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21 July 2018

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Rehashed 20070421

Occassion: Vasakhi Run Venue: Kesuma Lakes

Close to a hundred hashers turned up. A run at Kesuma Lakes has always been a runner's run, no hill climbing, no mountain hiking and no jungle trekking. Even the ones who normally SCB and the ones who usually turn back at the first check completed the run. But yet Big John nosed by the scent of T&G led two others to the road leading to Broga. They had to bribe a kind soul in a 600 cc car to give them a ride home. 1st out in 50 mins
On On onsite with the specialities of our Bhayar brothers. Non stop flow of the Piss.

The hosts
Next Run: No 719 Date: 28/04/2007 Hare: Mr Kilat Venue: Dengkil

Middle pack on Flat trail Heny made it

KFC and Janice also completed The hare and Co-hare

Guests being served First Timers

Thomas turns into Mr Kilat


On On ...

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dirty Car

A member wrote in to say that he agrees that the car he drives for the runs is normally dirty. Further more last week's run, the road leading to the runsite at Sg Jeluk was very dirty and dusty and naturally his car got dirtier.
But that does not mean that someone should highlight how dirty his car was. He provided us with 'before' and 'after' pictures of his car and asked us for our opinion. He also asks that the persons, must be two at least, who cleaned part of his car, to clean the whole damn car.
So can both the persons who did it please own up.

Hasher's dirty car Dirty car with imprint
Looking at the 'after' picture, it narrows down to just a few culprits who prefer this position/style.


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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Rehashed 20070414

Hare: William 'Kelamkabut' Chong Venue: Shooting Range Sg Jeluk

A good turnout of about 50 members and 7 guests. At about six, Jointmistress whispered On On to start the run. The path to the foothills gave a good warm-up to the FROP. From there, a good climb up to 210 metres. Then a short but steep downhill. Across the steam, a short climb up to 200 metres where some in the middle pack decided they had enough and followed another path home. By this time the FROP were already on their way up the freshly cleared road which led to a height of about 290 metres. From there it all the way down for a very good long home run. First out within the hour and last out by 7.40pm.
On On onsite catered by Hassan.
Next Run: 718 Date: 21/04/2004 Occassion: Vasakhi Run Venue: Kesuma Lakes

Run Trail sketched on Google Earth KFC getting ready
1st hill climb 1st hill climb
GM being advised The discussion after the run
On On

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hasher's Baby

A hasher's Baby.

On On

On On ...

Rehashed 20070407

Hare: Samy Venue: Dengkil

No write up of the run as the regular web contributers did not go for the run. But it was heard that it was a long run and that On On was at the hare's place in Dengkil.

Next Run: No 717 Date: 14/04/2007 Hare: William 'Kelamkabut' Chong Venue: Shooting Range Sg Jeluk

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Rehashed 20070331

Hare: Farah Venue: Venice Hill
About 20 members managed to reach the runsite near the Venice Hill Condominium despite the lack of hash directional signs leading to it. Just before 6.00pm, the sky opened up to let loose another downpour in the Klang Valley. Members took shelter at the walkways of the unoccupied shoplots.
GM called ON ON 3 dots past six and 15 members trotted out in the rain looking for washed away trail paper. Finding some, they managed to get to the foothills at Wangsa Cheras. The many hikers taking shelter there would probably have thought that we were a crazy bunch to go up this hill in this rain at this hour.
From the base, it was just a climb up and up in the rain, stopping only to look for trail paper at forks and junctions of this well trod hiking trail, till a height of about 370 metres. From there the back pack were pleased that the not-washed away papers took them down hill. But it was not smooth going as they had to frequently stop and search for the trail paper.
Reaching the valley they would have thought they would be out of the jungle within minutes. But how mistaken they were, for the 'found' papers took them up again for another climb in the dark. Reaching up to the home trail found GM waiting for them. On the home trail the back pack could hear someone who kept shouting ON ON ON ON ON further down. Thinking it was the call of the rescuers, they shouted back that they were on track and on paper. Coming down to the stream, the 'rescuer' turned out to be Ballcracker, who could not find the paper trail out and was, correctly, waiting for the back pack.
At a quarter to nine and much to their relief, they were out of the jungle for another long road walk back to the runsite, or so they thought. But with three key office bearers, GM, On Sex (acting) and Hash Cash not out yet, a pickup came and gave the last 8 tired and wet hashers a ride home.
American Sam, Gary and Kok Pain were out jointly at 8.00pm, while Kiki was the sole middle runner who reached home 20 mins later.
On On on site - Thangga Restaurant.

GoogleEarth Map of WangsaCheras Hill GoogleEarth Map of WangsaCheras Hill

Next Run: No 716 Date: 07/04/2007 Hare: Samy Venue: Dengkil

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