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21 July 2018

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Rehashed 20130622 Eto

Run: 1040 Hare: Eto Venue: Bukit Gasing Cohares: KenChing

A few days earlier, the hare did a recce and planned the run. But on the run day, they arrived late, probably due to the haze and so the hare decided that it will be a live hare run. So ordered her subcons to go in and set the run without her and she will go in for the run, probably with a plan to slow down the front runners.

The subcon live hare probably knew they could not rely on the hare to slow the FRBs, so they had to play safe. Putting the blame on the haze, they cut short from the planned route and hit home, coming out about 6.35pm with the front runners on their heels about seven minutes behind.

On On at the Thai restaurant at the bird park.

Next Run: No 1041 Date: 29/06/2013 Hare: Yap Woei Kee Venue: Sg Long

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rehashed 20130615 VolunteerRun

Run: 1039 Hare: Silent Dragon -Volunteer Venue: Bukit Hatamas Cheras Cohares: (KH3 hares)

(no pix as yet)

On a cool day compared to the scorching heat days that we have been having, 12 HLH4 hashers and a guest came for this voluntary run held at Cheras Hatamas organised by our On Cash Silent Dragon. Since the numbers were not ascertained prior the run, and our brother KH3’s run was also on the same run site, it was decided that HLH4 run on the same trail set by KH3.

The trail started on the road and took us left at the far end and then started going slightly uphill. Up up we went and reached the first check that was broken right and we came to a beautiful waterfall. This was indeed a new area for HLH4 hashers and the scenery was really fantastic. We kept climbing up until we reached the second check and it went downhill for a bit before turning right again uphill.

At the top of the hill, it was a check again and this check took us down again and started leading home or so we thought until we found the last check which was a formality towards home, back on the tar road to the cars, where we parked.

KH3 had their own run site with their beer wagon, but we had our chilled beer organised and 100 Plus and water melons to quench our thirst.

The Circle started at 8.30, On Sex took the box and announced the next weeks run at Gasing Hill. The hare for the Voluntary Run was iced in recognition for organising a splendid run despite the short notice. On Sex announced the Rotation Run that will be held on 29 July 2013 hosted by HLH4 and urged all members to support the OC and his team if approached. Hash Advisor Long John reminded all members that as a club that has been around for 20 years, we should accommodate each other always. The Whip, iced the usual suspects for the offences committed and later was iced by On Sex for offence he committed.

Overall, even though we had only 12, (as Munster left after the run), we had a really good time and the camaraderie was fantastic.

On On

(Scribed by GuitarMan)

(Pix below are of HLH4 at Cheras H4 13th Celebration Run at Sri Haneco)

Next Run: No 1040 Date: 22/06/2013 Hare: Eto Venue: Bukit Gasing

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rehashed 20130608 YamWaiKit

Run: 1038 Virgin Hare: Yam Wai Kit Venue: Sg Jelok Cohares:

A good turnout. The weather too was cool, as a result of the earlier rain. The virgin hare selected some virgin trails on the opposite side of where the "live-hare" runs are usually set.

The in-trail was at the back and right going up through the young rubber fields. The in trail kept going up along on the gravel road for about 50 mins. From the top, one could guess that the out trail would be through on the right which meant that the down trail would certainly lead to a couple more climbs.

A consolation was that, the trails were nearly all on the gravel roads. However, the home trail went into thick vegetation which had a steep slippery decent coupled with a shiggy and a stream which had to be crossed in the dark.

The FRB hit home just before 8pm and the back pack coming out just before nine. Cockpain, going in at 7pm completed the run just a head of the back pack.

On On onsite - chee cheong fun.

pix by TW

Next Run: No 1039 Date: 15/06/2013 Hare: Volunteer Venue: Bukit Hatamas (there is also the Cheras H4 13th AnniRun at Sri Haneco Jalan Kacau )

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Thursday, June 06, 2013

Rehashed 20130601 Heny Soo

Run: 1037 Hare: Heny Soo Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang Cohares: Kiki, Silent Dragon, Gigi Putih, Reject, Bulldozer

Another run at the slowly shrinking running area, development takes its share….

Weather was sunny and hot and OnOn was called sharp at 6 pm. In trail was the usual way along the construction site into the palm, where soon the first check was hit. Quickly broken the paper went on through the estate turning right at the end of the construction, up the slope and leading left into the bushes.

Going up after a few hundred meters, a second check was found with a falsie, which kept the hashers busy for a while. After a confusing long time, the check was broken forward (seemed it should have been quite easy to break) and the trail went on at the edge of a rim, far above the housing where people watched the line of hashers with multicoloured running attire disappearing into the jungle.

Coming out of the bushes into the open a third check was broken straight ahead, going up some slope.

After a while of running we came close to the whore, where another check was broken quickly, seemed to bypass the hill, very much to Bandit’s relief, but…….FALSIE!

As could be expected the connecting paper was leading up to the hill, everyone huffin’ and puffin’ on the way up.

JPS, Blood Donor and some other ‘smart ones’ tried to shortcut and turned to the right before reaching the top.

The pack went up all the way and followed the paper to the left, coming down through the durian orchard.

From there it was up another small hill down to the out-trail along the highway.

First runner out was Cock Pain after about 90 minutes. Last ones were the SCB’s whereby Khoo and a guest were not out yet when the circle about to start…..
(scribed by j

Next Run: No 1038 Date: 08/06/2013 Hare: Yam Wai Kit Venue: Shooting Range Sg Jelok

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