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21 July 2018

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Rehashed 20090926

Run: 845 Joint Hares: King Kong & Charlie Chickadee Venue: Batang Benar Cohares: Kiki, Buldozer, RatTail

About 50 members and about 12 guests turned up on a hot evening for this run at a new runsite at "True Cock".

From the 1st check which took some 15-20 mins to break, it was a runners trail all the way. The run had all the works thrown in - oil palm, rubber, some pineapple, climbs - though gentle, drain crossings, a little shiggy. There was even a telco tower to boot.

Some considered it a slightly long run eventhough the FRB was out in about 1hr 20mins while the back pack came out at about 8.15pm.

Peanut King of Kajang H3 was on hand to extend the invitation to their 1111 celebration run. A Korean guest, Kim, got lured to this run by our website.

On On onsite.

Next Run: No 846 Date: 03/10/2009 Hare: No Hair Venue: Sg Long (Note: not usuall runsite)

(From the Grand Saga (Cheras/Kajang) highway, get onto the Sg Long road. At the 1st traffic lights, look out for HLH4 signs and follow all signs to the runsite which should be some where near/behind Admiral Park)

On On ...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rehashed 20090919

Run: 844 Hare: Cock Pain Venue: Bukit Idaman Selayang Cohares: ...

The hare Cock Pain The heavy downpour in the late afternoon in the Klang Valley coupled with the distance of the runsite from home base may have discouraged some members.

About 13 arrived in time and nine went in for the run in heavy drizzle. 3 made a u-turn at the water tank near the condominiums when they could not find a way in through the fencing.

The rest, Long John, Silent Dragon, Blood Donor, Kiki Lala, ABC and Pengsan, soldiered on in the rain which came down in sheets a short while into the run. The heavy rain, the slippery tracks, the darkness in the forest and inadequate or washed away trail markers hampered a timely exit for these six hash men. They finally managed to find they way out near the FRIM boundary and followed the road back to runsite arriving at about 8.40pm.

Another 7 members turned up later to make up the numbers for the circle and to finish weekly quota. On On onsite with the hare's famous seafood porridge.

It was also made known that the hare would be laying off hashing for a while until he gets some reliable help in his business. (Note his new 'running' shoe in the pix above) His considerate other half will, however, continue hashing with us.

Next Run: No 845 Date: 26/09/2009 Joint Hares: King Kong and Charlie Venue: Batang Benar

(From the Grand Saga (Cheras/Kajang) highway, continue on the Kajang/Semenyih bypass. Head towards Seremban on the LEKAS highway. Exit at the Pajam/Nilai interchange. Pay RM2.80 toll. At traffic lights, turn right towards Pajam. Travel about 0.9km and look out for HLH4 sign to turn left. Keep going straight following HLH4 signs to runsite)

On On ...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rehashed 20090912

Run: 843 Hare: Dipstick Tsunami Venue: Pajam Cohares: ...

The hare Tsunami The drive to the run site was 'A-MISS' for many who had to call for directions because the signs were not 'exact'.

It should have been: after exiting the LEKAS highway at the Pajam exit, pay RM2.80 toll, head to traffic lights to turn right. Travel some 3km forward and before reaching another set of traffic lights about 10m - turn right to a small road.

Follow the road and go forward on all junctions till you reach the oil palm estate. Anyway, signs were far too small and not enough.

Parked by the road in the oil palm estate near the Orang Asli village. The hare engaged some co-hares who further enlisted some 'mercenaries' to set the run.

It a different trail from that of HHH's as the in-trail cut across to the small veggie farm and headed towards the lesser hill of the 1700ft hill range. The first check was just after the farm and which was broken forward uphill with some good single file paths.

The second check was also a forward which had the pack going for the so called 'killer climb'. It was steep - about 60deg slope with thick bushes. 3rd check was almost at the top and also broken forward. From the top it was all the way run down on the steep slopes of this hill till reaching the high tension pylon.

Running past that we hit the 'abandoned' orchard hills still running downhill all the way till the oil palm estate where we parked. FROP 1hr5mins, last one was rescued by Dipstick Gang and came out just before 2030hrs.

What happened in the circle? We just heard some loud singing while escorting Rocky.

OnOn was in Bandar Teknologi Kajang, one of the new restaurant for hash as the few usual ones were closed for 'baby's fullmoon celebration' and 'restaurant makeover'. OnOnOn - Ah Wai shop!

Hash Flash didn't have his flash with him.

(report by No Hair)

Next Run: No 844 Date: 19/09/2009 Hare: Cock Pain Venue: Taman Bukit Idaman, Selayang
(From KL travel along Jalan Ipoh. Go underpass the elevated roundabout near Batu Caves. After pasar borong which is on your left, and just after a Caltex station, keep left and go up the ramp. Keep left and head towards Selayang hospital. Keep right after Selayang hospital. Turn right at traffic lights and look out for HLH4 signs on your left)

On On ...

Monday, September 07, 2009

Rehashed 20090905

Run: 842 Virgin Hare: So Seow Hooi Venue: Sg Tangkas Cohares: Bulldozer, Kiki, Heny, Maria

The hare So Seow Hooi About 30+ members turned up. It was a simple straight forward run with the FROP coming out within the hour and the back pack about 15 mins later. Water Bai who went in late came out at around 7.30pm.

The Circle, started late, was kept short by JPS on the box with just 3 icings and allowing a joke each from Long John and Ricky Ular.

Icings of the evening

On On onsite with the hare's home cooked spread.

Next Run: No 843 Date: 12/09/2009 Hare: Dipstick Venue: Pajam
(From the Grand Saga (KL-Kajang) highway, continue on the new Lekas (Kajang-Seremban) highway. Exit at the Nilai/Pajam interchange. At the T-junction after paying toll (about RM2.80) turn right to Pajam and look out HLH4 signs.)

Hare and co-hares On Down Circle
Joke by Ricky Ular Joke by Long John

On On ...

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Rehashed 20090829

Run: 841 Hare: Guat Ling Venue: Bukit Hatamas Cohares: No Hair, Amelia, Yee Mai

Guat Ling About 30 members turned up at the runsite just below the water tank. Much to the surprise of many, the in-trail was on the left as one faced the hillslope.

It started with a walk and a climb, a check and a downhill trek till the river. Then another steep climb to a dead end where a check with a falsie was laid. Going up again a back check at the quarry.

From there, the papers went up the laterite road to reach a 'bathing post' and another steep climb till the ridge which gave to few hashers making up thus far a beautiful view of Kg Cheras Baru and Bukit Hatamas.

The papers then led past a 'recreational area' where many people were seen 'exercising'. From there abouts, it was all the way downhill, through some slippery steep slopes and thick thorny bushes.

The FRB was out in 1hr5mins while the rest came trickling out 15mins later.

On On onsite - Hassan catering.

(scribe report modified from the co-hare's diary)

Next Run: No 842 Date: 05/09/2009 Virgin Hare: So Seow Hooi Venue: Sg Tangkas

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TheHLH4 20090829

The HLH4 20090829

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