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21 July 2018

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Rehashed 20081227

Run: 806 Hare: William KelamKabut Venue: Commonwealth Park Rawang Co-hares: ...

Hare Kelam Kabut Ondown 19 members and 3 guests turned up for the run, with what expected to be a low turn out became better as most are caught in traffic congestions. Also, some 'natives' (monkeys) showed up trying to 'grab some freebies' as Shopping Queen later revealed to salute the hare.

Run started by usual 'biggest shot', OnCash Silent Dragon at 6 with Cat jumping all about requesting to pay guest fees later after the run to check out if the run's worth in terms of discount.

All were on the trail that took the first hill climb on the right that was a little slippery and concerns of the little sucking buggers. From the top, the paper trail led downhill with some 'slip and slide' fun followed by a steep climb that changed the fun mood into growls, the hare had some good laughs on this.

It was after this climb that had everyone on some flat trails for a timely 'rest' before ascending to some rubber estate followed by a short climb with a checking laid on top for all to view the nice scenery of Rawang town. Having finished with the ultra short rest, the front runners broke the check with what seemed to be a home trail but was 'hello-d' by a few lorry mechanics upon reaching their 'work yard' and passing through to find another climb to a small hill followed by another climb to a bigger hill and finally on the downhill home traill.

It was no easy downhill as the trail have not been used for some time and slippery cement steps had everyone on a cautious mode with '4X4' engaged. At the bottom, reaching the well kept garden/river/camp site area, all were on the tarmac road for about 1.5km to run site. Front runner home in 55mins and last in/out in about 2hrs.

Circle was kept short for it was a 'long way from home' but with some fun with the ice:

William 'Kelam Kabut' - can't answer why there were traffic congestions; Ricky 'Ular' - by chance found the restaurant for On-On even before the run starts, over shot the turn in to run site due to small signage, a bit hungry as well;
Viagra and Siau - taking sweet time to shower;
Cat - demanding guest fee discount again;
Shopping Queen - non-starter;
Tsunami and Gigi Putih - asking HashBard to move the box so that she could sit nicely in place behind beau's 4X4;
and ... (Blackout - still celebrating Christmas.)

On-On was in a restaurant further up run site : W&W Restaurant, Jalan Rawang; hare was 'on-downed' for a good run and good food. (scribed by No Hair)

Next Run: No 807 Date: 03/01/2007 Occassion: Committee Run Venue: Km 2.7 Jalan Hulu Langat (About 2.7km from Pekan 9 Police station along Jalan Hulu Langat,look out for HLH4 directional signs on your right.)

Kelam Kabut on Ice Kelam Kabut and Ricky Ular on Ice
Viagra and Ah Siaw on Ice Circle, Ice Cooling in foreground
Cat on Ice Hash Whip Minster in action
Tsunami and Gigi Putuh on Ice Guest with Santa cap on Ice

On On ...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Rehashed 20081220

Run: 805 Occasion: Christmas Run Venue: Sri Haneco SubCons: Guitarman, KikiLala
Santa Themed HLH4 Logo More then 40 members and guests turned up to celebrate Christmas the Hulu Langat H4 way.

The run was the usual trail past the fishing ponds. Then a slow walk up the hill. The 2nd check pulled the FROPs to the top before it was broken lower down on the left. Another short climb before the descend through the rubber.

It was down all the way and out through the usual home trail. The FRBs were out before the hour. A couple of members felt it was way too short for them, so they did another round on the same trail.

Freebie - beach towel.

On On onsite with kichap koli (chicken), mutton pretal, achar (pickles) and sponsored steamed chicken.

Next Run: No 806 Date: 27/12/2008 Hare: William KelamKabut Venue: Commonwealth Park (head towards Rawang town along Jalan Ipoh. After Selanyang, near Templer's Park, you will pass a Shell petrol station on your right. Drive towards Rawang and about 2.2km, from Shell station, look out of HLH4 signs on your left)

Click On On to view 2 YouTube video clips of the evening.

On On ...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rehashed 20081213

Run: 804 Hare: Miaw Miaw Venue: Bandar Tech SubCons: Pengsan, KelamKabut

Hare - Miaw Miaw Run started with the usual run in trail and towards the left side of the hill to palm oil replanting area. Crossing through the 'usual out trail' and downhill a check was laid but was broken easily by Munster which he made the sense of it by running west ward.

A small up hill and down brought the front runners into rubber estate with a check and some 'kena' a falsie straight down hill and up before it was broken by KikiLala on the right small trail with a little climb where guest Kaher Singh said ' .....a good workout going up and down, definitely a crowd pleaser!'.

It was that this trail leads to the cows' grazing area with the 'cowboy gates' and 'doing the whore from the back'. It was all the way uphill - the hare had used the 'whore' as a circular check, from the top down but turned towards the hill's in trail that had 'front runners cursing with a smile' as most back runners went up the hill as well.

It was broken to the right side of the 'whore' on a trail leading uphill and then down towards a construction site with 'lari ikut sana, bang!' gang pointing towards the palm oil estate hill. It was a very short climb and a long gradual down hill reaching some flats in Taman Harmoni with a short run on the road that leads towards the palm oil plantation hill opposite run site.

It was not finished yet as the hare took all for one last hill before a brief run on home trail. FROP in 1hr 15mins and last in was less than 2hrs. Some light food and some kiddy chews were provided - meehoon, eggs, 'Mamee', 'PoPo' muruku....

Alice 'Bumble Bee' - saying '...no beer already, ah?' when circle started, when there's lots;
Pengsan (co-hare) - some confusing paper;
Charlie 'Chickadee' - few handphone calls;
JPS Jit - 'BeeSingh'
Susie 'Shopping Queen' - not singing on-downs;
Alice 'Bumble Bee' - <>;
JPS + American Sam - 'BeeSingh';
Monster - barking;
Pengsan - left shoes behind;
Randy Andy - long time no see;

Announcement by: 'Bill Collector' (Hash Cash) - '..pay up your subs before instructions go out for 'splashing red paint' or 'lost tyres'...' ; Christmas Run OC announced the do next week.

On-On in Zhuan Kee or 'Monkey' Restaurant - all commended the food, 'seal of approval' good food, 2 thumbs up for a 'hash-sit-down-dinner'. (scribed by No Hair)

Next Run: 805 Date: 20/12/2008 Occassion: Christmas Run Venue: Sri Haneco (off Jalan Sungei Lallang, Semenyih)

Circle Hare and Co-Hares On Down
Icings of the evening Circle

On On ...

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Rehashed 20081206

Run: 803 Hare: Cha Cha Venue: Taman Tasik Semenyih Co-hares: ...

There could have been an unannounced celebration somewhere with or without a run OR maybe the word 'Broga' was too daunting for some. So only about 23 members had to guess, curse and figure out the location of the runsite. The hare had used a couple of the HLH4 trail papers instead of directional signs.

Silent Dragon, the Senior and being senior most on site, called On On a little past six at the insistence of some. The papers led along the road past veggie farms and oil palm and right up to the foot of the hill that is usually attacked from the Sri Haneco side. A short hop and skip brought the FROPs to the first check. 

While NoHair gathered the papers to connect, Kelam Kabut and Pengsan went checking up the hill. The others went straight on along the road where trail papers were found. As these papers were just 5 metres from the check, OnOn was not sounded. 

The OnOn was finally called at the veggie farm just after the goat shed. The trail then snaked along the lower slopes for some distance before the swinging right for the climb. The papers led up on a "not so taxing" climb. The 2nd check was on hilltop which was broken on the left.

From the top, it was a slightly slippery trail down all the way to the flats for the home trail through the housing on metal road. The back pack was out by 7.30pm.

On On at a restaurant in Semenyih.

PS. As the weather was cool before the run, some had the opportunity to warm-up like ... (click On On below

... this.

Next Run: No 804 Date: 13/12/2008 Hare: Miaw Miaw Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang

On On ...

Monday, December 01, 2008

Rehashed 20081129

Run: 802 Hare: Ramesh 'On the Way' Venue: Putrajaya Co-hares: ...

the Hare - On the Way (Scribe report Cumms sooner than later)

Quite a number of our 'Batangs' got pulled to Broga for the celebration run by Kajang Batang H3. The usual 'quick to jump' for celebration runs 'lubangs' being 'Unmentionables' at any batang do had to just sulk. So only about 20 including some 4 guests turned up at the runsite at Putrajaya.

The weather was fine. The run started by crossing the bridge to the other side of the river and all the way going up a hill and down to a rocky open area. Before reaching the bottom a left turn took the hashiers to another hill. From the hill down to some kampong houses, crossed the river and back to the run site.

A few hashers lost their way, ending up in Alamanda & IOI and had to take a detour before turning back.

On on onsite and thanks to the hare for the T-shirt freebie. (scribed by Blood Donor)

... and some pix courtesy of JPS.

Next Run: No 803 Date: 06/12/2008 Hare: Cha Cha Venue: Taman Tasik Semenyih (along the road to Broga)

On On ...