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21 July 2018

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rehashed 20090221

Run: 814 Hare: Susie Shopping Queen Venue: Bukit Besi Alam Damai Co-hares: Silent Dragon, Gary

Crawling up on all fours About 35 members and guests managed to get to the runsite after making some preventable U-turns. Some were luckier to spot the hare putting up the signs just a little before 6pm.

Some Icings of the evening
The in-trail was a 10 min walk along the foot of the hill before the near vertical climb to the trail on the hill. As expected, the papers took the hashers right up to the tower. The long climb up resulted in the FRBs leaving the back pack far behind.

Some Icings of the evening
A circular check near the tower and aided by some cunt-fusing paper, allowed the back pack to be ahead of the FRBs on the downward stretch. But the treacherous down trail with a ravine crossing, a small uphill and a long U-turn to runsite allowed the FRBs to regain their lead. The first runner was out in about 1hr 45mins while the last out at 8.30pm.

On On onsite - Cock Pain catering.

Next Run: No 815 Date: 28/02/2009 Hare: Jagkir 'Munster' Venue: Bukit Hatamas Cheras

One for Dubai Line Dancing
Waiting Hare and Co-hares OnDown
Circle Guests Sagoh and Cat
Concentrated Tucking in Q ing up for porridge

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Hiew Vee Looh 'Lee Chai'

Hiew Vee Looh Lee Chai Hiew Vee Looh 'Lee Chai'

Member since January 2009

Hiew Vee Looh Lee Chai

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rehashed 20090214

Run: 813 Hare: Abraham Wong Venue: Bandar Technology Co-hare: ...

Hare Abraham Wong on Ice Valentine's Day! A small group turned up after 5:30pm, run started with about 15 and was later joined by some late comers.

Usual in trail by the water tank factory with the pack anticipating a long run as the hare is known for setting this here. Memories of the hare's last run here, gave some the 'bitter taste' and some the 'edkcuf him! I'll turn back after 30mins!'

Nevertheless, the pack kept going and with some paper hung on some trees had Warranti thinking that it was check rather than a left turn, that had Water Bai and Jes looking for paper without asking 'Where's the check?'. The slow starters but experienced ones saw that it was not a check but a clear trail, gnikcuf the fast starting clowns. It was an uphill climb on a hot day with BumbleBee and KFC trailing at the back getting ready to make a U-turn, which they managed to do without anyone noticing.

The first check was after 2 hills which had the whole pack together and was broken with another short climb and a little downhill towards deeper 'shit' that was laid. It was a good warming up climb with some gasping for air and another climb was revealed upon reaching the top, 'banging the whore from behind'.

It was that this scene and a 'test' climb had Dr Ballcracker and Shopping Queen turning back, where the rest soldiered on to the top to find a steep downhill by the side. It was not an easy downhill, most have to claw their was down singing 'I am a lion! I roar all day! Roar!! Roar!!' to lighten up the tired pack.

The second check was no easy thing and had all in pack before breaking it. The 3rd check was impossible, after wasting the sunlight the pack re-grouped and to find their own way back to run site. Along the way, they stumbled on trail paper about half a km away from checking. This had the whole pack gnikcuf the hare for laying the check beyond 'means'.

It was about 8:00pm and the paper trail was still going in towards and up the 'whore'! The pack then decided to find a another way to runsite to avoid the tedious climbs in darkness. Near the cow sheds, switching on his hunting dog nose, Monster led the way back to run site. All were back by 8:30pm.

Song Lau singing with Guitarman on guitars Circle was kept short to offset the tiredness and beers were plenty with Viagra and Dipstick chucking in 2 crates even though both were absent. On-on was very near in 'Valentino Cafe' with special Valentine's Day dinner set.

The dinner set was good, especially with the special sambal! Bomba was later on site to douse the 'fire'! More beers and songs by Guitarman to entertain the Valentines. (scribed by No Hair)

Next Run: No 814 Date: 21/02/2009 Hare: Susie Shopping Queen Venue: Bukit Besi Alam Damai (Follow HLH4 signs from traffic lights near Puspakom at Desa Tun Razak. Runsite at bungalows uphill Jalan Damai Jaya 1)

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rehashed 20090207

Run: 812 Occassion: CNY / Chap Goh Mei Venue: Sri Haneco Sub-Cons: Abraham, RatTail

Chap Goh Mei Run Tee - front More than 60 members and guests turned up for the Golden Bull Run and celebrate Chap Goh Mei the HLH4 way. Runsite was within the serene settings of the fishing ponds. Though the owner allowed us the use of the area, he did not think it appropriate for maidens to throw oranges into the ponds.

It was a simple and straight forward run which was up and down the usual hill. The FRBs were out in about 50mins, while the back pack came out about half an hour later.

CNY RUN Tee - back The circle took sometime due to the numerous icings and the handing out of ang pau to all present. The OC of the celebrations was rewarded on ice for a fine job. He was also re-appointed as OC for the next CNY do for mentioning about "the missing shorts" and due to Long John Silver's thoughts of the run.

On On onsite started with the Loh Sang.

Next Run: No 813 Date: 14/02/2009 Hare: Abraham Wong Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang (near water tank factory)

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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Aftar Singh

Aftar Singh

Aftar Singh 'Hong Kong Singh'

Member since January 2009

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Siva 'Short Circuit'

Member since January 2009

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Rehashed 20090131

Run: 811 Hare: Stanley Showtime Venue: Bandar Tech (watertank factory site) Co-hares: Rolek

The hare - Showtime
Some found it confusing when they did not notice the sign boards and drove 'happily' to the usual run site to find an 'apropriate' U-Turn sign that was not taken down early enough for the few who was there. A good joke was on this and had the bunch laughing.

The usual in trail from run site brought all 'slow walking' in while talking about the CNY drinks, food and 'youknowhat'. A short climb and a check had the whole bunch packed in one and was broken to the opposite hill. From here on, some of the trails looked like new ones and some areas looked familiar and some not.

Icings of the evening It was not fated to be an easy nor difficult run in this area but some did have a good sweat, for some just nice to wet the balls. "You'll never know what a few good hill climbs and some dekcuf instinct during checking could bring!" but some were complaining about the slippery uphill climbs on the home trai. One even had a fall and by luck, he escaped having his eye poked by some sharpy, 'You must "cheyy meyy or liu" before you pee.'

After run discussion continued with CNY happenings. A group was seen discussing the COW and what it sounds like in Tamil and the different versions of it in Tamil. Later, it was learnt that in Tamil, there are a few words that meant for a cow, an ox, a virgin cow, a calf, so on..... (and later) in Song Lau's "Ox-ford" Tamil dictionary and Bulldozer's "Came-bridge" dictionary provided some good laughs, to rub it in - American Sam and Karu added further to muddle the issue more..all in all it was a COW-Lin instead of 'KauLin' that started the whole thing in the year of the 'madhu'.

Some tickling moments during circle - see pixies.

On-On was at Viagra's cafe. (scribed by No Hair)

Next Run: No 812 Date: 07/02/2009 Occassion: CNY Run Venue: Sri Haneco (drive past the empty shoplots to the fishing ponds)

Circle Circle

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