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21 July 2018

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rehashed 20090124

Run: 810 Hare: Jesminder Venue: Sri Kembangan (before Jusco behind highway rest area)Co-hares: ...

The Hare - Jeswinder Icings of the evening Just as the run was about to start that the sky leaked, a real heavy rain was not expected as it was very sunny. Some braved through and some carried umbrellas.

Dipstick and Water Bai started the run before 'the call' as one of them had some back problem while the other 'took advantage' of the other when crossing the drain under the fence. It was still heavy rain when all the reluctants started the run and followed the 2 into some bushes with a small uphill climb to meet a road that was turned into a small river.

Trail papers were missing and some found it on top to the right by the fence and some further down. It was found that many trail papers have been washed away by the heavy rain and many anticipated a dekcuf-up run.

There were a few guys who went down and up to find paper both ways and thought "....dekcuf!! what the hell!! something's wrong!" whereas some who were on paper were not able to break the 3rd check to this trail.

So, there are some who finished the last part of the run and more than half till the 3rd check. If one from each part were in a piggy back position, it would be a complete one! It would have beeen a good run if the heavy rain didn't fall.

Some 'icing' fun during the circle.

On-On a bit further away than the last run with 2 tables set to be served, at least 3m away from the beer wagon, by tasty capati caterer - JesWife Punjabi Food ((scribed by No Hair))

Next Run: No 811 Date: 31/01/2009 Hare: Stanley Showtime Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang

On On ...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rehashed 20090117

Run: 809 Live Hare: Lester ABC Venue: Shooting Range Sg Jelok Co-hares: none

Hare Lester ABC Guest Cat was around the run site quite early and upon seeing the Leong brothers driving in at 5:35pm, greeted them with a good big smile. Most of the members trickled in after that followed by the 'LIVE' hare who was supposed to set the run at 5:45pm.

So, at 5:46pm the hare RAN in alone to lay the trail. On-On was called by Jointmaster JPS at 6 sharp. Most started to move for the run except the usuall FROPs who wanted to give the hare, the full benefit of 15 minutes. They then started the chase at 6:01pm just after a discussion to coordinate the breaking of checks, assuming the checks will all be forward checks.

A 5 minutes run in past the workers' quarters to the left hand side hills brought the group to the 1st check. Checking was done for a good 10-15 mins before the check was broken on the right hand side hills with FRBs cursing.

It was a big hill with a steep climb which only allowed a single file for the runners, with some clawing their way. At the top was a good swirl the left and right little downhill before a climb up the rubber estate hill to the other side to meet with another check.

Again the FRBs had a difficult time before it was broken way back by a middle runner. It was another trail running past the usual durian orchard with steep slopes that everyone thought of as the home trail there if a check was up front.

True enough! A circular check was laid with a falsie which had the middle runners screwed with some front runners having to back track to the durian orchard to find the papers connected by the back pack. It was another running trail up hill towards the in-trail by the highway where another check laid near top of the hill.

The Front Running Bastards (FRBs) finally caught up with the pack here and broke the check for the run home, leaving the back pack and middle runners trailling behind walking.

FROP was back on run site around 7:20pm, 15 minutes behind the hare and all were back within 2 hours. Surprisingly, Abraham and Cock Pain were the last home! "Tarak nampak paper!" "Ada betul betul connect, kah?!" "Sudah lari masuk dalam-dalam tapi On-On sana!"

Proven the 'live' hare was good with all tricks thrown in - forward checks, back checks, falsies, circular check with the pack finishing the run.

Cha-Cha: 'aeroplaned' letting ABC to set the run alone;
ABC: circular check with falsie - OK, On paper was too far - NO-NO;
Silent Dragon: holding TOO with right hand when on BOX;
Karu: to ice him once in a while, so that everyone will know he is alive and kicking;
Gigi Putih: Bard an inappropriate song for the night's most handsome dresser;
BumbleBee: plucked farmer's chilli;
Cat: same issue as the previous week;
Jesminder: long pants with leather shoes, most handsome dresser;
Dipstick: a 'no brainer';
No Hair: a few 'no brainers'.

Free On-On was not far away from the beer wagon in ABC 'restaurant' with the hare throwing in an additional crate. (scribed by No Hair)

Next Run: No 810 Date: 24/01/2009 Hare: Jeswinder Venue: Sri Kembangan (opposite Equine Park, on the way to Pasar Borong)

Circle The hare being OnDowned
Circle Circle
Admiring Jeswinder's gentleman clothes Icings of the evening

On On ...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rehashed 20090110

Run: 808 Hare: Yenny Touch n Go Venue: Bandar Tech SubCons: Abraham. Rat Tail

The Hare About 27 members and 3 guests turned up for Touch N Go run at the usual Bandar Tech run site despite a number pf members attending the run celebrating the Royal Selangar Club's 125th year at Bukit Kiara.

The run started at the usual entrance opposite the run site. The run took the hashers around the oil palm and rubber areas before going up the only "mountain" in this area.

There were 4 checks along way. The home trail was a parallel run along the highway out in the factory area.

The hare waited at the factory area surprising the hashers coming out with a beautiful black T-shirt. The FRB was out in about 1 hour and the last runner out at about 8.00p.m.

On-on on site with Ah Leong fried Kui Tiew.

Some members attending the RSC run came in during the circle.

Jessie was on ice for not wearing the T-shirt given by the hare.
No hair was on ice twice for calling Advisor Song Lau's phone while he was conducting the circle and for picking up the Christmas run's sign board too soon (less than 24 hours) before the OC for the run could retrieve them.
Silent Dragon was on ice for eating durian picked up on the run.

Two new boots, Siva and 'Hong Kong' Bayi joined the club while Nokia Singh rejoined us. (scribed by Blood Donor)

Next Run: No 809 Date: 17/01/2009 Hare: Lester ABC Venue: Shooting Range Sg Jeluk (live hare, be early)

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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Rehashed 20090103

Run: 807 Occassion: Committee Run Venue: Km 2.7 Jalan Hulu Langat Subcons: Abraham, No Hair

Hashers going in The turnout was about 50 members and guests. It was raining since morning in all parts of the Klang valley but it had stopped for the hashers to enjoy a good run.

The trail from the carpark in front of the school at this first time runsite led through some muddy clearings and the hanging bridge across the river to the first check. After some confusion over a falsie, it was broken on the left leading to the foothill of the only hill visible here and the second check.

This was broken on the right and led up the hill for a roughly half an hour climb. Before reaching the summit, the trail turned right and led along the terrace. The papers then swung left uphill at site of some soil erosion, and thereby pulled the FROPs to another check.

This was broken way down on the right for the long and treacherous descend. A cicular check at the flats caught of the FROPs offguard. The papers then led back to the in-trail for the cross over on the hanging bridge and back to runsite.

The back pack completed the run in about 2 hours.

On On onsite - the caterer, Cock Pain, kept the hashing hungry for a longer time as he went on a jolly drive along Jalan Hulu Langat.

New boots welcomed and 'commissioned' -
B Chai as 'Lee Chai' and Kehar Singh as 'Water Bayi'.

Song Lau had the honor of being the 1st on Ice in 2009.

Committee Run Tshirt - front As the Mis Management Team prefer members to be appropriately attired on some occassions, they gave all members and guests this freebie.

Committee Run Tshirt - back

The back of the Tee, emphasises why they are called MisManagers.

Next Run: No 808 Date: 10/01/2009 Hare: Touch N Go Venue: Bandar Technology Kajang.

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