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21 July 2018

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rehashed 20120218 Showtime

Run: 970 Hare: Showtime Venue: Sg Jelok Cohares: ...

Another attempt to do a run at this runsite without decuf. The run started sharp at 6, going in by the little stream on the left. Paper was not our usual HLH4 paper, some 4x4 recycling paper instead. Crossing the stream the first check was layed.

Dipstick forward checking and climbing the hill at the left, Sexy Showman confused the pack by calling OnOn further to the left, confused by Mother Hash paper which he thought would be our chapter’s paper (somebody need to show him how HLH4 paper looks like). Finally OnOn was called to the usual steep hill to the right (the one Bandit got his hill-phobia from).

Gary peeping around a corner, trying to sneak out to avoid that hill and only after Dipstick threatened him to be put on ice reluctantly started climbing.

After reaching the top the trail was quite nice to run. Paper was easy to follow and checks were nicely connected (big hand to SK!). After 50 minutes reaching the big hut and the usual motorbike trail going down, back to the runsite.

First runner out in about one hour, last runner with 2 guests not out until 11:00…..

(scribed by Joachim)

Next Run: No 971 Date: 25/02/2012 Hare: Munster Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang

On On ...

Friday, February 17, 2012

Rehashed 20120211 CNY Run

Run: No 969 Occasion: CNY Run Venue: Kesuma Lakes SubCons: King Kong, Bulldozer

Billy No Hair honored us by agreeing to do the scribe for old time sake as how he used to scribe so frequently while he was running with us.

It was about four and a half months since we left and when we got to the run site, there were so many smiling faces welcoming us back. That’s hash! We couldn’t agree more and we got to our hashing mode to meet more friendly parties and enjoying our outing. The evening was really warm but the atmosphere was even hotter!

We started among the last as me Mrs was ‘putting on her protection screen’ to make sure no ‘friendly hitchings’. The run started on a usual trail beside the run site onto a small rubber holding before going deeper into the OP. It was so familiar that it felt like a rendevous, passing through the OP hill, crossing a deep ditch, passing under the high tension cables and pylon, back into the OP with soft-leaved grass like plants and the gradient OP uphill climb.

All were somewhat so familiar until we were somewhere nowhere in the OP. A tough circular check brought almost everyone together but was finally broken by Cat on the trail by the cemetery. We got on the tarmac for a bit before getting into the OP again. We got to a river and saw a road that someone said was the Broga road! Only then that I realized he was right! It was the road bend just before the end of the 4 lane road.

We followed the small river bank, the crossing was hilarious when one has to stand on some rotten tree trunk to jump across. The few were adamant but frightened! What’s the fright? The worse is only wet shoes! The action and attempts were hilarious! We got across and kept on running on an offtrack before coming to a junction where Kelam Kabut thought it would be a check that he followed an offtrack. FunToong was upfront on paper calling while the rest followed.

Kelam Kabut would have an easier way if he followed his instinct as the paper trail led us through some bushy-full of holes-muddy-river crossing-fallen tree trunk crossing and a thorny edge climb! We were back on the OP offtracks with Dipstick leading the pack, running like no tomorrow with Big Mouth Monkey. They deserved a check and they got it with a back check. The run back bought the middle pack some closer distance to the runners while the last few OP hill climbs proved to be too much for some.

We got to more familiar OP areas and the vast clearcuts before the last hill climb into the small rubber holding. We got out in about 1hr10mins and me Endomondo registered about 7km.


"Big HAND, No Hair"

Next Run: No 970 Date: 18/02/2012 Hare: ShowtimeVenue: Sg Jelok

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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Rehashed 20120204 Abraham Wong

Run: No 968 Hare: Abraham Wong Venue: Sg Jelok Cohares: Sang Wat

The weather was when the members were getting to the runsite. However, when Bulldozer put on his running shoes, there was a slight drizzle which gave him second thoughts about going in.

But there was no rain and at the On On call, twenty odd members hit the trail just as Bandit and Long John came in. Silent Dragon and Cowlin waited for Long John to go in together. The in-trail took the right at the first fork for the climb.

Midway up was the first check and Guitarman went further up front to break but it was a back check. When he came down at the On Call, the others had already gone in on the trail across the stream on the left. As Guitarman waited while deciding whether to continue, do a DIY or turn back, Bandit came up.

Guitarman complained of a bad knee, while Bandit said he had stamina problems, both giving excuses for not wanting to complete the run. But still continued up. Going slightly up, 'ARE YOU's were heard, so Guitarman took a path on the left while Bandit went further up and another path also to the left where old CH4 papers were seen.

Meanwhile, Long John, Silent Dragon, Aru and Cowlin came up continued on the paper trail which kept going up and up. While Bandit continued up, Guitarman disappeared doing a DIY. Reaching the top, Cowlin, on the pretext of looking for Micheal, turned back.

From the top, the papers went down slightly before leveling and going towards the left, leading the runners precariously by the side of some gullies. By the time Long John and Aru reached the last check, the front runners had re-grouped, being not able to break the check and discussing whether to turn back.

Long John voiced his dissatisfaction, saying it was not his standard to turn back. With no other choice, the group turned and Bulldozer tried the known path which leads to home. Meanwhile, Eto was seen using her phone, frantically calling someone. The time was around seven so bookies would have stopped taking bets. But it turned out, she panicked when the group decided to turn back leaving her hubby who was up front still trying to break the last check.

Taking this path with Bulldozer leading, they found papers and called On On before meeting Cowlin who was coming up the out-trail. From thereon, it was all the way down and home. Cha Cha, the last to go in, came out overtaking the back runners.

On On onsite - Bicycleman stuff.

Next Run: No 969 Date: 11/02/2012 Occasion: CNY Run Venue: Kesuma Lakes

On On ...

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Rehashed 20120128 Miaw Miaw

Run: 967 Hare: Miaw Miaw Venue: Cheras Bukit Hatamas Cohares: Pengsan, Silent Dragon

It rained in the Klang Valley earlier and there was a slight drizzle at the start of the run. The runsite had to be moved to the site to the left as there were signs another hash chapter was runsited at our usual place near the free water tap 'sponsored' by Guitarman. But it appeared this chapter was HAPPY with just three runners.

This was the first run in the Chinese year of the Water Dragon and we had, who else, but Silent Dragon to co-hare the run.

The trail up the usual out-trail up to level six which the hare was misled to believe was station 5. From there it was all the way down, but Silent Dragon conveniently forgot the two more climbs to endure on the way down.

Accept for the initial screw up just before the climb where some A holes connected the papers to the out trail, all the other checks were broken intelligently fast despite the absence of the usual FROBs.

The next week's hare was believed to be the FROB, coming out in 1hr 20mins.

On On onsite with packed nasi ayam with some frills.

Next Run: No 968Date: 04/02/2012 Hare: Abraham Wong Venue: Shooting Range Sg Jelok

On On ...