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21 July 2018

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rehashed 20080223

Run: 762 Scheduled Hare: Michael Chin Venue: Broga SubCons: Showtime, Rolek

About 25 members turned up. On On sounded 5 mins late and the paper took the hashers on the trail that goes right (as one faces the temple). A good warm up before the first climb.

About twenty mins to the top where the 1st check was laid. Here at the top, 3 seasoned and long time running hashmen showed the two harriets who were behind them the correct trail and then they turned and SCBed.

The 1st check was broken on the right and the trail led all the way down. As expected, the paper across the ravine invited those who did not chicken out for theAmelia and Guat Ling on the viewing point 2nd ascend. This was a very tiring and exhausting 35 mins climb where the slope on some parts was near 60 degrees.

On the top at a height of about 240 metres, the papers swung left, with most members expecting another down and up. But how some were pleasantly surprised as this trail led to a very well upkept viewing point on the hilltop which overlooked the temple. From here the trail led on metal road all the way home.

On On onsite with pre-packed nasi lemah (santan rice) and lamb barbequed on site.

Waiting for the lamb Lamb being barbequed on site

Next Run: No 763 Date: 01/03/2008 Hare: Guat Ling Venue: Sg Jeluk (Shooting Range) (check Google map at sidebar for location)

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rehashed 20080216

Run: 761 Occasion: CNY Run Venue: Bandar Technology Sub-cons: Kiki, Guitarman, Bulldozer

Going in Blasts from fire crackers strung up a tree started the 2008 Chinese New Year (CNY) Run. About 40 members took to the well trod trails. Nothing spectacular about the run though there was confusion over the trail paper used which resulted in the back pack coming out half an hour after the FRBs.Crossing the shiggy

The 'whore' was skipped, so generally a flat relaxing run with a little bit of off tracks.
Satay (barbequed skewered meat) and noodle soup awaited the hashers.

Roger being baptised 'Blood Donor'

Roger was hash named "Blood Donor".

A CNY celebration is not complete without

Firecrackers Fireworks

and these
Lions for the Dance Loh Sang

and we welcomed these
Mandarin oranges and beer Ang Pau with lottery ticket

At Hulu Langat celebrations, usually after many beers, there will be some

dancing Long John and Blood Donor Talking,
singing Song Lau, Ballcracker Bulldozer singing
even when you cannot stand, Song Lau sitting on the ground and singing.

Sometimes someone has to drink like this Dipstick drinking out of his shoe
or show why you are called No Hair NoHair holding a light over his head.

We also like to show how close we are to one another, like these guys
RatTail and Helen Dipstick and Guitarman Tony and ballcracker

and occasionally even like this ...

Peter and JPS

(For the video of the fireworks and lion dance, click On On below)

Next Run: 762 Date: 23/02/2008 Hare: Micheal Chin Venue: Broga (check Google map at sidebar)

Fireworks display

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rehashed 20080209

Run: 760 Hare: Dev Dipstick Venue: Bukit Serdang Sub-con: Munster

(Run report not available)

Next Run: No 761 Date: 16/02/2008 Occassion: CNY Run Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang

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Monday, February 04, 2008

Rehashed 20080202

Run: 759 Hare: Iqbal Long John Venue: Sri Haneco Co-Hare: Kiki

The Hare Iqbal Long John About 30 members turned up for the GM's run at Sri Hanikoh. Although it was raining heavily in Kajang, the weather at the runsite was fine until just before the circle was called to order and then it poured.

The run was quite similar to Gary Leong's last run here. This evening's run was just a reverse. The run started on the track on the left side of the fishing pond and ended on the track on the right side of the fishing pond.

The first runner was out in 1hr and 7 mins. Advisor Song Lau was surprisingly out among the top 5.

On on on site with home cooked food. (RG)

Next Run: No 760 Date: 09/02/2008 Hare: Dev Dipstick Venue: Bukit Serdang
(Drive to Seri Kembangan town. Turn at the Public Bank junction. Head to the Petronas station nearby and follow HLH4 signs. The Google map is at the side bar)

Icings of the evening

(For more pics, click On On below)

A light moment of the circle Karu doing a blowJob
Standing for the circle Long John, Rocky, Dipstick and Karu
A guest introducing herself Circle is no laughing matter

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