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21 July 2018

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rehashed 20111224 Karu

Run: 962 Hare: Karu Venue: Beranang Industrial Estate Cohares:

No run reports or pictures. End of year holiday mood excuse.

Next Run: No 963 Date: 31/12/2011 Hare: Geok Leng Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Rehashed 20111217 Christmas Run

Run: 961 Occasion: Christmas Run Hares: SongLau, Guitarman, Aru Venue: Kesuma Lakes Cohares: ...

The weather was cooling and a good turnout for the run. Good checks kept most of the hashers together but with no hills, the FRB was out just past the hour.

The hare and organizers got a bit worried when Nokia and two guests were not out even after two hours and the turkey was going cold. When they finally came home, they had an adventurous tale to share. The others at the site had no choice but to listen to them describe how they rescued two calves which had fallen in a ditch. They were also probably thanking their lucky stars that the BULLdozer was busy with the turkey and not with them.

During the circle a special guest in a red suit arrived ringing a bell but did not have any ice cream, so he was iced for that. The fat guy with the white beard then started to sing and distributed gifts to some at the circle.

On On onsite specially prepared by Maria for the occasion.

Next Run: No 962 Date: 24/12/2011 Hare: Karu Venue: Beranang Industrial Estate

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rehashed 20111210 Aru

Run: 960 Occasion: Aru's FO Run Hare: Aru Venue: Sri Haneco Cohares:...

Run report is delayed.

Next Run: No 961 Date: 17/12/2011 Occasion: Christmas Run Venue: Kesuma Lakes

The Organizers of next week's run have promised a good run, a good evening, good fun and many more. News leaked out that Santa would be coming but this time he is not checking his list. So don't worry if you had been naughty and not nice, he may still have a gift for you. So come and join in the season's cheer. 

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Friday, December 09, 2011

Rehashed 20111203 Kilat

Run: 959 Hare: Thomas Kilat Venue: Kota Warisan Cohares: Guitarman...

The hare moved the runsite away from near his house, probably because our circles and On ONs are noisy or maybe because members use his toilets as how they do it out in the open, no flushing. Anyway, the runsite was moved up to the summit of the Kota Warisan hill, where not only was it secluded, it was quite scenic too. But sadly, many members missed it.

A group of those who missed it were in Medan joining in our "twin's" celebration run, while a few others went to celebrate someone getting a "license to ... legally".

At On call, there were only about 7 going in. About 10 mins later, Song Lau led in four others, and using his years of hashing experience, he skipped the in trail and second guessed the trail where they caught up with the front pack at the 2nd check. Here Bulldozer was observed shouting out orders to break the check while he hugged a tree.

The check was broken up a small climb and looping to the left, the papers suddenly stopped and further up in the bushes under the high tension, the check. This was broken, a back check, by Cowlin. The scarce papers, laid at some places at a spacing of about 30 meters, led to the boundary road where again papers disappeared.

Someone then found the connecting trail in the oil palm towards the left which continued on the flats up to the low cost houses for the same home trail as the last run here, the only difference was the climb up to the runsite on the hilltop which had bandit the only one gasping for air. The Gigi Putih and Reject couples who came even later and went in, came out soon after.

It was made known at the circle that the Hare could not find the hash papers to lay the trail, so Guitarman suggested him to quickly dash to the stationery shop and buy the 4x4 papers. But the hare bought only two bundles not realizing that at least four bundles were required to set a decent length run.

CockPain complained that no one connected the 1st check.

On On onsite - "??? kut Teh" prepared onsite by CockPain. The chee cheong fun packets had to be tau paued. Cowlin brought some rambutan taken from Matahari's compound. Matahari is said to be recuperating well at home.

Guitarman chaired the circle. Inter Onsex also took the box. Joachim, as usual, made a fine mystery whip. Song Lau too went up the box to give his advise.

Next week's run was announced as Aru's FO run.

Next Run: No 960 Date: 10/12/2011 Hare: Aru Venue: Sri Haneco

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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Rehashed 20111126 Heny Soo

Run: 958 Hare: Heny Soo Venue: Sunway Semenyih Cohares: ...

Next Run: No 959 Date: 03/12/2011 Hare: Thomas Kilat Venue: Kota Warisan

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Rehashed 20111119 KFC

Run: 957 Hare: KFC Venue: Bandar Tech Kajang SubCons: KingKong, Buldozer, BruiseLee...

Going to the runsite through heavy reain. A small crowd was lingering around the usual parking. GPS Jit just arrived and called OnOn while still sitting in his car, obviously not so eager to get into his shoes.

Intrail was the usual way at the factory, but once reaching the construction area the paper disappeared. Whether washed away by heavy rain or the dumb contractors simply forgot to lay paper, who knows (cohares later excused themselves that a lorry had messed up the paper).

Anyhow, the pack was confused, no paper at all and after 15 minutes of checking gave up and decided to do a DIY-walk along the highway to the left. After a few hundred meters suddenly paper appeared and OnOn was called to get the pack's attention.

A check to the left and the trail lead into the bushes, crisscrossing nicely the area with a couple of checks in between.
Getting dark alredy and still far from home.

By reaching the Harmoni site it turned out to be a long run, first runner out at 8:05. Some SCB's who followed the 'advise' to skip the last hill came out around the same time.

Big hand to Eto, who carried a bag full of torchlights and gave some to Dipstick and his fellow slowrunners to find their way back.

Some statistics:

15 Runners going in when OnOn was called
3 latecomers turned around after being scared by an unfriendly motorbike rider
3 runners completed on paper
42 showed up for 'OnOn'!

Oh, by the way, Bumble Bee has been promoted to "Sleeping Bee" and UI has been 'knighted' as XL.

(Scribed by Joachim)

Next Run: No 958 Date: 26/11/2011 Hare: Heny Soo Venue: Sunway Semenyih

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rehashed 20111112 Jack Kee

Run: 956 Hare: Jack Kee Venue: Batu 14 Puchong Cohares: Showman, Suck It ...

It was the weekend of the Pan Asia Hash, some of our members had gone there. Some had still not got over the "11/11/11" celebrations and as usual, some had some other things to do. So another small group of about 30 members turned up.

The papers went in the usual 'in' but the warm up walk was extended to the right and right up to the housing where the first check was laid.

This was broken way back and this time, it did not up for the vertical climb to the water tank (the Puchong group's usual main co-hare, Tangki Air, was not around, so the water tank was also given a miss). The papers led through the undergrowth and then suddenly the trail went dead. Climbing up, Kiki found papers and called On On.

The trail went slightly up a short distance and then along the terrace. Then up again for another short distance before contining on the terrace. Some places where it was overgrown with 'lallang' was found a wee bit dangerous.

Going round the hill, the papers did not hit the Air Hitam forest reserve but instead made its way down and back through the graveyard, intending to scare the undead.

Kiki was FRB coming out within the hour. All were out within the next 45 mins.

Circle conducted by Song Lau. Joachim was tasked with being the Mystery whip.

On On was a restaurant at the town.

Next Run: No 957 Date: 19/11/2011 Hare: KFC Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang

(Our member, Matahari, underwent successful surgery on 16/11/2011. He is still in ICU.)

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rehashed 20111105 Matahari

Run: 955 Hare: Matahari Sami Venue: Kota WarisanCohare: Kilat

There was a run set in this area previously but the hare this time moved the runsite parking to a cow grazing area just close to the co-hare's residence.

Probably due to the distance, there was only a small group of about 30 members who went in at the sound of the On On. A few others came in a bit later.

The papers led on tarmac for a good warm up before going under canopy and the first check. Dipstick, leading, broke this check and then disappeared. The trail was all through the oil palm estate, meandering and looping which allowed some to shortcut at the loops (Two assumed short cutters were 'rewarded' at the circle). There were no hills.

Dipstick was out in 40mins and the last within the hour. Bandit surprisingly came early and completed the run and did not fail to mention the four climbs that he had to endure during the run.

'On The Way' made an appearance, though late.

The Hare gave a 'jersey' freebie which had the shining 'sun' and the words HLH4 FC in front and the number 37 at the back. When asked about what the FC stood for, the hare said that the F certainly was not for football and left it to our imagination.

On On at Kilat's house, just a hop down from the runsite.

The hare, Matahari, has a medical condition for which he will be going under the surgeon's knife for an estimated 12 hour op at IJN on 14/11/2011. He needs our thoughts and prayers.

Next Run: No 956 Date: 12/11/2011 Virgin Hare: Jack Kee Venue: Batu 14 Puchong

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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Jack Kee

Jack Kee

Member since June 2011

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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Rehashed 20111029 Deepavali

Run: 954 Occasion: Deepavali Hare: ... Venue: Dengkil Market Cohares:

GM just got younger, so decided to give him some grey.

Next Run: No 955 Date: 05/11/2011 Hare: Matahari Venue: Kota Warisan

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rehashed 20111022 Volunteer_ Cowlin

Run: 953 Hare: Cowlin Volunteer Venue: Sg Tangkas Cohares: (None - played out by the "Pussy")

For a few days before the run, the scheduled hare, Viagra, was incommunicado. No one had a clue. Maybe
one too many of the little blue pill.

The run must go on. The runsite announced was Sg Tangkas - cow country. So who would be a better volunteer other then COWlin. So he set off alone without the 'Pussy', and knowing very well that as:

  • Nenering was in heat somewhere in China,
  • Some were trying 'it' out at Danok, flooded or not, and
  • Some had gone to check if the 'rare earth' thingy was true.
there may not be enough seasoned ones to take the challenge to break the checks and lead the runners.

The Volunteer set a 'No Viagra' short run which took Munster about 40 mins. It was a one check, one hill walk/run.

The 20 odd hashers who completed the run were so 'tired' they were allowed to sit throughout the ceremony an circle.   

On On at a near by restaurant, tong tong basis.

Next Run: No 954 Date: 29/10/2011 Occasion: Deepavali Run Venue: Pasar Dengkil
(look for the wet market in Dengkil, near the river.)

On On ...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rehashed 20111015 Eto & KenChing

Run: 952 Occasion: Wedding Run Hare: ... Venue: Seremban Cohares: ...

Next Run: No 953 Date: 22/10/2011 Hare: Viagra Venue: Sg Tangkas

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rehashed 20111008 LeeYewBeng

Run: 951 Virgin Hare: Lee Yew Beng Venue: Taman Wawasan Puchong Cohares: (must be the Puchong Poachers)

No run report as yet press time.

Next Run: No 952 Date: 15/10/2011 Time: 4.30pm Occasion: Eto & Kent Ching Wedding Run Venue: Min Kok Restaurant Seremban (Terminal 2)

(Directions to runsite - figure it from below)

View Larger Map

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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Rehashed 20111001 Bulldozer

Run: 950 Hare: Bulldozer Venue: Bandar Tech Cohares: King Kong, Charlie B

 Hare Bulldozer

A turnout of more than 40 but opposite ours was the runsite of another chapter who was having a celebration run. They were the Sunday Hash but somehow or rather they forgot this was a Saturday.

The run was simple and straight forward with the FRB hitting home in 1hr 10mins. It was pre-ejaculation with the 'Whore'.

Three latecomers hit the out trail going in and completed it in reverse. It was the Buaya's turn to sweep KFC coming out around 8.30pm.

On On onsite together with "poricher mein"

Next Run: No 951 Date: 08/10/2011 Hare: Lee Yew Beng Venue: Taman Wawasan Puchong

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Friday, September 30, 2011

Rehashed 20110924 AGM

Run: 949 Occasion: AGM Rum Venue: Sg Tangkas SubCons: ...

Run Report being typed.

Election Results delayed. A recount is in progress, which, hopefully, will finish next week.

Next Run: No 950 Date: 01/10/2011 Hare: Bulldozer Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rehashed 20110917 KingKong & Charlie

Run: 948 Occasion: Mid Autumn Festival Run Venue: Taman Tasik Semenyih Hares: King Kong , Charlie Chickadee CoHares: BabyKangaroo, Guitarman, Kiki

Runsite was at the Siamese temple. A turnout of about 70 with a third being guests. The run was through the slopes of the temple hill. Nearly all who went in on time completed the run, including a guest whose dress hemline was "a yard above the knee".

Despite the earlier rain and wet trails, the FRB was in within 1hr 5mins while back pack was out about eight.

On On onsite, catered by the temple cafeteria. Freebie T with the 'monkey in front and the 'chaplin' at the back. Printed Run number ...?

Next Run: No 949 Date: 24/09/2011 Occasion: AGM Run Venue: Sg Tangkas

(Travel along Jalan Reko and head towards UKM. Before reaching UKM, lookout for the Bangi/UKM KTM station. Left turn in and go straight to the end.)

On On ...

Friday, September 16, 2011

Rehashed 201100910 Maria

Run: 947 Hare: Maria Venue: Nuclear Agency JPJ Bangi Lama Cohares: JPS, Kilat

 The Hare Maria

A relatively small crowd showed up for Maria’s run as some hashers were busy with other chapter’s run.

OnOn was called and immediately confusion started as the in-trail could not be found easily. JPS Jit as the hare’s contractor placed the first paper on the usual home trail further in. KingKong kept sniffing for the paper at the usual in-trail to the right while Eto was shuffling around further left, a bit reluctant to check further. KingKong’s chest beating finally made Eto speed up to go in further and she found the in-paper.

The pack brainlessly hovering around in the meantime, but suddenly stampeded once “On-On” was heard. True hashers, as they all Are (or at least pretend to be) stormed forward, crossing some small puddle to reach the trail. Seow Hui was seen stuck in the mud up to her knees, whereby 3 meters further up some nicely placed wooden plank allowed for a comfortable dry crossing (I take my hat off for that true hasher!). Luckily she could be rescued without having to bring in lifting equipment.

Followed paper further up the hill, down along the fence to the right, where the first check was found after a sharp left turn. As expected check was broken to the right side, nice running through the palm plantation until the second check.
Cock Pain and Gigi Putih running in circles and even myself with old, cracking bones tried to help breaking the checks and………Sexy Showman standing there, using ample time to take a cigarette break! (Grrrhhh@#%krx^%, damn bastard, sure he sit on ice later!)

After the second check was broken the paper lead uphill, slowing me down. Reaching the top I could suddenly hear the horn, Bandit’s signal that he finally arrived at runsite……

Rest of the run was nice cruising in the plantation, along the river and later back to the runsite at the usual in-trail.

Circle was kept short, with Eto being iced for not slow checking the in-paper, Ice Cooling for trying to stay incognito by signing in under different name…..

On On onsite Home cooked Nasi Lemak with prawns.

(scribed by Joachim)

Next Run: No 948 Date: 17/09/2011 Hare: King Kong & Charlie (Mid Autumn) Venue: Taman Tasik Semenyih Siamese Temple

(Drive through Semenyih. Turn left into Broga road. Turn left at first Traffic lights. Turn right at first junction. Go all the way towards the end of tamac. Continue on laterite road till the end. Turn left into tarmac road. Follow uphill til temple.)

On On ...

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Rehashed 20110903 Silent Dragon

Run: 946 Hare: Silent Dragon Venue: Bukit Hatamas Cheras Cohares: Munster, ...

The paper trail went in the usual in-trail. Instead of going up down up down, the hashers were taken on a continuous climb.

Due to fallen trees blocking the well trodden path, the hare had to bash through some thick undergrowth which got the runners cursing. The first two checks were broken quite easily with Winnie Jenny taking the third.

The last check was a back check after a falsie and since the FRBs were too 'tired', they allowed Winnie Jenny to break this one too. Some of the FRBs were so exhausted, they took their rest on the hammocks strung up at level three.

After a swinging rest, Kelam Kabut chased Winnie to hit home at nearly the same time at around 7.20pm.

The only hasher wearing Song Lau's tie was given the honor of being the mystery whip and who relished the joy of 'icing' some from the small group of about 20. Beerman was also given the honor of sitting on the wet egg carton for not bringing the ice.

On On at the restaurant nearby.

Next Run: No 947 Date: 10/09/2011 Hare: Maria Venue: Nuclear Agency JPJ Bangi Lama Jalan Kajang-Dengkil

(along Jalan Kajang-Dengkil (from Kajang, go along Jalan Reko. Past Sg Tangkas. Past University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). Go straight, just after nuclear/atomic center which is at a sharp corner, turn right at the junction. Go underpass the KL-Seremban Plus Highway and travel about a km and look for HLH4 signs on your right.)

On On ...

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Rehashed 20110827 BruiseLee

Run: 945 Hare: Bruise Lee Venue: Sg Jelok Cohares: Lester ABC

Runsite at Sg Jelok (again), roped-in Co-hare, Lester ABC (again), a combination that invariably means a 'Live Hare" run. (Not that HLH4's runs are dead hare runs, it just depends on the time the hare sets off to lay the trail).

The hare, Bruise, has been running with HLH4 since its formation, till he felt it necessary to leave, to polish up on his English (and rejoined after getting his 'foreign' accent), is a runner, coming out usually as a FRB. But these days after rejoining, with age and the 'foreign accent' taking its toll, he just completes the run to savour the golden piss.

Bruise knew he would not be able to keep up with his co-hare. so he did the next best thing a hasher does after the a run (no, not screwing something or someone up, but the other part), before setting his run. This had the co-hare worried, if he was required to help set the run or help bring the hare out safely.

Anyway, the hares took the right at the first fork and went up the hill similar to the earlier run here. But this time the first check was not a back check, as the trail continued up forward uphill. At the hut, the papers went straight up and right a back check. Here, three seasoned hashers tried to cut across, so to say, on hearing the On call, but in doing so, came face to face with the hares. Long John, Dipstick and Kiki (a word which means 'Pussy' to a Filipina) having 'caught' the hare, so to speak, hit home straight a way and did not complete the run.

This left Kelam Kabut and gang to continue the chase, climbing a couple more hills, and allowing CoCk Pain to hit home 9.65 mins after the hare. Some back packers, led by Chicadee to assist the Pusher, found their own trail back home.

The back pack was out about 40 mins later.

On On onsite. Again, No TOOL of OFFICE. The Bald One took a break this weekend.

Next Run: No 946 Date: 03/09/2011 Hare: Silent Dragon Venue:Bukit Hatamas Cheras

On On ...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rehashed 20110820 Joachim

Run: 944 Hare: Joachim Venue: Eco Village Hulu langat Cohares: Bandit

The Hare Joachim

The same secluded, ample parking runsite as the hare's last run.

This time the hare took to the trails towards the right with some little climbs. Dipstick and Kiki managed to guess correctly the checks that were laid to slow the FRBs and allow SWBs to catch up.

H5 made their appearance after a long hiatus led by their one and only GM.

As the checks were broken quite fast, Dipstick was out in 1hr 8mins closely followed by Kiki a couple of seconds behind.

Many, similarly as the last time, missed or skipped the final stretch of the home trail to come out by the main road.

Cock Pain went in about 10 to 7 and completed it in 40 mins running all the way non stop.

On On onsite. Teaman stuff.

Das gleiche alleinstehende, ausreichend Parkplätze runsite als Hasen letzten Lauf. Diesmal nahm den Hasen auf den Spuren nach rechts mit einigen kleinen Anstiegen. Peilstab und Kiki geschafft, richtig erraten die Kontrollen, legte die FRBs langsam und ermöglichen SWB aufzuholen waren. H5 machten ihre Erscheinung nach einer langen Pause von ihrem einzigen GM geführt. Da die Kontrollen recht schnell gebrochen wurden, wurde Peilstab heraus in 1 Stunde 8mins dicht gefolgt von Kiki ein paar Sekunden hinter gefolgt. Viele, ähnlich wie das letzte Mal, verpasst oder ausgelassen das letzte Stück der Strecke nach Hause zu kommen, die von der Hauptstraße. Schwanz Schmerz ging in etwa 10 bis 7 und vollendete sie in 40 Minuten laufen den ganzen Weg nicht zu stoppen. On On vor Ort. Matrose Zeug

Next Run: No 945 Date: 27/08/2011 Hare: Bruise Lee Venue: Sg Jelok

On On ...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rehashed 20110813 Winnie Jenny

Run: 943 Hare: Winnie Jenny Venue: Bukit Mantin Cohares: Kelam Kabut, No Hair, Yee Mai

Run report and pix are still in the mail - probably using FedEx.

If only OnEx could be used.

Next Run: No 944 Date: 13/08/2011 Hare: Joachim Venue: Eco Village Hulu Langat

(Set trip meter at 9th mile police station. Travel along Jalan Hulu Langat and head towards Pangsoon. At trip meter 20.5km, or just after the picnic area where many vehicles are seen parked alongside the road, turn left and go up the slight gradient. If you reach Pangsoon (TNB), you would have overshot.)

On On ...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rehashed 20110806 Kiki

Run: 942 Hare: Kiki Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang Cohares: ...

The hare Kiki The usual InTrail on the tarmac passing through the chocolate factory with fantastic mouth watering smell. The pack was way beyond baked after hitting the red earth road towards the OP. Luckily a left detour got the pack into some shades in the OP for a simple down hill and up again till the usual laterite road heading towards the pineapple farm.

The check was broken fast by the front runners, a small climb up the left side hills headed towards the south west. The second check after exiting the bushes into the OP and rubber holding got the middle pack standing idle and far from the check on the opposite hill after the river. The check was broken with a forwards check up a rubber holding hill towards the highway fringes.

A run around the fringes and looped back to the hilly OP. Most checks were easily broken with the runners' noses hot on the scent! Up and down the OP hills, the pack got to some familiar trails and ended up passing the ponds and 'cow-shed' to 'do the whore' from the front. A trick most didn't expect, the last check was almost halfway up the hill!

It was no longer a secret where the home trail was, headed on north east through the usual trails to run for glory! Runners were back in 1hr10mins while the last was about 30mins later.

Makan on site with delicious chicken kurma by Lori Bayee StopOver Cafe...

Next Run: No 943 Date: 13/08/2011 Hare: Winnie Jenny Venue: Taman Bukit Mantin

(Get on to LEKAS highway. Exit at Mantin. Turn left after toll. Travel 1.4km turn right and look for and follow HLH4 signs)

On On ...

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Rehashed 20110730 Blood Donor

Run: 941 Live Hare: Blood Donor Venue: Sg Jelok Cohares: Lester ABC, Bruise Lee

The hare Blood DonorA live hare run where the hare and co hares had a fifteen minute head start. The trail took the right at the first fork. There were about five checks. The last check at the top of the hill near the hut took some time to break and confused some.

The 'Confused' including Kelam Kabut followed the scent left by the main hare, Blood Donor, who was the decoy to lead them off track. Kiki with a blocked nose followed by the 'dentist' whose dipper pointed to the correct trail, gave chase to reach home just two minutes behind the hare.

A few others including the GM also managed to find the correct out trail. In total about ten completed the run while the other 20 odd followed Blood Donor's way out.

It was another durian feast as Charlie (bicycle) off loaded a SUV full of the 'obnoxious' 'foul' smelling fruits. When Joachim had a whiff of this, he cut short clean up shower and headed straight for it.

On On Onsite.

Next Run: No 942 Date: 06/08/2011 Hare: Kiki Lala Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang

On On ...