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21 July 2018

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Rehashed 20110723 U I

Run: 940 Hare: U I Venue: Taman Tasik Semenyih Cohares: Cock Pain

It was a nice day with some confusion for some to get to the run site as the sign at the traffic lights junction bared "4km" HLH4 with a barely visible pointing left arrow! We drove past all the housing tarmac road and continued on a well kept laterite road and further on a hilly stretch of tarmac again to reach the temples where the run site was. There were lots of worshipers and blessing hunters. We parked by the road side and saw Joachim was there early with his hug. Upon a few words, we knew what he was up to - eat durians! Wild Boar and Lembik was around to check out HLH4 for the first time.

The run started a bit late as the brainless NoHair was not ready and got GM King Kong leading the pack. It was downhill on the tarmac for about a few hundred steps and a left into the orchards. Dipstick and Kikilala was up front leading the pack through the orchards and a few fish ponds before getting a taste of the first gradient climb.

Kelam Kabut and the brainless then came forth and had Dipstick upfront to meet a check on top of a steep short climb. With Kelam Kabut directing Kencing to get on the left fork they broke that easily. It was a long climb back up with the middle pack losing the back quite speedily. Still panting on the climb, the pack were in the rubber estates and met some PJ Harriettes members recce-ing their coming run.

On the right was Kencing shouting checking while Kelam Kabut was clever enough by taking a pee. Kikilala, Kencing and the stupid botak went on to search the right side while Dipstick broke it on the left trail. The pack was closely knitted together and went on ahead through the 3rd check with a falsie while U-I and Lembik was the 2 last walkers on trail. It was a cool downhill with a long gradient climb till the highest point.

And the long downhill had the pack into the durian orchard with a lady cladded in red long sleeves t-shirt guiding the runners while promoting her durians. Some were tempted, some bought and ate, some solicited some free fruits which was permitted and some just passed through, with a climb back up to the run site for the 5.8km run in 1hr5mins.

Circle started a bit later as there was food to gap the stomach and some durian hunting while the drinkers started their stuff! Cock Pain and Reject were seen 'getting some advice from a smartly dressed in Mao-style white suit!

The hare was iced for completing her own run, any runs for a long time; the co-hare was iced together for the sign mistakes; Dipstick for plucking a star fruit without permission and thought of moon shining with its juices; co-hare again for scattering Dobi Kajang bills along the trails during his initial reccee; Bulldozer for teaching someone about something that someone cannot understand and misunderstood; Guitarman & Silent Dragon for traveling an extra 8km due to the '4km' HLH4 sign;

Co-hare and hare again for that '4km' sign that they denied against each other; Clip2 and Wild Boar for a black and white lies; Touch n Go and Charlie Bicycle for standing higher than the box and 'just came in'; co-hare again for bringing in a crate of that 'black dog' and a crate of green-bottles; Reject was wearing a somewhat lookalike hash singlet but not;

Kelam Kabut for screwing the Whip in Miri's do; Kikilala and Joachim for a 'known method to open durians; finally Wild Boar was iced for stand-in as hash Bard that he performed wonderfully that had the pack up in stitches with his unique has songs!

OnOn with Temple Cafe ala cartes and some more durians from GM King Kong and Chickadee for fest the pack.

Next Run: No 941 Date: 30/07/201 Hare: Blood Donor Venue: Shooting Range Sg Jelok

On On ...

Rehashed 20110716 Angeline

Run: 939 Hare: Angeline Venue: Bt 14 Puchong Cohares: Tangki Air & the Puchong gang

Hare Angeline
The trail was the same as that set by Clip Clip the last time we were visiting the buried. The difference was that the front runners did not waste an hour at the first check unlike the earlier run.

Billy No Hair too, this time, did not have to tour the housing estate like how he did the last time.

The another difference was that the hare's mother invited herself for the circle and On ON. Oh, and talking about the On On, it was on site unlike previously when we adjourned to restaurant for a four table affair.

Run20110716 Circle Collage

Next Run: No 940 Date: 23/07/2011 Hare: U I Venue: Thai Buddhist Temple Taman Tasik Semenyih

(Drive through Semenyih. Turn left into Broga road. Turn left at first Traffic lights. Turn right at first junction. Go all the way towards the end of tamac. Continue on laterite road till the end. Turn left into tarmac road. Follow uphill til temple.)

On On ...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rehashed 20110709 Juicy Jessie

Run: 938 Hare: Juicy Jessie Venue: Sri Haneco Cohares: No Hair, Email

The Hare Juicy Left the house early to reach the runsite in time, as I expected to need some extra time due to some detours caused by the other “Walk” in KL at this particular day. As expected it wasn’t easy to pass through but finally managed to be at runsite at 5:45 pm.

Hashers were busy chitchatting the days news and finally “OnOn” was called. In-trail as usual on the left side of the fish pond. Soon the first calls “checking” could be heard, a check was placed at the trail up to the right. It turned out to be a forward check, turning sharp left into a path further up the hill. A ‘smart’ hasher went on straight forward, as he expected the paper would follow some earlier run’s setting and after almost reaching Semenyih he realized that it was not ‘advisable’ to continue and tried to catch up with the backrunners.

The area was quite hilly, followed the paper up and down. Charlie Chickadee gave some good advise for a small shortcut as hashers could be seen going down a hill and up again at the opposite side.

Another check at the left sid of a hill was broken to the right. After some further steep climbing up a hill, which made some hashers stop for a while I could hear from far some voice cursing like hell. I could swear it was Bandit, but knowing him he would never do such hills.

From there the trail descended and finally came out at the clear area behind the condos.

First runner Dipstick out at 7:25. Suddenly Bandit showed up, pretending he completed the run!

I just kept quiet and enjoyed the delicious Mee Hoon…..OnOn

Song Lau did his magic and from now on Joey will be known as 'Baby Kangaroo' while Angel should respond to being called 'Calcium'.

Soon, someone else who comes without fail but does not run may be renamed 'Get Lost'.

On On onsite.

(scribed by Joachim)

Next Run: No 938 Date: 16/07/2011 Hare: Angeline Venue: Batu 14 Puchong


from Kajang using Putrajaya way:
head towards Puchong LDP and pay RM1.60 toll in Puchong South Toll Plaza.
from toll plaza set trip meter to 0, at 0.6km you'll see a the 1st flyover but go straight
at 2.0km you will see the 2nd flyover, keep left to exit and go up that flyover
turn right on traffic lights on the flyover and follow hash signs to run site.

from Bandar Sunway PJ and from Sungai Besi:
get to the front of IOI Mall (on your right), Bandar Pusat Puchong (on the left) and heading towards Putrajaya/Shah Alam
travel past Tesco on your right and keep left heading Putrajaya/Bandar Bukit Puchong
you will need to turn left to head Putrajaya and see Wisma Tractor on your left
you will need to travel about 3km from Wisma Tractor to see flyover and at 3.5km turn left on traffic light
follow hash signs to run site

On On ...

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Rehashed 20110702 10th Rotation Run

Run: 937 Occasion: 10th Rotation Run Venue: Broga Cohares: Kajang H3

Next Run: No 938 Date: 09/07/2011 Hare: Juicy Jessie Venue: Sri Haneco

On On ...

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Rehashed 20110625 Dipstick

Run: 936 Hare: Dipstick Venue: Mantin Cohares:...

The Hare Dipstick New run site for HLH4, I was supposed to be here a few times ago but have to miss due to work. At last, I got to have a go at these hills. Driving uphill on the tarmac road has already ‘informing’ us how high we would be climbing later on during the run!

The hare contracted Mantin H4 GM and Seremban Hazards’ GH to set this outing and proven that it would not be a mess up. The run started with a walk uphill on the tarmac and continued to almost about a good sweat before the dry slippery downhill into the OP.

We further went on the offtrack to see the exit from LEKAS to Seremban and followed a hill drain up. We got round one hill after the other to chase the high tension pylons, not easy as it sound as the hills are not that high not low, a few of these will surely tame almost everyone!

We got to the start of the back ridge of the hill where we started and it was a long climb up! Yes, climbing that surely have me panting and tongue wagging! The run was not long but the climbs sure squeezed the sweat out of me! A good hilly work out but was only about 6.5km on a 1500ft asl. Nice scenic view from the run site and breezy too!

Guest from 'long time ago', a childhood friend of Chong Kok Man and the Kajang fellas - Kiss.

Thank you Chong Kok Man for handling the ZhangJiaJie trip to join Solstice Hash On Tour for the our members who were there.

ZhangJiaJie = RM3000 trip + RM6000 shopping = Amelia = 'Big Spender'...hahaha

(Scribed by No Hair)

Run No: 937 Date: 02/07/2011 Occasion: 10th Rotation Run Hosted By Kajang H3 Venue: Broga

(Get to Broga Town and go towards the temple at the end and look out for Hash signs. Run will start at 5.30pm but it is understood that the "Piss" and bites will be On from 3pm)

On On ...