnout for the run was good with about 45 members. Though the day was warmer than usual, the run started with much anticipation of a short run with Dipstick leading the running pack and JPS leading the walking and mostly ladies pack.

With the much chit chat along the trail, a small detour pass a sign that read "Private Property, Trespassers will be SHOT" which had the ladies pointing and joking at it. Downhill passing a what looked like a small hut but the sign read something like "Salon Kecantikan Mei Loh" enticing the ladies for a hairdo but our Harriets were turned off by the fierce 'guard dogs'.

going up to the 1st check Lo, the first check was after crossing a creek and a short uphill climb. Connecting papers were on the opposite dragon fruit farm's hill before entering some thicker fern bushes tickling the pack for more than half a kilometer to come to a rubber plantation hill and palm oil estate.

Going doen the dragon fruit farm It looked familiar and later was confirmed, we were near Bandar Teknologi Kajang already! A small circular check brought some resting time for the slow pack and broken just right downhill and another climb in another dragon fruit farm's hill, hit the bushes at the top and leading to what looked like 'doing the whore from the back' which that materialised when the pack reaching the foothill.

Some not wanting to climb shortcutted here. Some were gasping for air, while for a few, it was a challenge and a few did it with a breeze. What seemed like a home trail at the end was stopped with a check and was broken downhill to the road before the 'cow ranch' and went uphill to the palm oil estate.

YeeMai stopping for a much needed rest A short run of about 10mins brought the pack to another back check before the 15mins run on home trail. FROP was in 1hr35mins and earlier than the second and third packs who had shortcutted. The walking ladies' pack was much earlier as they were smarter by taking the correct trail. The last pack including one who nearly passed out due to heat exhaustion was out around 8pm.

It was decided to have a short circle as the birthday 'boy' was waiting at home. None can avoid the anouncement of some urgent matters like, next week's Vaisakhi Run venue have been changed to this run site - Sg Tangkas. Registration for Gasing H5's 10th anniversary and KL Dalmation's 5th anniversary and support needed for an early registration, especially for the former event.

Current urgent registration: Gasing Hill H4 on 09 May in Taman Pertanian Shah Alam, still at RM60 for HLH4. An assurance by their GM (PissStop) of a good do.
1)Song Lau 2)Miaw2 3)Pengsan 4)Dipstick 5)No Hair 6)Yee Mai 7)Tsunami 8)Viagra 9)Rat Tail 10)Abraham 11)Guitarman 12) - 20)

Other issues were:
Good run set by the hare's - '3 nephews';
Call for circle for the rest of the year - Ricky Ular with his noisy 'phet-phet'.

Guitarman - tongue tied;
Beerman & Abraham - honouring the first time running beerman who completed the run in good time & Abraham for taking the task in beer wagon;
Ricky Ular - 'KPC' noisy.

On-On in Rocky's house and the party began there. (scribed by No Hair)

Next Run: No 833 Date: 25/04/2009 Occassion: Vaisakhi Run Venue: Sg Tangkas (same runsite as last week's run near UKM KTM station along Jalan Reko)

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rehashed 20090411

Run: 821 Virgin Hare: Water Bhai Venue: Sri Kembangan Cohares: Ah Long Singh, ...

Some Religious buffs could not attend because it was a special weekend. Some would have gone for the Hazards do in Indo. And maybe some went for the South Asia Interhash 2009.

So a scribe report would be late or a no go.

(Update 17/04/2009)

The Hare 'Water Bhai' A seemed to be a low turn out as quite a number of members were or on their way to Medan for some hash fun. Also the virgin hare's Singh brothers from other chapters were in Medan too. As the sky grew darker, the number of members increases as more drove in. By the time the run started, it grew to a healthy size of about 20 and some came in later.

As usual, the trail started with a cross under some fencing to what seemed to be the reverse of the last run here. Just after a short jungle trail brought the pack to a first check that took almost 20mins to break. Then the pack had to make a long climb up and down parallel to the highway till the second and then 3rd check with falsie, doing the reverse of the last run and a circular check that Blood Donor broke brought the pack towards the small fruit plantation for the final home stretch with a long climb and a short run by the highway.

It was later in some usual after run discussion it was realised that most of the pack had bypassed the original second check that was by the highway fencing. The first check was broken bypassing it that led to the 3rd check. Nonetheless, everyone broke free and finished what was left of the trail without realising it.

Blood Donor was 'shoooed' by the hare and co-hare on the trail as he was trying to find on-paper near the home trail. The 2 went hiding in wait for all the pack to pass before laying the home trail but stumbled on by Blood Donor while Ballcracker was still fiddling with his GPS toy.

The usual back pack was joined by a first timer guest to HLH4, another cousin of Henny Soo that had many 'wide eyed' at her. First one out in 1hr15mins and the last pack out about 40mins later. Usual for the virgin hares that have had set the run here is to serve Hj Shamsuri satay from the nearby stall. Also Water Bai's favourite fruits. It was about at this time it was noted that the total turnout numbered some 25 members.

To Water Bai's comment on the rain that fell the whole afternoon and evening, "if it doesn't rain, my name's not what it is!" but just before circle the rain stopped.

Shopping Queen - not paying the least attention;
BumbleBee - private circle with insects instead of 'insects';
Ice Cooleng - also a first time guest;
Ballcracker - instead of helping to find paper, he relied on his GPS;
HennySoo and Gigi Putih - 'manyak bising'.

On-On was in Taman Equine's shoplots in Restaurant MaPoh. (scribed by No hair)

Next Run: No 822 Date: 18/04/2009 Hare: Rocky Venue: Sg Tangkas (follow HLH4 signs from KTM station near UKM along Jalan Reko)

Circle in the dark Welcoming Guest
Relaxing but attentive circle Hare Ondown in the restaurant
Some Icings of the evening

On On ...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

TheHLH4 20090411

TheHLH4 11042009

(click on image to enlarge)

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Rehashed 20090404

Run: 820 Hare: Sam American Venue: Bukit Gasing (Tower) SubCon: Selva (KL Dalmatians)

The Hare American Sam How time flies, seemed like just the other day that we ran here and so soon we are here again.

In most of the action movies, we could see most and what was portrayed that the Americans usually, constantly, frequently, you name it...hire mercenaries to do their job. So, it was that 'American' Sam 'hired' some 'mercenaries' from KL Dalmation to set the run. 2 went in but only one 'survived' with the other one 'killed' by own accord - punctured, set going down the first hill.

A few guests turned up early with Robert (KLH3) and Richard just right behind. A crowd built up with a good turn out to about 30+ when the run started.

It was like dejavu, running downhill on the road that we drove up, going to the chinese 'lah tuk kong' shrine and going down the slippery bushy slopes behind it. Reaching the small clearing by the single storey houses to cross the road and up the small slope to get down hill to a dead end road behind Faber Condo to be greeted with a check.

It was well read by all and most just walked straight on the road while Pengsan and No Hair hade to go to check to get the connecting papers. Warranti took a little longer thn usual to break this check as he could not find the On paper on the steps. He had to climb to the back of the temple and go a little off trail, where the On paper was.

It was the same that we went toward the water tank and downhill to the right to meet with another check that was also read by Warranti without a puff. It was a down hill run but half way down it turned left to a rope climb on a steep small slope to the top. It was then a steep down hill on tarred road to turn in to the pump house to see another check.

Without a sweat, Warranti and Dipstick broke it with a down hill run to the small creek. It was then another climb up with Warranti and Pengsan looking puffed while Dipstick was no where to be seen. It was then downhill again and heard the fast running bayee called On that we knew we would meet a check.

Just after crossing a small bridge that the check was laid on a trail on the left which was near to where we crossed the river that Micheal and dog shortcutted bypassing the hill.

From here, it was all the way up till run site. The FROPs were greeted by some late comers doing a short reverse. FROPs out in 1hr and last to be out around 1hr40mins.

Heavy rain sent all helter skelter but to Guitarman's delight, need not go around asking for water to bathe. Just as it continued to rain harder, a few others joined in. 3 were caught having fresh water too long before shampooing and suddenly the rain was back to a drizzle which was not enough to wash off the shampoo.

Guitarman was toweling himself already by then and was laughing his head off at those stooges. During the rain the beer wagon was shifted to a small hut in front of temple and the rain did not let up for another hour or so. The usual love birds that 'fly' here had to leave when they saw so many 'interferences' around.

Circle was kept short due to the small cramped space. Usual guests were greeted and 'Tarzan' (VeggieHash/RSCHash) was a first timer with us. BlackJack, GM of KL Dalmatians was given some 'air time' to announce their 5th Anniversay do and invited HLH4, with a story.

Amelia & Ular - lost and directions on the last run;
Ular (again) - interfering with box;
Micheal - not paying attention (Comment by Long John Silver that Micheal should have a 'proper' hash name);
Guitarman - praying for rain, so that he could bathe

On-On run site by American-born-Indian food, Indiana Catering Services (scribed by No Hair)

Next Run: No 821 Date: 11/04/2009 Hare: Water Bhai Venue: Sri Kembangan (Maju Expressway Rest Area near Jusco)

Hare and Cohare On Down Amelia and Ricky Ular on Ice
Guest Tarzan introducing himself Circle
Circle Guitarman on Ice
Guest Blackjack inviting all for KL Dalmatians' 5th Any Run Long John providing entertainment with his jokes

On On ...

Sunday, April 05, 2009

TheHLH4 20090321

This issue of TheHLH4 had been held back while awaiting the Hash Home Sinister's approval.

TheHLH4 21/03/2009

Click on image for a larger view or go here to read.

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Thursday, April 02, 2009

This Website


This website was not displayed properly in Internet Explorer since April 1st.

No, it was NOT an April fool joke.

No, it was NOT the Conficker Worm either.

It was just a 'Something was broken'. Just a bug.

Rectified now and Hulu Langat Hash House CAN be viewed in Internet Explorer.

Have another On Down.

On On ...

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Rehashed 20090328

Run: 819 Virgin Hare: Cowlin Venue: Taman University Sri Kembangan Co-hares: Munster, Jesminder

The Hare Cowlin On Down Runsite and trails are relatively new to hashers but already a few chapters have been here.

Considering that this area has been exploited but still intact with some primary and secondary jungles. Area closed off by highways, roads and 'ranches'.

The run here was set beautifully with a warm up climb on the hill to the left towards Serdang. Some scenic view runs on top of the hills and then running across some jungle areas before reaching some rubber plantations.

Down side was when reaching a down hill run we came upon a small rubbish dumping area. The trail however took everyone towards the direction of the Putrajaya highway, crossing through some dense jungle area, thick bushes and laterite road with some good up and down hill runs.

Good back checks along the way kept the pack tight, though some, however, managed to shortcut here and there to overtake the FROP to help in checkings. Those not wanting to give up slogged on to finish the run in 1hr35mins.

Those who were caught with some paper at the 3rd check managed to run back to runsite before the FROPs as well. The 'Charlie's Angels' (Amelia, Guat Ling and Jessie) were the last to be back, of course escorted by the gentleman, Gigi Putih.

Note that this runsite is close/behind the Maju highway rest area, where the hares setting runs here could order some pre-dinner munchies (satay) from the famous Hj Shamsuri Sate Kajang stall.

Circle was kept short to allow members enough time to get to Viagra's cafe for the ON ON.

(Update 03/04/2009)

Siew - for being moody, iced to cool down;
BumbleBee - washing mud off legs with mineral water;
Gigi Putih - mumbling Hash Bard;
Karu - 'once in a while';
Miaw Miaw - banyak mulut;
Ah Long Singh - main-main;
No Hair - another no brainer.

Welcomed New Boot: Soh Siaw Huei (scribed by No Hair)

Next Run: No 820 Date: 04/04/2009 Hare: American Sam Venue: Bukit Gasing

Circle Circle
Circle New Boot Soh
Icings of the evening

On On ...


Finally, this is it. The latest mag in town

The HLH4

The Hashditor is looking for some cunalists to make this mag more TITslating. Please apply in person. Interviews held every Saturday after 7.30pm at HLH4 runsites.

Some requirements.

1. Must be matured.
2. Must have No Hair down there.
3. Writing skills not essential.
4. Oral communication essential.
5. Be able to work long hours.
6. Must be hard working.
7. Should be able to work through that 'Once a month' thingy.
8. Being able to sing and dance is an added advantage.
9. Must love ice creams

Some benefits.

a) Outstation Travel
b) Meal vouchers
c) Club membership
d) Uniform
e) Medical
f) Assistant provided when work overload
g) After office activities partner

For details on above requirements, Click On On below.

Notes to Requirements
1. Assessement of Maturity will be based on size of boobs.
2. Only No Hair is allowed down there and no one else unless it's a Long John.
3. But blowing skills should make up for it.
4. To be assessed by Dipstick.
5. Specially when covering stories on Viagra.
6. To the extend of a Cock Pain.
7. Blood donor will assist during each period.
8. To assist Song Lau and Cha Cha.
9. And tolerate ABC once in a way.

Notes to Benefits
a) Touch n Go provided.
b) For KFC
c) At the Khoo Kongsi
d) Kiki Lala branded
e) Tiga Ricky Ular
f) Kelam Kabut
g) JPSpecial

On On ...