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21 July 2018

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rehashed 20090822

Run: 840 Occassion: AGM Run Venue: Sri Haneco Hares: Guitarman, No Hair, Yee Mai

The hares, Guitarman Yee Mai and No Hair It was a rain cooled evening when about 50 members and a good many 'invited' guests gathered beside the fishing pond. The trail took the runners through the clearing to the usual in trail at the foothill. But instead of immediately going up, the papers took a trail on the right.

The first check still at the foothill was broken further along the path on the right. This was where some SCBs decided to go up the hill thinking that the trail would swing back on the hilltop. But the trail went pass the vegetable and around the back of the hill.

From the back it was a slow climb to the top. From the top, the papers led down all the way back to the vegetable patch and back to home on the in-trail.

The FRB was out within the hour and the back pack half an hour later. Five smart alec members and a dog in avoiding the only climb of the run, ended elsewhere and returned by cab around 8.30pm.

The circle was long - it was the Annual General Meeting - so must be long even though the most talking was done the 'Erection Commissioner'. The elections was conducted by SMC of Kajang Hash and assisted by the GMs and reps of Kajang H3, Cheras H4, Mount Kiara H4 and others.

The principal members elected to the MisManagement Team for 2009/2010. (Picture amended 02/09/2009 to reflect correct positions)

Elected MisManagement Team

Next Run: No 841 Date: 29/08/2009 Hare: Guat Ling Venue: Bukit Hatamas Cheras

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Thursday, August 20, 2009




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Resigned March 2012

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rehashed 20090815

Run: 839 Hare: Gigi Putih Venue: Bandar Tech Kajang Cohare: Bulldozer

(Updated 21/08/2009)

About 20+ hashers turned up for the run. A number of our members joined the Cheras 9th anniversary run in Sri Haneco.

But some of them miss HLH4 so much that they returned in time to join our run while some others made it for the circle and on on. Some members who registered for the CH4 run also preferred to run with HLH4.

It was also good to see SAGoh back form Doha on holiday to join us for the run. He was worried that he could not complete the run as he had not been running for the past one year. Anyway he managed to make it although coming out a bit late.

KH3 was also having their run sited here at Bandar Tech, as a result there were some paper criss-crossing and mixed up at one check-point when the On-On was called.

The run started at the usual in-trial opposite the run site. (KH3 runsite was at our rotation runsite). After a short distance to the first check, every one was surprised to see most of the oil palm area had been leveled for some construction work and the check was at the open leveled area.

It took some time for the hashers to break the check at the end of the clearing. The trail took the hashers to the rubber area. The 2nd check also took some time for the back runners to break as the FRB did not wait for the paper to be connected. At the same check KH3 also broke their check here and so much so there much cuntfusion as the calls of On On were heard from every corner.

After a short climb, the long home trial took the hashers to the edge of the Kajang/Semenyih highway following the fence with a lot of up and down and bushes. The trial led the hashers back through the factory site.

Circle was hosted by Guitarman and was short. On-On was at a new restaurant at the top of Sg. Chua where you can see Kajang Town and Bukit Mewah. We had three full tables and the envirounment was nice, food tasty and a good place for a drink.
(scribed by Blood Donor)

(Original posting)

The Cherasians who were celebrating their 9th Any at Sri Haneco robbed our run of some of the regulars, especially the few regulars who contribute to this website. So no scribe of the run set by 'white teeth' and no flashes of the circle.

But this much is known. The turnout was normal despite the Any run by CH4. And probably due to the many cummplaints of runs here being "easy", "short", "not interesting", "predictable", the hare and co-hare decided to make a difference.

The FRB, Showtime, was out in about 1hr 30mins. Apparently he had missed, skipped, overshot or bypassed one check. The FROPs on the other hand came out about 20mins later. Their attributed the delay to the home trail being laid through some creepy, bushy and thick undergrowth and furthermore in the dark.

On On was a 3-table affair at a previously unknown restaurant deep in Sg Chua.

Next Run: No 840 Date: 22/08/2009 Occassion: AGM Run Venue: Sri Haneco

PS: At the AGM - what to expect?

There will be ...

- a meeting for ROS purposes.
- a chance for some to do some talking.
- some complaints to put forward.
- some stories to listen to on the poor state of our kitty.
- some new rules to be announced.
- objections to any sub increase.
- and maybe, to make it more or else complete, elections and voting.
- half hearted arguments by some who don't want to be nominated.
- And after all these, we will get down to the serious stuff of downing more beers.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

8th Rotation Run - Pictures

Finally, the 8th Rotation Run hosted by HLH4 rehashed in pictures.

The Onacceptable delay attributed to:

- it took about a week for the hash flashes to get sober and recall where they had left the cameras.

- another week for them to cull some shots before allowing their spouses to view.

- a few days in transit to the compiler.

- another few days for the Bloody compiler to view, sort, relabel and burn to a CD. Oh, too big and too many, so re-burn to dvd.

- about 2 weeks for webmaster to view, select and re-size.

- one week to upload (due to the connection speed?).

Big hand to all who were the cause of the delay.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rehashed 20090808

Run: 838 Hare: Pengsan Venue: Bukit Besi Cohares: ...

The runsite by the bungalows was windy and nice which would be for a limited time before the occupants move in. Not many members were around for this run as some had 'Sudahbayar' trip to the PanIndo Hash.

The usual trail up by the well trodden path, which this neighbourhood residents use, till the top to meet the first check. As usual it was a back check to the right to get on to the trail going down hill to the small ‘waterfall’.

A different story was unfolding that day as the second check was broken with the trail that brought us to the quarry and towards Taman Orkid. Some good running in between the trails were interesting and had the FROPs screwed on the 3rd check just before the road leading to the tower.

It was a good run on that road till the station on top. Then, it was all the way down from the top through the newly bulldozed area but the hare had 'some fish left' and left the last check which was easily picked up.

A few hellos with the Indonesians around here who were all well dressed for their romp in the city and doggie Hash barking madly due to the sweet perfumed air. It was like a 'Al-Wadi' slide view when going down the storm drain till the 'big steps' which had Warranti aching from the knees.

The FROPs took 1hr10mins to finish the run and ChaCha was the last to come in after arriving late. A total of 11 finished the run, 3 SCBed, 4 'came, saw, sat, waited and drank'.

OnOn was on site with specially delivered claypot rice by an Animale member who has his shop nearby - chicken/salted fish & black pepper. Drinks were plenty.

Next Run: No 839 Date: 15/08/2009 Hare: Peter 'Gigi Putih' Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang

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Saturday, August 08, 2009



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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Rehashed 20090801

Run: 837 Hare: Ice CooLeng Venue: Bandar Tech Kajang SubCons: Abraham, RatTail

(Updated 07/08/2009 with new pix by Hash Flash)

Hare Ice CooLeng Attendance were about 30 members who certainly were not arrested IF they had participated in the Anti or Pro ISA march earlier in the afternoon in Kuala Lumpur.

The runsite was at the watertank factory near Taman Harmoni. It was a leisurely walk in and up to the 1st check. This took a while to follow through as the one who broke it, our usual sweeper for celebration runs, just kept on honking at each "R U" instead of calling "On On".

The trials were mainly runners' trails which led to the 'Bandar Tech Whore' climbing from the orchard side. Coming down, the papers led to the trail linking to Sg Tangkas where the check took a while to break. This was followed by a circlar check which seemed to lead back to the 'Whore'.

How the back pack was relieved when the papers turned left to hit back home avoiding a possible 2nd cumm on the 'Whore'.

FRB was out in 1hr 20mins while the late Cummers were out half an hour later.

On On onsite.

Welcomed new boot Maria and rejoined Geok Leng.

Next Run: No 838 Date: 08/08/2009 Hare: Pengsan Venue: Bukit Besi Alam Damai

Circle Clowning Cowlin
New boot Maria (left) and rejoined Geok Leng (right) Circle
On Down Hare and subCons Some Icings
Some Icings

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