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21 July 2018

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rehashed 20120324 Khoo Kongsi

Run: 975 Hare: Khoo Kongsi Venue: Bukit Gasing Cohare: Buaya

It was heavy rain in KL at 5pm but arriving at Jalan Gasing no rain at all and the area near the Telkom tower was dry. Good sign!

The Puchong-fraction was back, after missing some runs due to wedding dinners, making the turn-up of hashers to about 25, inclusive some Nokia guests. A few notorious latecomers (like Bandit shy of hills) and NeRDO’s (NeverRunDrinkOnly) made up the number to 30+.

OnOn was called by JPS, the trail as expected went into the bushes straight down the hill all the way to the stream. A first check was broken crossing the stream and up the hill towards the observation tower. Before reaching the tower a backcheck was broken to the right, the trail led along the fence and further to the right parallel to road at the Gasing playground.

Reaching a slope “checking” was called. A small group was back-checking and found connecting paper on a trail leading to the right. OnOn was called, the herd in front running back, only to see the paper ending after a few hundred meters with another check!
What to heck was in the hare’s mind!??

Dipstick checking forward and up after the water pond uphill, Silent Dragon and Thomas forward, other hashers went back to the previous check, Sexy Showman wandering around, maybe thinking of a cigarette break…..and everywhere around R U?...checking….R U?....checking….calls were heard.

After a while everyone had enough of the confusion. Dipstick decided to go further uphill, some others ran back to the earlier check, and Silent Dragon, Clip Clip, Thomas and myself went on forward towards the picnic site under construction, up the hill until we saw the direction to the Indian Temple, down the hill and following the stream until we hit the in-trail and made the last steep climb up to the tower.

Despite the decuf we enjoyed our DIY run about 1hour 10, just nice for a good sweat.

Circle was short, icings for the Hare’s decuf layed paper, Nokia and his Directrice, some NeRDO’s.

OnOn at Chinese restaurant nearby with good food and plenty of beer provided by the hare.

(scribed by Joachim)

Next Run: No 976 Date: 31/03/2012 Hare: Cowlin Venue: Broga Somewhere near here (2.931802749633789,101.92414855957031)

On On ...

Friday, March 23, 2012

Rehashed 20120317 SleepWalker

Run: 974 Hare: Alice Sleep Walker Venue: Sg Long Cohares: Silent Dragon, Joachim

(just came 290392012)

The sun was shining when getting into the runsite, however, the runsite was wet. A small turnout and no usual check breakers when OnOn was called just past six by JPS.

The usual in-trail where you had hoist yourself up from the tarmac, walk along the terrace before the first usual climb. Before reaching the top, a check which, after nearly twenty three mins of "R U"s and "Checking"s, nearly ended in checkmate until someone called On On.

Getting on to the paper trail, it meandered up to the hilltop where the papers stopped abruptly. A falsie? So fast? (it was learnt later that the falsie, the runners had hit, was the falsie of the 2nd check). Soon On call was heard and the few runners hit the trail down the hill, which turned out to be more difficult than the climb.

Coming out from under canopy, Chickadee and Blood Donor, stopped to admire the view but actually looking for the shortcut out. The paper now led on the just cut, muddy laterite road and it kept going up and up, much to chagrin of Bandit. Meanwhile SK, Pengsan, Miaw Miaw, Khoo Kongsi and Gigi Putih made good haste to be FROPs.

Getting off the muddy road, the trail took a sharp turn into the jungle, where it went up and then down for a shallow stream crossing and on to the another just cut muddy road. Soon the papers went under canopy again and then coming out, to hit a near shoulder height bracken covered trail which also led upwards. By now, SK, Pengsan and Gigi Putih had gone much ahead leaving chit chatting Miaw Miaw and the one who wants to be known 'Leng Chai'.

From the top, the trail downward was a bash through some thick undergrowth. Getting to civilization was a ten foot vertical drop near the just completed housing where the 'Leng Chai' nearly had a 'pangsai' when he landed on his back from about five feet high. The home trail was a nineteen minute walk on tarmac to home. Late going in Cock Pain and XL soon caught up with the back pack and completed together.

It appeared 'not my standard' for just came in time Long John Silver, Buaya and ABC to do a walk up on just the tarmac instead of going in for the run. They went looking for property for sale in the long abandoned 'Kenny Hill' style project.

FROP was in about 1hr 8mins while the last out at about 7.30pm. KFC and Heny followed Blood Donor and Chickadee on their short cut.

On On onsite, the hare's home cooked offering.

Next Run: No 975 Date: 24/03/2012 Hare: Khoo Kongsi Venue: Bukit Gasing

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Rehashed 20120310 Lester ABC

Run: 973 Hare: Lester ABC Venue: Sg Jelok Cohares:

No run reports or pictures as at press time.

Next Run: No 974 Date: 17/03/2012 Hare: Sleep Walker Venue: Sg Long

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Friday, March 09, 2012

Rehashed 20120303 Thomas Woo

Run: 972 Virgin Hare: Thomas Woo Venue: Damai Utama Kinrara Cohares: Tanki Air and the Puchong Gang

No one was willing to volunteer to write the scribe for this run, a run which will certainly go down in the annals as one of Hulu Langat's most talked about runs.

By 6pm, there was only a few members ready for the run. Well this run was being set by a virgin hare from among the Puchong group, so, as it was expected, nearly the whole Puchong group would have gone in as co-hares. Just before the On Call for the start, two co-hares came out from setting the run. Suck It said they went in at four and that the others were on their way out. He also said "Dua bukit sahaja" (two hills only). On hearing about only two hills, Munster quickly approached Eto asking if she had an extra torch.

It is difficult to describe the run or how many checks were laid or who broke the checks and so forth. For one thing, it was a wet trail, given the heavy rains the past two evenings, Then, the hares ran out of paper or so it seemed, as spacing was wide and at some places, the trail papers were observed to be torn though there were no checks. Then the trail appeared to follow another chapter's paper trail.

The first runner on paper (FROB), Dipstick, came out in good time, 2hrs 45mins.

While the front group was coming out, the hare together with Cowlin, went in the out-trail to help to bring the back pack out. They took along one bottle of water. They would have probably gone in, walking for an hour or so when they stopped on a hill and started to call out for the back pack (did some residents in the nearby housing mistake these shouts as calls for help?).

Meanwhile, the back pack consisting of Chickadee, Juicy and Suck It's brother in one group, Buaya, Khoo Kongsi and Bandit, (yes he went in) in another group and about half an hour behind, Cock Pain and XL, who went in for the run at 6.45pm. On meeting the back pack, Cowlin led the Chickadee group on the way out, Buaya's group followed on their own, struggling some twenty five minutes behind. The hare, Thomas waited for the last group, Cock Pain and XL.

When Buaya'a came out of the jungle and walking towards the runsite and the beer, Dipstick's jeep came up and greeted them and continued to go and pick up the last. Then the Puchong guys' jeep came up with some isotonic drinks.

As soon as Bandit reached the runsite at 11pm, he let out all the expletives he had in his vocabulary, shocking some of those who were waiting for all to come out. A short while later, one of the jeeps came back, bringing Cock Pain and a much relieved XL. But Cowlin, who was leading Chickadee's group, was still not out, though they were supposed to be ahead of Buaya's group.

While waiting for Cowlin and the last group, another drama began to unfold. The government rescue team comprising over twenty of them and the police arrived. Apparently, someone had called to inform them that a group of eight were lost in the jungle and needed help.

While JPS and Guitarman were explaining to them, Cowling and group reached home. Then began some series of 'lectures' by the rescue team and our explanations that we were not lost. The rescue team, being not satisfied, wanted the names and identity card numbers of those who had just come out, which were given. But still not satisfied, they then asked for the names of all members present, but Beerman protested saying "saya ta'ada lari ma".

Finaly, they relented with a last 'lecture' that this jungle was off-limits to the public and that we are not run in there again. Upon accepting their advice, we told them not to blame us if they see others, not our chapter, running there.

While, On On was on site, which was so much that members were asked to pack some home, there was no circle.

Next Run: No 973 Date: 10/03/2012 Hare: Lester ABC Venue: Sg Jelok

On On ...

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Rehashed 20120225 Munster

Run: 971 Hare: Munster Venue: Bandar Tech Cohares: ...

Circle in pictures

Next Run: No 972 Date: 03/03/2012 Virgin Hare: Thomas Woo Venue: Damai Utama Kinrara

On On ...