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21 July 2018

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rehashed 20100327 Heny So

Run: 871 Hare: Heny So Venue: Sunway Semenyih Cohares: Abraham, RatTail

The Hare Heny So Our last run here in Sunway Semenyih was hared by Blood Donor some three months short of three years ago, on 02/06/2007. Getting to the runsite, one had to turn right just before the guardhouse onto the dirt road and drive up and park just behind the dwelling flats.

Runsite Sunway Semenyih On OnOn, the papers led past the flats through the familiar parking area of earlier runs here and into the usual in-trail. With the blazing sun in our eyes, the hashers trecked up the black top rocky hill where the 1st check was laid.

This check was broken across in the oil palm for the descend down to the quarry. The papers led on the quarry road, keeping right and into oil palm for another check. This was broken on the right going up and ended in a falsie. Going further up, the papers was found but this too led to another falsie.

The FRBs could not be seen nor heard so the back walkers together with some late comers decided to go down to "Kelam Kabut called OnOn back there" as said by Winnie.

Down on the flats, our advisor leading some harriets was heard to say "Ok, follow us or follow me can go back. The papers down there." ABC hit the papers and then Dipstick came from down the left and said "WTF, four falsies".

So the remaining hashers decided to follow the road Song Lau took and soon after hit the home trail, arriving back at runsite around 7.20pm. But beer not broken ... first runner on paper not out yet. Finally, about 10 mins later and to the relief of the thirsty hashers, Pengsan and Kelam Kabut were out.

OnOn onsite.

(delayed report by Bandit)

 Run20100327Heny So Collage

Next Run: No 872 Date: 03/04/2010 Hare: Geok Leng Venue: Shooting Range Sg Jelok

On On ...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rehashed 20100320 Kilat

Run: 870 Hare: Thomas Kilat Venue: Kota Warisan Cohares: Thomas & Friends

The Hare Kilat

Thomas Kilat's run at Kota Warisan, a virgin run site on the way to KLIA. The run site was at the top of a hill where a big signage "Kota Warisan" is displaced and with a very beautiful view.

The turn out for the run was small due to the distance and also the Animales' do at Shah Alam where about 10 of our members attended. The beer man lost his way and was heard calling for help.

The run started at about 6.10 p.m. with only 9 hashers. The run was a clean oil palm estate walk where all the way we could only see oil palm trees and there was no bashing through any bushes. The run started toward the highway and into the oil palm estate.

The 1st check was a back check on the right. The 2nd and 3rd checks were forward checks and were easily broken. The home run took the hashers along some bungalows in Kota Warisan and a small climb to the runsite at the top of the hill.

On the way the few members bumped into 3 hashers doing the reverse run. One of the surprise guest they met was non other than Cock Pain, an ex-member. According to him he was specially invited by the Hare who went to this house in the afternoon.

The 1st runner, Gary was out at about 7.30 p.m. and the rest were out about 15 minutes later. A black t-shirt was given out by the generous hare and this is the 2nd t-shirt given out by the hare.

On On on site with plenty of food and not long after that the "Ngau" session started.

"No Hair" missed HLH4 so much that, after the Animal's run in Shah Alam, he rushed to Kota Warisan to conduct the circle.

(report by Blood Donor)


Next Run: No 871 Date: 27/03/2010 Hare: Heny So Venue: Sunway Semenyih

On On ...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rehashed 20100313 KFC

Run: 869 Hare: KFC Kong Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang SubCons: Abraham, Rat Tail

The Hare KFC Kong The favourite run site for many and EM. The day was cloudy and it rained just after the run started. The turn out was fairly good too, with guests showing interest to join too. No Wings brought ‘cousin sister’ Cindy along to enjoy the run. Some one ended up in other chapter's run site, too.

Noticing and knowing that the 2 ‘brothers’ were setting the run, many expected some torturous or a messy run. The pack went along the tarmac past the factories and towards the OP. Yet to find the first check, the pack went on and met another chapter that was running in the same area, PH3. The usual exchanges of greetings.

The pack went on in the heavy rain that fell and only after crossing the river and plantation that the 1st check was found. It was a forward heading towards the clearcuts with thick bushes. Uphill and down, through the thick bushes the pack ended up on the 2nd check near the ‘whore’.

It was a ‘frontal assault’ and the check was broken by Joachim. ‘Climbing the whore’ slow and steady, the pack reached the ‘nipple’ and was led down ‘caressing the buttocks’ of the whore to another smaller hill. The runners had a whale of a time here running up and down before coming to the 3rd check that was broken on the way down to the river.

Crossing the river to meet the hill climb that slowed the runners and after going down from the top, they met the 4th check near the Taman Harmoni houses. It took quite some time before the check was broken by Guitarman but he didn’t call On and instead ABC called On after hitting paper from the mid hill.

Thinking of running on home trail already the runners were taken to another slippery downhill before climbing the long uphill by the new clearcuts. Running past the new clearcuts the trail led back to the OP to head back towards the factories.

FROP 1hr50mins and BWOP 2hr30mins. Blood Donor, Juicy, Micheal and Hash came back on tarmac via Taman Harmoni before 9pm.

The hare treated the pack with some wide array of spread of kuih-muih, packets of nasi lemak, 'crunchies', etc.

Iced during the circle:

Cha Cha - litter bug that littered on where the box is;
Ular - handsome 'L' hash shirt;
Beerman - belongings that was left behind;
Abraham - same as Beerman;
Long John Silver - to claim the canister that nobody claimed (save money!);
BumbleeBee - parading her dinner wear before the pack;
No Hair - liar liar;
Micheal - wearing shirt like a maniac;
Small Aru - 'what's my charge?';
BumbleBee - sleep singing;
Gigi Putih & Seow Hui - can't remember all members' hash names;

Dinner was by Da-Jie Catering and the 'caterer' threw in a crate of beer for good measure!

(scribed by No Hair)

KFC Run Circle pix collage)

Next Run: No 870 Date: 20/03/2010 Hare: Thomas Kilat Venue: Kota Warisan

(travelling from Putrajaya, head towards Dengkil using the Dengkil bypass.
=> on reaching the cross junction (left to Kajang/Bangi, right to Dengkil town), GO STRAIGHT towards KLIA/Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi
=> travel for about 4.28km (you will see 'KOTA WARISAN' on the left hill, keep left and turn left at the junction.
=> follow hash signs.

If you ended up in Dengkil town (in front of Dengkil Seafood Restaurant, that means on your left):
=> go straight on the traffic lights in front and in front of police station
=> on reaching the cross junction (straight to Kajang/Bangi, left to Putrajaya), GO RIGHT towards KLIA/Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi
=> travel for about 4.28km (you will see 'KOTA WARISAN' on the left hill, keep left and turn left at the junction.
=> follow hash signs.

travelling from Kajang/Bangi (UKM):
=> head towards Kajang/Dengkil road, go past Nuclear Malaysia (on your left)
=> 500m after Nuclear Malaysia, at junction - TURN RIGHT
=> travel following this Dengkil/Kajang road, straight passing all the traffic lights (T junctions)
=> on reaching the cross junction (straight to Dengkil town, right to Putrajaya), GO LEFT towards KLIA/Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi
=> travel for about 4.28km (you will see 'KOTA WARISAN' on the left hill, keep left and turn left at the junction.
=> follow hash signs.

if you still can't find the run site by using this directions or using the GPS .kmz file, then you have to enjoy your own bought beer at home while the others enjoy your beers at the run site!

On On ...

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Rehashed 20100306 Kumar PJK

Run: 868 Virgin Hare: Kumar PJK Venue: Emville Resort Cohares: Thomas & Friends

The hare Kumar PJK It has been a number of years since HLH4 last visited this area. The drive from Kajang was not that far though some have deemed it ‘too far’ but actually some took about 30mins from KL to reach here!

The turnout looked small at 5:30pm and just as the run started, some drove in. The pack built up from a mere less than 10 to about 20+ before the run finished. A long warm up walk towards the OP from the clubhouse, which the hare has some privilege to use.

The first check was to entice and tempt the runners to go through the tunnel but some were much more cunning than the hare. A back check call by the edges of the OP had the back walkers caught up. After a winding climb up hills in the OP, the pack was given an easy forward uphill check but the ‘too clevers’ went otherwise.

The pack reached the hilltop clearcuts for some nice views and strong breeze before running downhill and back up again in the OP to meet the 3rd check which was a forward but the ‘too clevers’ were around to run and hit the in trail paper. Some from the pack hit the correct paper and chased forward to the OnCalls and connected to the intended trail.

Climbing up a bigger hill before on the home trail generated some sweat and the run on the home trail produced more. I (No Hair) was doing the ‘run and wait’ as me Mrs was the only ‘flower’ around as the rest of the ‘flowers’ were doing what ‘flowers’ do best – avoid new running areas!.

At last when we were on the home trail, it was near the intrail, that me Mrs got some company from the back walkers that I could stretch me legs for about 2km. It was mentioned that the FROP was in before the hour (58mins) and the last before it grew dark.

Stand-in Bard ABC - answering phone after calling circle to order next by the box;
PJK - not letting his guest wear one of his hash shirts;
Nokia - standing director;
NoHair - forgot to ice PJK for the less than an hour run;
Short Circuit - unable to name 5 hashers;
On the Way - unable to name 5 hashers;
PJK - unable to name 5 hashers;
Joachim - named more than 5 hashers so not iced;
HongKong Bai - complaining haircuts in Malaysia costly but spends 75 on dog's hair cut;
Bulldozer - KPC;
Beerman - using ang pow money for 'investment';
LongJohnSilver - too good to be here;
Dipstick - holding Big Mike on the right.

OnOn was on site with Bukit Unggul Catering Service, Chivas donated by Nokia for no less than one per month for 3 months!

(scribed by No Hair)

Next Run: No 869 Date: 13/03/2010 Hare: KFC Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang

On On ...

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Rehashed 20100227 CNY Run

Run: 867 Occassion: CNY Run Hares: No Hair, Yee Mai Venue: Sg Long

(report and pix to be uploaded shortly)

Next Run: No 868 Date: 06/03/2010 Virgin Hare: Kumar PJK Venue: Emville / Kg Sg Buah

Route to Emville runsite (=> Head towards Kajang and get into town to pass the police station on the left, stadium on the right;
=> at that traffic lights, go straight into town to get on Jalan Reko;
=> stay on Jalan Reko to head towards UKM or Bangi;
=> passing straight on all the traffic lights along the way;
=> upon reaching cross junction, UKM on your left, set trip meter to 0, drive straight;
=> heading towards Dengkil, it will be hilly and winding, 2 way carriage road;
=> about 2.6km, go straight on the traffic lights;
=> about 4.6km you see a 'Nuclear Research Centre' on your left;
=> about 5.2km junction, turn right and passing under a highway bridge;
=> about 7.8km, you will see Bukit Unggul Eco-Media City arches (pink) on the left, turn in;
=> take a small road on the left "Selamat Datang Ke Kampung Sungai Buah";
=> travel all the way to reach Emville

On On ...