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21 July 2018

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Rehashed20100724 Sweet 17 cum Run 888

Run: 888 Occasion: Sweet 17 cum Run 888 Celebration Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang

Sweet 17 Mag

HLH4 held a 'Preamble" to treat our Guests from Indonesia, Sabah, and Sarawak who had checked in two days earlier. No run, just drink, eat, drink and party at our GM, King Kong's place. Many participating GMs also accepted our invitation to party and count down to our Sweet 17 celebration.

The next day was a great and beautiful day as the hashers arrived at the runsite. Everything went smoothly, the 5 buses ferrying some 200 hashers for the B to A 'Long' run left on time. The Long Run FRB was out in an hour and a half. The old farts, the walkers and the medium distance runners were also 'flagged' off on time.

However, its never called a Hash event IF everything goes as planned. The pre-run lunch was delayed by about 10 mins. Some food stations had long queues for second helpings. More crates had to be carried from the beer truck as the quota run out. The headache for some in deciding which of the 2 freebie Ts to wear.

LOng John Silver It was also an occasion to honor one member, the one who co-founded the 1st Hash chapter in Kajang. Iqbal 'Long John Silver' is also to be blamed for the cause of some 9 chapters in Kajang.

Now it is time to Thank:

Thank you to the more than 1500 pre-run registrations.
Thank you to the more than 70 Hash chapters participating in our celebrations.
Thank you to PJ Harriets for having the largest contingent in attendance.

Thank you to the 120 East Malaysian hashers for condoning our hospitality.
Thank you to the attending hashers from Medan and Phuket.
Thank you to the the sole cyber registration from Sandakan.

Thank you to the about 50 'walk in' registrations.
Thank you to the few 'gate crashers' who did not cause a problem.

Thank you to the 200 hashers who got on to the 5 buses for the 'Long Run'.
Thank you to the more 500 hashers who went in on the 'short' run.
Thank you to the 500 odd hashers who did not run.

Thank you to the food caterers, without you, we would have had a riot.
Thank you to Skol beer for quenching the HAshers' thirst.

Thank you to the 'Small Stones' for the evergreen music.
Thank you to the music machine for filling in.
Thank you to all advertisers in the souvenir magazine.
Thank you to all non-HLH4 pledges.

Thank you to RELA for car park security.
Thank you to the Sweet 17 bags supplier.
Thank you to the Sweet 17 freebie T-shirts printers.
Thank you to the souvenir magazine printers for supplying the books on the eve.

Thank you to the harriets for not fussing when the fireworks went off close by them.
Thank you to all for accepting our short cummings (if any).
Thank you to all for getting home safely.

Pictures have been up loaded and can be viewed here at Billy's or here
and here and here.

Some snippets of the celebrations uploaded to youtube.

(Updated new video 03/082010)

Next Run: No 889 Date: 31/07/2010 Hare: Stanley Showtime Venue: Jalan Kacau
(The runsite will be somewhere along Jalan Kacau / Jalan Sg Lallang. Get to Semenyih town. Turn left at traffic lights just before Police Station. Travel along Jalan Sg Lallang and keep looking out for HLH4 signs. The runsite could be anywhere between Sri Haneco and Nirvana)

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sweet 17 cum Run 888

It's "ALL SYSTEMS GO" for the Hulu Langat Hash Event of the year.

Be early and park along side the road, heeding the instructions of the RELA personnel.

Registrations start at 2.00pm. Register yourself and collect your freebies.

The buses for the B to A run will leave at 3.45pm, give and take a few seconds, to enable the run to start at 4.15pm from point B. There is "No Turning Back" on this run. However, there will be one piss stop, at Point A.

The other run will start at 5.00pm, giving half an hour for some warm-up, from Point A. The Old Farts to join here and may turn back at the 2nd or 3rd check.

There will be ample food - take as much as you can eat BUT do not waste.

The Golden Piss should, of course, be FreeFlow till the partying ends. Again ...

Directions to venue:

Those who rely on Google map - click here

Those with GPAsseS, zero in at Latitude 2°57'25.83"N
Longitude 101°49'24.33"E.

Those without Govt Property Asses or those walking or taking a bus etc. print the map below.

Hulu Langat Hash House wishes all participants a safe journey TO and FRO our celebrations venue.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Rehashed 20100717 Abraham

Run: 887 Hare: Abraham Venue: Bukit Hatamas Cohares: RatTail, Bicycleman

 The hare Abraham

The beautiful weather was an encouraging factor, inviting the hashers to go in for the climb. As the usual runsite was 'conquered' by KH3, HLH4 had to runsite on the clean tarred road near the flats on the left.

The run started towards the apartments and went behind the terrace houses for a good warm-up climb on the cement slopes. The 1st check was a back check through the clearings and led on open grounds till the fringe of the jungle.

From here it was a steep climb along and up the drain steps with another check thrown in midway. The papers continued up into the jungle for a very thorny, steep and slippery 45 mins climb to the so called "Ah Pak San". The trail then passed through the park before coming down all the way to the run site.

It was a good run, good sweat, with Lester ABC FRB at 7.13pm and all the other members coming out a short while later. Abraham should keep it up in setting such good runs.

3 of our ex-members, Anson, Mr World and Celup Singh, came and as is their usual practice, they started later than the rest, about 6.20 pm and came out at about 7.45 pm.

On on onsite, Hassan catering, food was good too.

(scribed by Amelia)

Run 887 circle pix collage

Next Run: No 888 Date: 24/07/2010 Occasion: Sweet 17 Celebration Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rehashed 20100710 Kelam Kabut

Run: 886 Hare: Kelam Kabut Venue: Taman Bukit Mantin Cohares: ...

Hare & Co-hares It was a rainy day and it drizzled before the run started and the angels took some cover behind Chu-lai’s beer wagon, cramping him with warmth. The guests that showed up were almost the same number as members for the run.

The run started with Cat, Sharp and HoiLoongWong leading the pack on and offtrack uphill that had many gasping. It was a nice warm up for the rainy cold weather. A long climb up the orchard hill that displayed its bounty of fruits that got many excited. Some even thought of reserving some durians that had dropped onto the offtrack.

Almost at the top, the paper led to the right for a steep downhill till a small flat area with the 1st check that was broken crossing a small creek towards the right side of the orchards with some slippery trails. It was another climb but this time in the bushes and slippery! Half way up, Email screamed as some ‘stingies’ were disturbed and the whining began.

Gigi Putih was late but managed to catch up while the pack. From the top, it was another trail through some beautiful orchards, there were durians everywhere! A group was treated with some durians while some were squatting down with more in mouth than in hand! “The durians were paid for!” shouted some, “See! It tagged with a run paper! So, can eat, lah!”

The trail was slippery on the steep uphill climbs after the steep downhills, passing through more orchards with more fruit variety. The climbs were magnificent, the last long and steep climb was taxing but enjoying the beautiful view made everyone forget about the tiredness.

The back pack consisted of the durian eaters who ran past with durian burps that fouled the fresh air. It was all the way down hill passing more orchards laden with more fruits and the people went mad and picking the fruits eating while walking, luckily enough the hare and co-hares had arranged and settled with all the orchard owners!

The pack was back between 7:20 to 8pm but the angels and the usual escorts were missing! A search party was nearly launched at about 9pm just as they walked in, complaining that they had to take care of the usual cramping guy – Ular! Crampy Ular?

So, all were in good spirits and the circle started.

First time guests:
David, Irwin, Anne, Yap Fu Chin, Seaweed, HoiLongWong (King Neptune)

Visiting GMs:
SangWat - Mantin H4
Sharp - Sungai Ujong H3
Ular Sawa - BikeHash


Guest Irwin - smoking during the run and threw butt in durian orchard, guest brought by TnG;
Dipstick - taking the role as a savior, teaching low level sugar runners to replenish by eating durian;
Cat & Cock Pain - cat claws can't help in climbing slippery slopes, private party;
Sharp & SangWat - leaving a bottle of beer unattended;
Joachim - ate the most durian;
No Hair - used the 'DNA Tester' (that doesn't work) to see who left the bottle of beer;
TnG - iced for private party;
Kelam Kabut & SangWat - if the hare ad co-hare had paid rm100 instead of rm50, everyone could have enjoyed the durians (most have been makan by front runners!);
Joachim & Gigi Putih - the durian expert and the know durian by taste;
Winnie Jenny & Cat - completed the Kuching InterHash Ballbreaker run behind Cat & Cat the noisy runner that got people leaving the ballbreaker because of the noise;
Song Lau & No Hair - strong promoters for Sweet 17;
Dipstick & SangWat - 'the pondan' & the so-called 'pondan GM' by 'the pondan' (hahaha.....actually forgot what happened)

Makan on site catered by the 'Pai Kiok' Teaman, the beer wagon left the run site empty!

(scribed by No Hair)

Next Run: No 887 Date: 17/07/2010 Hare: Abraham Venue: Bukit Hatamas Cheras

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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Rehashed 20100703 Miow Miow

Run: 885 Hare: Miow Miow Venue: Bukit Lagong Cohares: Pengsan, ...

Miow Miow
It was the weekend of the Hornbill Interhash 2010 at Kuching. Some HLH4 members may have been there to witness how an interhash event attended by hashers from around the globe could be screwed up by the disorganisers.

They could have also been there to ensure that Bombasa does not get to host the next Interhash - for a fear of the dreaded vuvuzelas. They voted to have Interhash 2012 close by at Borobudor.

Some members would have stayed home to Cry for Argentina while our Joachim was celebrating.

For some others, Bk Lagong was just a wee bit too far them.

So, until this delayed publishing time, there have been no reports and no pixies of the last run. We will just have to imagine it.

Update: The following pix received from No Hair.

Next Run: No 886 Date: 10/07/2010 Hare: Kelam Kabut Venue: Taman Bukit Mantin
(Directions to runsite: Travel on LEKAS highway towards Mantin/Seremban. Exit at Mantin toll. Turn left at T-junction to Mantin town. Travel about 1.5km not available at press time. Most probably have to head towards Mantin town and look out for HLH4 signs on the right.)

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