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21 July 2018

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Rehashed 20100123 Bruise

Run: 862 Virgin (old) Hare: Bruise Lee Low Yat Foo Venue: Shooting Range Sg Jelok Cohare: Lester ABC

 The hare Bruise Driving in to the runsite, in addition to some big HLH4 signs, there were also signs of Kajang H3. At the runsite, a sign at the back of the co-hare's car read, "HLH4 PARKING". Just 20 metres up, the Kajang H3 was runsited.

Small turnout Many of our members had gone for the Damansara H3' 25 Any Run do. At 6 pm, the 13 or so members waited a while for the other chapter to go in first before going in. The trail markers of both chapters led the hashers on the same path on the left.

The papers led on for the single file walk up on the concrete slabs. Reaching the hut at the durians, it led right across the stream and up and hit the right path to the first check.

It was a circular. "R U", "R U". "Checking". Then after some time when even the back pack had joined in the fray, "Kajang On Back, Kajang On Back". HLH4 stayed back to continue checking when in fact, No Wing had aready broken the back check some half a km away.

Abrahamn, Rat Tail and Blood Donor followed. At the 2nd check, No Wing was not attracted to another climb, so he turned back and Blood Donor followed. They met up with the HLH4 back pack.

Guest, Moon, enticed Khoo Kongsi to follow through on paper while the rest decided it was enough as it was already 7pm and it had started to rain. So only four completed this unofficial joint run. The FROP was out around 7.45pm with Khoo and partner coming out about half an hour later.

On On onsite with Lester's chicken curry, lobster chicken feet and at least something for No Wing, taufu and vege.

(report by Bandit)

Next Run: No 863 Date: 30/01/2010 Hare: Winnie Jenny Venue: Asbadi Quarry

(From Grand Saga (Cheras/Kajang) Highway, continue on the Kajang/Semenyih bypass. Then continue on the Lekas (Kajang/Seremban) highway. Exit at Mantin (last interchange as road to Seremban not completed yet). Pay toll RM4.00. Turn right at traffic lights and travel about 4-5km towards Seremban. Keep looking out for HLH4 directional signs)

On On ...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rehashed 20100116 Ballcracker

Run: 861 Hare: Ballcracker Venue: Pangsun Cohares: Ballcracker's two juniors

Hare Ballcracker On Down This time the runsite was kacang putih lah when comes to watching out for HLH4 as there are myriad of other signboards along Jalan Hulu Langat 28km stretch.

Run started with a slow incline up to the dilapidated Pangsoon Resort ala Malaysian 5star longhouse. A backcheck confusion marred the first check with late comers joining in the 15 minute fray.

GM King Kong and Long John searched in different directions. Yours truly went down to the waterfall and we had Michael with our Hash dog enjoying the cool evening sky on the boulder.

Suggestion from guest Dennis, who acted as a voluntary sweeper, that we staple the trail papers on the hanging leaves to prevent the locals from diverting the trail.

With first check down the bamboo undergrowth and along a broken trail with fallen tree trunks, we hit second check down at the picturesque lake edge.....but alas FROP were in for another back check which was easily broken by Kelam Kabut. Caught on this was Lester ABC and Cat while Blood donor and shopping queen tagged along.

Running by the lake we noticed JPS asking Charlie and Amelia to post for photos but to their dismay there was no camera on the run.

Heavenly seat for:
Kelam Kabut - Kay Poh Chee (telling GM what to do)
Wet Dream (guest) - cross leg to protect his balls
Moon aka Yuet Liang (2 time guest) - forgot to bring t-shirt.
Ricky Ular - bipolar disorder singing.
Shopping Queen - M.I.H missing in hash.
On the way - guest no t-shirt.

Interhash news was on next week's Damansara H3's celebration run and for those who have not paid up, please do so on 23 Jan.

Those going to Lombok to prepare payment to Cowlin and list of damages to come out in a couple of week time. On Cash, Silent Dragon honoured Kilat for the overly prompt payment.

Food prepared by GM and Bulldozer with fish, mutton, chicken curry and vege to down with.

(scribed by Cowlin)

Next Run: No 862 Date: 23/01/2010 Hare: 'Bruise' Low Venue: Shooting Range, Sg Jelok

On On ...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rehashed 20100109 Joachim

Run: 860 Virgin Hare: Joachim Venue: Eco Village Hulu Langat Cohares: Bandit, Ballcracker

The Hare Joachim The location of this runsite was published at our website. It was also published in our newsletter. It was also announced at the last two runs. Yet a few ended up at the Agro Tech site. Why, How? "someone said Chong Kok man's last run runsite."

Then, many know that runs in Hulu Langat areas would entail some climbing. They also have knowledge of the 'suckers' around here. Hence a few members will turn up late to escape the full run.

So at 6pm, there were only 4 members ready and they went in without waiting. Slowly some others trickled in. Charlie Chickadee was the last to try to 'make an effort to go in for the run' just as the FROP was cumming out at 7.07pm. The last two out had some 4 wheels help.

The run was a 3 'very easy' checks run with a very very long home trail.

About 23 members and a guest attempted the run, to at least smell the grass. 10, including the guest, Cat, completed the run. But there were about 35 at the circle and On On catered by Teaman.

(report by Bandit)

(Updated 14/01/2010: Icing snippets by No Hair)

KikiLala - hiding to escape Bard duties;
Ular - teaching GM on box of what to do;
Ice CooLeng & Bruise Low - Directors;
Dipstick - an angry Director;
King Kong - noisy back there;
Khoo Khongsi - not teaching guest not to wear head attire during circle;
Song Lau & No Hair - late comers without excuse;
Ular & Elsie - hitching ride from a lorry and a car on the run;
KikiLala - hitching rides from 9th mile to run site (2 cars);

Some Icings of the evening
Hare and Co-Hare On Down Part of thew circle
Circle Long John Telling a Joke
Khongsi's kueh Moon Guest On Down for wearing head attire during circle
Hash Cash Silent Dragon remindings members to pay up Cat and Teaman - early sponsors to HLH4 forth coming celebration run
More icings

Next Run: No 861 Date: 16/01/2010 Hare: Ballcracker Venue: Pangsoon Hulu Langat

(Travel along Jalan Hulu Langat and drive right up to the end. Park at carpark near Gunong Nuang)

On On ...

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Rehashed 20100102 Committee Run

Run: 859 Occassion: Cum-mittee Run Venue: Beranang Industrial Estate Hares: Song Lau, Bulldozer, No Hair

Design on back of t-shirt No hair went in to assist Song Lau and Bulldozer to set the run. Song Lau and Bulldozer took the lead with usual Intrail path and we turned right at the high tension poles.

Going on the small hill and down, we crossed the lake to climb another small hill. after going down, we reached a laterite road and followed the right side for less than 400m.

We used a left side bushy path to get on to a higher hill and later going up and down on another hill. We reached back to the oil palm estate’s offtrack to head south and then on the east with a hill climb to another offtrack to head as home trail.

While laying the home trail, we hid behind the bushes and looked at the Intrail as the run started. We enjoyed watching the ‘antiques’ as the pack crossed the lake with many funny scenes.

Run stories: 3rd check was hard and some were encouraged to turn back by Dipstick who led them at around 6:50pm from the 'jungle'; The front runners carried on and found the OnPaper but the turnbackers were too far already.

A small pack somehow or rather skipped on the trail from 3rd check to the 4th by doing their 'thing'. The 4th and 5th checks were broken with only a few runners making it. Chickadee sensed some pain on his ankle and went his own way and called for rescue, to be picked up on the main road.

FROP 1hr40mins. Cha Cha got back last at about 9:30pm via the main road as he was very ‘familiar’ with the area.

New Year wishes were addressed during the circle.

Ular - KPC;
Bulldozer - insulted the box;
JPS + Silent Dragon - started beer before the 1st runner;
Rat Tail - the 'senior' who drank the most;
Karu - the 'junior' who drank the most;
Henny - the lady who drank the most;
Pengsan - drank the least when wife's around;
Beerman presented the drinking tally;
Kelam Kabut + Abraham - forgot to mark out;
Maria - 'ghost' member;
Dipstick - a left hander whot held Big Mike on the right.

OnOn at run site by Bulldozer Catering.

(Report by No Hair)

Next Run: No 860 Date: 09/01/2010 Virgin Hare: Joachim Venue: Eco Village Hulu Langat

(Set trip meter at 9th mile police station. Travel along Jalan Hulu Langat and head towards Pangsoon. At trip meter 20.5km, or just after the picnic area where many vehicles are seen parked alongside the road, turn left and go up the slight gradient. If you reach Pangsoon (TNB), you would have overshot.)

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