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21 July 2018

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Rehashed 20091226 Kiki

Run: 858 Hare: Kiki Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang Cohares: ..

(reports and or pix not in yet. End of year mah, give chance-lah. Update 31/12/2009: report and pix in now)(Pssst ..., Christmas run pix below)

The hare Kiki The ‘No Hair Escort Service’ was called and another running day became a ‘no sweat’ walking day. The run was fairly good though short with a few good run around the hilly terrains in the oil palm estate and by the highway.

A loop had the pack headed the ‘cow ranch’ and passing it to just turn right to get to the front of the ‘whore’. We were on the offtracks that was familiar to everyone for a little while and a short cut through some long forgotten offtracks to hit back to the in trail in the oil palm estate.

We got back to the run site at 7:25pm while the runners took an hour plus a little.


Kiki – took a capati and served it to bribe a high ranking hashman;
JPS – accepted the bribe;
Bulldozer – was blamed for the clearcuts ready for developments, depleting the running areas;
Ular – pant worn back to front & late in assuming Bard duties;
LJS – was supposed to tell a joke but gave a riddle;
Rat Tail – took a pee that was long and was witnessed by the crowd;
Ice Cooleng – the Bard-In-Training not wearing the attire properly;
Gigi Putih – telling GM what to do, bad ‘2-5’;
Dipstick – the last director of the year;
Bulldozer – ‘robbing off’ the rest of the members’ plans for a good Christmas gathering during the PD trip;
CowLin – misleading SMS calling members to a pre-Christmas gathering by getting some ‘chicks’ but instead brought some ‘Viagra Infused Chicken’;
Henny – brought a jolly friend for a Christmas Day gathering that made a mess while making ‘clam chowder’;
Beerman – was so carried off with the ‘happenings’ that he uttered “If I win – tomorrow’s a holiday. But if I loose – DARN! I have to work tomorrow!”

Some wise words from:

GM – be a ‘2-5’ but do not tell the box what to do; must not pee too long while he’s (GM) on the box; don’t walk around with your fly open, make yourself available for the Committee Run next week.
OnCash – "better pay up your subs or no beers will be served to you", he’ll be preparing a ‘chow kha’ (bad debt person in hokkien) list for everyone’s attention.
InterHashSec – a few runs coming up, look for him if you are interested for the invites but must bring along $$$.
Advisor #1 – Ipoh’s latest new chapter invite for a run on 27/2/2010, ‘the food is ready! GM first, followed by me!’

Special Mentions:

1) Thank you GM for standing more than 1½ hour frying the tasty marinated chicken for the hungry lot.
2) Ice Cooleng for doing a good job as a stand in Bard.
3) Bulldozer for bringing along the tasty mutton curry.
4) Those paid up the subs up to date and beyond.
5) Those registered for the overseas’ run BUT have yet to pay up.

(scribed by No Hair)

Next Run: No 859 Date: 02/01/2010 Occassion: Committee Run Venue: Beranang Industrial Estate

(from Kajang head towards Semenyih. Pass Semenyih and head towards Mantin / Seremban on old trunk road. Just after Kesuma Lakes, look out for hash signs for the right turn to the runsite.)

On On ...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Rehashed 20091219 Christmas

Run: 857 Occassion: Christmas Run Venue: Port Dickson Hares: Guitarman, Long John

The hosts honoring the advisor A very good many managed to find their way to PD well before the run.

Of course there will be some who, no matter how much and how detailed the directions that were given, will end up somewhere else.

And then they will keep calling the hare or the run organisers and their next friends for directions.

Rocky wearing the freebie on the run The run organisers had planned to give a wind cheater/rain coat and, as is the usual case in a hash, there will be an opportunity to use the freebie the soonest possible.

It rained the whole morning and afternoon at PD. So the OC decided to issue the freebie BEFORE the run.

Here is Rocky parading the freebie on the run. The rain stopped just before the run started.

The back pack on the way in on the runSome members in their beach wear The organisers said it will be a beach run. The pix on left shows the back pack on the run heading towards the beach at the first check.

The pix on right shows some who decided on a different wardrobe for this run. They said this was beach wear prompting someone to wonder "what happened to the bikini or at least the one-piece swimsuit?".

The 2nd check was along the beach. Here, Kelam Kabut swam out to sea trying to break the check. Since he could not break it out in the open sea, he decided to dry himself on a swing.

the hashers going through the muddy constuction site The trail then led off from the beach and headed towards the green canopies. "AH", many would have thought that they were finally going get some trails in the jungle.

How they were mistaken, cos, the 3rd check was broken at the construction site for a muddy turn back trail.

The home trail along the main road The papers then led towards the main coastal road for a somewhat slightly dangerous run along the main road.

Kelam Kabut was FRB in 55 mins while the back pack who managed to shortcut way before the turn was out a short while later.

The fat guy in a red suit made an appearance at the circle to give out gifts to all present.

GM with the roast turkey On On, just after the gift exchange at the Batu Pahat bungalow, was BBQ sponsored by some great guys from Dengkil. It was the Christmas season and off course, there was the turkey, another great gesture by a sponsor.

The organisers said that the success was due to all who contributed in one way or another. Many thanks to all members and sponsors.

The co-OC was so happy with the support and success that he wants to throw another party. Yes our JM, JPS, invites all members to his house on Christmas day. Please try to get to JPS house around 7-7.30pm. He will be expecting all members.

(ps. The webmaster informs that he will be pissed over the year end holidays, so the pix of the Christmas run will only be up when he gets sober. So lets hope it will be soon. We will need to check back here for updates on the pix)

Next Run: No 858 Date: 26/12/2009 Hare: Kiki Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang

On On ...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rehashed 20091212 Juicy Jessie

Run: 856 Hare: Juicy Jessie Venue: Sg Long Cohares: No Hair, Silent Dragon, Munster

The hare Juicy wearing her shorts backwards Small group of about 25 members. There was some hesitation by Joint Mistress to start the run a few minutes early.

The papers led up the road and before the hashers could have a proper warm-up, it turned right into the canopy for the 1st of the 5 or more climbs of the run.

The trails were mostly on less used and shrubs covered paths. Some trails had to be bashed through.

The back pack led by Chickadee had it enough at the fourth check and short-cutted back to runsite arriving just past seven.

FRB, Dipstick was out in about 1hr 20mins and the rest a short while later.

On On onsite.

It had to be pointed out to the hare that she had her shorts (or midi) on backwards.

Single file through the jungle got to heave up the heavy ones
CNY run preparation discussion

Next Run: No 857 Date: 19/12/2009 Occassion: Christmas Run Venue: Port Dickson

(from the KL/Seremban highway, get onto the Seremban/PD highway. Go right to the end. At the roundabout go left (9 o'clock). Look out for Ancasa hotel/resort on your right. Turn right imediately after Ancasa. Runsite bungalow will be about 50-70m after the NUBE and the Bougainvilla Resort.)

Note for the beach Christmas Run:

With barbeque and other surprises, Triple On will definitely go on into the wee hours of the next morning. Members are NOT expected to drive back after this.

Please bring along a sleeping bag or tent or maybe a one litre bottle of something so you do not have to drive back immediately.

Shower facilities are available at the bungalow and Do not forget a wrapped gift for the exchange.

On On ...

Monday, December 07, 2009

Rehashed 20091205 Blood Donor

Run: 855 Hare: Blood Donor Venue: Shooting Range Sg Jelok Cohares: Lester ABC, Bruise Lee

Hare Blood DonoR A turnout of 40 members with very fine weather.

JM called On On and led the hashers along the usual in-trail. The papers led right up to the house where the first check was met. A false call delayed the hashers a little while before the check was broken across the stream for the first usual claim.

Just before reaching the hilltop, the papers took a right turn along the terraces and then down a soggy trail to cross over the 'waterfall' stream. The 2nd check here was broken up left for another climb.

Reaching the top, the FROP came to the third check. This turned out to be a circular which could not be broken despite the front few going all over. As it was getting dark, they decided to find their way out. Coming out, they hit the home trail.

Kiki, leaving the others to break the third, came out within the hour while those tried a little while longer, came out about half past seven.

On On onsite - Bulldozer catering.

Next Run: No 856 Date: 12/12/2009 Hare: Juicy Jessie Venue: Sg Long (usual runsite near the wooden showhouse pass the quarry)

On On ...

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Christmas Beach Run

Santa Themed HLH4 Logo The organisers of last year's Christmas Run gave out a beach towel as a momento of the occassion and run. This year they are giving members an opportunity to use that towel at the beach.

Run No 857 on 19th December 2009 will be a beach run at Port Dickson. The organisers have booked a bungalow near the Bougainvilla Resort to be used as runsite and for the On On.

That weekend is a holiday weekend and therefore nearly all beach resorts and hotels in PD are fully booked. Members are not expected to drive back home after the run. Members who are unable to find accommodation at any of resorts or hotels, are welcomed to rough it out in the 4 room bungalow.

Directions to runsite. From the KL/Seremban Plus highway, get onto the PD/Seremban highway which will the 2nd interchange to Seremban.

At the end of the PD highway, turn left (or 9 o'clock at roundabout). Keep going until you see the Ancasa Resort where you will have to turn right. The bungalow is just after NUBE and Bourgainvilla Resort.

The bungalow location is given on the Google map below.

Santa This is the season for sharing and exchanging gifts. While Santa is no secret, the organisers are requesting each member to bring along a gift, wrapped of course.

Nothing big, just something, a bar of chocolate perhaps. No names, unless you want the gift back, then have your name on it.

The organisers have planned some surprises and are looking forward to all members turning up.

View Christmas Run runsite in a larger map

On On ...

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Rehashed 20091128 Yew Ai

Run: 854 Hare: Yew Ai Venue: FRIM Taman Ehsan Kepong Subcons: Cock Pain, Pengsan

The Hare U I Due to the heavy rain in Kajang in the afternoon, many decided not to go for the run in Kepong.

Those who braved the weather were rewarded with cooling evening when they reached the run site as it had stopped raining. This was a new run site at the front gate of FRIM Taman Ehsan, Kepong.

About 10 hashers turned up for the run and another 10 turned up later to join the circle. The run was set by Coke Pain and Pengsan inside FRIM. To enter FRIM we have to pay RM1 per pax (paid by the Hare of couse).

Upon entering the park, the paper took the hashers to the left and to the foothill of a hill for the first check. The forward check was broken the JPS (what an achievement) but it turned out to be a falsie. Before we could break the check, Kiki shouted On On up front.

This turned out to be the trail leading down from the hill on the left. As such no one had gone up to the hill and all of us bypassed the mountain. It was an easy run along some nice paths all the way home.

The first runner, Kiki, came out less than one hour and the rest came out walking shortly.

On On was at a restaurant near the former Jalan Kuching Toll.

(scribed by Blood DonoR)

Next Run: No 855 Date: 05/12/2009 Hare: Blood DonoR Venue: Shooting Range Sg Jelok

On On ...